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  1. I came home from a long trip today and had to pee real bad so as soon as I pulled into my garage I peed in a sink I have in there and got the intuition to pull out my phone to record! Also it’s my first upload to anything! https://www.xvideos.com/video36694631/piss_in_my_sink
  2. I was taking a piss in the toilet and I saw the wall was dirty so I stopped my piss walked over to the wall and let it all go. I cleaned the wall really good and relieved myself fully. There was a huge puddle on the floor but it wasn’t yellow or smell because I’ve been drinking a lot of water. I still had to clean it up because my family would’ve killed me if they saw it. I’m looking forward to doing it again tonight and might snap a picture next time if you all are interested (:
  3. Justanormalguy

    Parking lot puddles

    Do you guys think about every puddle you see in parking lots? What about the dried puddles you see? Everytime I see a dried puddle in between 2 parking spots my mind immediately goes to a woman peeing there. What about you all does this ever cross your mind?
  4. Justanormalguy

    Hailey's pool party

    This year for Hailey's birthday she wanted to do something a bit old school for her birthday so she decided to have a pool party at her new apartment building. She told the landlord and he said that that was quite alright with him just as long as he doesn't find any pee in the pool. She assured him that it wouldn't be a problem and she was allowed the pool party. Hailey invited her 3 friends, the 5'2 blonde hair Jaimie, the 5'9 black haired Veronica, and the 5'8 blonde haired Melinda. When the guests arrived Hailey had beer and food laid out on a table near the pool so everyone starting drinking in celebration. As each guest arrived they were greeted with a beer and they usually gave Hailey a present which she would open later. After sitting in the hot sun and drinking for a while they all decided it was time to hop in the pool. But before they did Hailey remembered that the landlord said no peeing in the pool as he could catch them and she would be in huge trouble. Melinda sighed and said she had plans to go as soon as she hopped in. With a quick nose upwards nose rub she pulled her swimsuit to the side and aimed her pussy towards the white apartment building. "Surely this can work can't it?" Melinda asked laughing. "Yea sure we can make that a designated spot for peeing if you all want! Try to make it as yellow and smelly as possible!" Hailey belted out. With no security cameras at the backyard this was a great plan. As Melinda sprayed a hot stream of yellow piss all over the white wall of the building Veronica came over and decided she needed to pee too. She pulled her swimsuit completely off and stood a bit away from the wall. "Watch how far I can shoot my stream now! I've been practicing" and with that remark she squirted her stream out arching 5 feet and hitting the white building. The girls were all amazed and Melinda was so amazed her stream lost aim and hit the laundry mat window. As soon as it hit an old woman opened the curtains and saw Melinda's wet pussy spraying out piss all over it. She laughed and just finished up as the lady shut he curtains real fast with a disgusted look on her face. After they both finished up they all jumped in together and had a good time sipping on beer and floating on rafts. Being that it was outside the allergies were terrible and Veronica, Hailey, and Melinda were all rubbing their noses upwards constantly. Jaimie even rubbed hers up a couple of times even though Hailey had never seen her do it before. The next one to have to pee was Jaimie and she respected what hailey said and went to their spot. She rubbed her nose up with her palm and then pulled her bathing suit to the side and sprayed her yellow pee stream all over the wall. Their spot now reaked of piss just after 3 uses and the wall had a yellow streak running down it. Jaimie didn't care and she just kept peeing. As her stream was dying down she gave her nose another quick rub and then Hailey said " I've never seen you rub your nose upwards what's up with that? Allergies getting you?" Jaimie replied, "Yea it's terrible but I see you all doing it so I figured why not and it feels great!" When Jaimie turned around to see her end product to her surprise the landlord was there watching as her stream was now piddling into the grass. "Wow ladies, when I said no pool I didn't expect this whatsoever from ladies" said the landlord. Hailey came rushing out of the pool and was apologizing the entire time. "It's quite alright I see you've found some of the tenets favorite spot. The kids all pee against the side of the building and most of the moms squat down beside it. I always just pour the extra chlorine on it from the pool chemicals so it doesn't smell." Hailey with a relieved look on her face said "Well I'm glad you're not mad but I am bursting you don't mind do you?" After Hailey rubbed her nose roughly against her palm he told her he didn't mind and told her to just go wherever as long as it wasn't the pool and with that she rushed over to an old grill. She pulled her suit to the side and sprayed her pee onto the grill into the charcoal. "I don't like to follow trends sir" Hailey said with a bright smile and a bright red nose. "Well nobody ever uses it anyways but if they do then it'll just be extra flavor!" The landlord exclaimed. Hailey and her friends kept peeing all over the old grill and the wall and by the time they were finished with the party the entire bottom of the wall was yellow and the grill had a puddle of pee in the charcoal portion. "I had so much fun today! Talking to you all and peeing and everything! Thanks for giving me an awesome birthday!" Hailey exclaimed and rubbed her nose up for what felt like the 500th time today. They all said you're welcome and exclaimed how fun the day had been. Hailey walked everyone to their taxis and Jaimie and Melinda drove away first. Hailey thought that Veronica got into her taxi but couldn't see her. She walked around her taxi and found a squatted Veronica letting a torrent of piss onto the taxi's wheel. Laughing Hailey asked "What are you doing!? You're in the middle of the street and the taxi driver is waiting!" Veronica looked up and rubbed her nose mid sentence "He said it's better out here then on his seats" Hailey couldn't disagree and said goodbye and left Veronica urinating onto the tire. As Hailey reached the lobby she looked out to see Veronica gone. "What a birthday!" she thought.
  5. Justanormalguy

