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  1. HAHAH I love how it's "only" been your third time, not counting the display shower and the display sink (!). (Man, where are the girls like you in my area?) Maybe I'll just shoot you a follow. I know that the "naughty" pissing that I'm primarily into isn't your primary focus - we're all different - but if you do decide to make a thread like that, I'll be the first to come running. (88MphArtist will probably be hot on my heels, we'll probably be like to dogs trying to enter a doghouse at the same time, hahah 🤣) Carry on.
  2. There's actually something to this, yes. I do feel like the driving experience of today is much farther removed from the act of actually driving; cars are almost like little personal pod spaces that cater to more and more needs without making you work for it. (I actually drove a car one - a friend's later modal Mazda 3 - and while it was a stick shift, it had a clutch assist on hills. I didn't know about it, so when I went to do a hill start, I was completely surprised by the lack of rollback and it threw me off. While I can understand how things like that can be useful, they're weird to get used to and I don't like them as a crutch.) It's true that the mechanics can be easier as well, although I wouldn't say that the basics have changed all that much. It's just that a lot of the timing stuff for engines is now computer-controlled, and you need to be able to access those systems if you want to make real changes. I used to have a motorcycle and one thing that was nice about it is that it is by definition simple. I learned how to drain the float bowls on the carbs because I got water in my gasoline (long story) and it was something that I could do on the side of the road when necessary. These days, you can't even push-start an automatic - hell, if the battery dies, you can't even get it out of Park because the solenoid won't fire! I find myself wondering what you think about the newer takes on older designs. (I felt as though at one point, Ford had a pretty decent design with the newer Mustangs, but now they look like Porsches to me. Not that Porsches are bad, but Mustangs shouldn't look like Porsches. I don't find Ford's recent designs appealing, but the Chevys aren't bad at all.) The average person doesn't have the money to buy a McLaren, much less drive one for a day. (Also, the F1 is an awesome car, but it's twenty-something years old now, so the people who own them are keeping them - there aren't new ones entering the market.) But who knows - you might be well outside everyone's tax bracket! 😂
  3. You technically don't need to swap out your parts to accomplish that. You could even do it standing, like we do! The world is your oyster.
  4. Hmm....probably the closest i've ever come to this is in a house I used to live in. It hard a large heating vent intake on the floor, maybe about 2 feet by 3 feet or something like that. Sometimes I'd piss into that for the hell of it - partly because I enjoyed it, and partly because it was there. I never did it anywhere else because I didn't want to have to clean it up. Pissing into the vent fixed that (the central system didn't work anyway, it was a really old house that wasn't well-kept and I lived there for cheap rent). One other time comes to mind - I was sitting at a kitchen table (I was housesitting for someone) and I think I was in my underwear at the time. I was on my laptop playing League of Legends or something like that, and I was between games - basically, just putzing around. I, for no reason, pissed on the floor from my seat, and continued what I was doing. Felt great in the moment. (I did have to clean it up later though.) It has happened, and I'm sure that other people have done this a lot more than I do, but to be honest it's more trouble than it's worth most of the time. (If it weren't, though, yeah, I'd probably do it a lot more often. Maybe one day I'll rent a room at a run-down motel in the middle of nowhere just for this purpose.)
  5. 🤩🤩😍😍🔥🔥 You should make a new post about you peeing in display toilets (is this the second time?) so that we can get all of the juicy details! (I'd love to start a discussion, but I don't want to hijack this thread. But ultimately, that choice would be up to you.)
  6. I'm a guy (American), and I usually stuck with "hit the head" if i say I've got to go. The physical act is referred to as pissing, or taking a piss. I will use "pee" if I'm not referring to myself - as in "oh, she said she has to pee", or like, "yo, this girl is peeing EVERYWHERE". "Wee" can be okay with a British girl says it (and doesn't make a big thing of it). "I'm 'avin' a wee" can work pretty well. The term "wee wee" literally takes the wind out of my sails and makes me go limp. 🤣 (There's some person on Eroprofile whose videos are all titled something like "Outdoor Wee Wees!" and "Wee Wees in the Park!" and I swear, I just die a little inside every time I see them. But I guess, y'know, each to their own.)
