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  1. I am not from Germany but really close to it. I live near the german border in Switzerland
  2. Hmm I think she fell in love with me a bit... she showed some signs.. but she has a boyfriend. Maybe that explains the situation... but I'll never forget how "I paid a work collegue to piss on the floor"
  3. Hey there peefans Has anybody some interesting piss stories which happened in an office? I do. I work for an international bank in central Europe. It's the headquarters of this bank and there work about 4000 people here. It's a multiple store huge building! I work in the IT department which means I have to work often on weekends or at night as well. So for me, this building is like a huge piss playground. There is a security guard which makes a tour throgh the building every hour but thats a joke for me. There are so many options to piss! Multiple desks, meeting rooms, carpets, the kitchen, sofas, stairs fridges ect. I guess you can imagine. So sometimes I take the chance and piss all over a meeting room. Over the chairs, table, the telephone and the walls. It's just amazing, I love it! But right after the act I have bad feelings. Mostly I clean up the table and all the stuff because I don't want to leave a mess behind. But the highlight was something else. I know a cute blond haired girl.she works in the marketing department. She's about 22years old and slim (I am 24 years old, moreless sportiv and not too bad looking). And she is hot as hell. She knew about my piss fetish for years. We don't speak too often about it, we barely see each other in this huge building. But one day, we were chatting to each other. I jokingly offered her a lunch if she pisses on the floor of the toilet for me. I told her "what should be the problem, just miss the toilet thats all" And she really did! She snook into the unisex bathroom (wheelchair accessable) and I heard a splattering noise. Than she came out and left without saying anything to me. She just had a grin on her face.. of course I entered the bathroom immediately whit a huge boner. And there was a huge lake of piss on the black floor. So hot! I wanked and came within seconds. It smelled so good in there! Great! Unfortunately she just did it once and never again. I asked her hundrets of times. Too bad. What would you do in a building like this? There are so many options, the possibilities are endless! This story isn't too detailed. I don't know if anybody likes the scenario. If yes, I could write much more detailled stories about it.
  4. I don't remember which videos she had online, but I would be interested in many of them! Especially in the changing room clip, and some of the hotel room clips. and the furniture store clip looks nice as well
  5. Thats the newest Pornhub insight from Germany. Check the top relative categories!
  6. Anyone from switzerland/germany/austria?
  7. Extremely hot :-D! I love naughty pissing! Sexy pictures!
  8. Wow so hot!! Whrre was that piss on the last picture?? Looks like a very naughty piss
  9. This is one of my first tries. Please excuse any mistakes, English isn't my native language.. i hope you enjoy the story about a slutty girl named Nina. I tell you a short story about a girl who took my fantasies to a whole new level! I would never have thought that I would experience such an event by chance! It was in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast of Australia. A party town with tons of clubs, bars and pubs. It was my first long trip with a friend. My friend Jake and I (21) stayed a few days in a backpacker hostel on the beach. It was a former motel, which was then converted into a hostel. With gameroom, a basketball field, some BBQ pits, bar and laundry room. One evening the weekly Pub Crawl took place. An event where you go in a large group through various pubs and get drunk. Ruthlessly. Of course Jake and I took part in the event. In the course of the evening we got to know many extremely hot, lightly dressed and drunk girls. Sometime in this evening we lost ourselves in a club. So I went to the bar alone and ordered a large beer. At this time I wore a short jeans, T-shirt and sneakers. No underpants. My underwear was in the washing machine, so I had to go without it. When I waited at the bar for my beer, an extremely drunk hot blonde staggered to the bar. I liked her immediately! She wore a white top, a short black skirt and flip flops. Around her ankle she had a shell necklace. Her toenails were pink varnished. She was also sweaty. Her breasts were wet and a drop of sweat was visible on them. Hey, I'm Nina. Are you alone here? she asked. She was definitely not sober. I was a bit surprised that she approached me, because I already had some beers. Hey, I am Bob, yes I am alone. I lost my friend somewhere. she smiled cheekily. there was a sparkle in her eyes. she looked satisfied. Then she asked: Why don't you come with me? I live in the hostel down at the beach"! She meant the same hostel I stayed in for two nights. Sure, why not! We drank our last drinks at the bar and left the club, which was also on the beach. We walked along the beach towards the hostel and got to know each other a bit better. She was a young Canadian girl who was on a trip with a friend. But her friend was sick and stayed in the hostel. She held her flip flops in her hands and walked barefoot through the warm sand. She looked like a sexy angel. Arriving at the hostel, we sat down on a bench in the courtyard. I briefly fetched two cold beers from my room and we drank a few sips. Nina's skirt kept slipping upwards, she stroked her soft hands over the inside of her legs. She knew exactly what she was doing! Suddenly she said: I want to show you something. Let's get out of here. Today I discovered a gameroom in the basement. There is a big pool table. Do you want to take a closer look at it? How could I have said no! So we sneaked quietly through the door, down the stairs and into the empty game room. The pool table looked completely new. Immediately we started kissing wildly. My hand slipped up to her pussy, which was totally wet. I lifted her on the table and lifted up her skirt. To my joy she had no panties on! I wanted to lick her immediately, her pussy pulled me on like a magnet. But she pushed my head away again and said: sorry just a moment, I have to get rid of the beer again, my bladder is bursting! I can't hold it a second longer! Panically she looked around the room. But there was no toilet. Just a big fabric sofa, a TV, an armchair and the pool table. I saw the panic in your eyes. Shit what am I doing now?! I have to piss! Now! My cock almost exploded. I started a try: Never mind, just piss here fuck it! I want you, I can't wait anymore! Piss here and let's have fun. Don't worry, nobody will notice anything, its just piss. Her panic in the eyes turned into something else. In her eyes I saw a sparkle again. a lustful sparkle. suddenly I saw a smile on her face! Sit down on the sofa and enjoy the show! she said. I obeyed and sat down on the sofa. I couldn't imagine what was going to happen. Are you ready? I'm gonna explode! She leaned back on the pool table and spread her legs apart. She was now on the pool table, under her skirt I saw her shaved beautiful teen pussy. She spread her pussy with two fingers apart and let it run! The hot piss splashed through the room. She moaned loudly, almost screamed. Oh yes! The piss squirts! The piss splashed out of her pussy and flew into the air. One part landed on the pool table, which soaked in immediately. The carpet was soaked and the piss splashed even up to the sofa on which I sat. She really gave me a golden shower! I couldn't believe it! I felt the warm salty liquid on my lips, all over my face and my body. I saw her lying there, her bare feet on the pool table, the cheeky little beast pissing all over the room! It splashed through the room for a whole minute. Everything was wet! It was a huge mess! Her beam was slowly getting smaller and then she was done. She moaned contentedly and smiled. I couldn't believe what the 20 year old Nina just did! She soaked the whole room without any shame! I couldn't stop myself any more. Immediately I jumped on her and fucked her hard. Within a few seconds we both came and had a gigantic orgasm. breathing strongly we lay on the pool table and were totally exhausted. And soaked in her piss. You cant imagine the smell which was in this room... i'll never forget! Nina began to laugh loudly and said: Shit, that was awesome! You little dirty pig. You pushed me to do that! Nina stayed for two more nights in the same hostel. It was not our only adventure! The game room was closed the next two days however. It was only a small note at the door: This room remains temporarily closed for cleaning.
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