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  1. So it's finally about to happen. My girlfriend agreed to give me a golden shower (my first ever) and we'll be doing it tomorrow night! I'm so incredibly excited, and I'll be sure to write about the experience after it happens. In the meantime, I want to hear about everyone else's first golden showers!
  2. Oh definitely, I don't want her to be wasted, she just suggested getting a little drunk to sort of counteract the pee shyness. Beer's a good route to go for that!
  3. So last night I finally plucked up the courage to tell my girlfriend of eight months about my pee fetish. I was incredibly nervous about how she'd react, despite knowing she's very open-minded and has many kinks of her own, it's just something that's always caused a lot of anxiety for me. When I told her, she said she thought it was cute and would be willing to indulge me! She asked what about it interests me and I told her watching girls pee both on the toilet and outside are huge turn-ons, and receiving a golden shower is one of my ultimate fantasies. As of now, she wants to ease her way into it so that she can get comfortable with it. She said she'll let me watch her pee first, but she wants to get a little drunk in order to counteract her inhibitions. So beyond that, I just wanted to ask everyone here what else I could do to make her more comfortable? What are some baby steps we could take to help her adapt? I also want to encourage everyone who has a partner that they haven't told yet to just go for it! If they love you they'll understand, at worst they'll say no and at best they'll try it out!
  4. Apologies for the poor video quality, I'm not normally one to take videos so I have a lot of room for improvement as far as my camera skills. Hope you all like the video regardless! https://eroshare.com/7elaenr7
  5. Happy Birthday
  6. There was a sickening mix of dread and excitement in the pit of Gina’s stomach as she lowered the radio to hear her GPS’s final instruction. “In one mile, turn left on Lost Pine Way.” She could feel the vibrations from the towering stereos already. Light spilled into the street as would a beacon to wayward sailors. The air was electric. Not only had Gina received her first invitation to a party in her hometown, not only was it to one of the notorious mansion bashes of the Petro twins, but she had been personally asked to come by John Petro himself. The Petros were the wealthiest and, surprise surprise, the most popular kids in the town of Weymont. John Petro was the classic wide-shouldered, chiseled chinned, buff football star that every town seems to have. Despite his legendary status, he remained modest and friendly. Throughout high school, he was perpetually beset by a gaggle of horny girls. Gina hadn’t realized he had ever even known her name. John’s sister, Allison, had a mean streak, to put it lightly. She was the queen bee, with a reputation as large as her brother’s but minus the kindheartedness. She tortured Gina throughout all twelve years of public school, as Gina was shy and eccentric. The athletic bodied Allison’s favorite ammo against Gina was her brutal comments upon Gina’s lackluster looks. But Gina, once quite the ugly duckling, had finally transformed. She wasn’t a swan necessarily, but her first year of college had seen her discover the unconventional beauty that lay buried beneath an untamed head of hair and an unfortunate plague of acne. Now Gina, clear skin and short black hair with a punk rock streak of blue down the side, had caught the eye of John Petro. She had just arrived home for the summer when she was messaged by John on Facebook: “Hi Gina! I know we didn’t talk too often in high school, but my sister and I are throwing a party at our place this weekend if you’d like to come. Hope to see you there!” Allison Petro meandered around the enormous lawn of her mansion, basking in the barely hidden gazes of the male attendees. She wore a low cut tee and shorts that left nothing to the imagination. She carried her phone in one hand and a beer in the other, her fourth cup of the night. Dozens of guests mingled inside and out, dancing and discussing their first years of college. A keg was set up in the living room and the DJ in the parlor. Few people went upstairs (except to use the bathroom), as it only contained a few bedrooms and the large balcony. Inspired by the significant quantity of beer in her system, Allison began seeking a hook up buddy for the night. She watched the last remaining cars arrive, hoping to find someone more appealing than the riffraff that had already started partying. Nobody of special interest pulled up until a familiar girl pulled up. Allison, livid, approached her brother. “The fuck, John? Did you invite that weird bitch Gina?” John, painfully used to his sister’s sour attitude, responded calmly, “Yeah, I did. She’s a cool girl. Maybe if you’d stop judging her for a minute you’d actually like her.” “I’d laugh if I wasn’t so disgusted. I don’t even know-“ “Gina! Over here!” John interrupted his sister and waved to the latest guest. The timid girl walked over gingerly. “Oh, um, hi John. Thanks for the invite,” Gina stammered, forcing herself not to break eye contact. She glanced to the scowling girl next to him. “Hi Allison.” Allison huffed and walked away. “Don’t mind her,” John apologized. “Why don’t you go grab a drink?” Gina perked up immediately. “I’d love to!” The night raged on and the booze flowed like a river. Gina drank beer after beer, shot after shot, silently hoping to impress John with the drinking abilities she had developed in college. She was a relatively small girl, but she could hold her own against even the frat guys at her school. John, of course, was busy talking to guests and making sure his parent’s mansion wasn’t trashed, but he still stole a few minutes here and there to talk to Gina; a gesture that gave her immense joy. Allison did the same, although much of her conversations consisted of mocking the less popular guests, Gina chief among them. She too was a champion drinker, and was on par with Gina’s drink count. It wasn’t long before both had bladders full to the brim with the result of the excessive liquor. Allison stepped over a passed out guest to reach the staircase. The urge to pee had become overwhelming out of nowhere. She sprinted up the stairs only to crash into a guy standing at the end of a winding line. “You ok?” The guy asked. Allison recollected herself and said yes. She couldn’t help but dance around as her pressing need overtook her tendency to act dignified. “You can go ahead of me. You look like you really need to go.” Allison feigned shock. She had an image to maintain. She wanted others to see her as above human, almost as a goddess, and as far as she was concerned goddesses don’t urinate. “Uh, no I don’t! I was just looking for someone.” She quickly scampered back down the stairs, fighting the urge to cross her legs. She didn’t even notice Gina walking past her. Gina, apparently less appealing than Allison, was not afforded the same courtesy by the guy at the end of the line, despite the fact that she had to pee just as badly. The sound of the toilet