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    Trans lesbian (mtf)
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    English teacher & Accountant
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    badminton - model train enthusiast

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    Love watching women peeing in various positions - prefer when they have a bad aim & multiple streams
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    A long time ago, while I was on hiking trip, a lady who formed part of the group squatted down to pee in front of me the moment we reached the top of the mountain!

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  1. You shouldn't be reluctant!! You could even start each sex session with pee! You could even offer her a small treat for it (a gift or a dinner out etc)! Gradually, when she gets used to showing her pee to you, you could ask her to squat, hover or even pee standing for you in the shower. It just needs time! It seems that she finds no enthusiasm for that, but you can explain her that it is very important for you! As for cleaning up with your tongue.... it was gross the moment you told her!! Such things happen gradually, one at a time, not altogether! Before reaching this level, you could ask her
  2. I love it so much that you cannot aim well! As a transwoman myself, I wish I could pee like you without the aim i can have, Are you interested in watching where it goes every time?
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