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  1. So just to clarify, the recommended way to now support the forum is through gold membership: However, if you aren't interested in these benefits, and have a smaller / one-off amount you'd like to contribute, of course all help is still hugely appreciated to keep us growing and secure. Please PM if this is the case, or if not check out gold membership if you haven't already so you can get something in return for supporting us.
  2. The chat here is hit and miss for sure - there have been nights I've seen it really active when a few people get deeper into a conversation together, but quite often it's just a few sporadic hellos throughout the day or even week. Does anyone have any ideas on how to change this? I think ultimately it comes down to each of us to try and start interesting conversations - regularly ask questions or throw out little updates on your day/life, pee related or not. Most people don't want to 'go first', but someone has to. Often just a simple hi isn't always enough to start a longer conversation, we should probably all try to get a little more creative and indepth so we can have more enjoyable chats. Although I'm not saying small talk isn't nice too sometimes, it just doesn't tend to stimulate too much chat. Little can be done about the timezone difference, although we do have members from all over the world (and besides, the chat is there to be used at all times of day!) I would love to see the chat busier more often so am open to any opinions. The chat could be opened to unregistered users (guests/browsers) but I feel this is more likely to just cause spam, and it's so easy to register anyway that if they wanted to chat they probably would. It goes back to that debate we've had several times about the majority of people wanting to look rather than actively participate. I don't know of any other pee chats that are more active, and surely there are enough pee fans online for there to be sufficient demand for an active pee chatroom, we just need to work out how to make it happen!
  3. Admin

    Urinals in Girls Bathroom

    In the right setting it could be interesting. Put them in a nightclub and I bet girls would have a laugh trying them out, especially as it would save waiting in the long toilet queues. My guess is that out of the population here, a lot of women would be up for it. And obviously I'm sure most of us guys like the idea of it. But more generally speaking, most would probably find it a little weird or be intimidated by them. For someone who has not tried peeing standing up before, I can imagine it would be a messy experience. One that I'd like to watch, but probably not ideal for most women who are out in public and don't want to pee on themselves. That said, this forum has taught me it's very possible for women to aim their pee very well whilst standing, so perhaps more female urinals are needed to start encouraging it. They do have them at some festivals etc, right?
  4. Great news - we're back up and running! For anyone who was having trouble paying previously or hadn't received a message, please check your inbox with all of the details for our new and improved system. If you still haven't heard from me or having any sort of issues, please let me know right away. We should be all set now though. If you haven't yet posted here, all you need to do is write the word GOLD below to get started.
  5. Admin

    Pissrip.tk down?

    Just to clarify, the .tk domain is completely dead (and has been for a while), but the .net extension seems to be working fine. It's the exact same site.
  6. Admin


    An unusual situation where the ads were actually wanted - haha! (Of course if you do want the banner back I can add it for you, but now you have it favourited I imagine there's no need). As for search engines, it's pissrip.net not .com, and the .tk domain no longer works so all of the search engine results have been removed. Essentially, because the domain switched, they started from scratch again in terms of visibility on Google, so it will take a while to rebuild and people would need to use the direct link. Or perhaps Google have removed some of the entries due to copyright claims. @Universalcan maybe advise on any other questions about the site.
  7. There's a dedicated area for spywareonya videos separate from the amateur video gallery area. https://peefans.com/forum/105-spywareonya-exclusive-pee-videos/ There should also be a link underneath the Gold Membership section. All future videos of hers will be posted there too. Enjoy! If you want the new bus stop one in particular, it's here:
  8. This week - the first big batch will be tomorrow night! There will be regular ongoing uploads in the future too. Outside of lots of amateur videos, other things coming in the next month or two include: Original pee videos from spywareonya (feel free to make suggestions to her with ideas) New themes for PeeFans you can choose between More content in gold member lounge
  9. Really appreciate your thinking on this one, however now that we actually have some form of revenue on the site, this isn't so much of an issue, as the site will fund itself and its own growth. Unless an exceptional deal was put forward, I wouldn't really want to be looking at changing hosts just as everything is set up and working perfectly. We are on a very fairly priced host as things stand that I'm very happy with, and although there may be slightly cheaper options available, in my experience you do often get what you pay for with web hosting and servers, especially in terms of support offered. Now there is a clear system in place for anyone who wishes to help support PeeFans.
  10. If you've followed the short instructions sent and paid for either 3 months or 12 months of gold membership, please allow me some time to upgrade your account. I will do this as soon as I am online, which is regularly, but unfortunately can take a day or so (usually much faster). Once I have performed this upgrade, you will instantly be able to do/access the following: Access to PeeFans Amateur Video Gallery (click here) Access to NEW & Exclusive Spywareonya Pee Videos in Full HD (click here) Access to The Gold Member Lounge (click here) (There's handy links directly to all three of these on the main page of PeeFans). Also.... You no longer see any adverts, banners, or messages about upgrading etc - the forum is tidy again! You can change how the forum looks - press the 'Theme' button on the bottom of any page of PeeFans! You can edit and delete your posts at any time - the 72 hour limit is removed! When creating a club, you can set it to 'Private' so only invited members can see inside! Unlimited Private Conversations! Gold Coloured Username & Gold Member Rank! (or this can be disabled if you would prefer, please just ask) Change Your Forum Username & Title In Your Account Settings! PeeFans Will Continue To Run & Improve! Thank you
  11. Admin