flushing echoed down the hallway, which caused Gina to fidget even more. She had been in similar predicaments over the past year of college, but never had she found herself in a line this long. Minutes passed with nearly no movement. She tried to focus her mind elsewhere, but the mental image of sweet relief continuously snuck into her subconscious. There were clearly many desperate people in the line, as shown by their constant squirming, but Gina couldn’t imagine their need being worse than hers. A toilet flushed and a girl walked out of the bathroom, relief plastered all over her face. The line moved torturously slowly as someone else took the girls place. Gina began to genuinely fear that she might lose control. Always the calculating type, she approximated a wait of about twenty more minutes before she would have a turn in the bathroom. She also concluded that she had about fifteen minutes before she peed, bathroom or not. With those ominous thoughts swimming through her head, she began to consider her options. Allison found herself constantly stopped by guys fueled with lust and liquid courage. Her ultimate goal was to sneak away from the party and pee at the nearby diner, but her stunning body and skimpy outfit attracted men like flies. There was no way she could escape without being noticed. Allison barely spoke two words to each guy that flagged her down. She was lucky she was known for being curt. No one would suspect she was really just desperate for a toilet. Many guests, male and female, had opted to pee along the line of trees by the side of the mansion, but Allison believed herself to be far too classy for such primal behavior. She was steadily inching towards the road, where she planned to dash off to the diner once she was fully out of sight. She was getting close now. Just about fifty feet and she was home free. She could barely hold it, but at least relief was just around the- “Yooo, Allison! What’s up? How you doing?” a group of guys chorused as they inadvertently prevented her escape. Gina broke away from the line and made for the stairs. She figured she’d simply have to pee outside somewhere. But where? She had seen a few people dashing behind the trees, but she had a shy bladder. She couldn’t pee around other people and what if, god forbid, John were to stumble upon her with her pants around her ankles. No, outside was a no go. She stopped at the top of the stairs and looked down the opposite end of the hallway. Making sure no one in the bathroom line saw her, she quickly rushed into a room on the far right. She closed the door behind her slowly. The queen sized bed and velvet drapes seemed to indicate the parent’s bedroom. Well now what? she thought. She wasn’t going to just pee on the carpet, as much as that was seeming more and more appealing. Glancing around, she a sliding glass door that led to a fancy marble floored balcony. Works for me. She slipped out onto the balcony that hung over the back of the mansion. All the guests were located around the front yard, so nobody would see what she was about to do. Gina pulled down her jeans, stepped onto a conveniently placed chair, and hoisted herself onto the railing. It was now or never. Allison had finally broken away from her latest group of harassers and deemed her situation a lost cause. She was just about to pee her pants and the diner was just a little too far away to hold it in long enough. She stiffly shuffled past the partygoers without acknowledging their attempts to catch her eye. She would have to pee outside, but she decided she could save herself an extra shred of dignity by picking a spot in the back where nobody else was. People would see her walking there and would probably correctly theorize her goal, but it least she wouldn’t be giving anyone a free show. Once she made it behind the mansion, she dashed to a spot a few feet in front of the wall. She ripped her shorts down and positioned herself into a high squat. An absolute torrent of pee shot out of her at a record speed. She silently willed the stream to quiet down, paranoid someone would hear it and come to investigate, but her bladder was currently independent of the rest of her body. She tried to move her shoes away from the rapidly growing puddle, but she couldn’t avoid some contact due to the sheer quantity of urine on the ground. She sighed, her pee not even halfway through. The dirt all around her was soaked through with piss and she did not look forward to trudging through the pee-mud when she finished. Her mind began to wander as her stream continued its endless gush. She thought of which guy she might like to hook up with later. She thought of what she planned to do over the summer. She thought of the type of new car she wanted for her birthday. She thought of the weather. She didn’t recall seeing anything about rain but suddenly her head was getting sprinkled. She glanced up, trying to keep her balance so as not to spray her leg, and was greeted with a thick stream of pee right in her face. Gina couldn’t start her pee right away. She felt like an ocean was in her bladder, yet it wouldn’t release. After about thirty seconds of nothing, she closed her eyes and pretended she was sitting on a toilet. Finally she began to pee. Seconds later she heard a bloodcurdling scream from directly below her. The shock nearly caused her to fall off the railing, but she steadied herself. “Oh my god!” came a voice from below. “Someone’s pissing on me! Help! Oh god, it’s in my mouth!” Gina panicked. She hopped off the railing, pee still streaming out of her but miraculously missing her clothes, and quickly squatted on the balcony floor to release more of her bladder’s contents. She cut the stream off midflow and sprinted into the bedroom and out into the hallway. The yells of the girl below her couldn’t be heard by anyone in the house due to the blaring music, so no one had any reason to notice Gina silently making her way to the back of the bathroom line. She figured it’d be the most inconspicuous place to hide, and besides, she still had to pee a bit. “Hey John, I just wanted to thank you again for inviting me. I had so much fun and I’d really like to do it again some time!” Gina said to her crush as she prepared to go home. Hours had passed since the incident and people couldn’t stop talking about it. The outside guests, far enough removed from the music to hear Allison’s cries, ran around the back to see a sight no one would ever forget. Allison lay on her back in a large puddle of her own pee, her pants around her ankles, urine still spraying out of her and into the air. Phones immediately began flashing to capture the moment. She was screaming about someone peeing on her, but nobody saw anyone when they looked up at the balcony. Her cries were written off as drunken rambling. Allison now lay sobbing in her room, obsessively checking social media to see how quickly the videos of her were spreading. Long story short, it went viral. “Hey no problem, Gina! I’m glad you came,” John said as he embraced her. “I’m disappointed I didn’t get the chance to know you in high school, but I’d like to change that now. Want to catch a movie tomorrow night?” Gina smiled. Life was good.
