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  1. DiaperFetish

    Diapers and facesitting

    I have a fetish for facesitting and then I mean when I sit on someones face. Now my first question is if I sat on your face with a diaper on would you feel a much higher pressure than if I sat on your face without a diaper on? My second question is if I pee in the diaper while I sit on your face would you feel it?
  2. DiaperFetish

    Pee shivers or pee orgasms?

    Hi No it only happens when I pee in diapers.
  3. DiaperFetish

    Pee shivers or pee orgasms?

    Hi Always when I pee in my diapers I feel any strange tickling feelings in my body I feel them from the very first time I pee in my diapers and they lasts everytime I pee. I don´t mind this feelings because they a nice feeling I just wonder if it is pee shivers or pee orgasms and what is the difference between them both?
  4. Hi When I pee in my diapers it takes about an hour then the diaper is completely flooded. I wonder if I can still pee in it when it´s flooded and how many times can I do it?
  5. DiaperFetish

    New member from Sweden

    Hi I am new member from Sweden. I have got a troublesome neurologic incontinence from a neurologic disability. I am born with this disability and incontinence is very common together with neurologic disabilities. A few years back I decided my incontinence was a good reason to have fun pee sports so I did the choise that diapers had to be the innocent victims to my merciless pee sports.