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    Not working due to ill health
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    Ugly welsh guy who loves everything about menstruation/periods & loves to watch women pee. Also have a huge crush on a certain very sexy lady on this site ?

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    Women pissing outdoors
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    Watching a woman pull her panties down and piss right in front of me while looking me straight in the eyes & smiling.

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  1. Such a beautiful sexy woman ??????

  2. Beautiful as always puddyls, how i wish i could be that thong lol ?
  3. periodlover


    Gorgeous sexy pics from a very sexy lady ? Thank you so much for sharing your period with those of us who love everything to do with menstruation ??
  4. Only one celeb i would like to pee on me and thats Charlotte Church. However there are a few non-celebs i would like including 1 very sexy lady on here ?
  5. periodlover

    Which is your favourite view of female peeing?

    Definitely from the front. Nothing is more sexy than a woman squatting down with her ass a few millimeters off the ground and knees spread ?
  6. periodlover

    How many people know?

    Nobody apart from people on this site knows about my love of pee & menstruation. My ex wife & last gf was happy to have sex etc during their period, so that made it easier somewhat. I keep a lot of things private & have been told by family & friends that im very secretive, but i dont care what they think. I like the mystique of being an unknown quantity & may let a future partner know about my love of pee & menstruation but that really depends on the situation at the time & exactly how much i trust them.
  7. Mmm those black ones your wearing in the pic are most definitely my favourite ??
  8. periodlover

    Hairy on not????

    Im lucky enough that my current GF asked me what i prefer & she would go accordingly. I personally dont like hairy as it gets in the way a bit when giving oral. Although i understand that it's personal choice, my gf (who was already shaved bald) asked for my input on what i prefer. Also i think it a lot easier to manage from the womans perspective especially during her period, as blood can get tangled in the hair etc.
  9. periodlover

    don't leave without saying goodbye

    Are there any tech savvy people here that would consider setting up a site like this for menstruation? I would do it but dont have the knowledge needed to set up & run a sight like this. Fingers crossed that there is someone out there who could do this for those of us who have a menstruation fetish as well as a pee fetish.
  10. periodlover

    Angle of the female urethra

    Thats a good video & as an added bonus she has a tampon string clearly visable ? Pissing & periods, my 2 favourite kinks ?
  11. periodlover

    Snog, marry, avoid......well, kind of.

    1. Charlotte Chruch 2. Puddyls :wink::thumbsup: 3. My ex wife
  12. periodlover


    Puddyls you are just so damn hot & sexy :wink::thumbsup::)
  13. periodlover

    a question about the female urethra

    As an ex nurse i can confirm that the label no 4 in the pic is indeed the urethra. Commonly known as the "peehole"
  14. periodlover


    Puddyls your just 1 very amazing lady. I love all your pics but the period ones are my favourite :wink: