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    I love females that pee and poop themselves, be desperate to pee and poo and gassy females.

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    It being held in
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    I've had my gf desperately pee on me

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  1. I dislike high heels. Completely turns me off. 


  2. tremayl

    howdy :)

    Hello everyone I'm currently 21 . From Alabama . And I'm in the military . I've been into the fetish of pee since i was 12. maybe a year later a poo and fart fetish came along after and I just recently got into puking (not forced) . Not to be sexist but my fetishes are strictly female . It all started from loneliness and curiosity it also didn't help that i had ADHD . For some reason the girls in my school were very vocal about their need to go and some never really went they just held due to the bathrooms not being clean . So i looked into and found out theres a community that accepted each other for what they liked and in general . I loved it and i never looked back from it . I'm very picky about each fetish tho . Some people take it too far for my liking . My turn offs are when the girl have the Shit all over their body, when they're wearing Heels?, When it's Staged?, When it's photoshopped, When they force themselves to puke . I'm on tumblr , vk , Twitter, IG, Facebook. Omorashifanatic is what my name is half the time . Sorry if it's long .
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