  7. Kelly absorbed Holly's story thoughtfully. "I gotta say, that's pretty wild. It's really interesting your fetish started so late, usually something's triggered in early childhood." Holly smiled. "Oh there were plenty of moments before that party that should've tipped me off. Like hearing a friend pee has always gotten me excited, I just never made the connection somehow." "We talked about that in Human Sexuality too," Kelly replied. "Some people subconsciously deny their own fetish. Something to do with the id fighting the ego or whatever." "Yeah, okay Miss Freud," Holly said with a slight smirk. She shook her now empty coffee cup. "Well, I'm done. Want to get going?" "Yeah, sure, lemme just use the bathroom real quick." Holly couldn't help but perk up a bit at her friend's vocalized need. "Actually I have to go too. Coffee goes right through me." "Same. I think the library's bathroom is the closest." The two friends made their way to the bathroom and each took one of the two stalls. Peeing with Holly nearby was becoming common for Kelly, and although the knowledge that her urination had a sexual effect on the other girl, she didn't have the awkward nervousness she would experience if she were, say, undressing in front of a guy, or any other more typical situation with sexual undertones. Her pee came out naturally, without any mental urging, and continued for about twenty seconds. Midway through, she heard the tinkling of Holly's stream begin. The two streams could have been from the same girl; they exerted the same amount of force and produced the exact same cadence as they splattered against the water's surface. The unique echo effect combined with the bathroom's acoustics created a veritable urine concerto. Kelly, having had a headstart, finished first, leaving Holly to conduct the grand finale solo. Kelly laughed internally as they washed their hands. She found it funny that something so simple and necessary could get Holly worked up so much, as she could tell by her friend's slight shaking. They left the bathroom and walked outside. "Hey," Holly said, "there's a party this guy Mike invited me too tonight. It's at his apartment, off campus. Want to go?" "You know it!" Kelly said excitedly. It was nearly 3 a.m. when the girls made it back to Kelly's dorm, which had become the new go-to after party destination for the two. They were obnoxiously drunk, yelling and laughing uproariusly on the trek back from the party. Kelly struggled with her key card for nearly a minute before she managed to open the door. It led into pitch black darkness, as Kelly's roommate, Gina, was asleep. "Shhh," Kelly said in an ironically loud voice, "be careful where you step". Without thinking, Kelly grabbed Holly's hand to lead her across the room to her side; Gina was a bit of a slob, and her clothes littered the floor. Holly's heart fluttered at the sensuous contact. Her feelings for Kelly were becoming more and more intense with each passing day, and the pee related memories of her friend provided an instant key to orgasm during her late night self-pleasure sessions. A small sliver of light peeked through the crack of the bathroom door. "Wonder if it's Kim or Amanda," Kelly said. "Whoever it is, I hope they finish soon, I really have to piss!" Holly whimpered. Her urgency wasn't genuine, but it gave her a burst of excitement to talk about her needs with Kelly. "Again?" Kelly laughed. "You must've peed twenty times at the party!" Before she could defend her bladder's capabilities, a flush announced her opportunity to empty it. Holly walked into the bathroom and made eye contact with Kim, who forgot to close the door that led to her own room. "Oh, sorry!" Kelly's suitemate slurred as she stumbled back towards the bathroom. "Oh, no problem," Holly replied. "You okay?" Kim giggled. "Yeah, I just got back from a party and I'm not used to alcohol." The validity of that statement was confirmed as Kim sank to her knees in her attempt to shut the bathroom door, amidst another fit of giggles. "Ahhh, hahah, sorryyy!" Holly laughed too, her own inebriation shining through. "It's cool! Just really gotta pee." Having heard the commotion within the bathroom, Kelly decided to open her room's door to contain the situation before Gina woke up. And besides, she also quite desperately needed to relieve herself. "Everything okay in here?" Holly was helping Kim to her feet. "We're good." She turned to Kim after she regained her balance. "I'm Holly, by the way." "I'm Kim. Nice to meet you!" "Nice to meet you too," Holly responded, "but if you don't mind, I reeeeaaally have to pee!" "Yeah, same, get to it, Holly!" Kelly said jovially. Kim scampered into her room, once again forgetting to close the door. "Sorry! Didn't mean to hold up the line!" she said as she hopped onto her bed, leaving the two desperate girls in the bathroom. Holly, under the guise of reaching her bladder's breaking point (but really just seeing an opportunity for exhibition), lowered her jeans and sat on the toilet. "Sorry, couldn't hold it in any longer." Before Holly's stream began, Kelly, still standing in the bathroom, quickly closed the door to her room in case Gina were to awaken. "Holly!" Kelly admonished. "Kim's door is still open!" Holly, now enjoying the scenario, feigned embarrassment and cut of her stream of urine before it even began. She stood up, pulled up her pants, and said, "Oh, sorry Kim! My inhibition goes way down when I'm drunk." A glance from Kelly hinted that she had picked up on Holly's game. She shifted her legs in a little pee dance, slightly annoyed that her friend was prolonging her relief. "It's cool! You can totally pee in front of me," Kim said from her bed. "Amanda's at her boyfriend's for the night so there's no one here to object." "Oh, good," Kelly said, now rocking back and forth with her hands between her legs, "I can't stand that bitch." Kim laughed, surprised at Kelly's vulgarity. "I know, right?! I can only imagine what she'd have to say if she saw you two in the bathroom about to pee right now!" Holly, her heart beating fiercely, took a gamble. "That's not the worst we could do. Imagine if we pissed all over her bed or something?" Kim immediately laughed at the audacious statement, but Kelly remained silent, knowing Holly would love to do just that. Kelly couldn't explain what madness gripped her in that moment, but a concoction of alcohol, Holly's suggestion, and a desire for revenge against the girl who had caused her so much humiliation, made the once innocent, respectful girl say something as simple as it was outrageous. "Let's do it." Holly and Kim looked at her, mouths agape. Kelly looked back, startled at her own words, and made an attempt at damage control. "You both look so serious. I was only kidding!" But her inebriated state made her false words all the more unconvincing. "Look," Kim said, breaking the long silence, "I have a very liberal view on peeing, but that would just be vandalism. Very funny, very deserved vandalism, but vandalism regardless." Kelly blushed. "Hahah, yeah, I know, I really was just kidding. That'd be so out of line and-" "Hey." Neither Kim nor Kelly had realized Holly had made her way to Amanda's bed as soon as Kelly made he bold claim. Holly had both hands on her waistband, ready to rip her pants