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  1. First feeling of "sweet pain" while unintentionally desperate on a few long rides during teen years.... Later ex bf who was into it... 😉
  2. Pee in public 100%, better to be seen with pants down by a few people, than to bee seen with wet pants by bunch of them !
  3. few hours ago i was returning home with a few friends, and we encountered worst highway traffic i ever saw. By the time we were able to speed up, 3 of us (2 girls and one guy) were quite in a need of a toilet, and there was not a chance to pull over somewhere untill we get of highway. And by then i was seriously fighting not to have an accident, with other two in more or less same situation.... When we finally managed to park at some rest-area, all 3 of us jumped out immediatly, me and the other girl managed to hoble behind van next to us to get some cover, and that guy just made a waterfall r
  4. simmilar situation happened to me few years ago, getting out of train one stop before mine cose i was in serious trouble of having an accident, and eventually having to squat behind poster-board... luckily not many people around lol
  5. Few years ago catching a late-night metro and intending to use toilets straight away... only to find them closed and than having to endure VERY desperate half hour ride !
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