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    I love to wet! Oh, and occasionally wear a diaper. I've also, very recently, been fortunate enough to be able to engage in some non-solo pee-fun!

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    Wetting, Golden Showers, Warmth, The naughty little secret...
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    Peeing in the window seat on a plane - involuntarily.

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  1. Well thank you Puddles! That was quite the enjoyable thread! And HOTTTTT! I was riveted from beginning to end, but I must say the jammie bottoms were the absolute best part. I'm soooo checking back on this thread! So HOT.
  2. I think I was in my Tweens when I first started peeing for fun. The thing I find interesting about that is that 1) That was pre-internet, and 2) I lived in a rural area with no outside influence to get me into it. It was truly just a pee-fetish for the sake of being a pee-fetish. I remember when my jeans would get full of holes my mom would throw them away. I'd dig em out of the trash and they'd become my pee-jeans! I'd spend all day out running around doing whatever I was doing peeing in them. I'd keep them stashed away somewhere as long as I could before I'd throw em out and wait for the next 'new' pair to get thrown away. Back then it was the same interest I have today - It was that naughty feeling of having a dirty little secret along with the pleasures of being wet, warm, and let's face it - horny. haha.
  3. The density of pee-fans has a lot to do with location too. I'm pretty confident that, where I am, there isn't another fan within a couple hundred miles in any direction. Need to relocate to wherever those 18k people are! haha. (EU and Australia mostly from what I've gathered over the years).
  4. Sophie, so good to read your stories! Mmm.. that feeling of a wet bum when you sit down to pee and somehow forget to remove things that might be in the way. A tiny bit different for us guys, but not much different. I had a bit of fun today myself! Had to go to the store for some things, so thought I'd make it fun. I'm not quite to the point where I'm willing to full on wet in public, so sometimes when I'm in the mood I'll throw on a slim fitting diaper when I go out. I get to have that naughty little secret, have that warm wet feeling in public, and not make a scene! Haha. Today I threw one on and went to the store. I was already a bit hydrated, so it didn't take long till I needed to wee. There I was walking up and down the aisles, looking at this... squirt. Turn around and look at that... squirt. Ohhh the feeling of the warmth and wetness down below as I let little by little go at a time - all the while staying hydrated with my water bottle. As I shopped I could feel things filling up a little down below. As I walked I could feel the wetness swishing between my legs with a bit of a bulge as things got filled up. By the time I got in line I was VERY wet down there and loving every warm, wet, naughty second of it. Just standing there in line with people behind and in front of me - me reveling in my glory. Mmmm.. Once I got out in the parking lot I let it all go... Filling up the diaper.. oops! A little trickle down my leg. Might be a little too full? I got in the truck and started to head home with all that warm wetness between my legs and under my ass... A bit of a wet spot right down there in the crotch where I leaked a bit. And now here I am - writing this with an absolutely soaked diaper leaking down my legs and drinking more... I think it's time to take it off and. Well who knows what's in store for a little later?
  5. I hold for the purpose of having a nice, long, wetting session. Not so much for the desperation aspect, but more just to fill up the reservoir. Usually I'll get nice and full, continue to drink, wee, continue to drink, wee, repeat... Holding for the purpose of desperation doesn't do a lot for me, but I have to say I do enjoy watching it!
  6. Quite often when the opportunity presents itself - wetting mostly, but I'll often lay in the tub before a shower and soak myself, or sometimes I'll fold myself back between my legs and pee between my legs - love the feeling of the warm pee running down my thighs - nom nom.
  7. Yup! That's one of my favorite indulgences! Just a little tiny leak to feel the damp down below, then as the day progresses, I continue to leak every 30 minutes to an hour to keep it nice and damp and warm. I've done it at work many times (desk job), and also do it when out and about running errands and what not. I do it both for the warm damp feeling, and the naughty secret I'm containing in my crotch. I always make sure I'm well hydrated though, so that the pee doesn't have a strong smell. I have to say the most erotic instance was when I started leaking and damping while I waited for a flight in an airport - 5 hour flight ahead. I then spent the entire flight damp and leaking to stay that way. That was so damn erotic in such close, confined quarters. Let's just say once I got to my hotel room for the week there was a bit of a wetting explosion! I used to have some video of that explosion, but it has long since been misplaced :(
  8. I think true desperation can be depicted in video in a way that doesn't feel staged or posed. Of course, the only way to truely be unstaged is a hidden cam, but in my opinion that crosses another line. There are a number of good desperation videos out there that are obviously "staged" but are a joy to watch - the key is that if it is obvious that the person in the video truely enjoys what they are doing. There you have the difference. Obvious the person is getting paid to act? Crap. The person truely enjoys what they are doing and is obviously turned on by it themselves? Great. It's very easy to tell the difference.
  9. Started at a very young age for me as well - probably single digits. I lived in a rural, mountainous area and liked to a lot of exploring, hiking, and what-not. When I was out and about I would just wet rather than the alternative - even then I enjoyed the naughtyness and wetness, but there was no 'sexual' element. I think as I got older, i.e. puberty, the arousal and sexual element kicked in and it's just never gone away. Still enjoy it immensely to this day!
  10. Bummer. I was hoping to find somewhere active and intelligent that revolved around our fetish but was more than a 'meat market'. So far peefans seems to be the closest thing to that I've found so far - sans the chat.
  11. Totally off his rocker. Probably a good thing though as every outburst significantly lowers the chance that the USA will become more of a laughing stock to the world than it already is. I'm somewhat embarrassed to be an American at the moment.
  12. What is "the pool" that you all speak of? I've grown very tired of 'other' chats and am looking for something refreshing. The pool may be such a thing?
  13. If i can't have #6 ill take #4! I want to watch it escape and spash all over me. Harder to do if its a strong stream on my face...
  14. From my experience peeing cupid is more or less dead. There may be a handful of active members there, but from my experience I found none that were still active. On your other comment. Perhaps you need to take it slow with her and let her warm up to you? I realize there may be more to the story than what you wrote, but if I found someone living somewhat nearby I think I'd work at it a bit. She may be shy, afraid of rejection as she might not feel the things she enjoys will be accepted, etc. To be blunt though - if your attitude is "grow the fuck up" because she doesn't enjoy swallowing cum then maybe she's better off elsewhere? Any relationship worth having deserves mutual respect of where each others un-crossable lines are. If not enjoying swallowing cum is a deal breaker then just keep searching.
  15. OMG I just typed the letters OMG! From behind are absolutely the best there is - GREAT pictures! Thanks so much for sharing.
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