down on command. "We doing this or what? I'm close to my bursting point."Before she could get an answer, Holly hopped up on the bed and slid her pants and underwear to her knees on once fluid motion. Her privates were in full view to the other girls. "Holly I-" Kelly began before being cut off by Kim. "You know what?" Holly trained her eyes on Kim, clearly struggling to hold back the flood. "Go ahead and pee. She deserves it." The moment the word "pee" was uttered, the liquid followed. Holly's urine cascaded at an enormous rate, immediately soaking the spot on the bed where she sat. It made a loud hissing noise as the yellow puddle formed. As she was sitting near the edge of the bed, the puddle began to pour off the bed and onto the floor. The yellow waterfall created a yellow river on the tile around Amanda's bed. "Bet I can soak the whole bed!" Holly lived up to her boast. She kicked her pants completely off, her pee spraying as wildly as a sprinkler at the contorted movement, and stood on the bed. "Not even half empty yet!" Urine spilled from her bladder in a wide, consistent stream. She walked in small circles, making sure to mark every inch of the mattress. Kelly and Kim urged her on. "Pee on the pillow!" Kim yelled between fits of laughter. Holly was quick to oblige. Holly, her bladder reaching empty, squatted over the pure white, fluffy pillow. She aimed her pee at the center so it would spread throughout the whole surface. She rocked her hips back and forth so pee would splatter around the headrest as well. The pillow was so absorbent, it looked like yellow was its original color by the time Holly's stream finally tapered off. She hopped off the bed and turned around to admire her work. "Well, that was certainly more fun than using a toilet!" "I would imagine so," Kelly replied slyly, fully aware of how incredibly turned on Holly was. "And after watching that display, I think I need to take care of my own bladder now." "You're not gonna use the toilet, are you?" Kim asked as Kelly turned towards the bathroom. "The bed's soaked," Kelly answered, bouncing in desperation, "If I add my own contribution it'll be totally saturated! The stain will never get out and we'll be found out for sure." Kim thought that consequence, but her eyes lit up as a new idea came to her. "Then pee in her laundry bag!" She was referring to the short, grey sack next to Amanda's desk. It was full to the brim with dirty laundry. "Oh, you're positively evil!" Kelly replied, but she was already making her way to the bag. Holly pulled it to the center of the room, a wide smile plastered on her face. "Your throne, your majesty," Holly said, backing away with mock deference. Kelly smiled at Holly as she lowered her pants and straddled the laundry bag. Her pee came out forcefully and the noise was more a torrent than a hiss. Kelly looked down and the saw the top layer of clothes darkening. A pair of jeans and a few low-cut shirts took the brunt of it. She angled herself so as to spray as much as she could. "It'll never soak through to the bottom," Holly said as she approached. "Let me mix it around for you." Before she could protest, Holly stuck her hand right through Kelly's stream and into the bag. She shuffled the clothes so that the bottom clothes now surfaced to the top and the already pee-soaked clothes sank to the bottom, all while secretly trying to cover as much of her arm in Kelly's pee as she could. The warmth was incredible. "Careful you don't get wet!" Kim said through tears of laughter. "Yeah," Kelly said. She saw Holly's game, but the absurdity of the circumstance kept her from getting angry at her friend. She only smiled. "Careful." After satisfactorily mixing the clothes, Holly backed up and let Kelly finish the job. Her pee was reaching it's end but there was still enough left to soak the rest of the clothes. She spread her legs a little more and put her kegels to the test. She aimed a strong blast of urine directly on a nice silk coat. Pee was splattering over the edge of the bag now, small droplets sprinkling the floor around it. Kelly was just nearly finishing up when the door hallway door began to open.
  8. Kelly stood in line at the campus coffee stand. She had just returned from her first Human Sexuality class, her mind swimming with the liberating ideas she had been introduced to. Her Professor had talked so elegantly about such depraved acts that he almost made them seem appealing. The thought made the somewhat conservatively-minded Kelly smirk. Was college already starting to slip its insidious agenda into her pure little mind?, as her dad liked joke. She walked aimlessly forward as she mentally ran through the lecture, which caused her to bump into the girl in front of her. "Hey!" The girl yelped as she turned around to face Kelly. It was Amanda. "Oh. Hi." Her face immediately settled into one of distaste. "Hello," Kelly replied civilly, "I'm sorry I ran into you, I wasn't paying attention." "Clearly." Amanda replied snobbishly. "Well, it's not as bad as peeing all over the bathroom." "Are you serious?" Kelly replied angrily, "It was an accident! Why can't you get that through your thick skull!" "Whatever, just keep the weird stuff to yourself." Amanda turned around as she had reached the front of the line. "Yeah, hi, I'll have a tall mocha frappe with-" Kelly, fueled by anger, imagined getting revenge on the opinionated bitch in front of her. As the barista handed Amanda her sugary drink, Kelly spontaneously imagined emptying an entire bladder's worth of pee into the coffee right before Amanda drank it. She thought of the look of confusion she would have as she tasted the foreign ingredient. She imagined Amanda shrugging off the odd taste and finishing the entire cup, resulting in a significant amount of Kelly's urine sloshing around in her stomach. Kelly shook her head. College really was getting to her head. "Hey, took you long enough!" Holly perked up as she spotted her friend approaching her with a cup of black coffee. "Sorry, class went a little longer than I expected." Kelly sat down across from Holly on the outdoor patio, the only two in the whole sitting area. "Not as crowded as I executed." "No worried. And yeah, I guess the weather's too cold for people? Beats me. What class did you have?" "Oh, you'll like this," Kelly said with a sly grin, "Human Sexuality." "Oh hey, that's my forte!" Holly said with a laugh. "What's it like?" Kelly paused. "Well, today we mainly talked about abnormal sexuality. You know, like fetishes and stuff." "Oh yeah?" Holly said. Her heart began to race slightly. "What type of fetishes?" "Well," Kelly began, "if I can guess what you're asking then yes, pee was one of them. We were mainly talking about what causes them." Holly relaxed at Kelly's reassuring tone. She was as accepting as ever. "So what exactly causes them?" "Generally there's an event that triggers a person's fetish," Kelly said. "Speaking of which, could I ask you something?" Holly smiled broadly. "Yes, I'll tell you how I developed my pee fetish." Kelly smiled back. The two friends were already on a wavelength where they could anticipate the other's questions. "Please, do tell." "Well it all started pretty recently, at the end of my senior year of high school: I was at a gathering with about eight of my friends. We had all gotten back to my friend Chelsea's house after a party that turned out to be a total bust. Her parents were out for the night and we had all kept the bottles of alcohol we had intended to drink at the party. Our one friend, Julie, suggested we get drunk off our asses, of course. So the night devolved into eight eighteen year old girls sitting in a living room and getting blackout wasted. We blasted music and yelled and played drinking games. After only an hour, every one of us was way past our sensible intoxication levels. 