    Gold Membership - What's New?

    New Spywareonya video never released anywhere else - now available to Gold Members! This particular piss takes place at a very public bus stop on a lovely sunny day. Click here to watch on the forum if you've already upgraded.
  12. Admin

    Gold Membership - What's New?

    Well, the main news right now is that as of last night, gold membership has launched and is officially open to anyone who wishes to upgrade their account. It will be the only kind of premium/upgrade available on the site, and the one subscription includes everything listed here (along with lots more to be added in the future) - so there's no tiers or extra charges, gold members get everything for the duration of their subscription! Once the subscription is over (non-refundable), you can renew again if they wish, or let the membership expire and return to a standard user. It's an exciting development, both in terms of the great features it offers members (such as the reintroduction of some form of video gallery and new original piss content) but also for the sustainability of PeeFans long-term. It's win-win for everyone. There's bound to be a few questions around this, but please browse the the thread linked above, and read all of the information posted to see if it's of interest to you. By all means message me if there are any questions. Right now, I am working to get everything finalised, and add as much content for gold members as possible. This thread will be used for further updates/changes etc.
  13. A place for the latest news/updates on gold membership. Please note this thread is locked - please use the discussion thread to comment on any updates. Confused what this is all about? Please click here for more info on what gold membership actually is.
  14. Agreed, an interesting read - from my perspective it's a little odd, as you'd think I'd know the history better than anyone, but of course for the middle part I wasn't here at all and so have only heard bits and pieces from various sources. I'm very glad that everything is back to a good level now where everyone is seemingly happy and welcoming to each other. It has been an eventful 4+ years so far, but also a very successful and enjoyable time too. I know the interim admin (businessman admin as he seems to have been called ) doesn't always get spoken of highly, but we all do owe a lot to him. My decision to stop running the site was quite sudden due to a change in personal circumstances (sorry for the vagueness!), and he was extremely unlucky that in his time managing the site such a number of arguments and technical issues arose. He was also extremely generous in handing back the reins when he realised he couldn't continue, and can be credited for the name and software change (both of which overall seem to have been the right choices). However, I'm very glad to be back and involved again. All that said, in the coming weeks, there will be a bit more of a commercial element to the site. You'll see we have ads now, and the reintroduction of a paid membership with lots of extra benefits has just been launched. Please don't fear though, I think the key difference is that as a pee fan myself, I will always have the community's best interests at heart as well, especially as this site still feels like my baby in a weird sort of way. The commercial aspect will never intrude into the forum - in fact the opposite is true, revenue allows us to not only survive but grow and improve. It's actually a little crazy that for a site of our size, up until a few weeks ago this was being run purely as a 'hobby site' relying on donations. It'll be interesting to see where we're at this time next year... I'm confident the future of PeeFans is very bright.
  15. Hopefully the main thread above will answer everything you wanted to know about what gold membership is and how you can upgrade your membership. For some people it will be more about the videos, for some it will be the spywareonya original content, for others it will be getting rid of ads, for some it'll be the perks like editing messages and unlimited conversations - hopefully most people will see the appeal of all the features included! However, since that thread is used exclusively for registering you're interest in upgrading, this thread is here to ask any questions about gold membership. Please also feel to message me privately if preferred. Thanks.