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  1. yupyuphello

    Girl-Girl Golden Shower Cam Show

    Hey definatley open to paying but am really open in getting kinky with the pee is that a possibility?
  2. Hey All, Looking for a cam show, via skype or what not. I am hoping for multiple girls who are into piss play and looking to go for full on messy golden shower type play. The Roxy Raye- Ashley Fires video is a good model of kinda what im looking for if anyone knows of that. Look forward to hearing if anyone is interested or knows of models interested in this type of show!!
  3. yupyuphello

    Greetings - Im interested mostly in live pee shows

    Awesome! Look forward to hearing when you girls migth be together!!
  4. yupyuphello

    Greetings - Im interested mostly in live pee shows

    Oh yeah totally understand! Im happy to pay for the show! Though i would say i dont have a unlimited budget, and because of the extreme nature of what im interested in most models (particularly those who arent really into pee stuff) charge alot for it. totally understandable, you amazing girls should all charge whatever makes it worth it! i just dont have the budget for some of the more expensive options that are quoted But certainly happy to pay!
  5. Looking for live pee fun on cam!
  6. yupyuphello


    Yeah ive heard its a credit card/billing company limitation before as well. Scot - I do use MFC quite a bit as well but it can be very hard to find girls who are into it, and i actually just had my account banned by MFC for asking about Pee in private messages. Apparantly its against the rules to ask about it even. Which makes it really difficult to try and arrange shows. I would be really curious what models you have found that are open to it? xFuukax is the girl ive had the most pee fun but i would love to hear if you had any other recomendations!
  7. yupyuphello

    Greetings - Im interested mostly in live pee shows

    Thanks! Its fun to be here! I would totally support the cam service! I dont think it would be a ton of models, but id happily point the girls ive met who are into in this direction. It migth work better as a place to arrange shows (and occaisonally chat in public) so that even if the models arent there it could be useful!
  8. yupyuphello

    Relevant C4S Stores

    Fuuka does alot more than pee, but her pee work is pretty fun http://clips4sale.com/52243/fuuka-s-store/Cat0-AllCategories/Page1/ClipDate-desc/Limit10/search/PEE
  9. yupyuphello


    I would also be curious about this. Kinklive held some promise for a bit, but they are changing managment and pee is on the disallowed list at the new site
  10. Very excited to find a community like this, im trying to find cam models that will do pee play / golden shower fun and its kinda tough out there!