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  1. thedario


    How is the status here? Any news?
  2. thedario

    How do I find a friend that loves to pee

    Yes. In my opinion its not the smartest way but very effective. I went on a few beers with one friend (not more on the same day). We got very drunk and the conversation got more and more interesting. I told that I am very open and have multiple special interestsin bed. I asked them for their "darkest" fantasies and very often they told me that they would like see girls pissing. I was surprised how many friends do have a pee fetish as well! Unfortunately more men than women. But more people than you think share this fetish!
  3. thedario

    Library piss

    Alright sorry for asking guys ill close this thread now. Didnt want to offense anyone.
  4. thedario

    Library piss

    yes.. she's back and willing to do it for a "fair price".. but she wants a payment with paypal and i don' t have that. Somebody else would have to contact her and ask for details.. i would pay for my part as well!
  5. thedario

    Library piss

    In a few days.. youre interested as well?
  6. thedario

    Library piss

    Dont know yet shes on vacation at the moment....
  7. thedario

    Library piss

    Hey there. I got in touch with a very hot girl (laura fatalle. you may know her, she pissed into the changing room). i asked her if she'd piss all over some books in a library. she would be willing to do this! who would be interested? she wants of course a fair price for the vid..
  8. thedario


    I just bought a video of Laura Fatalle. It was the second part of her changing room piss. Very hot! She pees very naughty and shameless. At the end she spits on the mirror. I just can recommend that. In our conversation, she told me she would piss on everything if you pay for it. If you pay a hotel room (not very expensive in eastern Europe) and about 50 euros, she can piss all over the hotel room for you, over everything I'd like. Has somebody done this before?
  9. thedario

    First golden shower tomorrow!

    congratulations :) my first golden shower was in an irish hotel room. i recieved it from my gf, she was totally drunk and had a very full bladder :P and all the stuff got wet.
  10. thedario

    WD girls

    Hey girls and guys Recently I just realized how much I miss WDgirls.com! Unfortunately I missed the last chance to join the site :(! Does anyone here has an account on the site? Is is still so unbelivable good?? I joined about 5 times over the last year but missed the last chance :( on the internet you can find some of the stuff but not the really hot piss scenes.. does anybody have some content of WDgirls?
  11. thedario

    Peeing in the pool is worse than you thought...

    I have a funny video regarding this thread.. http://thisvid.com/videos/teen-girl-pee-in-pool/
  12. thedario

    Pee plus...

    Oh I feel the same. I love women peeing on other womens feet, women pee naughty (indoors, on carpets ect) and as well, women who pee everywhere wothout giving a fuck.
  13. thedario

    Anyone from...?

    Is there nobody from central Europe?
  14. thedario

    Members' interests.

    Golden showers -5!! Pissing in naughty indoor locations. 5!!!!! Pissing outdoors or in public 3 Wetting 2 Watching someone pee 4 Drinking someone's pee 5! Desperation 0
  15. thedario

    Snapchat pissing!

    pandrew1992 but i'm male :) doesn't mean that i dont have some interesting pictures :D