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  1. Hey everyone! Sorry I had to take such a very long hiatus, a lot of stress and real life drama :p BUT! I am glad to be getting back into the swing of things and heading back on cam! I will be on tonight @ 9:30pm EST http://cams.peefans.com/Kimberly-X
  2. Hey Guys and Gals! I want to first apologize for my recent absence I have been battling a particularly nasty infection after a recent tooth breakage and removal :p it seem's after practically living on antibiotics as a child for chronic ear infections, it seems my body has created a bit of an antibiotic resistant strain of bacteria (how lovely) So far I am doing alright, I have simply been hung up on getting this knocked out and taken care of. So far, heading into round 4 of antibiotics, fingers crossed that "4th time's the charm" HOWEVER, in better news, A Lovely new camera is heading my way and once I get some practice, you shall all reap the benefits of a better quality camera! WHOO HOOO!!! XOXOXO
  3. Kimberly X

    Kimberly X's available goods!

    Prices vary by content. the more taboo and longer the more pricey. a fairly basic (such as me peeing on the carpet) for 10 minutes would be 20$
  4. Hi, I got a question to you, please contact me: benosney@gmail.com
  5. If I may. I would like to take a moment to say this. Reading over some of the comments made by member's here, I can see that several of you were very leery and very worried about the integrity of Myself (the model) as well as the site. Worried about being ripped off, being overly-charged or screwed over. Worried that I was just doing this for the money and doing my best to "hassle you" out of your money. And, I completely understand where you are coming from. I myself have been camming off and on for only 2 years I have been a fetish model and photographer for the same amount of time. I am also a buyer of fetish/porn goods as well as client of some cam sites and frequent cam sites fairly often tipping girls for services or just hanging out talking with girls whom are friends. So yes, I have come across more then my fare share of sites who are in fact only out to make as much money as possible, 2 of which I stopped working for due to there lack of integrity in which I felt was not doing right by the customers or workers. I can tell you I do this because I enjoy doing this. I enjoy talking with people, I enjoy meeting people and I enjoy creating friendships and can honestly say that some of my closest friendships have been made with some of my customers. I do not see those coming into my room as "money" I see them as people. I get to know regulars, I ask about on going relationships, how there day at work has gone, if they have seen the latest episode of a certain tv show. I also take pride in doing what I do and doing it well. One of my biggest points of pride are the good things my clients have to say about me and it is not how sexy I am or how great my shows are but how welcoming and kind I am. My point in writing this is to say I assure you that I had no intentions of "tricking" any one and I would feel very upset to think that, that was anyone's impression or idea of me. As a cold cam girl just out to get as much money out of people as possible. Especially since I try hard to keep my prices low and affordable for people. Even Saturday night's show someone mentioned they wanted to see me do a certain something and happened to mention they had 35$ and would give it all to me in order to see it. I could of easily asked him to take me into a private session that charges by the minute and given him 5 minutes worth of a show before he was booted. I could of asked him for all 35$ knowing he had it and knowing he would of given it all to me. But I set up a show that I made last about 20 minutes or so and only asked for 20$ because I felt it wasn't worth more then that and he was polite. So, I sincerely hope that no ones thinks I or the site in anyway was deliberately trying to trick anyone. it was truly and honestly a misunderstanding on every ones part.
  6. You may absolutely call me Kimmie :) And I am very happy to of made so many people's night! I was unable to get much planned out in the ways of how I wanted the show to go as I was having internet troubles up until just the very day before so was a bit preoccupied making sure everything would go smoothly with my camera and internet speed. However I do have plans in the works for another Watersports event with more interactive activities for tippers along with prizes including panties, pre recorded and custom videos and photo's. I had a lot of fun last night and it was absolutely worth while! Next event I will begin earlier and go till late, Make a whole day and night of it it will be fabulous!
  7. It was really great chatting with you tonight Hello & Welcome to Pee Fans . Shame I couldn't tip you to see you pee ;) I bet it was a gushing flood / shold I say gushing spray . When you let your pee flow ;)
  8. Kimberly X

    What is the naughtiest........?

