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    Northern Illinois
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    I have a life-long interest in this an had one girlfriend many years ago that got into it with me. Unfortunately, the other 99% of the relationship didn't work and its been dry ever since. This seems like a cool site and I'm hoping to get more involved. So far, off all the pee sites I've been on, this one seems the friendliest and busiest. Wish everyone the best on here!

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    Love seeing girls peeing anywhere that isn't a toilet with a big interest into naughty peeing, especially on carpet and in discreet public places. Yes, I am one of those that thinks "pee vandalism" by a girl is HOT.
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    It was a hot summer morning. I got off work late and met my girlfriend at a Pizza Hut around 11am. She was feeling very playful and I was enjoying her being that way. We drank a good amount of beer and then headed over to the mobile home I was living in at the time.

    It sat on a corner lot, with a deck facing the roadway. It had been shut up all day and night, and was stifling hot and with the humidity was quite sticky as well when we got there.

    We kissed for a little bit and started rubbing each other. Soon, she let me know she had to pee really bad and if I had any ideas. I hadn’t seen this before so I asked her to go out on the deck and piss in her pants, where anybody driving by could see.

    We walked out there and with her facing the road, she leaned against the railing. Laughing a little and smiling, she looked down at the time a dark spot began on her crotch. Soon, there were two dark streaks appearing on the inside of her thighs. These began heading down her legs and soon there was a stream off the cuffs of her pants making puddles on the deck boards. When she finished she walked over and we hugged and kissed. I ran my hands over her pussy feeling the wetness.

    We went back inside and stood in the narrow hallway next to the washing machine. She took off her top revealing her nice tiny breasts. She then peeled off the tight wet jeans. She looked very hot standing in front of me naked, with her piss drops glistening off the insides of he legs.

    We began seriously making out. She pulled off my shirt and then knelt down and helped me take off my shoes, pants and underwear. She looked up and took my cock in her mouth and began sucking it. In a few minutes, she backed off, looked up and asked if was my turn.

    She leaned back. I began to piss onto her chest. I moved from side to side making sure I fired on both nipples. I moved down to her pussy hair and soaked it. In a few seconds she giggled a little, looked up, opened her mouth wide and leaned into my stream.

    I watched one of the hottest sights of my life as my piss went into her mouth and overflowed. It ran off her chin, down onto her chest between those cute breasts, over her tummy and off her pubic hair onto the carpet below.

    When I finished she began sucking me again for a few minutes. I then leaned her back onto the urine soaked carpet and entered her, thrusting away. As we fucked hard the heat of the trailer surrounded us. We began to sweat profusely and that mixed with our piss made our bodies slide effortlessly over each other, better than any oil ever made.

    We both came hard, and just lay there looking at each other, both realizing how nasty we had just been and how great it felt.

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  1. Actually, it would be a requirement. Along with making sure you were always drinking liquids ...
  2. There's no good answer to this question. My first serious relationship was with a girl who I believe is a sub and peeing was no problem. The other 99% ended up not being so good. I REALLY miss that 1% though. At this point for me, it would be a deal breaker if the girl I was with wasn't into it.
  3. Well, this morning the shower stall is just one big urinal.
  4. How about on the sidewalk in front of a neighbors house?
  5. I used to remember the chemistry behind the breakdown of urea, but one of its components is ammonia. For some reason I think they used to use that in gunpowder making. Another fun fact is that the first drug for dissolving clots in heart attacks was urokinase. I was told by a doctor they used to take tanker trucks to sports stadiums and collect the men's troughs. Anyway, back on subject ... for those who like to play at home, the more hydrated the better (thins out the excess nutrients that things grow in and, one of my all time favorites is something called "Odo-ban". That would be f
  6. This is what I love about this site compared to others I've been on over the years - no one flaming those who like this. Like a lot of other people here, my favorite thing is a girl not using a toilet. But, it's not just the pee .. there's something really attractive to me about a girl who doesn't think anything of just peeing where she is. Some sort of an openness I guess ... Was going through some old pictures in my collection this week and there was girl in a convert stadium with seating that just inched forward to pee on the ground in front of her. There's just something about tha
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