'I'm soooo fucking sick of card games,' one girl, Jessica I think it was, slurred after she took a shot at the Jack of Spade's bequest. 'Let's do something, I don't know, crazy!' We all started talking at once about what we could do instead. 'I have a perfect idea,' Chelsea piped up. 'My boyfriend gave me the idea. He was joking at the time, but we could totally do it.' Everyone encouraged her to share her wild idea. 'Ok, so what do you girls say we play Pee Shots?' Here's how the game goes: We pick a girl who has to pee and have her do it in a large cup. Seven girls close their eyes as the eighth pours everyone a shot. But one of those shot glasses is filled with some of the pee from the cup. She then hands out each glass, including the glass with pee in it. Then, every girl keeps their eyes closed and takes their shot. The girl who drinks the pee shot then becomes the pourer for the next round. Some of the girls were disgusted by the idea, other for it, while I myself was oddly turned on. It was the first time I linked urine with a sexual feeling. In the end, those in favor convinced the dissenters and we began. Everyone had to pee, but Lexie claimed to be the most desperate. She went into Chelsea's kitchens and returned a minute later with a clear glass full of yellow liquid. 'Ahhh, that was such a relief!' Lexie was one of the first girls I had a crush on. She was slim with curly black hair, and she had one of the cutest faces I've ever seen. I was driven wild at the sight of her standing in the middle of the living room holding a cup full to the brim with her own piss. She began to pour the shots as the rest of us closed our eyes. After awhile I was handed a glass and awaited the cue to drink. I found myself hoping, praying, that I had the pee shot. I imagined pouring Lexie's urine down my throat and then imagined hovering my mouth right below her as she shot a stream out straight from the source- oh, sorry, I'm getting a little graphic. Anyway, long story short, I had the pee shot. When Lexie said "Go!" I tilted the glass back and was gripped with immense delight as the salty, warm liquid hit my tongue. It was better than I could have ever dreamed. I swallowed slowly, wanting to savor every drop for every second I had. In the silence, I realized I needed to react in a way that didn't match the ecstasy I felt. 'Oh, gross!" I shrieked, a few seconds too late to seem natural. 'Ewww, I can't believe I just drank Lexie's pee!' The other girls roared with laughter, poking fun at my supposed plight. 'How's my piss taste, Holly?' Lexie asked in a mocking tone. 'You need to drink more water,' I said with a forced disgusted face. It was my turn to pour the shots. I looked at the still full cup of Lexie's pee and suddenly wanted to make it my pee for the next round. 'Hey, I actually really gotta take a leak, why don't I just do it in another cup and use mine? You know, for variety," I said, feigning laughter. 'You know, I'd say I don't want everyone peeing in all my cups,' Chelsea said, 'But I'm honestly too drunk to care. Go ahead' I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cup from the cabinet. I lowered my panties and stood over the cup, which was soon receiving a powerful blast of my pee. I watched it rising dangerously and cut the stream off short before I spilled all over the floor. I returned to the living room and set up the shots, carefully pouring my urine into one lucky glass. I handed the pee cup to Chelsea, figuring the host should have a chance to participate. She gagged loudly when she tasted my pee, her face contorting in pure disgust. 'Oh, fuck!' she said, 'That was horrible!' So basically we played just two more round, Chelsea being the next pee-er and then followed by Julie. I unfortunately didn't get picked for a second drink, but the memories of the first kept me smiling wide. After we decided we were good and drunk and, in everyone else's case, thoroughly grossed out by the game, we hung out for a little while more and eventually crashed haphazardly throughout Chelsea'a house. Everyone took a pee break before sleep, however, so I luckily had the chance to listen to every stream from every girl there. The fetish had just surfaced in me, but I was enjoying every second of it already. So, how's that for an origin story?"
  9. Oh good point, I kinda forgot about what Emily would be doing. Thanks for pointing that out!
  10. It took a moment for Kelly‘s liquor-addled mind to process what was happening. Her delayed reaction time, coupled with the freezing effects of pure shock, allowed the kiss to continue for nearly ten seconds before Kelly pushed Holly away from her, more roughly than she had intended, which sent Holly stumbling back a few feet. “What are you doing?!” Kelly exclaimed in a half-scream, half-whisper. The look of extreme shame and innocence on Holly’s face drew a rush of sympathy in Kelly, but the uninvited kiss was enough to keep her on the edge of anger. Neither girl spoke; they simply stared at each other, Kelly with irritation, Holly with sorrow, as the moonlight illuminated the clearing and mild gusts of wind enhanced the aroma of urine. Holly hadn’t moved from the awkward stance she took after being shoved, which left her right foot settled on dry dirt and her left foot steeped in an inch deep puddle of piss. Finally, Holly spoke. “Kelly, I’m so sorry,” she began, shuffling her foot out of the puddle as if she just now realized where it was, “it’s just that you looked so beautiful just now and the alcohol and…and…” She bit her lip as if she wanted to say more, but decided against it. Kelly shook off her anger in that moment and lightly grasped Holly’s hand. “Hey, listen, don’t feel bad. Let’s just get back to the party for now and enjoy ourselves. We can talk about this later tonight.” Holly smiled brightly. “You’re the best.” The tranquility of room 523 of Mallor Hall was shattered as the two laughing girls burst in, the few shots taken after their forest bathroom break sustaining their wild state. “I still can’t get over how the one guy with the backwards hat wouldn’t leave you alone after you said ‘fuck off’ four times! Oh my god, talk about desperate!” Holly said as she closed the door behind her. Her room was set up more or less like Kelly’s, as neither girl had had much time to add their own personal flair to make their rooms unique. Her roommate Emily’s bed, located next to the door, was unoccupied, so the girls didn’t bother to lower their voices. “I know, right? Oh, speaking of desperate, I gotta pee so bad!” Kelly responded, bouncing back and forth in exaggerated urgency. “Shoulda just joined me in pissing in those bushes on the way back,” Holly laughed. “I’ve had enough of public urination for one night thank