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    A gentleman with a naughty side is the best way I can describe it. Since this is a pee site I'll only state what I like from a female when it comes to pee. The genuinely true desperation of it being held in *safely* is what intrigued me to get into this lifestyle. With desperation comes a riveting close call or an amazing accident. I've got a good resume of having multiple women hold for me with no issues. a lot of kinks and fetishes branched from this and I don't regret any of it. Alas it found and stuck with me. Curiosity got me to keep looking into it and bam I've been into this for about 10 years.

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    It being held in
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    I've had my ex gf desperately pee on me

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  1. Looking for any foods, drinks that are sure fire ways to get a bladder full, irritated and ready to burst! Thank you in advance
  2. I’m honestly looking for sex toys or anything useful to help amplify my wife’s need to pee during sex. I absolutely love and highly prefer FULL BLADDER sex. I’ve been looking for something to either have placed directly on her bladder, or worn during penetration sex to keep pressure on her bladder. Or even sex positions that may help keep direct pressure on her bladder! thank you in advance!
  3. My backyard. I live alone so I’m usually naked doing it since I’ve got a privacy fence 😂
  4. Strictly women. I like all my fetishes and kinks to have or involve only women.
  5. I’d let her pee anywhere she pleased. I’ve got a fenced in backyard. Spacious house oh the possibilities!
  6. I’m confused on what you’re trying to say. Ofc you can make an email for “Bacardi” I made my secondary email so that way I can publicly ( if needed ) open my main email and not have my socials and whatever news or info I sign up for or have mixed in my personal email that I use for business and daily stuff.
  7. No I am who I am definitely am not trying to be anything I’m not. My gender, age and etc is the same just not my username and I prefer to keep my fetish / kink lifestyle to its own alias is all. My username is my alias and I still sign up as my real identity and etc. Hopefully I didn’t mislead you on that. I don’t think anyone would want those problems 😅. I do appreciate you keeping an eye out on people like that you never know nowadays. ** EDIT my username usually fluctuates between my real middle name due to its uniqueness and my alias name “JDontell” or Johnathan Dontell.
  8. I also forgot to mention that. I also do have an email address for it. It unclutters allot for me. It feels good to know I’m not the only that has that mindset.
  9. I don't know if its just me, of course I know its not just me. when I started getting into and figuring what I liked or was interested in... I didn't think about it at first but I followed, put out what I liked to my close friends and family not knowing it was an audience that didn't know I liked that type of stuff.. You could only imagine the ridicule, disgust and shame I got from it. It dawned on me that I need to make an alias and its own personal accounts so no one I know personally could know it was me being into what I overall enjoyed. My alias name is Johnathan Dontell, it has its
  10. I’m usually on peefans and omorashi.org. I’ve been members of both for quite some time. Outside of that I occasionally will stumble onto amateurvoyeur.com and see if there’s any new interesting threads.
  11. I do it every other day. My yard has privacy fencing and I just pee wherever
  12. Practically all the time and have attempted to hint at or let them know what I’m into without them freaking out or being horribly grossed out by it.
  13. I would prefer outside but if it were easy clean up I also wouldn’t mind inside either.
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