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  1. My first experience of seeing a woman peeing in public involved my mum. We were travelling on the motorway and got stuck in a terrible traffic jam. I was around twelve at the time and was sitting in the back seat. I heard my mum whisper to dad that she was "bursting for a wee" and what was she going to do. Dad sort of laughed by mum got annoyed and said it was not funny. After about fifteen minutes of making very little progress, Dad spotted a layby and inched the car over to pull in. Mum said she was very embarrassed and would Dad and myself get out of the car and shield her as she weed. Dad
  2. Major running events such as marathon and 10K races. Never enough loos and people are desperate for a piss. Interestingly the best location at these events is shortly after the start. Runners are cooped up in pens at the start. They keep hydrating and by the time the race starts they are desperate. They will dive off the road to adjacent parks or trees to piss. Many don't care about being seen as they do not want to lose time on their run. It is also accepted by fellow runners, male and female that it is OK to pee in front of someone.
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