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    It,s so fucking arousing to do this in our own car 😍 Screenshot of a short clip!
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    It's so hot! I take my panties off and sit on my bed, put netflix on.. eat a pizza and drink soda and just get totally relaxed and just pee... Oh it's so good!! Sometimes it's a full on wee, sometimes it's just trickles every few minutes... It feels so naughty.. I do it for hours and just sit in the mess
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    This is a story where Emma (into very naughty peeing) meets Vince who's also into it. Peeing in hotel room, elevator, stairwell, pool. This is told from a time when you could still pay cash for a hotel room in England. Emma had booked in, paying cash, so she knew she could probably get away with some naughtiness. Once in her room she pulled down her panties and half squatted to pee on to the carpet. She felt excited as the puddle of urine she was creating gained in size, pausing for a moment to move to a different spot to finish her pee and create another good-sized puddle. When finished she felt happy with what she had done as she could see it all gradually soaking into the carpet. However at this moment Emma realised she'd left her cigarettes in her car and went to retrieve them. Having gone down in the elevator she stepped out, seeing quite a nice-looking guy getting in soon afterwards. After going to her car and picking up the cigarettes she returned to the elevator, waiting a minute or two for it to come back down, but when the door opened she could see wetness! On entering it was obvious that the guy she'd seen getting in had peed. There was a big puddle on the floor and also wetness on the sidewall just below the floor-select buttons. Emma remembered that the guy wasn't carrying anything, not even a bottle of water, so the wetness must be his urine. On pushing the button for floor 5 she could feel wetness on her fingertip. This was one naughty guy and she wanted to meet him! ------------------------------------- Back in her room Emma was pleased to see that her pee puddles had spread as they soaked into the carpet, creating two lovely big areas of wetness. She did not need to pee again until the evening, just before sleeping, and for this she sneaked out into a stairwell close to her room. After checking that nobody else was around she simply stood in the stairwell and peed on to the tiled floor, creating a nice big puddle of urine which fell partway down the stairs. Now in bed, Emma's fingers found their way 'down there'. While thinking of the days events she masturbated, shaking her clitoris until she climaxed and fell asleep. She didn't know yet, but tomorrow would turn out to be another enjoyable day...
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    I Couldn't hold it no more the urge to go n be naugty was to over whelming, that n the Wife went to sleep. I just had to release and it was delicious. In order for me to get between my clothes and closer to the wall. I got on my knees to get up under the 2nd level shelf, then I realized as always my wife has boxes of shoes under there. So I moved them out the way, slid my clothes to the side, got my pelvis far as I can and freely no hands peed. With a simi erection and the pee pulsating out of me I could hear it splashing against the wall Feeling it splashing on my legs, I knew it was also splashing on the boxes, they weren't that far out the way. I didn't care, she never uses them. plus knowing when it dries its not going to be a strong smell. Turn me on even more, I pulled the clothes closer around me hoping the splashes might also get them as well. These are work clothes so I was more enthusiastic to engage them too. After my stream started slowly dwn I could now hear the rug my getting love. All I could do to stop myself from jerking off, was pull the clothes right around my dick, but because I'm now soaking my rug not pulsating against the wall I guess I missed opportunity to also get my old work shirts too. I pushed all the boxes back I know at least the boxes got it from the bottom now As I got up I briefly fantasize about being challenged with the more pee play, to next time just stand up and soak my clean work clothes with an ending of cum to seal the deal
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    Wednesday 07:20 – It’s hump day! Just need to get through today and I can count down to the weekend. I woke up this morning nice and refreshed and happily walked over to the bathroom. I was in such a good mood. I pulled down my shorts as I sat and sat poised to start the stop watch. A few seconds later I began a gentle but rather fast trickle straight into the water below. I went for 34 seconds, stripped out of my shorts and t-shirt and had a shower. I didn’t bother wiping, I never do before a shower. 08:12 – Another “Just in case” wee. I was half tempted to risk it and wait until my break but I had to host an assembly at work and didn’t want to be jiggling about on stage! I hitched up my skirt, pulled down my white thong and had a short 9 second wee. 11:14 – Break time which means a bladder empty and a coffee refill. I decided to pee first and stopped by the toilets on the way to the staff room. I could hear my colleague getting toilet paper as I entered the stall next to her and started an enjoyable 25 second wee. I rather enjoyed having an audience again and we wet at the sinks. I couldn’t help but smile. 