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  1. BeachDude

    What's Your Favourite TV Series?

    ├ćon Flux Orange Is The New Black Narcos X-Files Better Call Saul
  2. BeachDude

    A Poll...

    Sight really came in at top. I'm worried some people might be fans as viewers of porn only. Some things look cool on screen, but knowing which ones are right for you takes a bit of mastery. I should have included taste. I was thinking tactile senses, and then psychology. I've noticed a lot of the psychology involves desperation, infantaiaislm, but I guess the psychology for me is breaking rules. I like it cause it's edgy I guess. As far as smell everyone who's read my origin story will understand.
  3. BeachDude

    A Poll...

    What turns you on most about water sports involving others. Exclude all auto-erotic experiences. A. Smell B. Sight C. Sound D. Feel (drenching) E. Psychology/Desperation I tend to be 75% A, 15% B, and 5% C, D in that order. Never liked desperation, tickling, humilation. I also think it's cute when women wear diapers (wetting), or use a plushie.
  4. BeachDude


    I'd rather him think it's an accident, than think were that kinky lol. I planned to use that one later in life if we had kids.
  5. BeachDude


    I don't wet my woman does, I enjoy it. Shes lukewarm about it but does it weekly for me. We own a rather large house, so we can be ourselves. I'm just gonna have to use the lock on my bedroom hallway and bedroom door. It would be akward if Mikey found out my kink. Personally I like plushy shorts, plushly animals, throw blankets, silk, I guess I'm aroused by the scent and sight of it. Ironically I never wet the bed, but alot of my friends in my youth did. I think it may be a form of survivers guilt, expost facto by way of fetish. Don't get me started on psychology tho I'll never stop.
  6. BeachDude


    No I don't it's like I'm into dry wetted items. So I dunno maybe I just tell my friend like to stay away from my bedroom like a privacy thing. Sometimes he likes to wake me up to start jaming and writing, or fishing, etc. I'll just have to lock at night,. It's embarassing but hot.
  7. BeachDude


    My girl wets for me, all my favorite fabrics, pillows etc, and I have a thai mattress bunk in the bedroom that is all undercover, and can be pushed under the bed within a minute in, and such. Thing is the smell isn't so covert. Were thinking of having a good friend stay this summer to get some remolding done. Thing is he's very asexual. I mean forget who you are, if you smell that coming from a couples bedroom what would be your first thought? How would you even more forward. If anyone suggests I get rid of it no way no how.
  8. BeachDude

    Favorite Music.

    Definately not grumpy old men here dude. I hated most bands post 2000 and I was 13 in the year 2000. I can recognize the corporate crap that was pumped at us was BS, and I choose to listen to Indie stuff, 90s, new wave and 60's psyc and 70s prog. A bit of classic 90s rap. I think we can all say we digged the herb a bit here and there. I mean we weren't the geeky kids in HS. I mean I did that whole fem goth thing too. Mishu did some clothing rebellion.
  9. BeachDude

    Favorite Music.

    All Great Choices, and I really think GG Allin was more a statement than a musican. Also I adore Mazzy Star. The Areoplane Over the sky album is a soild like a top 500 in my book. Guns and Roses was the first tape I got. Smashing Pumpkins being the second. I used to be a huge fan of tG&R but, moved onto more alt stuff.
  10. BeachDude

    Favorite Music.

    I was just curious what everyone's favorite music is. I listen to most anything from 1964-Now. Hate country, classical,. blues and jazz. My favorite is 90's alternative. I grew up listening to it and I'm a super nostalgic person. My second tape I bought was Siamese Dream by Smashing pumpkins I was six lol. I like Depeche Mode, Seven Mary Three, Our Lady Peace, Garbage, Bush. I like Classic Bowie, Zeppelin, Stones, Animals, and Pink Floyd. I also like some of the new indie rock like Mother Mother, The Black Keys, Warpaint, Modest Mouse, Chaos Chaos, and Penedlum.
  11. BeachDude

    Is this a normal thing or...?

    @Aussiepeegirl Go for it just know a few stupid states it can get you on the Offender List sadly Michigan is one of them :( . Hopefully Austrillia is more lax about it. Then sometimes doing things knowing you could get caught makes it more well intense. It seems harmless to me, if it's enjoyable. As @steve25805 said, indoors is way more ugh extreme per say. I think the people that like it out doors are more extroverted and in touch with nature.
  12. BeachDude

    What got you interested in pee?

    Yay origin stories. My best friend was a wetter, and well he would pee anywhere he pleased. Ironically his name was Robin, just like sumrexus's friend. I kinda found it weird, yet I slowly found myself liking the smell of it when it was dry or semi moist. So I'd sniff his blankets. Then in school there was a girl who would wet like every day. Shes a total lez now it's funny. That was like the first female I was ever close to. I knew sex had to do with down there anyway. Since I had no idea what sex was I kinda thought well hey that must be part of sex. I'd think of girls soaking their jeans in fifth grade. By the time I found out how to crank it, I was exclusively focused on that. So when I got on the net in 2000 it was one of the first things I looked for. I'd join yahoo groups with the word watersports, cause the parental filter was nuts, and would block any other keyword. So when I was sixteen I'd dream of getting my own apartment where I could experiment. I never if rarely had the balls to tho. I was a super gothy fem kid in Highschool, in a bad neighborhood in a beach town (different from the one I live in now). So I was out on my own after my 18th birthday. So I never got to do much with it, Until I got a house with my wife. I'm never gonna sell this place not for a millon dollars. So many sweet memories. I found out I don't like my own wetting I like others wettings like alot. It's also excuslively tied in with fabric, plushes, pillows, blankets, panties and such. The smell when it's dry or semi moist drives me nuts. The idea of the warmth dripping from a womans cunt gets me going.
  13. BeachDude

    Water the plants

    I'm more of a person who enjoys my wife's stream exclusvely, but when I have a few drinks to break my paradigm. I have this primal natural urge to like go outdoors. I think some of the psychology of it is that we yearn to be one with nature again.
  14. BeachDude

    BeachDude Says Hello!

    Hi you can call me Beachdude. I grew up on Lake Michigan, spent alot of summers swimming. I love water, and well watersports lol. I have a sweet partner who's well hmm always there for me. I enjoy gardening, scenic cruising, data analytics, coffeshops, sunsets, beach time, acoustic rock sets, and news/culture/politics. I'm really a fan of psychology would love to tell and hear origin stories. Soon as I get some love and likes on my posts and I join you guys would love to share. Peace love and prosperity guys and chicks.
  15. I only Remember when I was young and stupid Come on baby help me, someone to confide in Now you're beggin me to stay I'll get inside you