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    Into naughty pissing including voyeur

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    Naughty peeing, public peeing, golden showers
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    Peeing in the car on backseat while on a roadtrip when I was 7

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  1. Peclub....was mainly a male piss site but was so hot with tons of naughty pissing
  2. Had to pee while in my little towns histortic downtown area
  3. peelove10


    Anyone wanna kik me? Gamerfan1009
  4. peelove10


    Anyone on kik or has started a group about pee experiences/ naughty peeing and all that
  5. anybody have stories of them peeing in cinema or know someone else who has
  6. I pissed in the cinema last night while watching rogue one, I had to pee about 3/4 into the movie after drinking my big gulp cola, didn't want to use my popcorn bag cause there was still popcorn in it and didn't want to pee in my souvenir cup so I got an idea to piss on the floor because I didn't want to miss the movie.....me and my girlfriend were sitting up at the top in the corner and no one was in front of us for a couple of rows away from us at least so I snuck out my penis from my shorts leg area, my girlfriend was too into the movie so she really didn't notice and when a loud scene came I relaxed my bladder muscles and shot out a pee stream splashing the chair in front of me and floor and peed in some spurts mainly to relieve the pressure mainly but it was exciting seeing my piss splash the chair in the dim light and funny watching it trickle away after it shot out of my dick
  7. no u aren't the only one......I enjoy seeing big women pee and hairy kittys pissing
  8. hey how are you today?

    1. Adyguy6970


      I'm fine thank you.  Hope you're okay too.

  9. anyone want to chat with me about their piss stories/experiences and ill share mine from my childhood to now and maybe roleplay
  10. one time I was on a roadtrip as a young boy of age 8 on the road to my grandparents house with parents driving and I had to pee and we got stuck in traffic I tried for a bit a first to hold it in by squeezing my legs together but it started to spurt out and made it worse then I looked for a bottle/cup or something but found nothing then I got an idea to pee on floor and seat so I snuck out my penis aimed towards the seat and floor and released a hard long stream of piss onto the floor for about a minute or 2 and sighed of relief .....my dad didn't hear cause music was kinda loud and it was raining a bit I think and my sister was asleep in front of me

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