13:04 – This one sneaked up on me. I felt the urge to pee as I sat down to eat lunch (a salad, so exciting) but put it off because it seemed minor although there’s the ladies literally next to the staff room. By the time I was finishing my salad I was having to jiggle my leg a little! I got up and I’m sure everyone would have seen me enter the staff toilets but if anything that just excited me. I bunched up my skirt, pulled down my thong and was peeing within moments. 29 seconds and I enjoyed every single one of them. 16:22 – Home, home again. A very interesting wee here and I’m sorry but I didn’t time it. You can read about it by clicking >here< 18:15 – Just had my tea and now I can relax for the evening. I have some work to do but first, a wee. I pulled down my leggings and thong before making myself comfortable on the toilet. I was playing with my hair, tidying it a little when I started weeing, not paying attention to my stream other than to start the timer. After 17 seconds it died away to drips and I wiped, flushed, washed my hands etc. 22:27 – I was BURSTING! I had been needing to go for a while but I kept putting it off, partly because I’m a lazy cow and I was comfy, but because I knew I would be going to bed soon and it didn’t seem worth it to make two trips. I had spent the last hour or so jiggling about on the sofa telling myself to keep holding it, to wait until at least 10:30 when I was going to bed. I decided at 10:25 it was close enough lol. I really wanted a wee. I said “I’ll be right back” to my husband with a kiss and went upstairs as quickly as I could without making too much noise. I darted across the landing, pushing the door closed but not shut, ripped down my leggings and sat down on the seat. I managed to hold it just long enough to open the stopwatch on my phone. Moments later my wee started with a gush, thundering into the water below. It would have been exciting to wet myself like that. I relaxed, taking in the relief as my wee slowed down to my usual trickle. It felt wonderful. I went for 34 seconds, finishing with a couple of short trickles. Sweet relief. Time to finish this paragraph, say goodnight to my husband, and go to bed.
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    Tuesday 07:05 – Happy Tuesday everyone! I got out of bed this morning and sleepily made my way to the bathroom. I could have easily stayed in bed all day. I pulled down my shorts while sitting and after a few seconds I started what turned out to be a rather long 29 second wee. Afterwards I stripped off and had a shower. 08:14 – Last minute wee before leaving the house. More of a ‘just in case’ thing than anything else but I knew I wouldn’t have a toilet break until past 11 otherwise. I hitched up my skirt, pulled down my red thong and had a relaxed 12 second wee. 11:23 – Break at last! After getting everything prepared for my next lesson I took the opportunity to empty my bladder. The staff toilets were empty so I sat down in the first stall and enjoyed unloading my morning coffees. 34 seconds. 13:25 – A quick wee before I start teaching again. I wasn’t desperate but I really didn’t want to hold it for the next two hours at least. Went to the staff toilets and took a stall next to my beautiful French colleague. She had a short wee and I tinkled away for 26 seconds. 16:30 – Honey I’m home! I had been looking forward to this wee the whole drive home. I took off my shoes, put on the kettle and said hello to everyone before nipping upstairs. I hitched up my skirt, pulled down my thong and started peeing straight away. I sat with my head resting on my hand while I waited for it to finish. 31 seconds. I got changed into jeans and a t-shirt afterwards. 18:26 – A comfort break before settling down for the evening. Well I am anyway, daughter has homework 😛 I gave my husband a quick kiss and headed upstairs. Only took a couple of seconds to start and I played with my hair while I peed for 22 seconds. 20:15 – Early to bed, early to rise! I’m exhausted so I’m going to go to bed early and hopefully feel better in the morning. I pulled down my jeans and thong and sat on the toilet, looking at my chipped nail while I had a wee. I went for 20 seconds. Time to get changed into my shorts and get some sleep. Goodnight everyone! x
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    It is nice to know I am inspiring fun. Bedwetting can be very addictive. When you realise how nice it feels, the comfort, the freedom, and the convenience you just want to wet the bed some more. I have pretty much managed to regain control since I had to replace my mattress when the springs rusted (I don't protect my bed, I am not a fan of lying in a puddle), but there is always the temptation to just do a little bit, and then there is the temptation that a little bit more won't hurt, and before you know it your bladder is empty and you can't get back to sleep until your bladder fills up a bit so you can pee a bit more. It is very hard to resist doing a little wee when I go to bed tired. I do also rather like going to bed fully clothed and wetting. It can be very sensual, and lying in bed in a ballgown and peeing a whole bladderfull of pee in to my dress was so delicious. Keep having fun!
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    I left work this afternoon needing a wee but not too badly so I decided to wait until I got home, which I managed with no drama. When I got home I kicked off my heels and pushed open the door to the living room to say hello before I went for a wee. I’d greet everyone properly afterwards. My kids were sat on the sofa, relaxing in front of the tv. “Hey sweethearts, are you okay? Where’s dad?” “Upstairs” they both replied in unison" Oh okay. I’ll be back in a minute, I’m just going for a wee” I climbed the stairs and as I walked across the landing I could see the bathroom door was partially open with my husband at the sink. I’m sure he waits for me lol. I let myself in and kissed his cheek with a “hey babe” as I walked past to the toilet. I unzipped my skirt and hitched it up over my bum before pulling down my white thong as I sat, the elastic snapping against my thighs. I smiled seconds later as a loud tinkle filled the room. I always enjoy peeing like this. My husband not really being able to see anything but the sound telling him what I was doing. It has a sort of innocence to it. He looked across at me and said “You look desperate” with a smile, followed by “and you look gorgeous” Aww such a darling. I always like his compliments so I thanked him by opening my legs a little, just enough for him to see the wee trickling out of me. My wee went on for quite a while and he watched me wipe before I stood up, pulling up my underwear at the same time. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him deeply, my skirt still bunched up around my waist. “I love you” “I love you too, Sophie” we cuddled and kissed for a few minutes before I pulled down my skirt, washed my hands and we went back downstairs together.
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    took some pictures of me stroking my dick
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    Dear Wet Carpet, Some time ago, one of your readers wrote a letter about me inspiring her to pee herself while staying at a beach resort and after she got back. That's right, this is Karen (and please, no "ok Karen" jokes since I am nothing like those bitches, and that isn't my real name anyway). Some things you might not know about me. Most of the time I am quite elegant and proper. My husband is a partner at a very well known law firm downtown. As a result, I have been able to be a stay-at-home wife and mother. We have two children together, a son and a daughter. Both are adults now and attending university out of state. This stay-at-home life is actually the origin of my wetting fetish. When you are home alone most of the day, thoughts and desires enter your mind. I remember it vividly. My daughter was in elementary school at the time, and my son was still a baby. My husband was away at a conference. I was cleaning up the kitchen when I felt my morning coffee working it's way through my bladder. It wasn't urgent yet, but I knew I would need to pee soon. I kept cleaning, though, and I was doing okay until my son started crying from his crib. I stopped cleaning and went to check on him. He was always a needy baby after a nap, so I had to hold him to calm him down. I was sitting in the rocking chair in the nursery when it hit me. I tried laying him back down in his crib, but he started squalling again. I picked him back up, and as soon as I did I felt a spurt in my panties. I was still wearing my nightgown, so I felt a tiny trickle down my leg. When I had to hold back another wave of pressure, I knew I had waited too long and wasn't even sure I could make the long walk to our bathroom while carrying my son without having a full accident. I sat back down in the rocking chair and held my son, trying to soothe him while also trying not to piss myself. I'm not sure how much time passed, but eventually I knew I had lost the battle when another strong spurt soaked the crotch of my panties. I knew I had no choice, now, so scooted forward in the rocking chair, tried my best to move my nightgown out of the way but knew I wouldn't be able to take my panties off without putting my son down, which would just cause another crying fit. All I could do was scoot forward and spread my legs. Almost right away a gush of pee soaked my panties and dribbled loudly to the floor, which was carpeted. I sighed with relief as I just sat there and peed full force into my panties. This went on for so long that I felt a tingle as my crotch got warm and the pressure of my pee was tickling my clit. I probably would have orgasmed if I wasn't sitting there holding my baby son at the same time I was pissing myself. But it felt so good and soothing. When I finally finished I finally