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  1. I’ve actually had dreams of this before lol I’ve had dreams that Leia is not bothered by peeing whatsoever and she just casually pees in the halls of the millennium falcon or finding a corner in the Yavin or Hoth bases to squat in. I can just imagine Han finding out and being shocked at first but then as the love sets in his walls break. I’ve loved Star Wars all my life and the leia buns have been a favorite of mine forever. I’ve had this type of dream a couple times and even thought about writing a fiction of it but never got around to it.
  2. When I was a young kid we lived at a house with a privacy fence and pool so my parents let us pee outside there, most of the time telling us to go over to the storm drain in the driveway. When we moved to my second house it was still in a neighborhood but a little spread out. When we first moved I had my bedroom in the basement and I would pee all over the place, outside, in a drain right outside the door (where I peed almost everytime), storm drain in a storage room, and an unused fireplace. They never found out that I peed anywhere except outside and on the drain right outside the door. They found out because years later my brother moved down there as well and wasn’t afraid to let my mom and dad knew he peed on the drain just like I did. They had zero problem with that and said that was fine if he needed to go while he was down there, me too. So that just became another toilet when we were down there. He was a lot more social than me and in his teens would bring home 5-6 guys to have a sleep over and they never came upstairs so they all just peed over the drain. The drain also sat at the bottom of some stairs and we’d pee on the stairs just as much as the drain, we didn’t care to aim most of the time we just opened the door and sprayed it out there. When they found out and said it was okay I was a little surprised but given the situation when I was younger I figured they wouldn’t care and honestly I probably wouldn’t have started peeing on the drain if I wasn’t allowed such freedoms as a kid. When they found out my bedroom was upstairs right above the backdoor so I had a bedroom window that was directly above the drain. Since I knew they didn’t care if we peed on the stairs and drain from the basement I just started to pee out my bedroom window too. When I first did it, I strictly aimed towards the drain and stairs but my brother complained that the splashing of my stream was loud especially in the morning so I started to aim to the right of the stairs a bit. This was a little brick area with an old junk couch that we sat outback years ago and is completely destroyed. I started peeing over that if my brother had his girlfriend or friends over and in the morning. Speaking of his girlfriend, we would go out to smoke and she’d complain the pee smell was stronger than the smoke lol anyways they knew we peed over that staircase and drain and they didn’t have any problems with it. I still am not sure if they knew I peed out my window but the overwhelming pee smell and yellowish green stains on the old couch out there were probably good signs it I peed out it. I used this as a urinal basically and barely ever used the toilet which was the next room over. I still am very cautious about letting my mom know or peeing in front of her. I have never peed outside in front of her except for when I was a kid. My dad caught me midstream once peeing in the yard at the house with the staircase and drain but didn’t care. He actually would encourage us to step up into the grass when we peed instead of the stairs and drain but we didn’t listen. Anyways now I’m at another new house and this time we have neighbors right up on us. The backs of 3 houses face ours and there’s no privacy fence whatsoever. I have become a much more confident pisser on my own (Thanks @beachmom!) and will pee in parking garages, parking lots, bottles, outside, side of the road, etc when I’m alone but I can’t express that at home which is terrible. I wish with everything I had I could just pull up in the driveway and pee or pee out my bedroom window again (which at this new house faces the neighborhood park, a house, and the street so peeing is out of the question.) or I wish I could just go off out big back porch but I’m just scared of neighbors seeing me even though they shouldn’t have a problem with such a thing and I’m scared that if I just start peeing more freely my parents will wonder what’s going on. I did have a girlfriend from a very rural area this past summer and she would suggest I pee in the driveway or off the porch or walk outside if the one bathroom in the house is occupied which happened a BUNCH. I got used to that and it was nice after a drive or something to be able to step out of the car and just pee in the driveway. I could just blame it on her and say she got me used to it but I’m not sure.
