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  1. mark

    Snapchat Pissing

    @spywareonya u have a good point. If this is gonna be legit maybe if admin could move it to pee talk.
  2. mark

    Snapchat Pissing

    Hmmm may need to make a second snapchat.. lol idk if it would be good to use the personal snapchat
  3. bpb

    Happy Birthday
    1. mark


      Thanks man
  4. mark

    Strangest place you've pee'd?

    i couldnt agree more.
  5. Id have to say pretty young but i wanna say grade skool. Some experiences were to blame from a female cousin but hey at the time it was cool
  6. mark


    Th I guess thats true. Idk it jus seems to be more rare. So when there is. Its just that much better lol but welcome sarah to the forums im new here also
  7. mark


    Nice to see a female that enjoys this as well ;)
  8. Ive had some forums just add a pay option but i guess its ok for 5 posts.. soke car forums im usually on are outnof hand with spammers...