you very much,” Kelly replied with a smile as she made her way to the bathroom. Holly hopped on her bed which was bordering the wall with the room’s windows. As she sprawled on her bed and fiddled with her phone, Kelly discovered that the bathroom door was locked. “Occupied!” A small voice squeaked from the other side. Emily. “Oh, sorry!” Kelly said dejectedly. She turned around in defeat and sat next to Holly. “Fuck, I really have to go. Oh well, I can hold it for now. Hey, do you want to talk about what happened earlier?” Holly stiffened. “Oh, yeah, sure. I’m sorry again. I guess now would be the time to mention that I’m, well, I’m a lesbian.” “Oh, whoah, really?” Kelly said in mock surprise. “I think when you jammed your tongue in my mouth might have tipped me off. Look, I’m really happy for you and I’m honestly flattered, but I don’t feel the same way. I’m straight as an arrow.” “I know, I just couldn’t help wondering and there’s a million better ways to go about finding out than what I did but fuck, I was just overtaken by desire in that moment. Thanks for understanding, I really do value your friendship and I’d be crushed if that ended.” “I value you too.” The frustration of being so near a toilet yet so far away was increasing Kelly’s desperation tenfold, and she now had both hands squeezing her crotch. She spoke through gritted teeth, “I just have to ask, what was it at that particular moment that made you want to kiss me so suddenly? Was it just the alcohol?” Holly blushed bright red. “I can’t believe I’m about to tell you this, but I have…well….let me put it this way: there’s something about you right now that’s turning me on as much as I was back in the woods.” Kelly puzzled over Holly’s cryptic response while simultaneously keeping the floodgates closed. “What, like….that I have to pee?” She partially meant it as a joke, but there was nothing else that connected between the two moments. To Kelly’s immense surprise, Holly answered, “Yeah, actually, you got it. I have a pee fetish, plain and simple. For as long as I can remember I go wild when another girl has to piss, or is pissing, or just finished pissing. Fuck, just the idea of it gets me horny! And watching you peeing on the ground, just inches away from me, well, it was like I was on fire.” There was a moment of silence. Suddenly, with her legs crossed and her hands clasped around her quivering crotch, Kelly laughed. “I guess I must be driving you crazy right now!” Holly smiled. “Yep.” “Look, that’s nothing to feel ashamed about. I never know anyone with that fetish before but I’ve heard of it. It’s actually pretty common, right? Nobody should ever have to feel embarrassed because of their sexuality, whether it’s what gender they like or what kinks they have.” “You really are amazing,” Holly said compassionately, “The world needs more open-minded people like you.” “Aw that’s sweet, but holy shit I have to pee so bad right now I don’t even think I can hold it.” Holly thought for a second and tried to suppress the creeping grin that arose at her idea. “Ok, I’d offer you a cup or something but I don’t think there are any in here. Soooo, why don’t you piss out the window?” The window was aligned with Holly’s bed. There were four sets of small window panes along the wall, and the two closer to the bathroom door were permanently locked. Only the ones at the front of and the foot of Holly’s bed could be opened. “Holly, how would that even work?” Normally Kelly would have scoffed at the idea on principle alone, but her desperation was overwhelming and she was willing to try anything to find relief. “If I stuck my butt out the window I’d fall out since the bed’s lined up with it.” “You could pee facing frontwards. Like, just slide your legs out the window while sitting on the edge of the bed.” A small debate broke out between the two, but before she knew it the too desperate Kelly had the window open and was about to lower her pants. “Hey, I don’t mean to be a prude, but you could you look away? I mean, I’m totally cool with everything you told me, but, you know, it would be a little weird if you watched me.” “Oh, yeah, of course,” Holly said with very obvious disappointment as she turned to face the other way. “Thank you.” Kelly lowered her pants and slowly slid her legs out the window so they were dangling. She realized the spray would probably soak her pants if they stayed around her ankle so she pulled her legs back in and took them off completely. She once again slid her now naked lower half out the window and rested her butt on Holly’s bed. Looking down into the dark abyss below her (Holly’s room was on the fifth floor and faced the woods) Kelly had a moment of panic. “Holly, oh my god, this is terrifying, can you please please please hold onto me!” In no time at all, as if she had been waiting for this request, Holly was on the bed next to Kelly and wrapped her arms around her waist. “Don’t worry, I got you, there’s no way you can fall.” Kelly threw her head back and closed her eyes, placing complete trust in Holly. Holly naturally stared directly at Kelly’s vagina, eagerly awaiting the release. All at once, a gush of pee escaped and went sailing to the ground in a wide arc. It took a few seconds for the splattering sound to begin, as they were so high up, but when it did it was steady and forceful. Holly shuddered in ecstasy just staring at Kelly’s pissing pussy and the remarkable stream shooting forth. Her hands were placed right above the stream. Could she get away with brushing her fingers directly in it? She looked at Kelly, who continued to clamp her eyes tight in abject terror. How often would an opportunity like this come around? “You’re doing fine Kelly, I have you, you’re alright” Holly cooed as she slowly moved her right hand. Soon a sensation of warmth announced that she had succeeded. It was bliss. She dipped more and more of her hand against the stream and soon it was dripping wet with Kelly’s urine. There was a bit of splashback due to the interference of her hand, and the mattress as well as Kelly herself was getting lightly misted, but the stream was finally tapering off. As it ended, Holly snuck her hand right in front of Kelly’s pussy and was thrilled to get the final spurt of pee right on her palm. “I’m gonna pull you back now, ok?” Holly said. Kelly nodded and finally opened her eyes. Kelly inched her way back slowly while Holly grabbed her waist and pulled back to help her. “Holly, your hand’s soaked.” “Oh, yeah, I, uh, slipped a little and guess you sprayed me a bit.” “Right, ok. Thanks for helping me. I’d say I owe you one but I’m gonna assume the show was well worth it.” She smiled to emphasize that she wasn’t upset. “Yeah, you could say that! And thankfully nobody was walking through the woods tonight or they would have gotten a show too. Or more, come to think of it.” Kelly and Holly both shared a laugh until Kelly remembered she was sitting on Holly’s bed completely nude from the waist down, her unwiped pussy dabbing Holly’s mattress. “I don’t know how I keep finding myself in these situations. Mind handing me my clothes? And a paper towel?” The girls sat and talked casually for another hour until Kelly announced she was tired and decided to head home, leaving Holly with the most erotic memory she had ever had.
