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    couple (straight male, bisex girl)
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    Nancy: secretary, wannabe-pornstar
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    We are a couple, but I (Nancy) am the one who post on this forum!
    So... about me? I'm a Witch. Don't think you know what it means because I don't recite lullabies walking in the forest. Read my stuff and understand. On the sexual level, I'm slutty to the extreme. Sub to my man (though not exceedingly apparent... it would be classless and a turn off), dominant with other girls

    ps I'm in a 10-years relationship but Alex is utterly gentle and discreet and I'm having a lot of sex with girls beside my official couple; sometimes I share them with him, sometimes they are all for myself.

    Much stuff from me can be found in the club Finding Nancy in the main page, check it! And for any questions, PM me!!!

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    Retaliate the joy of pissing freely against a world that warped morality and correctedness into slave-conformism. Order from Disorder... but first you need disorder!!!

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  1. spywareonya

    What is your naughty piss spot?

    And now you are actually part of it I am logging out soon (masturbating, as soon as I cum I will log out) but I will likely be around later... A kiss
  2. spywareonya

    What is your naughty piss spot?

    I am sure here you will find a lot of fun too!!!
  3. spywareonya

    What is your naughty piss spot?

    Sounds hot…!!
  4. spywareonya

    What is your naughty piss spot?

    You can tell us your past experiences...
  5. spywareonya

    What is your naughty piss spot?

    I piss everywhere anyway… all the pics and videos I posted here around proove that ahahahah
  6. spywareonya

    What is your naughty piss spot?

    It's easier with a cock!!! I can aim very good but… I still prefer the floor hahahahahah
  7. It's almost heart touching...
  8. spywareonya

    Lazy Sunday

    We wait more stuff from @mickymoist We are pals!!! Plus, I obviously like to see cocks… I am married and mainly here about lesbian stuff… but I still love them!!!
  9. spywareonya

    Great Legs!

    I definitely would!!!
  10. spywareonya

    Shaggy&Scooby's corner!!!

    I'll Pm you about it... It is the most recent one, and is glorious because it takes place in an ACTUAL CULINARY RESORT!!! So food this time is the very pivot of the synopsys ahahahah There are some famous real-life chefs too, like Bobby Flay and Giada DeLaurentiis... It has been amazingly funny!! Which was the last episode/movie you saw about them?
  11. spywareonya

    Shaggy&Scooby's corner!!!

    They are a classic!!! Are you into the ScoobyGang too? I am hoping to drag people here that love it!!!
  12. spywareonya

    A question for all.

    Yes, he is definitely a wetter We like to piss naughtily!!!
  13. spywareonya

    A question for all.

    I don't divulge this But believe me, a couple of them are REALLY beautiful, even without make up on or sexy dresses...
  14. spywareonya

    The complete Revelation of Nancy

    It could backfire Or better said, backfroze… and cold will crystalize your piss during the very ejection, getting in and freezing you bladder and making you EXPLODE!!!! SUB ZERO WINS!!!! FATALITY!!!!!!!!!
  15. spywareonya

    A question for all.

    Oh ok!!!