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  1. I was thinking "....wait, what?" until I got all the way to the end of that sentence. 🤣 I'm not sure how you arrived at your conclusion, but I'm under the impression that most guys do shake. I do. It's true that many men do not wipe after peeing - paper for this is usually not provided outside of a dedicated toilet stall. As for women - porn sites may not be a good indicator of statistical significance in the real world. Finally, worth noting, there's a lot of confirmation bias here, given that this is a pee forum. The preferences of people here will not reflect the pr
  2. Is that a real loss? Different fonts and colors are more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to reading content, and there are very few cases where custom fonts and colors in a message would actually be necessary for comprehension of the content. I've always thought that rich text on the web causes way more problems than it solves.
  3. This is the question, yeah. What are you personally into? You'll get a different answer from every forum member as to what they want to see, so it might be good to know your personal motivations, likes, dislikes, and limits. Maybe some things to think about: Is there anything that you personally have wanted to do and have never done? Do you have a "pee bucket list" of places that you'd like to go? Are there any past experiences that you have enjoyed and would like to revisit? Would you change them in any way? Maybe this will help.
  4. I personally find that the hours of 3am to 3:30am are the best for naughty pisses - nobody is up; it's a bit too late for the latebirds, but too early for the early risers. Perhaps you've found a new habitual spot. (If you are worried about evidence, maybe you can do what I did, depending on the layout of your building - find a stairwell with roof access or basement access or something, someplace where people don't go often, and turn it into a toilet. That way, you can go at night, but you can also go during the day at any time you please.)
  5. Need a "sad" post reaction for this, or at least a "God dammit, Texas!" reaction. Unfortunately, what probably happened (this is speculation, of course) was that there was some type of verbal altercation, and someone got their feelings hurt and resorted to a firearm. Lamentable, especially given that the guy was 20. Stay safe, everyone. Also, watch those tempers.
  6. Internet only. I shared the fetish with a friend of mine in high school, but not really openly. Other than that, nothing in real life that isn't solo.
  7. This is not a bad idea. I hadn't thought about combining activities like that - I'm studying Chinese and Spanish, and something like this could be a great opportunity for immersion and relaxation. Never really got into the podcast thing, but maybe this is a good way also, with some wireless headphones or something. I read somewhere else that some people use long walks as a time to catch up with other people via phone calls. I'm not so big into doing this myself, but I guess it's another option. I suppose that when I'm walking, I just like to be walking, and I like to get lost in my o
  8. That seems like a huge amount to me! I'm not a runner, though. I'm feeling the same way you are - I know things are going to slow down soon and I'm already feeling my age a little bit (and my lifestyle) and it's got to change, even if it's little by little. Y'know, I never considered it but a pedometer might not be a bad idea. Never needed one before, but since COVID I feel like I've been a lot more sedentary than usual (I'm a software engineer, so a lot of computer time in the best case). Setting a daily step goal probably is not a bad idea with everything going on, since I'm no longe
  9. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm officially in my mid-thirties, and I'll be 35 this year. (Outwardly, I'm calm, but inside, things are a bit chaotic as I now realize that I always have to do math to figure out how old I am.) I stopped drinking about two years ago and I've seen a lot of general weight loss just because of the change in lifestyle, but I'm also realizing that after 35 it's going to be harder to maintain what little physique I have. (I've never been an adonis, but I guess I'm fortunate that although I've put on pounds in the past it never really ballooned out of co
  10. I feel like I know the one you're talking about, but I'm not sure. I don't think this video is it, but here's one: https://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Long-desperate-pee-making-a-big-puddle-on-fitting-room-carpet If this is the one you had in mind, enjoy! If not, enjoy!
  11. I quit drinking, but I'm going to have to start hanging out at dive bars again....
  12. Not sure, but it seems that they have more-or-less reinvented the Japanese squat toilet (without the flush mechanism). The tessellated triangle design of the stalls also don't seem to be space-savers, and wouldn't work well if adapted to a scenario that required plumbing (due to wet walls and all that, which is usually why all toilets and urinals are on the same wall and why most pairs of bathrooms are back-to-back). Admittedly, though, these stalls might be smaller than I think they are. An interesting idea, and it will probably will have more support than the hose-style urinal than requ
  13. Good to see you back. Are you going to share your real life stories as well? Or are you only going to share the versions that are mixed with fantasy?
  14. Always loved the big old Econoline van lines. Not an RV person myself, but I definitely miss the age of the family man, before minivans became a thing. (Incidentally, minivans aren't mini anymore - they're huge! But they just aren't the same as the old models.) Always thought old vans were cool. And you could get them with options, like velvet interiors (or at least some really plush fabric) with curtains over the passenger windows, and stuff like that. Old Cadillacs are really cool in my opinion. Don't know anything about them as cars, but always loved the look. Although the 19
  15. Just posting to say, great question and goo discussion. This, to some extent, can be generalized as: "Will I enjoy my fantasy if it becomes reality?" It's a very real question and a good one to ask, especially when it comes to fetishes and "taboo" topics. I've wrestled with this question myself regarding some of my personal interests. Carry on.
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