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  1. Part2: After i finished there was a large puddle under the table and the boxers i was wearing where soaked. We continued our breakfast as nothing had happened. Now i got in the shower to clean up. As i come out of the shower my wife was standing naked in front of the sink brushing her teeth. She spred her legs and let a stream of pee rush to the floor right in front of our toilet. After that we got ourselves ready to go shopping. On the ride to the shopping center we drank a lot of water to stay well hydrated. As we arrived my wife had to pee again. So we went in a furniture store. There were just a few people so she decided to piss on one of the sofas. She lifted her skirt and let it go. There was a large wet spot bulding on the seat of the couch. To be continued......
  2. My wife knows that i have a huge pee fetish, normaly she is not into it. But one friday evening when i got home from work she said lets do this weekend without going to the toilet. Where should we go then? i asked she said lets go in our pants or where we want to. Thats great i answered. We decided to start on saturday morning. I woke up early in the morning and was verry exited what will happen. I waited in the bed till my wife was awake. She said she has to piss verry bad. I told her to just pee in the bed. She said ok, and after a few sekonds i heard a hissing sound under her blanked. I looked under it and there was a huge wet spot beetween her legs and on the sheets. Now we got up to have brekfast. As we wete sitting on the table i was bursting. So i just let it go under the table while eating. This was the first part of the Story. Please tell me if you like it and if should continue writing. I would also like to include some shitting in the story whats your opinion about this?

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