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  12. The line to the only bathroom in the frat house snaked all the way around the corner and through the bright, carpeted hallway. Kelly, with a spinning head and a bladder full of what an hour ago was whiskey, squirmed desperately at the very end of the line. It was her first college party; after her Wednesday class, she was asked by one of her classmates, a tall guy with glasses named Tom, if she’d like to come to a Sigma-Delta party Thursday night. She naturally said yes, eager to test the waters of the college night life, and asked Holly to accompany her. She had been there for about two hours and had already taken six shots. Her and Holly, who she had become incredibly close with in a very short amount of time, were having a blast drinking, dancing, and meeting new people. The frat house was enormous and ornately decorated. It was three stories and every floor was packed with drunk, horny college kids socializing and inevitably hooking up. Kelly had her eyes on a few guys and was about to talk to one, the alcohol inhibiting her reservations, when she first noticed the immense urge in her lower abdomen. “I really have to piss,” she said to Holly. “Holy shit, me too, I didn’t even notice how bad I had to go until you said something,” Holly replied. “I think the bathroom’s downstairs.” Now they stood behind nearly twenty girls, all loudly complaining about their desperate need to pee. “I’m about to wet myself,” one girl said in a whiny voice. “There’s someone in there throwing up,” the girl at the front of the line said, “I think we’ll be here awhile.” “Fuck, I have to go NOW!” Another girl shouted. Kelly and Holly exchanged worried glances. “There’s no way I can wait this long,” Kelly whispered. “There’s just too many girls. Wait, now that I think of it, I wonder why there aren’t any guys waiting in line.” “You’re so naïve,” Holly said with a smile. “All the guys are just going outside to piss. Why would they wait around here when they can just whip it out and water a tree.” “Oh, right, good point,” Kelly replied. “Fuck, I’m jealous.” Suddenly, a girl midway let out a yelp. The girl behind her jumped back in disgust as a puddle of pee grew around her. The girl wetting herself started crying and ran off, leaving a trail of urine behind her. “I’m not gonna end up like that girl,” Holly said and grabbed Kelly’s hand. “Let’s go.” “Go where?” Holly led Kelly through the frat house. They stumbled quite a bit considering the alcohol in their systems. Finally they walked through the back door where a large group of people were drinking beer and making out. The frat house was surrounded on three sides by thick woods, and Holly dashed for a thicket of trees while still grasping Kelly’s hand. The trees along the way were dotted with various guys shooting streams of pee. “Told you,” Holly said. They arrived at a small clearing that nicely obscured the view from the backyard. Holy let go of Kelly’s hand, dropped her pants, and squatted. “What are you waiting for?” Kelly hesitated. “I, uh, I don’t really pee outside. I mean, I did once or twice when I was little but I just don’t know, I feel like I’ll get it all over myself.” Her words were partially covered by the sound Holly’s torrent of piss made as it shot out at an intense velocity, forming a foamy puddle in the dirt. “What? Just squat down, drop your pants, spread your legs a little, and pee. Oh and step back.” “How could I step back if I’m squatting?” No, I mean step back now, my pee’s about to reach your shoes.” Kelly gasped a little and jumped back just as Kelly’s enormous puddle was approaching. It hadn’t really dawned on Kelly until that moment that Holly was just a few feet away from here, completely exposed, and casually pissing. Had she been sober, Kelly would have felt uncomfortable, but in her state she could only admire the gallons of urine pouring out of Holly. “How did you even contain that much?” “Huge bladder, how else? I’m almost done though and I need something to wipe with.” Holly grabbed a nearby leaf as her stream finally tapered off. “Guess I gotta work with what I got.” A spasm of pain seized Kelly as her bladder screamed at her for release. “Oh god, it’s coming!” “Just squat!” Holly said as she finished wiping and stood up, a serene mask of relief on her face. “It’s really not too hard.” “I’m so off balance because of the alcohol, I feel like I’ll fall in my own piss,” Kelly moaned as she slowly lowered her pants and awkwardly squatted. “Here, I’ll hold your hand so you don’t fall,” Holly said as she sat down next to Kelly and grabbed her hand. “I got you, just go ahead and pee.” Kelly was shocked that Holly would place herself so close when she was about to pee. Her face reddened as she remembered her nakedness. Holly sat right to her left and could see everything. Without even trying to, a thin stream of pee hit the ground. A moment later, it tripled in quantity and force. Neither girl spoke so the loud splattering was the only sound in the silent woods. Kelly’s eyes were closed in ecstasy and sighed, When she opened them again, her stream still shooting like a firehose, she saw that Holly was looking right at the source. “Hey, a little privacy please!” She said, half laughing. “Haha, sorry, you just look really cute peeing right now,” Holly answered. She squeezed Kelly’s hand. “Really? I never thought peeing to be cute,” Kelly said, oblivious to the mildly lustful tone of Holly’s voice. “I’m nearly done, guess I should find a leaf.” “Way ahead of you,” Holly said, handing her a leaf that she had been holding in her other hand. After Kelly cleaned up and stood, she looked at the two puddles and said, “Wow, we really flooded this area.” “Yeah we did! You can hardly walk here without stepping in our pee,” Holly said. The two laughed, the alcohol enhancing the humor. “Want to head back to the party?” Kelly asked. In answer, Holly wrapped her arms around Kelly and pulled her close. Without warning, and to Kelly’s immense surprise, Holly kissed her.
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  14. Kind of a slower segment, but don't worry, there's plenty more exciting chapters in the near future! “I’m going to let you all out a little early today. It’s only syllabus week after all,” the elderly Professor Henway said to the full class of students, who chuckled politely at his use of the derisively colloquial term for the first week of the semester. Kelly was sitting in the front row, eager to establish herself as a good student. Having came extra early to class, she didn’t get a good look at the rest of her classmates until she stood to leave. Plenty of hot guys dotted the room, some looking as excited as her, others much more apathetic. Even the girls were excessively attractive, although Kelly was completely straight. She could, however, admire another girl’s beauty. Kelly was walking down the hallway when one of the girls from her class ran up beside her. “Hey, you’re Kelly, right?” The girl was dressed all in black; black shirt, black pants, black shoes, even her long hair and lipstick were black. She had the typical goth attire, without overdoing it. Despite, or perhaps because of her strange sense of fashion, Kelly had thought of her as one of the prettier girls in the class. “Oh, yeah, I’m Kelly. Hi.” Kelly cringed at how awkwardly she responded, but the other girl just smiled and brushed it off. “Yeah, sorry if I seem like a creeper,” the girl said, “I just noticed you were in both of my classes today and remembered your name from when it was called. I’m a freshman so I was just kinda hoping to get to know people, ya know? I’m Holly, by the way.” “Ah, ok, nice to meet you Holly!” Kelly exclaimed, excited to meet someone nice without them urinating on her first. “I’m also a freshman, so I’m in the same boat. I was actually going to go to the dining hall if you’d want to join me.” “Yeah definitely! Mind waiting for me to use the bathroom first? I really have to take a leak.” Kelly was a little taken aback at her bluntness. Holly must have noticed and said, “Oh, sorry, my vulgarity usually only comes out when I’ve known somebody for a while. I’m a huge feminist though, and I hate being expected to say shit like ‘Oh I just need to freshen up’ when I really mean I have to piss, ya know?” “Oh, yeah, that’s fine,” Kelly responded. “Actually, that’s really cool. I never even thought of it that way. I mean, if you gotta go you gotta go, why censor yourself?” “Rock