  3. Insanely hot just like the first part! More chapters are definitely needed.
  4. This story is a story about a girl and her boyfriend that includes mischievous tales of public peeing, naughty peeing, and nonchalant peeing. This is also partially inspired by my own past experiences! These pees are based on real locations I pee in! Hello! I’m back again to share more stories from mine and my boyfriend’s past that helped us get comfortable with each other peeing anywhere and everywhere. We lived about an hour apart during this summer so we either chose his house or my moms house to hangout at. The first pee of this part is when we decided to hang out at his house. I had been to his house only a couple times before, once for dinner and once to hangout but nobody was home that hangout so we didn’t get to see much else but his bedroom! Anyway this time we were actually spending a day there so I was excited to see his whole house! I texted him I got there and he came out and got me and gave me a bit of a house tour. We got back into his bedroom and decided to turn on a movie. Right before the movie started my boyfriend announced he needed to pee so I said “alright babe I’ll pause it and wait on you”. Even tho we have had a couple outside pees I was pretty surprised at what he did next. He had a stool next to his bed and underneath his window that he stepped up on. He told me “don’t bother babe I really hope you don’t care but I pee out this window most of the time I’m in here anyways. I can see the start of the movie this way anyway!” He pulled his cock out, opened the window, and starting spraying his piss outside. “Of course I don’t care baby that looks convenient I don’t blame you if I was a boy I’d do the same thing.” I said, turning the movie up a bit to hear what they were saying over the sound of my boyfriend’s pee hitting the concrete staircase they had outside where his pee was raining down. After about a minute he shook off, closed the window, and hopped back down in the bed and began cuddling me. I really didn’t expect that but I understand his case for doing it. It did make for a very convenient pee spot. After the movie ended we decided we’d go for a swim in his backyard pool. His parents were home but we decided we still wanted to swim and I knew I could be naughty with him in the pool where nobody could see much of us. We turned off the movie and changed into our swim suits. We headed outside and I asked my boyfriend to put some sunscreen on my back while I sit on the edge of his porch which was about 15 feet off the ground. When I sit down I realized I hadn’t peed since I had gotten there and I actually needed to go pretty bad. I knew my boyfriend wouldn’t care so while he was still sitting behind me putting sunscreen on I pulled my swim bottoms to the side and started shooting a stream out off his porch. When my stream was just starting to squirt out I said “I’m peeing babe watch your feet” . Moving his legs back my boyfriend said “alright babe that’s fine I’m almost done with your back”. His house wasn’t the most private of backyards, he had neighbors on either side, but there were trees that covered most of it. My stream was spraying a couple feet out from the porch before raining down onto some bushes beside the pool, the side of the pool, and some of it was even going into the edge of the pool water. My boyfriend noticed how far my stream was going and said “Damn baby! You can shoot it just as far as me.” We both laughed causing my stream to shoot off to the side into the grass. “I guess that calls for a distance competition sometime, I’m undefeated in my family you know! It wasn’t easy work either” I replied still peeing off into the grass while my boyfriend was finishing up my back. “That would be a good matchup then! Next time we both have to pee it’s on!”. I finally finished my pee and we went down a swam for a good hour. I even gave him a nice underwater handjob before we got out (; After getting out my boyfriend and I were about to head up the porch steps when he asked if I had to pee for a contest cause he’s gotta pee. I unfortunately didn’t have enough in me to shoot pretty far so I said no. He seemed disappointed and said “It’s alright another day for now I’ll just go here” and before he even finished speaking he had his dick out spraying the concrete stairs that he peed on from his window earlier. “Alright my love I’ll wait on you here” I said. “I’m guessing that staircase has gotten it’s fair share of pee”. My boyfriend responded and said “yea ever since we moved in our parents didn’t care that we peed on the drain after catching us a couple times so if we’re in the basement we’ll just open the door and pee there. Then of course my urinal in my bedroom is above the staircase” “your urinal?” I asked laughing. He replied “yea my window, urinal, whatever same thing to me”. “We’re perfect for each other you know that right? I’m so glad you have this same attitude that I grew up on! I’m always super annoyed when people try and find bathrooms it’s like just pee somewhere already.” My boyfriend was still peeing a massive stream down the first 3-4 stairs and said “exactly I’m so glad you’re nonchalant about it”. I said “of course babe” and leaned up and gave him a kiss while his stream was dying down. We went back inside and I went back home that night. That day went amazing on every level but our comfort levels with us peeing went up a lot. After that day, I’m not sure we even have thought twice about anywhere that we’ve peed. For example most of the time now, after that day, my boyfriend barley even announces that he has to pee. We’ll just be walking to the car or something and I’ll look over and he’s peeing away into my moms driveway or something lol Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed the story and there are plenty more exciting pees I still wanna tell you about and I’d love to catch up to modern day to tell you guys about our pee habits nowadays!
