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    Straight male
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    I'm just a normal guy who loves watch girls peeing ;*
    I like sailing, diving and swimming.
    And size doesn't matter for me :* (wether lake/ ocean,boat/ship or in an small/large group ;3)
    This forum means quite a lot to me - thanks for letting me join you x)

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    Naughty peeing - especially those naughty puddles <3
  • Hottest Pee Experience
    -watching my ex-girlfriend peeing in my room / on my old mattress <3
    (well... she wasn't into peeing at all, but...)
    one crazy evening she was totally drunk at my place :). she fumbled herself and we fucked a lot. - even if she needet to pee so badly and wasn't able to go for the toilet x).
    so i told her to pee anywhere she was and i would clean it afterwards... :)
    (she knew my fetish - in fact she giggeled and joked about it sometimes - but that night she was really about to do it :*)
    the next moment, she sat down on my old, messy mattress, leaned her back against the wall and spreading her legs widely.
    i couldn't believe my eyes as her pee started to splash out of her vagina *_* - and i can tell you she needet to go really bad that time.
    her lucky face was smiling at mine, so i kissed her and we had wonderfull sex on her pee-stained mattress <3.
    it was a great night - in fact sche peed more on-/into that matress, without any warning *_*
    it was a great night - and the old mattress was an easy thing to clean (i just throw it into the rubbish)

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  1. @peeholder25 what about a noughty evening with yourself? like watching some of your favorite girl-pee porn in the living room, have a few (or a few more) drinks and see what happens 😉 i know : drinking alone could be quite boring. so what about a drinking game? let's say you have to drink a slip of champagne (or whatever you like) each time, a girl is pissing. and a full jar of it each time a golden shower or wetting happenshappens 🙂 ifyou'd like to play a dare with yourself, don't leave the room till the next morning.. oh! - don't forget to prepare the furniture for y
  2. This is a grat story :) I'd love to see the next part! So if you do so, could you explain the whole drinking and peeing stuff from the last part?
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