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  1. Hiya how are you doing. I have really enjoyed the site so far looking to have some more adventures how about you
    1. wetpantie4me


      What kind of Adventure would you like to have
  2. through a mutual friend who i mentioned what i liked. At First she filled shot glasses with her pee for me to drink then i asked if i could have it direct from the source, it took a few months to organise it and we have only done it three times but she only drinks juice not tea or coffee so its really sweet tasting stuff
  3. Still has to be Paula Radcliffe for actually peeing during the London Marathon.
  4. Bulldog1974


    Looks the part on google but its dreadful. Nobody ever replies and when you get messages they are from random people who do not have anything in common with you. Avoid it at all costs i suspect most of the people on there are fake...
  5. I currently see a lady about ten years younger than me we are both in happy relationships with other people however we both share this fetish. She straddles over my face and lets go bit by bit not engulfing me and she has the sweetest tasting pee she then lets me clean her up there is no kissing or other sexual contact its just delicious and fantastic
  6. Love this story i have been on the receiving end from a lady and she ensures i don't miss a drop
  7. Looking to make some acquaintances
  8. I was looking for an alternative site i was on peenuts which was dreadful and completely mis sold pee cupid looked the same and i came across this site through Google. It looks a lot like a site i will enjoy fingers (and legs) crossed
  9. Hi just wanted to say hi and its nice to know I'm not the only person in the world who has this fetish. If you want to chat any time i am a nice non intrusive guy looking to talk to like minded men and women

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