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    Almost Empty Bus

    My friend and I stayed late after school hoping to finish our work and not have to take our books home. Standing at the bus stop I realized a little too late that my bladder was full. Resigning myself to the fact that I'll have to hold it until I get home, I cross my legs and hope for the best. Getting on the bus with my friend, we walk all the was to the hidden seats noticing that we were the only ones on the bus. Sitting by the window I cant help but feel very uncomfortable due to my very full bladder, but still I gotta wait as the bus ride is an hour! Shifting my body so that I am sitting on one leg, my foot pressed up against my pussy, my friend takes notice of my discomfort. Looking over at me he asks what is wrong. I don't bother to hide anything and tell him how badly I had to piss, but I would try to wait until we get home. Just as I said that the bus pulls over to a stop and the driver informs us that they will be breaking for 15 to 30 minutes and walks off the bus across the street to the small Plaza. The streets are empty as well as the bus and the bus stopped in a pretty secluded area. Turning to my friend I see he is still watching me, looking at him in desperation I press my hands to the crotch of my dark gray uniform pants and start rocking back and forth on my foot the was still up against my pussy. Not knowing how to help me he just watched semi concerned. With out meaning to I let out a small gasp of pleasure as a jolt goes through my body due to my foot hitting my clit. Continuing it I realize that my painful bladder is actual less noticeable now. Looking back over at my friend, he is now looking at me curiously, looking down at his pants they seem a little bit tighter than usual. Now I'm not stupid, nor a virgin, so deciding to spice things up a little I replace my rocking foot with my hands rubbing my crotch and hitting my clit over and over again. My friend now watching my hand, bites his lips as his pants grow even tighter. Deciding to move things even further I unzip my pants and stick my hand into them putting my hand against my pussy and began to rub through my panties. Finally realizing what I was doing he reaches over and removes my hand before he reaches into my pants and picks up from where I left off. Getting annoyed with the amount of fabric between his hand and my aching pussy, I remove his hand and with a quick look around remove my pants and panties before grabbing his hand again and placing it back on my pussy. Smirking at me he continues his assault on my clit before sticking in a finger and then another and fucking my pussy with his long fingers. Before long I feel my release fast approaching and grip his hand in warning before I cum so damn hard, but that just opened the floor gates. My piss fast approaching and not being able to stop it I quickly grab my panties and shove them in my pussy in hopes that it will slow down the stream, but it didn't. Staring in wonder as my piss started to flow out and through the panties, he reached out and pulled out the panties instead placing his hand on the stream and watching it flow out onto the bus seat. Throwing my head back at how amazing not only the piss feels but his hands, I hope it never stops. All of a sudden he looks at me and tells me to stop, with such authority that I will myself, no matter how hard and stop, my bladder no where near empty. Removing his hands he pats his lap and motions for me to get on. Moving to straddle his lap I know exactly what he wants me to do. Placing my pussy directly on his hard on, I rock back and forth first watching all the wetness make its way onto his pants before I once again let go of my stream all over his pants. Once again he lifts places a hand by the stream this time rubbing my clit. Oh the pleasure! Finally I can feel my stream ending, but he is no where done with me and nor I with him. Getting off him I look at the front of his pants that are soaked before he too stands up and removes not only them but his boxers before he pushes me down onto the wet seat and slams his dick home! Minutes later reaching our peaks, me first, he pulls out and cums all over my pussy. Looking at me he smiles and says "sorry let me clean that up for you" before he let's out a huge stream of piss aiming right at my pussy, every now and then hitting my clit with his strong stream or getting it right in my pussy opening. The feeling was so fucking good! When his stream finally ended we both looked at each other and said nothing but both knew that this is something that wouldn't be forgotten. Pulling on our clothes, or pulling on my pants and putting my soaked underwear into my bag and my friend pulling out a pair of gym shorts he was bringing home to wash, pulled them on and stuck everything in his bag. We took our bags and moved over a couple of seats and a few minutes later the bus driver walked into the bus and started it up. Looking up at my friend I just said one thing to him " I no longer have to go" and at that we both started laughing and relaxed enjoying the rest of the bus ride home.
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    is there anyone here from canada?

    Markham, Ontario!