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  1. There's so much that to put it bluntly pisses me off today when driving in the uk, many years ago I did the level one police driving course, and passed the test, so yes i can say i'm a damned good driver, you have to be to get the level one permit and its down to that that on several occasions i've been able to avoid getting caught up in something caused by an idiot who thinks they can drive. Take the day i was on the hurry up travelling along a motorway, 75 mph (yes i know i was speeding a little) in lane 3 traffic was pretty light and i had full headlights illuminated even though it was dayt
  2. About 4 hours and i was really dying to piss, it was a hot day and i got stuck in traffic, I'd been drinking loads to avoid dehydration and got stuck in traffic on a motorway after an accident. I was really getting concerned and i think I arrived at the services with only a couple of minutes to spare, by the looks on the faces of several women drivers alongside me I'd guess that several didnt make it.
  3. This must happen a lot when you think about it, especially where one woman is alone in the shop, I remember hearing about one shop owner who opened up in a morning then left, taking the keys with him, there was no way to lock the door so the staff couldnt leave the shop, he'd return a couple of times a day to check if everything was ok and allow them a short break. Another one i witnessed personally was an actual wetting in the supermarket, I knew the girl in question and that was how i became aware of the incident. I was in the queue to be served, actually I was last in the queue. When I
  4. As the title says, it really is a funny old world at times, a few months ago I got a call from a friend of mine, he started off as a client and like a lot of them he became a friend. His partners grandma had been burgled in the night, she was very upset and needed some locks, some security lighting and an alarm system, he wanted to run it past me before she went out and got ripped off, could I help? Of course I could, he told me she was quite elderly, a widow in her late 70's, lived alone and had been burgled the night before. I was off work from my regular job that day so I rushed over t
  5. They're actually a really decent firm to work fo I suppose, I started with them when they had just decided to open a new plant and I went to install some cctv, I worked for myself at the time, the electrician they were using was useless, hadnt a clue. Anyway I ended up helping them out, working for a lot less than I'd usually charge, just to help them get the business off the ground, it was always said they'd treat me when they started to make a decent profit and to be fair they have looked after me over the years. I like to think of it as a gamble that paid off in the end, after all I could h
  6. Quite possibly, she's such a clean freak she flatly refuses to eat anything if anyone else has been near it, so you can imagine what she's like at buffets, lol I used to tease her about her husband and how i felt sorry for him ever since the day when she said she never puts anything in her mouth unless she knows for certain that its absolutely spotlessly clean, lol
  7. Recently the wife got some new leather knee high boots, now we have a tradition that we always 'christen' new boots by having a good fucking session in them before she wears them for day to day use. this also coincided with a rather strange but very welcome gift I received from my employers on my 56th birthday, a new pickup truck, not a company vehicle, but actually gifted to me in recognition of my long service. Now the thing is I have become very protective of this truck, I am careful where I park it, hardly smoke in it and as for eating in it, well thats a complete no-no. So we made ou
  8. ok, so here goes, recently I was chatting with a female friend who is a bit of a 'clean freak', she was sayingshe's going on holiday soon, somewhere abroad and warm, it has a large pool and one of those 'swim up bars' and she said she was quite looking forward to it, especially being able to get a drink without leaving the pool. I said to her that I didn't think she'd like it due to the number of people who pee in the pool, she asked what I meant and I pointed out that you see all these people sitting at these swim up bars drinking their fancy cocktails and stuff and often they are sat th
  9. we gave up camping a few years ago, due in part to 'toilet problems', my wife didnt want to pitch the tent near the toilets due to the amount of late night noise, yet when she awoke in the morning was unable to make it to the toilets without wetting herself at least a little. At one point I even suggested that she just put on her old leggings and go pee in them outside the tent discretly, rather than end up wetting herself on the way to the toilets and worying about being seen. I bought a large touring caravan just before lockdown, it even has a sundeck on the roof, now that is going to
  10. Thats exactly what i said a while ago in another post, now interestingly enough in these days of so-called 'equality, why is it still perceived that a female needing to pee is a 'poor desperate girl', while a bloke is either drunk or some kind of pervert? Granted there are some blokes who derive sexual satisfaction from peeing in public, as no doubt some women do, but there are also several medical conditions that can affect males that cause them to need to relieve themselves almost as soon as they get the urge. This disparity of attitudes towards a desperate male or a desperate female cl
  11. I think it all depends on what you are wearing and the circumstances, I had an ex who'd quite happily pee in her pants if she was wearing her wetlook leggings or her leathers, but not in things like jeans as it would show.I remember doing it once, i was wearing some waterproof leggings over my works clothes and needed to piss really badly, there was no opportuninty to go there and then and I had no intention of holding for almost an hour, so I just let go my works pants were wet, but it didn't show because of the waterproof leggings.
  12. very naughty, and bringing back so many happy memories for me. My ex-wife was seriously into wetting, to be honest there were times I had to tell her not to do it! I remember one afternoon and we were at home and her mother came to visit, as usual she was wearing her leather jeans and boots, a sure sign she'd something planned. Anyway we were all having a drink and chatting and she was stood by the fireplace, me and her mother were sat down. I went into the kitchen to get more drinks and she followed me, I could tell she was turned on and excited, she then told me that she'd wet herself a
  13. I've had a lot of time to think recently, ( health problems and stuff) and I got to thinking about certain episodes in my life and after reading about people paying girls, to piss for them, I thought to myself 'well thats one thing I've never had to do' , however I then remembered one incident many years ago with a girl I'd just started seeing, she told me one night that she'd seen a pair of boots she wanted, but they were expensive, anyway I went out and bought them without telling her ( I got them wholesale so they were a lot cheaper) and a couple of nights later told her I'd borrowed a pair
  14. wow that was lucky, imagine if you'd have wet yourself, ' right miss, go stand in the corner for being a dirty girl' lol thats what teachers did to kids back when i was at school, imagine the teacher having to do it.
  15. reminds me of an ex gf of mine, I'd had a really shitty week, car got stolen and my boss was giving me grief too, it was a hot day and I thought 'sod it, I'm going home' so I did. I got in and she was having a spring clean, on the worktop was my drinking glass, full I thought, of coca-cola, I took a huge mouthfull, then realised it was vinegar! FFS, I spat it out, ranting and raving and grabbed a beer from the fridge before storming off into the lounge. She followed me into the lounge and I sat down on the couch, she sat on the floor between my legs, I'm going ballistic about how shit my
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