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    self entrepreneur
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    Never too old to rockn roll!!!

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    Get Golden shower from pussy
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    Straight pee drink from pussy andt hen lick two powerfull orgasm to women.......hope to get more that..but its difficult in Finland to find that kind of women.
    maybe i must go some other countries.

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  1. MyMouthisready

    Back again

    I hope some women piss in my mouth some day,find nobody soo far..... any one from finland mail me Lickman5@yahoo.com love you all women!!!
  2. MyMouthisready


    I hope some women piss in my mouth some day,find nobody soo far.....
  3. MyMouthisready

    new pee fetish chick

    Oh yes....thats good!!!!!!!
  4. MyMouthisready


    Hi...OH...Yes it would be lovely,to drink your pee and lick your pussy deep,i`m sure you would come hard after that,:tongue:...maybe we meet someday...who knows....kiss for you:wink: .
  5. MyMouthisready

    new pee fetish chick

    I love that!! drink womens pee and lick pussy clean!!
  6. MyMouthisready


    yes its very sad,but maybe i find some near ...give me little drink and after i always lick pussy to orgasm,yeah that feels so good...
  7. MyMouthisready


    Thanks,i will!!!
  8. MyMouthisready


    :cool:Hi there,i'm man from Finland.Like to taste womens pee straight from pussy,any women from Finland,mail me,if you want to give me little drink.This is amazing pee site.Lickman5@yahoo.com