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  1. steve25805

    Gallery of The Gods

    Does this mean that mermaids are actual visualisations of Lilith?
  2. steve25805

    Gallery of The Gods

    In so many of your pics Lilith is evocative of great beauty. This is another awesome example.
  3. steve25805


    Curiously, it is impossible - at least it seems to be for me - to find PissRIP.com via a google search. And since I have gold membership I no longer see the ad for it here when logged in. I was for a time able to switch google to images and google "pissrip pissing" and I'd get a load of pee porn images, some of which would be PissRIP images, then by clicking on them I'd find the site or a link to the site. But now it just leads me to pissrip.tk and a random ad for nothing to do with the site pops up. So what I had to do is circumvent my gold membership removal of ads by signing out and viewing the forum as a guest. The pissrip ad was then still visible and I was able to find the site with it. I have now placed it amongst my favourites so I don't have to sign out of here every time I want to look at it. Clearly, the site appears to almost exclusively host videos from still very active paysites, so perhaps for that reason - maybe to avoid copyright legal actions - it has made itself hard to find on search engines? I fear that is only delaying the inevitable, though, since those involved in pee porn are likely to include some with a genuine interest in it, and others with a professional interest in it, any of whom could end up looking at a site like this. It is only a matter of time before their ad here gets spotted by someone with a copyright issue and who checks out the site. No problem for us cos it is only an ad. But they could certainly find PissRIP via us, which could then become a problem for PissRIP.com. So not sure how long that site will last.
  4. steve25805

    Gallery of The Gods

    The bible spoke of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Is there any truth to it?
  5. steve25805

    Gallery of The Gods

    That is utterly incredible and obviously cannot be a coincidence. We either have to believe that somehow the ancients of Mesopotamia and Central America were in contact with each other, millennia before Christopher Columbus, or we have the inescapable fact that these are representations of a real entity whom both sets of ancient peoples were aware of. Which God is this?
  6. steve25805

    Gallery of The Gods

    My close soul mate friend, from a line of witches, psychically gifted and highly knowledgeable about witchcraft, is a half Russian, half Latvian lady, fluent in both languages. She'd probably recognize the name Marzanna. Though in fact I never discuss our conversations with her. Might invite too many questions, lol.
  7. steve25805

    Gallery of The Gods

    It has been said that some of these stones are identical to stones found in South Wales some 200 miles away but are not naturally found in the Stonehenge area. It is thought that somehow some of these stones were transported to the site over a very long distance. Is this true? And if so, does this enhance or diminish their power?
  8. steve25805

    Gallery of The Gods

    So the stones themselves have the power, so their erection there gives the site power?
  9. steve25805

    Gallery of The Gods

    The words in that pic are so deep and true - far deeper than "love at first sight". It can involve a connection of souls that is far deeper than the sexual and romantic and lustful, though sometimes I think that can be part of it. I myself have found a soulmate in life. We'd die for each other. But there is no sexual element to us. It is a kind of deep but non-sexual love. I am also forming a connection with you too, I think our paths were meant to cross and I see resonances. You are the second person in the last couple of years with an awesome soul and intense spiritual understanding to come into my life. In fact, your knowledge and awareness is if anything much deeper than my soulmate's. People such as yourselves are extremely rare on this earth. For two of you to have come into my life in such a short time when I generally bond with very few people must mean something. I feel the wheels of fate are turning and something lies ahead in the fullness of time. Maybe fate has something positive in a spiritual. moral, or ethical direction ahead? I have no feeling that this is to be feared. I certainly hope it is positive. Feel sure that if you and I knew each other in real life we might well be full soulmates by now too. It takes longer when we only connect via pixels on a screen but I definitely feel a connection with you. I get the feeling we maybe have become friends for a reason?
  10. steve25805

    Gallery of The Gods

    In the UK, one of our most well known sites is Stonehenge, erected by the Celts some 4000 or so years ago. Some of it is older than that because it was not all built at once..... Is this a place of natural power? Obviously it was built by people, but the Celts were far closer to the true realms of gods and spirits than most of us are today, so I wonder if they built this here BECAUSE it is a place of natural power. What do you think?
  11. steve25805

