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  1. I used to do this when I was really young and just getting into the fetish. I'd never do anything full-blown, just a couple of spurts or something into my underwear. I used to enjoy it at the time. I ended up moving into different areas over time, doing more and more with my piss, though, so it's a habit that I left behind a long time ago. It didn't really last long.
  2. This is maybe not quite on-topic (not specifically about cars) but it's related (it's about driving): Has anyone here every driven go-karts? What was your experience like? I personally have only done it once, but it was a blast. The thing about go-karts is that even though they don't technically go fast, they respond quickly and accelerate well due to their power-to-weight ratio, so you can get a real racing experience. I remember doing it and I had a really good time with it although I really sucked. (I was doing well early in the race, but at one point I spun out and tried to make up ti
  3. I didn't even know this was here. @Bacardi, I didn't know you were a writer as well! Hot fantasy. Best thing about this is that this is coming closer to reality as your real-life escapades take you down the naughty path. I don't know if you still write, but I'd definitely read more.
  4. Yeah, I think it's mostly B vitamins that do it. General multivitamins can have this effect. Energy drinks may also have a similar effect depending on their contents. I'm kind of the opposite, though - not so much into the deepest shades. It can actually kind of be a turn-off to me when someone's piss is a really really deep yellow. (However, it can be hot if it's a naughty pee. But I've seen some general peeing videos where her piss is a really dark yellow and it sometimes reminds me of how gross it actually can be, if that makes sense, hah. Times like that, I definitely understand why m
  5. If you use a good adblocker, the site doesn't load because it can't track your IP (via a client-side script). However, you can still visit the site if you know how. But yeah, in the end, I agree - I doubt it's worth it. I can't speak to the owner stuff, but the site doesn't use SSL and iframes its content (possibly to hide some sketchiness) and signup is handled by another third-party site that seems insecure. If I were the type of person to add payment info to any site, this wouldn't be one of them, ever. I mean....at the end of the day, it's just porn. It just isn't worth the trouble.
  6. If it was my car, I wouldn't want to piss in it as I wouldn't want to deal with the aftermath. If it were a rental and I was really desperate, I'd consider it. But if traffic wasn't moving, I'd probably try to open a door or something if I could, or just go on the side of the road. This would only happen if I really, really couldn't hold it. What I wish I'd be able to do - go out the window while keeping control of the car and not getting piss everywhere. Unfortunately, not realistic. As for what I'd like to witness - probably a woman soaking the seats and floor as a passenger in the
  7. Probably not really worth it, to be honest. Looks like you register for a third-party account anyway. The seller is just selling the links as per the third-party terms and conditions. No way to know about the content. I wouldn't trust this site wit any info, personally.
  8. Deliberate, for sure. Humiliation doesn't turn me on at all. I'd rather people and characters be active rather than passive, especially when it comes to this fetish. Desperation can definitely play a part and can be a good way for a person to do something that they wouldn't otherwise do, but I'd much rather than be an active scenario and active decision than a passive one. I think that one of the reasons that I'm not so into wetting is because it's so passive. I never really realized this, but now that I think about it, I think it plays a big part, even when there isn't humiliation involv
  9. The fond memories I have in terms of pissing at school were all of the naughty pees I did, mostly in high school. (I also have some great memories of a girl I used to know who was also into naughty peeing - I never saw her do it, but I did see the aftermath of some of the things she did. If I had a time machine, I'd go back and change some things.) I once pissed into a locker in my high school - that was fun. Once, i got into the cafeteria after hours, and pissed into a floor drain in the back of the kitchen. Truthfully, though, there weren't that many naughty places on the
  10. Sometimes, yeah. I always want to find somewhere naughty to go, but it doesn't always happen.
  11. Crazy to think that this car is on its third generation. The most recent one won the 24 hour Le Mans race almost five years ago now, I think. I'm not a huge Ford fan by any stretch of the imagination, but the GT is awesome.
  12. No worries. We all have lives. I find the relative thing interesting, as I was an only child growing up and I didn't have any extended family around me, so I sometimes wonder what an experience like that would be like. As for the fetishes, I'm also into scat stuff, so even though we don't talk about that here, know that you aren't alone in that. I actually wanted to study mechanical engineering at one time, but ended up going in a different direction, and now I do software engineering stuff. I'm also learning Chinese! (Check out the "How many languages do you speak" thread in General Chat.)
  13. It was hot to me! I mean, shit, a woman desperate to piss ends up hovering over a toilet and spraying everything in her search for relief, and then says fuck it and pisses on the floor, nonchalantly leaving a huge mess that she doesn't clean up? I guess you didn't get to enjoy it in the same way, but the fact that you didn't plan it and you just went ahead and did it is almost the hottest thing of all. Even without knowing what you look like or how you piss (jet stream? wide fountain? lawn sprinker?) it's a great mental image. I won't lie when I say I'd have loved to be able to use that bathro
  14. Hey. Welcome, and all that. I guess I'll bite. How did you discover your pee fetish? What other things are you interested in, sexually/fetish-wise, besides pee? (This is a more personal question - if you're uncomfortable answering, that's okay.) You're in school - what are you studying? What do you want to do in the future? (This is just because I'm a nerd.) You live in Southeast Asia. Do you speak any other languages besides English? If so, which?
  15. I doubt it. The theme stuff on Discord is kind of a running joke, and it happens just because there's a large community and Discord has removed some theme options in the past (prompting the conversation). Peefans doesn't have the userbase for that. (Additionally, Discord does skew to a younger demographic on average than Peefas does; that. combined with the mode of conversation, makes those discussions easier to have and laugh about. They move quickly, there are memes and reactions, etc.) I myself like the dark themes myself simply for contrast reasons.
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