    Leaky_One's stories

    THIS IS THE STORY IT WAS YOU AFTERALL (: thank you so much for these
  6. Justanormalguy

    Leaky_One's stories

    If my memory serves me right I think I remember a Leaky_one story about a queen who peed all over the place in her kingdom. It was very hot and I found it on literotica once before. If someone has this story would they please share (:
  7. Justanormalguy

    Peeing and Nose Rubbing!

    Hi! I am very interested in girls peeing in naughty places but it is the hottest thing ever if I know the girl rubs her nose upwards with her hand. If any of you girls on here do this can you share stories with me? Thanks very much appreciated! Here are a few examples of the nose rubbing I'm talking about. Like I said if anyone knows a girl who rubs their nose like this and also pees everywhere or if you're a girl yourself and you do it then stories would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Justanormalguy

    Strange combination

    Like this girl, see how she rubs her nose upwards with her hand? I think that's pretty damn cute and when it's combined with peeing it's incredible. http://www.voyeurstyle.com/watch/5222/her-bathroom-was-too-far-away/
  9. Justanormalguy

    Strange combination

    The first one, rub the nose whilst peeing.
  10. Justanormalguy

    Strange combination

    So I know this may be a strange thing to ask but has anyone ever seen a good pee video with the girl rubbing her nose upwards with her hand? I love when girls do this and if I could view or hear about a girl who does this and pees anywhere it would be truly amazing. Sorry for this being a weird combination but you guys are accepting right.
  11. Justanormalguy

    The Rugby Girls

    Thank you a lot for these stories. As I watch women's rugby in these Olympics all I can picture is them casually pissing anywhere like the team you describe. Your story really paints a great picture.
  12. Justanormalguy

