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  1. I use my window as a urinal! My parents don’t care if I do it because I’m just peeing down onto a staircase and drain outside where me and my brother pee anytime we’re down in the basement. Then sometimes I pee out to the right and pee on an old couch and some bricks because it’s much quieter and doesn’t make a huge splashing sound when my brother has his girlfriend or friends over. The window is directly above my bed so all I have to do is step up on a stool I have beside my bed and open the window and piss. It’s very convenient, helps at night when I’m sleeping and don’t want to walk to the bathroom, and it keeps me from waking up my siblings because their rooms are right beside the bathroom plus my door is loud throughout the entire house. Heres a video I took of it yesterday morning! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e7c4822c0b72
  2. Wow Beachmom that was incredible! Are they just exclusively using that wall? That looks like a nice pee spot. My sleep schedule has gotten messed up lately but I took a morning pee out my window yesterday when it was still bright https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e7c4822c0b72
  3. Here is my final pee before bed (: this window makes such a good urinal! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e6db947cd5e5 let me know if you all like me recording my pees throughout the night like this!
  4. Here is my second pee out my window! I’m going to record every piss out my window I take tonight 🙂 https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e6d89f8a3d39
  5. Today I was sitting on my bed playing video games when I felt the urge to go. I opened the curtains and saw it was raining which is good because it’s like a natural flush! As normal I opened up the window and let my pee spray all over my pee area down there! Nowadays I normally just pee out my window anyways but when it’s raining I don’t think twice about it because I know it’ll wash away so it looks like I’ll be peeing out my window all night. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e6d70cda9252
  6. Does it smell any and is there a stain? That’s amazing that you have that type of freedom 🙂 does anyone else know of this corner?
  7. Of course (: it’s like another bathroom at this point
  8. I pee outside all the time. I still live with my parents as I’m in college and they don’t care if me and my brother pee outside so if it’s closer than a bathroom we’ll just go outside. I even pee out my bedroom window like it’s another bathroom. I much prefer it to inside because there’s no aiming involved and it’s quick and easy. I’ve only peed in public outside in a staircase and beach shower but nowhere else because I’m scared of getting caught but if I’m alone and I’m really desperate I don’t think I’d care to pee outside in public somewhere it just hasn’t happened yet.
  9. I was laying in bed on my phone when the need to pee struck so without even thinking I stepped up on my stool, opened my window, (then I thought I’d record a video for you all so I grabbed my phone) and then started pissing out the window 🙂 this window has become just as normal as a toilet for me now I barely think twice about using it anymore https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e58b1a6949ab#1
  10. Most of my trash can pees have been in the laundry room trash can and it has tons of dryer sheets and lint in it so there’s no way it could smell and I doubt very seriously you could see the puddle as I try to pee on some things that would absorb it. But no unfortunately I’ve never peed on the walls or carpets. Only once but it was on the bathroom wall and I immediately cleaned it up. I wish I could because I have a couple corners in my room and closet that would make for great pee spots if they didn’t care. But no they don’t care at all if it’s outside the house in any form whether that be out the window out the backdoor or just straight up anywhere in the grass. I’m so happy that they got to that point! But yea it sounds like your family probably would’ve been the same way as long as it was outside the house.
  11. Nah I’m the same way. It’s the thought of how naughty it is and the casualness of it for me. Male or female plays no part in it although I typically search for women peeing. Plus if you just type generic searches related to naughty pee porn most of the first videos that come up are women.
  12. That’s amazing to hear 🙂 I figure part of the reason she doesn’t have a problem with us using that drain and staircase is because of the mess she claims we make. It’s amazing to hear that some moms are comfortable with it because I figured most wouldn’t be.
  13. Very sound advice beachmom. Its gonna probably be a while before my mom is in the basement at the same time but I hope if she is I have a full bladder lol this summer though will be easy because we have a pool so I can test out casually using places although I’m sure she won’t have a problem with it because it was that way at our old house with the pool.
  14. They are pretty chill with us peeing outside on the drain or staircase or that couch and brick area but we pee out there because there isn’t a bathroom downstairs in our basement. We would have to walk upstairs and through the house a bit to get to the bathroom. When I was younger I tried peeing out there and decided it was a great place and never stopped. My parents eventually found out and at first had some troubles with it but once they realized I had been doing it for so long and that me and my brother were going to keep doing it they were good with it. They realized it was much more convenient and my mom always complains about us dirtying up the toilet when we pee because she says we miss and get it everywhere lol so I honestly think she probably prefers us to use the drain. I pee out my window too even though the bathroom is pretty close to my room. It’s the same deal. It’s much more convient for me to just roll over and step up on a stool, pee, then just roll back to bed then it is to get up and walk to the bathroom, turn on the lights, etc. I don’t really wake up too much peeing out the window so I can fall back asleep easier as well. Our doors and floors are creaky as well and I don’t want to wake everyone up. Like stated before, our parents don’t care that we pee out there so it’s kinda like why not? At this point that IS another toilet to me haha but in your case if your mom sometimes pees when she gets out of the car at home I doubt very seriously she would have a problem with someone else doing it or going somewhere else outside.
  15. So as you all know I’ve been peeing out my window for months now. Anytime late at night I’ll just use my window if I have to pee so I don’t wake anyone up but even a lot of times during the day I just pee out my window because I can and it’s more convenient. My window is right above the staircase which, at the bottom, has the drain me and my brother use as a bathroom when we’re down in the basement. My parents know that we both pee down there and they don’t care one bit. When I use the window I try to aim at the drain but if my brother has his girlfriend or his friends over I try and aim towards an old very beat up couch we have sitting out there so my pee won’t make as much noise. There are also bricks laying on the ground with some grass growing through them. I do have neighbors as well but they are both very old and never really come out in the backyard especially in the winter time. They would have to be at the very bottom/back of their yards to see the window anyway. I also live across from a golf course but there is a pretty big river separating us and a row of trees that provide very good cover because I can’t see the golfers 90% of the time. When I go to use the window I roll over in bed, step up on the stool, open the window, look both ways to check for neighbors and finally look across to the golf course. If I see nobody, I pull it out and just start pissing. Like I said I either aim for the drain and staircase, or I aim for the couch and bricks. I honestly see no problem peeing like this. Yes sometimes it does stink up that area down there but me and my brother pee on the drain all the time anyway so there’s always a faint pee smell. My parents don’t care about that because they know we pee down there. I always keep a lookout for any neighbors or the golfers. Do you all see any problems that could arise from this or is this looking like a beautiful new toilet for me? Im also attaching a picture of the area I pee in just in case anyone is curious. To the right is the bricks and couch, as you can see we are just going to toss the couch when we get a chance so no harm there. And to the left is the staircase with the drain below the bottom stair.

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