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  1. tony for you

    Where would you see me pee?

    That is a lovely pic,, i cant stop looking at it, i would love to have been that wall
  2. tony for you

    Little pee play

    Peeing through panties,, i love it,,
  3. tony for you

    Ever drank urine?

    I drank some of my own last night after drinking flavoured spring water & it actualy tasted quite nice, i do prefer to drink from a woman though
  4. tony for you

    Washing machine

    We'll need a pic you know
  5. tony for you

    Now where's that bottle,

    I made that bottle warm too
  6. I got back from gigging with my band early hours this morning & was only in bed for around half hour then started to feel the urge, i knew there was an empty bottle in the bedroom somewhere,
  7. I thought i'd prime the washing machine,, i peed for 15 seconds & it felt very erotic,
  8. tony for you

    Arranging Meet-Ups

    If i was closer i would definately be up for it, unfortunately im kind of restricted to portsmouth, southampton & isle of wight,,
  9. tony for you


    Wet sex is amazing, i love hearing about it too
  10. tony for you

    Ever drank urine?

    My wife either does it in a pint glass for me or squats over me & lets go & i swallow the lot,, & have had her freinds on a couple of occasions too, if they have been drinking rosie wine or alcho pops like blue wickeds ect it tastes nice & is easy to swallow;
  11. tony for you

    Do you want to pee for me?

    Hi & welcome,, you can count me in too,
  12. tony for you

    Chaps wearing panties and tights

    Thats cheating,, thats 2 pairs lol,,
  13. tony for you

    Chaps wearing panties and tights

    Heres one for you,, hope you like
  14. tony for you

    New here

    Hi pplover, i think you've come to the right place, recycled burgerking coke Mmm sounds lovely
  15. Hi Shewee, i hope you have a great time here, the people on here are very freindly & helpfull, my other half pees in cups & glasses & we both love it,,