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  1. I agree, it’s so annoying. Like I don’t want to come back to some place I pissed and they recognize me or my car from a video they’ve viewed and posted or something. In my post I talked about back in the day when security cameras weren’t even close to as popular or even around. Back then I would’ve been pissing in every corner, staircase and on any wall I could! As long as nobody passing by got a good glimpse you could just get away with leaving a puddle anywhere i can imagine, because once you do it nobody would be any the wiser who pissed there, they would just know someone did.
  2. It seems like everywhere I go, rather it be a store parking lot, a building stairwell, apartment complex, random parking lots, etc always have security cameras nowadays. It seems like almost everywhere I go I’m being watched from some camera somewhere. I find this incredibly annoying. I’m not scared to pee in public places as long as I’m hidden from having people blatantly see my front but I can’t help but look around for cameras almost everytime I need to go somewhere. I’m sure I’ve missed one or I’ve seen it and tried to hide but didn’t hide well enough and I’ve been seen on camera pissing a
  3. Decided to go up to the mall today and get something to eat and shop for a couple shirts and you know I never use the bathrooms there! I peed in the parking garage but I also had a sighting of a dude peeing in the corner which overlooks the parking ramp where you enter the garage! I rarely ever have sightings of people and have never caught anyone in the act before! As I passed him I gave him a smile, hopefully conveying that I do the same thing and think it’s totally normal for him to be peeing there. I had peed in the exact same corner before (I posted it in this thread already last year her
  4. I agree with beachmom here, there’s nothing to be scared of, your piss will dry on the carpet before the maids but it’s not like it will be much out of the ordinary for them when they find it. All it takes is doing it a few times to get used to it and get over the nerves and then you’ll be pissing in every hotel room from now on once you see it’s no big deal at all.
  5. https://www.erome.com/a/2VmQH5OS it’s been a while since I had a reason to go up to the mall but today when I was returning to my car, that familiar need to piss feeling hit me so I just did what I natural do, went to the side of the car and used the ground beside my tire as my toilet. This was the first level that you come up to after you pay, I’m surprised nobody drove past but it was still crowded. As long as I hide in between the cars or in front of the wall I could care less.
  6. https://www.erome.com/a/ilGLMrhV Went to buy some Mother’s Day gifts this morning at the mall and as soon as I got there I had to piss. Absolutely no point in bothering with using the mall restrooms when the wall beside the car works just as well and makes it quicker. I’m so used to just whipping it out now. It makes things so much easier and convenient to just piss wherever you need to like this.
  7. https://www.erome.com/a/EF76fnPW This morning I went out to enjoy my breakfast on the back porch but as soon as I sat my bowl down I realized I hadn’t had my morning pee yet so as usual I just went to the side and whipped it out. Such a good urinal.
  8. https://www.erome.com/a/PusHOuNp i was so desperate this morning going into the mall that I had to just hurry up and park on about the first level and then just whip it out. There were people getting out of their car a couple cars down from me, the mall entrance was right up above me, and then a car even passes me as I’m finishing up as I show but I could care less I had to piss bad plus it’s a parking garage so who cares like I’ve said before.
  9. https://www.erome.com/a/OlooRxnu Made a very pissy mess with my morning pee today! I really had to go so I thought I’d film a pretty desperate porch piss. I use this porch urinal just about every morning still, the grass below it is still healthy and green though!
  10. https://www.erome.com/a/0rlPii7e Finally snapped a video of me using the parking garage as a toilet! I really had to go as soon as I pulled up so I just got out, walked up to the wall and sprayed it down. There were cars parked on the same level and as you can see it wasn’t the most private place as a truck drives up as soon as I finish but it’s a parking garage so there’s no reason not to pee there. The guy in the truck parked past me a little bit and when I was walking into the mall I saw he was walking past my car so he probably saw my big piss stain haha
  11. Amazing puddle! I love the piss stains on the wall too. I haven’t used the stairwell in the parking garage yet mainly because they are out of the way from the mall entrance or parking spots really they’re beside the elevator but the mall entrances are on the same floor as the parking. Much easier to just use the walls or go beside the car there but I’m glad you finally got to add your own puddle. Parking garages and the stairwells are so perfect to be used as bathrooms if you need to pee. I literally see zero problems with leaving a puddle against the corner like that!
  12. As good as any other bathroom to me! Can’t see one thing wrong with that.
  13. https://www.erome.com/a/PAfjN3ZO When I pee off the porch I always look to the left and right to see if the neighbors are outside and if they aren’t I just go ahead and pee, well my neighbor to the left was outside sunbathing on her back porch but I was too desperate for a piss to care. If she would’ve leaned up she could’ve seen my pretty obvious pee stance but I had my back to her so who cares. I just whipped it out and sprayed it off my porch. I tried to make it look like I was texting on my phone so I could video it as well lol
  14. https://www.erome.com/a/74jvkj3J Here is me pissing in my laundry room drain before starting a load of wash! So typical of me to just whip it out over the closest drain lol https://www.erome.com/a/xki83GQd this is a video from my old house. My storage room was all concrete with a big drain in the corner so of course I used it as one of many personal urinals
  15. https://www.erome.com/a/UG0zJrzy Here is a very yellow piss out my bedroom window onto the couch! This couch got soaked by me so many times it ended up turning greenish yellow in some spots that still had fabric lol
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