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    straight male
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    I've had the fetish since I was very little. Only get to live it online. Reader, gamer, nerd and geek. Enjoys trivia and mental stimulation. Also enjoys hiking, swimming, watching college sports.

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    My fetish developed from jeans wetting and has expanded
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    I've only gotten to play one time :( (not counting solo... I've done pee play on cam with others from pissing in a toilet, to on myself to wetting jeans once)

    She was an RA and had a house over a summer. But she had to turn the keys in the day before we got together. We snuck into the house (our first time meeting in person), got naked right away hopped in the tub and then she pissed on me first, then it was my turn to pee on her. It was fun, but cut short because a cleaning person and security came to make sure the house was clear. We had to throw on our clothes and high tail out of there

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  1. Welcome. And no you are hardly alone. Just maybe separated from others geographically. I think you’ll enjoy the site
  2. Disagree. Love the photo. She’s beautiful and it highlights her eyes. What I really love is the safety first. Have fun and be safe. Masks save lives. Until the vaccine makes it out to everyone, we till need to follow precautions.
  3. Gorgeous! Hot and love it. Wish I could do more than one emoji vote
  4. Couldn’t decide between hot and love
  5. Hot. Love. Can’t decide which rating to leave. Phenomenal post
  6. I would love to be the photographer here. This situation is just waiting for fun...
  7. From the north east and currently in the Midwest. But not OH, sorry
  8. Sets like this... I never know whether to put hot or love. Incredibly hot and sexy both
  9. There are many, many hot series on here. I love it all. But this set might be the hottest set yet. I could practically cum just looking at this without any physical stimulation. You've really set the bar high. Love it!!!
  10. I couldn't answer that. I honestly have never been turned on by it. And I always turn the vid off when it gets to the cumshot part.
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