  5. This story is a story about a girl and her boyfriend that includes mischievous tales of public peeing, naughty peeing, and nonchalant peeing. This is also partially inspired by my own past experiences! Both of these pees were inspired by real life pees I had myself! So this is a story about how me and my boyfriend became good with peeing anywhere in front of each other. I’ve seen it with family all my life but when I’m around strangers or partners I tend to hide that. As I dated him however there were a couple instances that came up that gradually got the subject brought up and this is what this story is about! One summer morning I woke up and rolled over to see my gorgeous boyfriend. I crawled over and gave him a kiss on the cheek before I crawled out of bed and put my slippers on. I went out into the living room then stepped out onto the back porch area of my mom’s house that I’m currently living in due to financial situations. I have a nice garden of different potted plants up on the porch and I always step outside every morning to water them and tend to them. This was my childhood home and I loved being back in it despite the reason I’m back. Memories have come flooding in of the fun I used to have here with my siblings and cousins. It’s a very private house out in the country up on a hill side. The hillside is completely covered by trees so nobody can see up or down. Anyways, as I was watering them my boyfriend came out onto the porch to say good morning. He came up and kissed me and we started talking about my plants. Then he said that he had to pee but my mom was in the bathroom, which is the only bathroom in the house. This was a very common occurrence at this house so all throughout my life I’ve been comfortable with everyone just peeing outside of the bathroom wasn’t available. I never really even thought twice about it, it was just very normal in my family. I wasn’t sure how my boyfriend was going to take to me suggesting he just pee outside but I thought I might as well suggest it so while I was tending to the last couple plants I said “you could just pee out here baby my family does it all the time with the one bathroom and all” He didn’t seem weird about it at all, he said “alright sweet cause I’ve really gotta pee”. He just stepped down the two porch steps, stood on the concrete path and peed towards the hillside. His stream was very strong and it was spraying against a bush and some grass. Honestly it was very hot seeing my boyfriend pee like this but it was still very normal to me since I’ve grown up with it. He took a really long pee and I finished up with my plant before he finished so I went and stood at the top of the porch steps and waited for him to finish. I started casually talking about what I wanted to do for the day while his stream was dying down and we headed inside. I really didn’t think much of it. That was the first casual outside pee between us and I was just glad he didn’t think I was weird or nasty for suggesting such a thing! The second casual pee happened just a couple days later. We were back at my moms house and we had to go pick up some meat from the store so my mom could fix dinner. We were in the living room when she asked and my boyfriend had his keys on him so we just left straight after she asked. We headed out the door and as we were heading down the porch steps and turning to the car my boyfriend said “ I should’ve peed before I left”. I was opening up my car door and I said “Pee out here then so you won’t be uncomfortable babe it’s alright” and with that my boyfriend stood on his side of the car with the door open, pulled his shorts down, and almost immediately started pissing into the gravel driveway. I was already in the car and had started it and was just flipping through the radio stations. Towards the end of his stream I heard a fart and I thought it was cute for some reason lol. I leaned my head over his seat and looked out the door and said “was that a fart” and started giggling. He said “Yea” and started laughing too. “I was trying to push out the last few drops” then he shook off and hopped back in the car. I leaned over and gave him a kiss. We left for the supermarket but as soon as we were backing out I said “you know what I should probably go too since it’s a bit of a drive”. He asked “You just gonna pop a squat out here or go all the way back inside?” And I said with a little giggle “pop a squat of course” and with that I opened my door, wiggled my jeans down to my ankles and pushed my vagina forward past them to avoid getting them wet. I can also shoot out a stream this way , this I’ve learned from much practice at this house throughout my life. I leaned back and started pissing out into the gravel. My boyfriend was looking over at me almost the entire time. I laughed and said “I’m glad we’ve gotten this comfortable with each other” while my pee was still spraying out. He said “yea me too, I’ve always just peed outside my house too anytime I needed to go so I’m glad you share the same thoughts on it as me.”