    Gallery of The Gods

    Indeed, as we go through life we have periods where we face the kind of shit - and conquer and overcome the kind of shit - that we never imagine we'd have the strength for. We are all stronger than we think, not in the sense of being able to lift enormous things, but in a moral, spiritual, psychological sense which is much more important. And often, when the shit hits the fan, if we find the courage to stand and face it instead of trying to run from it, we grow stronger as a result and defeat it. The crap that comes our way gets overcome and we get enormously stronger, as long as we find the courage to stand and face it and weather it. If we run, we spend our whole lives running and hiding, and growing weaker. I must admit though to being a bit of a passive, non-confrontational person, who likes taking the path of least resistance. At times I am perhaps less assertive than I ought to be for this reason. I just like a quiet life with a minimum of aggravation. But it is a case of thus far and no further. I will only back away for a quiet life so much. If I cannot sidestep someone taking the piss cos they keep coming at me, I go into fight mode. And it is almost never physical when I do. I am cleverer than that. I get my MP involved, take legal action if necessary, use my political connections, fire off angry letters to just the right people, involve others, attack reputations with hard facts, invoke the forces of law, inform the local press, follow appeals processes. I fight to win if I have to, and usually do.
  12. steve25805

    Lessons in magick #2 The Gods

    Wow, there is a lot there and difficult to grasp it all accurately without further clarification. So Blue is the goddess of all reality beyond this reality? All deeper truths beyond this life? The goddess of mind and soul expansion and all deeper and wider realities? Is that it? And when we use hallucinogenic drugs like LSD or magic mushrooms, or allow our minds to explore deeper realities when stoned on pot - yes I have a more youthful past which included such pastimes, lol - the glimpses of deeper realities and deeper meanings are actually things that Blue helps us with or is the guardian of? I well remember first having the realisation that the purpose of life is to be the meeting point of matter and spirit, the means by which both evolve together in tandem, when actually thinking deeply when stoned. Of course - as I think is always wise - I ran it though my head in quiet meditative moments when not under the influence of anything, but it felt right. It seemed true. It is as if the cannabis - a very mild halluninogen and deep thought enhancer and mind expander - opened my mind to another more fundamental aspect of reality, a revelation at the time that left me awestruck. And it made sense when I was no longer stoned, and had the feel of my mind being opened to a deeper truth. I also whilst under the influence got a glimpse of what I believe to be another aspect of our reason for being here. It is so that our souls - exploiting matter in the form of flesh and blood and bones as vessels to inhabit in successive incarnations - can evolve into ever higher beings until at some far distant point into the future, billions, perhaps even trillions, of years hence, we would have developed into such powerful spiritual beings that we'd each have become almost gods, each creating our own new universe in another big bang. How much of this revelation, that occurred to me in almost a europhic flash of realisation, an "ahh, so THATS how it is!" moment is true, perhaps you can tell me. Because of course halluninogens can lead our minds to false "truths" too. But it was like something really deep about the meaning of life had occurred to me, or been revealed to me. And Blue is the goddess of such experiences, of such glimpses of deeper realities aided by halluninogens and mind expanding substances?
  13. steve25805

    Gallery of The Gods

    I have heard it said before by those who believe in spirits and an afterlife, that we all have a "guardian angel" who looks over us and protects us, though they seem to be described more as spirits than actual angels. Some psychics have spoken of knowing their guardian spirits and being able to communicate with them. Some speak of having more than one. Is this the same thing as what you are talking about? If so, I have no idea who or what my guardian spirit or spirits might be. Would be interesting if I could know, I am just not psychically gifted enough. Anyway, need to go now. Chat again tomorrow?
  14. steve25805

    Gallery of The Gods

    I have to leave quite soon, but I do have a question. You say that Lilith is your patroness. Do you have to be a witch or be particularly knowledgeable and active in the realms of magick to have such a patroness or patron amongst the Gods? Or can any of us have such? Is it possible for me or anyone else to have a particular patron or patroness amongst the Gods? Or does that only happen with actual witches and those who regularly commune with them and serve them? I know that "serve" is not quite the right word, by the way. The Gods do not need to be served. But a better word escapes me right now. Hope you catch the drift of what I mean.
  15. steve25805

    Gallery of The Gods

    Sometimes it is both good and reassuring to be wrong.