    Hailey returns home

    Hey it's Hailey again. I though I'd tell you all about my recent trip home to see my mom. My mom is about 50 and lives in a nice home with a pool in a subdivision. This was the house i grew up in and it felt so good to be back. It was a long drive and as soon as I got to her house I desperatly had to pee. I got out hoping I could make it to the toilet inside but when I knocked nobody answered for a good minute. As I couldn't wait any longer to pee, I pulled my jeans down right on the front porch, pulled my panties aside and started peeling standing up in her flowerbed. I was about midway through when my mother opened the door. "Oh Hailey" she said laughing, "It's like your a kid all over again. Finish up I have some cookies waiting on you in here." I knew my mom wouldn't care because she is the one who encouraged me to pee anywhere as a kid. When my pee finished squirting into the now puddle in the flowerbed, I pulled my jeans up and went inside. My mom was sitting by a plate of cookies and invited me to do the same. "I aimed away from your flowers. By the way those are beautiful when did you plant them?" I said. "Last June but thanks for not peeing on them that probably would've killed the things!" After having 2 glasses of milk with my cookies we went out back to sit and talk. After about an hour those two glasses of milk had caught up with my bladder and I had to pee again. "Mom I've gotta pee like now" I said while rubbing my nose upwards 3 or 4 times in a row. These allergies were killing me at her house. "Hailey honey you know I don't care where you empty your bladder just as long as you don't hurt my wildlife." With that I got up from my chair and went up to the back of the house. This was my old pee spot. I was amazed that you could still tell it was because the wood still had a huge faded yellow marking on it but with as many times as I'd pee up against it as a kid it didn't suprise me too much. "I'll bring back some more childhood memories for you mom" I exclaimed while laughing and unleashing a terror of pee onto the house. I peed for a good minute and a half. "Man you really needed to go didn't you?" my mom said. I went back to my chair rubbing at my itchy nose on the way back. We went on talking about each other's lives and what we've been up to. I even got to tell her about my new boyfriend! After a while the chicken was finished in the oven and we went inside to have dinner. "Something smell bad Hailey?" Mom asked. "No" I told her still rubbing upwards on my itchy nose "Just my allergies" After dinner we went into her living room to watch a movie and about halfway through I needed to pee once again. As I didn't want to miss any of the movie I scooted up on the couch I was sitting on and pulled down my jeans. I stood up and started letting a torrent out onto the floor. "Hailey!" Mom screamed. "You used to let me do it sometimes as a kid mom. I'm sorry I won't do it again but I can't stop this time." I didn't notice but my mom had changed the carpets since the last time I was here and she claimed they were very expensive and it probably wasn't going to be easy getting the pee out. As my pee died down I noticed a huge yellow stain on the carpet and I felt really bad. Next thing I know my moms skirt and panties are pulled to the side and a torrent of pee is shooting out of her. "This is actually a good idea Hailey. Now we get to see more of that sexy man" she laughed and pointed towards the movie. I laughed too and was relieved that it didn't matter at all. After the movie I told her I had to go if I wanted to get home early enough to sleep for work tomorrow. She said okay and just when I was about to leave I thought I'd better pee again so I wouldn't have to stop. "You wouldn't mind me using your kitchen trash can to pee in would you? I don't feel like running all the way upstairs" I asked while rubbing my nose upwards repeatedly with the side of my thumb. "Of course not honey go right ahead!" I opened the lid and sit it on the shelf beside me. I pulled my jeans and panties down and aimed my pussy towards the trash can. My pee stream sprayed all over the wall at first but then went into the trash can. The leftover chicken got most of the pee while a few of my moms pieces of mail got the rest. "Thanks mom! I love you see you soon! Call me!" I said. "No problem hailey anytime! Love you and I will! Oh and hope your allergies get better you've got that line on your nose again like when you were a kid!" Mom exclaimed. With that I said my last goodbyes and went out to my car and rode home. I love the freedom of my mother and love to be back in my childhood home. I can't wait to visit again!
  13. Justanormalguy


    Does anyone here know how long it takes to get verified to view the video gallery on here?
  14. Justanormalguy

    Pee like its nothing

    I totally agree with you here I think it shouldn't be such a big deal here in America for people to pee places as long as it's not right in front of someone or hurting someone. We do need to be more open and I think women have the same right as men on this. But regarding the pictures and videos, most aren't authentic enough. I wish there were videos where there were just everyday women peeing in locker rooms or out in public just nonchalantly and not with their boobs hanging out and feeling themselves up as hot as that normally is. When I want pee photos that's what I want it to be is just pee not intervened with normal photos
  15. Justanormalguy

    Pee like its nothing

    Exactly what I was looking for beachmom great story. I love how you just let loose anywhere in the locker room like that. I've read a lot of your stories on misterpoll and you are exactly the type of nonchalant peeing I was looking for. Thank you.