on! I think that’s the bathroom up ahead, I’ll be out in just a minute.” “I actually kinda have to pee, uh, take a leak too,” Kelly said, laughing at the unfamiliarity of the phrase. Holly laughed as well and they both entered the bathroom. It was very cramped and run-down; there were only two stalls and the wallpaper and tiles were in bad shape. Kelly entered one stall and Holly the other. She ripped off a few pieces of toilet paper to place on the lid when Holly yelled, “Goddammit, do some girls just not know how to hover?! The lid’s fucking soaked. Oh man, there’s like a huge puddle of piss on the floor. Ugh, I’m standing in it, ew, fuck this!” Holly slammed the stall door closed and walked in front of Kelly’s stall. “I’ll just have to use yours when you’re done.” “Yeah, sure.” Kelly responded casually but seized up a little at the idea of someone waiting just inches away for her to finish peeing. She wasn’t particularly pee-shy, but it was a nerve-wracking scenario regardless. A few squirts of urine dribbled out but the bathroom’s high quality acoustics and her natural stage fright caused the rest of her bladder’s contents to remain stationary. Holly, astute as she was, figured out what the delay was and said, “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you nervous. Just pretend I’m not here. Think of waterfalls or something. And I’m definitely not trying to rush you but I’m kinda bursting!” Kelly almost considered suggesting Kim’s solution but decided she didn’t want anymore accidental pee showers so she just concentrated on getting her own flow going. After about a minute, a thin, quiet, but steady stream escaped. “Oh man, I’m so jealous right now,” Holly laughed. “When you’re done don’t even bother flushing, every second counts right now!” “Ok, sure thing,” Kelly said, tapering off her stream. She wasn’t completely relieved but it was enough to last her until next she found another toilet. She opened the door and Holly brushed past her, tugged her pants down, and sat on the toilet. An eruption of piss shot into the toilet and she sighed in immense relief, all while Kelly still stood in the stall like a deer in headlights. “Sorry!” Kelly squealed and stepped out so she could close the door. “Nah, don’t apologize, I’m the one that just burst in. It was an emergency though, I’m not normally so rude,” Holly explained as the stream continued at full force. “Oh yeah, I figured.” Kelly said. “Sorry I took so long, it sounds like you were really desperate.” “You apologize too much! Women are so conditioned to feel guilty about every little thing. But again, don’t sweat it. I was really desperate, I haven’t peed since I was in the shower this morning.” She gave a few final spurts and exited the stall without flushing. “Oh, wow, I’m glad someone else is willing to admit they do that,” Kelly laughed. “Fuck yeah, guys say they pee in the shower like it’s not a problem, why shouldn’t we?” “Aren’t you going to flush?” “The other stall’s covered in piss, I don’t see why we should try to raise the level of sanitation by flushing. Want to go get some food now?” Kelly nodded. She was overjoyed at having met someone so open-minded and friendly. After having had one rather negative social experience already, it was spectacular to finally have the opposite. She looked at Holly as they left the bathroom and felt a twinge of intense admiration. Could she really have connected with someone so shortly after having met them? It was an odd feeling for someone who normally took a long time to warm up to others, especially other girls, but she wasn’t complaining. It seemed like college was already changing her for the best.
  15. Warm water splashed over Kelly’s body. She cringed as she thought of how much the water from the spigot reminded her of Kim’s urine pouring over her. At least the shower’s water smelled better and didn’t sting her eyes. She periodically drank gulps of water to do away with the phantom remnants the taste of pee left. Only a small spurt had snuck in her mouth before she clamped it shut, but the salty, acrid taste was overwhelming. She fought back tears, not wanting her first day of college to be ruined by one negative experience. Outside the paper-thin doors, Kelly could hear Kim explaining the surreal situation to her roommate, Amanda. “It’s just that I had to pee so bad and I would have burst if I looked for somewhere else and I didn’t want to pee on the floor and-” her rambling speech reminded Kelly of a child fessing up to the principal. Judging by Amanda, the fiery, no-nonsense redhead’s voice, it seemed like an apt analogy. “Ugh, whatever you say. You two can have your weird kinky fun, but keep me out of it. And keep it out of my bathroom, I pay for it too!” The final word was followed by a loud pounding on the bathroom door. “Are you almost done in there? I know Kim just hosed you with piss but I gotta do the same, although I think I’ll choose the toilet over you.” Kelly, timid as always, wanted to call her a bitch but ended up only replying meekly, “Yeah, sorry, I’ll be out in a minute.” She felt like she could spend an eternity in the shower. It was approaching half an hour and still she felt like every inch of her body needed a good scrubbing. A small, rebellious side she hardly knew existed kicked in, and she decided to wait as long as possible before drying up and letting Amanda have her turn. Time passed far too quickly, as it always did when Kelly began to relax and fully enjoy her shower. Another pounding on the door, much louder this time, made clear just how long the shower had been running. “Come on! I’ve been holding it since we left the house this morning!” Amanda cried, sounding pretty desperate. “What the hell’s taking so long?!” Kelly smiled mischievously. Serves you right talking to me like that, she thought, but said, “Ok, I’m sorry, I’m getting out soon.” The door, for the second time in one day, burst open while Kelly was still in the bathroom. “Fuck it, you obviously can’t be too shy if you’re bathing in another girl’s piss, and I’m too desperate too care at this point.” Amanda rushed past the shower towards the toilet. Kelly was surprised, but after the strangeness she had experienced already she wasn’t terribly shocked. A loud tinkling and a breathy sigh signaled Amanda’s relief. The flow was so loud and concentrated it could be heard even over the shower. Kelly had nothing to say to her increasingly rude suitemate, so she continued her shower while listening to the other girl do her business. “I’m open-minded,” Amanda said suddenly, breaking the silence as her stream came to a stop and she unraveled a piece of toilet paper, “I just don’t want whatever it is you and Kim want to do interfere with my life. If you like pissing on each other, fine, just do it somewhere else.” “But…that wasn’t what was going on!” Kelly was really getting angry now. “Didn’t you even listen to Kim? It was just a huge misunderstanding. She was desperate! There was nothing sexual about it.” “Yeah, right, the two of you giggling while pissing in the same toilet wasn’t sexual? Gimme a break. Look, I don’t care how you get your kicks, I just don’t want to find urine stains all over the suite, okay? When you’re here, pee in the toilet and nowhere else, got it?” She flushed and hustled out of the bathroom, slamming the door on her way out. What, not even in the shower? Kelly thought. Everybody pees in the shower! What’s got this girl so stuck-up? The thought gave Kelly pause and that inkling of rebellion overtook her once again. Having waited so long, and having drank a decent amount of water from the spigot, Kelly’s bladder was beginning to ache once again. It was a small fuck-you, but it would be satisfying all the same, in more than way come to think of it. She spread her legs and smirked, then sent a twirling stream of clear piss into the drain. She took her finger and maneuvered her vulva so as to take control of the stream. She almost always did this in the shower; it was fun, and good practice if she ever needed to pee standing while outdoors. Kelly’s pee ended quickly. She shook her hips a bit to shake off the last drops and turned the shower off. She toweled off and though about the events that had transpired. With a laugh, Kelly decided not to be ashamed or disgusted by anything that had happened, including the accidental golden shower. She just hoped that the rest of the day would be a little less exciting.
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