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  1. Hey, Bacardi. It's been a while and I don't know how much your circumstances have changed, if at all, but I remember that it was pretty difficult for you to get opportunities like this in your current place. Just wanted to say that I'm glad that you're still finding ways to have a good time and it's great that you're continuing to make your dreams a reality, one step at a time. Take care. Carry on.
  2. When I first came here, it was pretty much the reason I frequented other sites - cheap thrills. As the thrill of cheap thrills started to wane, I stayed here because there was more of a community - I enjoyed reading posts and writing posts. (And there were still some thrills to be had.) After a while, however, I started to come to realize that at least for me, Peefans was part of an unhealthy pattern. It always felt (and still feels) as though the closer I get to the things I'm looking for, the farther I am away from them, and that hurts. I started taking a break from Peefans and oth
  3. USA (home country) Canada Mexico Uruguay Colombia (not yet, happening this year!) England Netherlands Germany ...and an airport in Brazil. So I guess that makes seven (including my own), eight after I get down to Colombia. There will be more travel in my future.
  4. Never have tried it. I'm absolutely not into drinking my own, but I sometimes entertain the thought of drinking from a woman. Truthfully? I don't know if the reality would be like the fantasy. I might not enjoy it - I might completely abhor it! Who knows. But sometimes the fantasy is pretty hot. So, the number is zero. Edit: For me, it would have to be straight from the source, or not at all. I love smelling where a woman has been, but I definitely wouldn't drink something that had been left behind. And the thought of drinking from something like a mug or a glass isn't really ap
  5. Seems to be a reference to the Christmas song. "On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...." Just fill up five wide-mouthed bottles (old Gatorade bottles work well) and you're off to the races.
  6. Great story, lovely illustration. Great to have you back! Happy holidays!
  7. There are some festival videos where this actually happens - someone else gets splashed. It seems to only happen in the event of a powerful stream, though.
  8. Honest answer, huh? Did you create this poll? https://www.misterpoll.com/polls/589512
  9. Only if it was less expensive than the other options. Joking aside....you probably could make bank doing something like this, if you wanted. There are definitely models who sell "products" similar to this, and they do seem to have a lot of buyers. Unfortunately, if you wanted to do this, I don't think there'd be any way to hide it from your family. (Although if you did find a way to do all of this and hide it, it'd make a great Netflix series.) I admire your conviction, but I think I'll stick to a looser interpretation 🤣
  10. Perhaps you should try this in a hotel bed. When you wake up after going to bed, you might not actually have to worry yourself with getting up... I've heard anecdotal evidence about this indeed happening, but I'm also curious.
  11. It seems that some site preferences are saved to the forum database with the user profile - the theme and dark mode fall under this. However, the particle effect isn't saved to the profile (it does seem to be stored locally, perhaps in a cookie of localstorage, but this is cleared if you browse the site in incognito mode as I do). Would you consider saving this preference server-side?
  12. A lot of my carpet pissed as an adult have actually been in office buildings. In one office building, I used to go into empty, unused offices and piss on the floor under the desk. I'd also piss in the carpeted stairwells on a regular basis. Very occasionally I'd piss on the carpet in the cubicles, but that was rare as it was a more heavily-trafficked area. (Not related to the thread, but in this building I also pissed in the paper shredder bin a few times on the shredded paper - it was a crosscut shredder, industrial-grade, so the paper shavings were two-millimeter slivers. I'd piss in th
  13. It may be more open, but that doesn't imply anything sexual behind it - just the opposite. For the rest of the world, pissing is a bodily function that's slowly becoming less taboo and less embarrassing, but I don't think it's sexual for the majority. It is just another bodily thing that women share and can now be more comfortable with. In the past, there's been shame around a lot of this stuff - the norm is actually being able to talk about it like it's a normal thing, rather than hiding it away. The reason it wasn't prevalent before is because of that puritan shame. As such, most of the stor
  14. IF she likes peeing in the shower, take note on how she does it - she might enjoy trying to pee standing. If she does, that might be a way forward in terms of encouragement for her. Peeing outside would also become easier if she's into this. One basic thing might be a hold-it contest. If you both like alcohol, you could use that to your advantage - have a romantic night with a few glasses of wine, but the person who pees first loses. You could even attach a prize or something to the winner - maybe something sexual as incentive. (This would have the added benefit of allowing her to associa
  15. Looking back....I'd have taken more risks, but at the same time I'd have been more responsible in some ways. I've always felt that I missed on a lot of interesting opportunities and general life events because I didn't take some risks. I technically can't complain - my life is not bad - but I always wonder what could have been, if that makes sense. I feel like there's some stuff that I've missed out on that I'll never really have the chance to do now at my age in my social group - those times have passed. It is what it is, I guess. I think the bulk of the knowledge that has come to m
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