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  1. Hi Cherry

    When was the last time you Peed ? Where were you when you Peed?

  2. Thank you for the good time :) hopefully I see you write it soon :) 

    1. Ivy1989



      Go to bed! Good night 

    2. Cherry
  3. I finally got my new facebook all updated, unfortunately my husband wouldn't let me post any nudity but he allowed me to post myself in a sexy bra and panty set, but don't bite the hand that feeds you though :)


  4. I would like to welcome you to this site. I am into female holding it and desperation. I have some pee stories and videos.


    1. Cherry


      I don't do videos, my husband is against the making of pornography, but I don't know if he's against me persay writing erotica based on personal experiences :)

    2. pee01


      I understand 

    3. Cherry


      I don't know Ivy's stands on home made pornography, but some people can, or sneakily do it, others don't. I never understood pornography, if my husband wants me to do something, or perform something or wants to try something, he knows to ask, i'm always willing to try something once, except scat and puke, and gross stuff like that, lol.


  5. I bought myself a nice blue lingerie set. My husband has to go out for a few hours, Ivy is over, Sweet pissing, and sex is right around the corner :)

    1. Jaylah


      Oh no "cherry" not you to! First Ivy copies me and you copy her :( 

      I always assumed you had the hots for my hubby! I'm so relieved you have the hots for Ivy instead, maybe she'll stop trying to bed with me if your giving her the attention she craves ^^

    2. Cherry


      Oh hun, I do find your husband attractive, he's a very nice person, he risked his neck to save my husband, he has good attributes and i'm happy for the both of you. It appears your into the crazy wild stuff too. I just want to be friends Jaylah, I'm not after your man, I'm after your man's cousin, as it's obvious :) Just some fun and games. I promise you i'll never try to get between you two, I'm very happy with my Alpha male, just like your happy with yours :)

    3. Cherry


      Plus if consented, I'm the only women she'll ever need to want, and to chase.

  6. Cherry

    I'm Ivy

    I've been through Saskatchewan when I was a kid, I'm born and raised in the Yukon, but moved to Ontario where my husband got a house from his grandparents, and he got a job as a machinist after he left the Military, so I got my provincial veterinary licensing changed over and got a job. Been here for the last 4 months maybe? I love to hold until I burst, all in my clothes, especially tight leggings or jeans <3
  7. Cherry

    I'm new :)

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, and for the longest time, I thought I was honestly alone, thinking something is wrong with me, for liking to pee myself, when even my husband made mention that the idea of a person peeing their pants was gross. I don't go on the internet much, and I never really had to the audacity to look it up. I thought i was alone. Until Ivy1989 had to pee really bad, I wasn't even suppose to be there, I kinda tagged along and she was attempting at a naughty risky thing, and the presentation and control and whit, I could tell she had experience, and watching it, really turned me on, and confirmed that I'm Bi Curious, and even possibly Bi sexual, however I don't find other women sexually attractive, except for Ivy. It's weird I've been with only one woman in my life, and I have no desire with others, even though it's been about a week , or so. I'm still much in love with my husband. He knows of my relationship, and he's okay with it, as long as i'm not dabbing with other men, he's fine. I'm 30 years old, I have red hair, (I dye it red all the time, and keep it dyed, i'm naturally a dirty blonde). I'm about 5'8. I love the colour red, You may call me Cherry
  8. I'm going to make you pee yourself and eat you out, then your going to eat me out and take it.

    (Can I post that? I should find the rules)

    1. Ivy1989


      I don't mind, your worse then me! U have no hold backs!