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  1. Keep us updated on your pissing fun it nice
  2. Yes you should just piss on the floor carpet is better
  3. When I lived in a rv I used the carpet or laminate or couch
  4. Oh ok what thing do y'all not piss on we don't piss on any dvdplacers or anything like this we have a couch we keep dry for guests we won't piss on floor in front of guests my step daughter uses the storage on side of chair wife has also or we will go to another room to piss unless it some one that knows how we are we're always naked unless guests come over then step daughter and wife use a house dress I put one then pair of shorts if one of my step daughter friends come over we are naked and we piss on floor or somewhere
  5. Your mom may have not mind you pissing on the floor
  6. How did your daughter get into free pissing My step daughter got into by walk in on me pissing on the couch she asked me what I m doing I told her I had to pee oh but on the couch yes or where I need to go I then told her if she wanted to do it she can her would some time do it not very much she didn't want her daughter to do it but I told her it her choice I approve of it. My wife didn't want me to be naked around my step daughter I told her it doesn't matter I have see my step daughter naked so see got over. My step daughter told me on a Family road trip she needs to pee she asked if I
  7. I have never seen any problems with pee where your at we were always naked at house I had a chair I set in had side tables attached that had storage we always kept one of the storage empty so see could pee in it if we people over she walk over raise the lid to storger and had a night dress on and she could piss there wife did it also if she had friends over she would be naked she would pee like it was just us in there
  8. That good he let use car to piss in and also left your pants off keep up on piss where it should be not wasted
  9. The last house I owned had a big wood shed I always piss on the plywood floor at least 3 time a day or more if we had people over we let them piss in there also now I have a garage I piss there also
  10. There not a thing wrong with pissing like that I hope they do more pissing on carpet
  11. You should asked if you could seat of the truck
  12. I don’t leave my swimsuit on in car I set naked after swimming
  13. That is good well done I hope the new owners will pleased with it
  14. I hope y’all let your daughter piss around the house when she returns home from college
  15. Do y’all still enjoy pissing around when your daughter returns from college I hope y’all do and let her piss around house also
  16. What did your mom think about you pissing in your car What did your friend think
  17. That good there not a thing wrong with pissing on the carpet
  18. Yes she was raised pissing on floor the house that she grew up in did not have toilet in it
  19. A friend of my name Sara here daughter was in hospital for a while and they set Sara up in a rooming house for here daughter stay at hospital Sara was there for 2 months Sara was raised to piss on floor the room has vinyl floor from the time Sara was there she piss on the every piss so did I the room was wet all day and night Sara even pissed on the chair in the room it leather after 2 months Caralina was released to say there for 2 weeks for they go home then all 3 of us pissed on the floor in the room on the side of one bed were we pissed the most the floor had a big puddle we had a towel b
  20. Do y’all piss on floor in the house with your mom and dad
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