    1. Me and my best friend both peed on a park bench one evening because we were far too lazy to walk the block home to use the toilet. and it would not surprise me if people seen us as we were in the middle of town hidden by nothing. 2. Probably my friend peeing in a diaper while riding her bike around town( we both had a diaper wearing fetish and one day we decided to wear diapers while riding our bikes around town and she wet hers) 3. Doming my husband, making him strip naked then bending him over, putting a funnel into his bum and peeing into it and forcing him to hold it in without spilling it. 4. I seen a video long, long ago of a girl who was able to angle her urethra up towards her face while standing up and pee on her chest. I since have a thing about peeing while standing.
  9. Hello! I am Kimberly X I do pee shows on the Peecams cam site! I am a life long pee fetishist, ABDL and Switch. I have a few things/services to offer =^^= Custom pee videos- Private pee cam sessions- Custom pee photo's/ sets- Pee'd in panties or diapers- Used tampons or pads- I also offer things of the more taboo "dirty" type. If you are interested feel free to send me a message :)
  10. I am very sorry if you felt mislead into believing it was going to be a free pee show, what we meant when we said "free" was it was free to sign up for an account and it was also free to chat with me as many sites are "pay-to-chat" with models so I was trying to advertise that I was free to chat with. There is a reason I cannot urinate publicly for free and that is because this is an adult based website, and Urinating is very much on the edge of being considered "obscenity" and Obscenity in porn can get you jail time or even fined thousands of dollars (something I really do not want to have happen for obvious reasons!) If I were to pee openly and in public chat for free, any kid could come and watch me and that is NOT okay as I or the website hosting could be fined and/or charged big time. Paying the small fee is like digitally screening ages the bast way possible- through a credit card. while sure a kid could steal his parents card, it would be on the parent and not the site or the model. So, for legal reasons I am unable to host that kind of show for free. But I am very sorry to have made you believe this was going to be a totally free show as that was not my intention and should of been more clear. But I greatly appreciate those of you who were able to join me tonight I had a great time and look forward to having you all join me again some time as I greatly enjoy the company to chat with :) I plan on hosting a few games for tippers to play and win prizes such as videos, peed in panties, photo's and much more! Thanks again for making my night I had a great time and hope you all did as well!
  11. Getting ready to get on Cam soon!! also yes this is totally live and chatting with me is 100% free and I very much welcome it, I am a big talker! but, anyways! I have to go set up my room, get all my things together and I will be on in just a very short time so I hope to see you there!
  12. HAHA! Well I pretty much pee on my bedroom floor with abandon anyways so that's a non issue. I used to have a couch my fans dubbed "The pee couch" A sad day I had to throw it out due to the over-whelmingly strong scent of pee I completely destroyed that thing within a year of peeing on it. One night I peed so much on it it soaked through the cushions straight to the floor. That was a very fun epic night indeed!
  13. Hi! I am Kimberly X and am going to be doing the water sports show on Saturday! I am a HUGE water sports and pee lover and my fans have unofficially dubbed me "The Pee Queen" as I generally pee in huge amounts (I don't mean to brag or nothing BUT in general I pee around 3 cups at a time about 3 times a night on cam :wink: I Love having fun in my cam room I like to laugh and joke around and generally be silly. Some of my favorite water sports activities in my room are peeing in my own face/open mouth- peeing in a measuring cup to measure how much I have gone then pouring over my face/head- peeing into a cup then throwing it in my face- gargling it- (I just dont swallow though sorry) peeing on my hands then licking it off peeing on a lolli to suck on peeing while using a dildo to make it spray everywhere peeing in a diaper peeing my pants holding it as long as possible then using my dildo while still trying to hold it, again I like to make it spray My famous PEE TEASE!! (I like to pee full force them stop mid stream to hold it for a little while pee full force then randomly stop again as what I like to call my pee tease :biggrin: I have always had a fetish for pee for as long as I can remember so I am extremely excited and looking forward to Saturday! If any of you have any questions for me about anything please feel free to message me! Saturday is also NOT the only night I do pee play, in general I do pee play at LEAST twice per night that I cam though usually I try for 3 waters ports sessions a night. Any ways, I hope You all can join me Saturday I am especially looking forward to it!! Also, thanks so much for inviting me to this awesome forum!