. I was kinda shocked to hear this but I was happy as well cause I knew I didn’t have to hide that I did it in front of him anymore. My pee stream started to die down and I asked him for napkins from his car. He gave me some and I wiped and threw them back up onto the porch. I got into the car and we took off to the market and came back like it was nothing. You could still see our wet patches on each side of the spot when we pulled up and I took my napkins inside to throw them away. We’ve had a lot more pees since then so I’ll have to share more stories about it if you guys liked this one! I just thought I’d share these because I sometimes think of this behavior as hot. Me and him just casually peeing like me and my family have done our whole lives. It’s definitely comforting to know I have someone this comfortable in my life!
  6. They never did fully find out before we moved to a new house! I kept peeing out my window and onto the drain even as we were moving out. I was pretty sad about losing that situation lol especially my window. There’s not much opportunity over here yet because the house has neighbors all around but we’re getting a fence sometime soon.
  7. I use my window as a urinal! My parents don’t care if I do it because I’m just peeing down onto a staircase and drain outside where me and my brother pee anytime we’re down in the basement. Then sometimes I pee out to the right and pee on an old couch and some bricks because it’s much quieter and doesn’t make a huge splashing sound when my brother has his girlfriend or friends over. The window is directly above my bed so all I have to do is step up on a stool I have beside my bed and open the window and piss. It’s very convenient, helps at night when I’m sleeping and don’t want to walk to the bathroom, and it keeps me from waking up my siblings because their rooms are right beside the bathroom plus my door is loud throughout the entire house. Heres a video I took of it yesterday morning! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e7c4822c0b72
  8. Wow Beachmom that was incredible! Are they just exclusively using that wall? That looks like a nice pee spot. My sleep schedule has gotten messed up lately but I took a morning pee out my window yesterday when it was still bright https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e7c4822c0b72
  9. Here is my final pee before bed (: this window makes such a good urinal! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e6db947cd5e5 let me know if you all like me recording my pees throughout the night like this!
  10. Here is my second pee out my window! I’m going to record every piss out my window I take tonight 🙂 https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e6d89f8a3d39
  11. Today I was sitting on my bed playing video games when I felt the urge to go. I opened the curtains and saw it was raining which is good because it’s like a natural flush! As normal I opened up the window and let my pee spray all over my pee area down there! Nowadays I normally just pee out my window anyways but when it’s raining I don’t think twice about it because I know it’ll wash away so it looks like I’ll be peeing out my window all night. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e6d70cda9252
  12. Does it smell any and is there a stain? That’s amazing that you have that type of freedom 🙂 does anyone else know of this corner?
  13. Of course (: it’s like another bathroom at this point
  14. I pee outside all the time. I still live with my parents as I’m in college and they don’t care if me and my brother pee outside so if it’s closer than a bathroom we’ll just go outside. I even pee out my bedroom window like it’s another bathroom. I much prefer it to inside because there’s no aiming involved and it’s quick and easy. I’ve only peed in public outside in a staircase and beach shower but nowhere else because I’m scared of getting caught but if I’m alone and I’m really desperate I don’t think I’d care to pee outside in public somewhere it just hasn’t happened yet.
  15. I was laying in bed on my phone when the need to pee struck so without even thinking I stepped up on my stool, opened my window, (then I thought I’d record a video for you all so I grabbed my phone) and then started pissing out the window 🙂 this window has become just as normal as a toilet for me now I barely think twice about using it anymore https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e58b1a6949ab#1

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