  7. Man, I can see the UK influence strong in this thread! 😂 I've watched enough Top Gear to know what a Vauxhall is, but we don't have that in America. (If we do, it's under a different brand name. I forget what it might be.) I'm not really a car enthusiast, but there are definitely some cars that I love. I've always loved the Lamborghini Murcielago - the lines of the car are gorgeous, and I think it's the best combination of Audi and Lambo. (Also, i think it's the last of the V12s, don't remember.) Its design is just so elegant. I don't own a car at the moment due to where I live (it's cheaper, and honestly, cars aren't really worth it if you don't have to own one) but if I had to buy something for pleasure, I would honestly probably buy a Mazda MX-5 (the fourth generation, the newest). They're small enough that you can have fun driving them in everyday conditions, yet they're great roadsters. They aren't hideously expensive, either. They have drawbacks - roadsters are designed for driving ("motoring", as you all say) instead of hauling passengers and groceries - but you know what you're getting into if you buy a roadster. I owned a 2010 Mazda 3 for a little while - the standard-shift version, which was difficult to find, in the States - and I was really pleased with the experience even for a five-door FWD sedan, so I imagine that an MX-5 would be a blast to drive.
  8. I think that women have an easier time with peeing discreetly in naughty places (under certain conditions). Often, I've wished that I could do the same thing without as much exposure (although I'd honestly opt to keep my current equipment loadout - I suppose I'm literally and figuratively attached to my dick). In your hypothetical scenario, I'd probably start peeing discreetly in places I was sitting without resorting to wetting. I would stick to loose skirts with no underwear. I'd sit down (flipping my skirt up to avoid sitting on it), pull out my phone or something, and nonchalantly (and discreetly) pee between couch cushions, on the seats in the backs of taxis, on seats on trains and buses, and more. I'd go to the movies and piss the seats. I'd piss in photo booths, under tables at restaurants, under desks at the office, into chairs at the office or in waiting rooms and hotel lobbies...stuff like that. Just wet, soaking puddles without a trace (and no personal wetting). Basically, all the things that I want to see women doing, I'd be doing. (But honestly....if I could get away with this with my current equipment, I would. It's just difficult to do without getting yourself wet and without being noticed. (Also, a lot of the fun for me is about a woman actually doing this - so even if this scenario were real, there are some things (like peeing in an ice machine) that would only be awesome if I could see a woman doing it, so they aren't on this list for me. Basically, it's kind of weird to think about, overall, hah.)
  9. Stumbled across this (it wasn't tagged, so appeared in a search, but it turned out to be a dude) and figured that some people here who are into dudes pissing might enjoy this. And if you aren't, it's still pretty funny (and there's no exposure). I've been pretty drunk before, but i don't think I've ever been this drunk. https://thisvid.com/videos/drunk-chinese-piss/
  10. Funny ad - don't quite agree with it - but well done! Just wanted to say that the girl on the toilet is mega attractive, absolutely lovely. There's a little bit at 2:29 where she smiles and then kind of does the chin-on-hand relaxation slump (presumably as she restarts her piss), I'd love to see a girl like that in the same scenario but seated on a couch, going between the cushions! That's all. (I didn't actually have anything concrete to contribute. 😅)
  11. Unless you two are actually close friends, I would say nothing and forget about it. Given that you work together in a professional environment, I would definitely say nothing and forget about it. Many of us have been in similar situations - I did something for a friend at one time when we first met and saw her underwear pics (nothing out of this world). She denied it was her, but then did ask whether the picture in question was a nice ass. Much later, it came up in conversation, and she said something like "I think we both knew what was happening", which was pretty funny! But this only happened since a) the pictures were really tame and b) we were actually close friends. So yeah - in your case, I'd just bury it. She doesn't need to know what you've seen. If, for some reason, she brings it up, so be it, but were I you I would not initiate this conversation. (You might want to tell your wife what happened, though - just the facts - just to avoid any surprises down the line.)
  12. Ooops, good catch! I thought that a response was optional, I didn't consider that the question had to be answers. I've edited.
  13. You don't have carpet in your closet? I thought your bedroom was carpeted?
  14. Good stuff! But I think the cleaners will know what happened anyway 😂 As for the back seat of the car.....just the fact that you considered that is hot. Perhaps it's time for you to get a company car so that you can expense the cleaning fees. 😉😎

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