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  1. DiaperFetishist

    New member from Sweden

    Hi Adyguy6970 Thank you so much.
  2. DiaperFetishist

    Soaked wet diapers

    Hi My opinion is that diapers that are soaked wet are much more comfortable than new and dry ones. Diapers today are so good that I can flood them over and over again and the only thing I feel is that the diaper has swollen and become even thicker than before. I have no idea how much or how many times I have flood it. Therefore I feel a swollen and soaked diaper much more comfy than dry ones. Is this feeling the same to you as it is to me?
  3. DiaperFetishist

    New account

    Hi I have not been online in here for years so when I found this site on Internet I created the account I have now, DiaperFetishist, but when I created this new account I had forgotten I already had an old account which is DiaperFun. Now when I have created my new account, DiaperFetishist, it is no idea to have two different accounts so I wanna cancel my old DiaperFun account and keep this DiaperFetishist account and start all over again.
  4. DiaperFetishist

    New member from Sweden

    Hi I am a male.
  5. DiaperFetishist

    New member from Sweden

    Hi I am new member from Sweden. I have a big peefetish that will increase even more. I have choosen disposable diapers to have pee sports in because to me it is a special feeling to pee in diapers and I do it both for medical reasons but also to have fun with diapers. I have used diapers for 30 years and have got much experience of how to use diapers and to let them be a part of my daily life. I am also a model for diapers and product tester which means I do some ruthless tests on different diaperbrands. When I pee in both pull up diapers and all in one diapers and when I pee in them they┬┤re soaked wet in just a few minutes. I wonder if I can discuss how I do when I have peesports in diapers and if there is a special thread for diapers on this forum?