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  1. Scenario: There's a stain on a seat, or a puddle on the ground or the floor somewhere. Normal person: "Someone spilled a drink/there's a leak" Me: "Wish I could have seen the girl who peed here..." Usually for me, since I don't want to deal with smells, stains, puddles, or cleanup, it's usually "should I go to the bathroom, or should I piss out the window?" (At my current place, I've only pissed out of the window once, around 3:30am. I'm on the fourth floor.)
  2. I haven't done stuff like this in a while, but I too used to piss off the side of my bed when I was younger - I used to aim at the wall and let it run down onto the carpet while I was still lying down under the covers. I also did this at a hotel once - I pissed on the floor while lying on the bed. (Used a towel since the floors were laminate.) One time, at a friend's house party, I ended up crashing on her floor next to her bed and I pissed on her carpet since I didn't really want to get up. Another time, during a bachelor party, I ended up crashing on the hotel couch, without access
  3. Had to go into town today for an appointment. On the way back, I wasn't sure if I'd take a train or take the bus; in the back of my mind, I knew I had to piss and I thought that the train carpet might be a more fun option, but it turned out that a bus home was arriving within a minute, so I hopped it. I went to the very back, and I noticed that there was a sizeable gap between two cushions on the bench seat back there, so I took that seat. If the bus turned out to be (relatively) crowded, I figured I wouldn't be able to get away with it, but the bus was nearly empty and I was one of four
  4. Not a GoPro, but an iPad in the toilet, which I love. https://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Weeing-on-my-iPad-just-so-you-can-see-my-cunt-close-up I just wonder if she actually pissed on the screen at all or if she missed. No real way to know.
  5. Hmm... If you've ever wanted to pee in a washing machine, you could just throw all of your towels in it and use it as a toilet. Cleanup is almost automatic. You could try a stack of folded towels anywhere - just sit on it and go. if you like sitting on the couch to pee, you could try rolling up a towel and placing it between the cushions - pee on that. (Make sure it's very absorbent, I'd put a layer under it as well. Do you keep folded towels in a drawer? A bottom drawer, perhaps? See #2. If you can pee standing (or powerpee squatting) you could go for distance
  6. Got it, you're using whatever library you're importing into Python, and it's doing the heavy lifting. I find myself wondering how it's doing facial comparison if it's not using a neural network - I'd guess some type of image hashing algorithm for diff comparison, but that wouldn't necessarily be specific to facial recognition. But then again, I guess you're looking for photos that look similar, not necessarily photos of the same person, so maybe that's actually what it does under the hood to a certain extent. Interesting stuff.
  7. Hey, @pop-a-squat. Glad to hear that you're doing well. I have a question - have you ever pissed on a stuffed animal? I don't know if it's something you do, but it seems like something that would fit into you peeing in your room. Have you ever considered buying a large stuffed animal and using it to pee on?
  8. You're looking for fun, new, and exciting. What have you done already, and what do you like to do? With that information, we can probably give you better answers.
  9. Well....if that's your training data, I would recommend using a more varied set of faces. Your image program isn't going to recognize middle-aged, ugly dudes like me. 😂 (Also....I just realized that this year, I think I'll officially be middle-aged. Fuck.) As for projects.....haven't really been working on anything as I've had other things going on in 2021 (and in 2020 I was focusing on music and language).I didn't have a need for any tools. However, now that I'm studying Chinese, I'm finding that I need a tool that will allow me to input sentences (in Chinese) and search them all for spe
  10. I think I agree with everyone in the parallel universe. I love the concept of this and I think it's hot. In that universe, I love the idea of coming home to find that my girlfriend sat on the couch and pissed on it while watching TV, not realizing that the expensive TV remote got stuck between the cushions and was now drenched. I love the idea of her not looking where she's sitting and breaking my Macbook or something like that. I love the idea of her looking in the fridge for something to eat, realizing she needs to go, and using the bottom drawer of the fridge to pee (and maybe not just pee,
  11. There are things that are against the rules, but if you have stories related to one specific topic that is not approved that you want to share, I for one would be happy to read them. If you do want to share, let me know. (If you don't want to, that is also okay.) Looking forward to more stories about your challenge.
  12. Where I live, the winters are not nearly as harsh as other places. It will snow for possibly one weekend, if that. When I lived before was fairly tropical, so there was never a problem. But to answer your question - "how do you pee in winter when it's cold outside" - my suggestion would be, why go outside when you can go inside, in comfort? Perhaps you could find a secluded, carpeted corner, and let it go there. Or you could sit on a couch in someone's lobby and waiting room and go between the cushions. Perhaps you could hop on a bus or a train and use the seats or the floors as a toilet.
  13. The Devil-Sophie video is here: https://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Shes-a-Car-Dealers-worst-nightmare. She actually has quite a few car videos floating around. She also does stuff like this: https://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/devil-sophie-public-pee And this: https://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Not-anymore-390 @peeLIZZ I'm not really big into general vandalism, but I get it. (I guess if anything, i'd rather a "steal from the rich" scenario.) Hope these videos are close to what you're looking for.
  14. [selfish suggestion] You could also do this in a fitting room (maybe even carpeted)... [/selfish suggestion]
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