managed to slide my soaking wet panties off. I tossed them into the laundry basket and then grabbed a towel and dropped it onto the wet spot on the floor. This started the habit. A little later on the same day, as my son was sitting in his playpen, I had changed into denim shorts and a t-shirt and had gone back to cleaning the kitchen. While washing the dishes, I felt a wave of pressure again. This brought to mind how great it had felt to pee myself in the nursery. I fought against the urge to run to the bathroom, but again it was all the way on the other side of our house. Finally, when I felt the need to pee again, I unsnapped my shorts, tugged them and my panties down, and squatted, bringing my bare pussy and ass just inches from the kitchen floor. Then I relaxed and a stream of pee sprayed out of me and splashed onto the tile floor, making a puddle that flowed across to the other side of the kitchen. I didn't care, though, as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the naughty sensation of pissing on my kitchen floor. Still later, after putting my son down for another nap I sat in the rocking chair and started to doze off. I woke up after about ten minutes because my bladder was signaling its need. I had scrubbed the floor since my last accident, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to make another mess on the floor. However, the towel I had put down was sitting next to the rocking chair. Without thinking about it too much, I grabbed the towel, folded it a few times, and then slid it under my bottom. I glanced at the crib to make sure my son was still asleep. His eyes were closed, so I unsnapped my denim shorts, pulled them and my panties down to my ankles, and sat back onto the towel. Then I relaxed and soon felt a delicious warmth beneath me as I peed directly into the towel. I gasped at this new, wonderful feeling, and could not hold back a moan. I glanced at my son's crib, and he was still fast asleep. I relaxed and emptied my bladder completely, licking my lips and again nearly cumming right then and there. Once I finished peeing, I knew what I had to do next. I got up, kicked off my shorts and panties, and left the nursery, taking the wet towel with me. I walked to our bedroom, which is right next to the nursery, tossed the wet towel onto my bed, and crawled into my bed. I placed the towel right under my bottom and started to finger myself. I rubbed easily at first and then hard and fast until I had to bite my lip to hold back the scream. Just as I suspected, I squirted when I came, feeling the towel get warm and damp again. That was it. I was hooked from then on. Every day I looked for opportunities piss myself and when I had the chance to masturbate and almost always squirted when I did. I was always discreet until eventually my husband found out right around the same time I found out about his affairs. But that's a story for another letter. Karen
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    I won't rephrase myself, so I'll direct you to the answer I already gave, here : You might find other members answers in this thread too.
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    Yesterday I was traveling to my home town and stopped for pee break as I was returning to my car I saw a lady around early twenties washing her face near pumpset in fields on opposite side of road at visible distance as I was about to get into the car I noticed her reaching the drawstrings of her bottoms I somewhat hid behind my car and started to watch her she slowly slid her bottoms of salwar kameez simultaneously coming into squat position revealing unshaved pussy hair for a moment and she was not wearing panty but wearing a waistthread like one she already started small stream of pee while squatting indicating her urgency that small stream developed into gush of pee while she was doing this another girl of age around 18 came there and she was already in the process of loosening draw strings while approaching the other one and squatted by the side of her and she was also dripping before squatting I was on cloud nine and meanwhile first one finished and waiting in the same position for the second one to finish both got up while simultaneously pulling their bottoms up and they tied their drawstrings while walking back
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    Perhaps a bit out there and overtly sexual; just a forewarning, but it is my fantasy: My ultimate piss fantasy would be to find a girlfriend who'll engage in naughty pissing with me. Any hotel room we're at, she won't hesitate to join me with visible delight in soaking the hotel mattress, under the couch cushions, kitchen glasses and carpets, never letting a single droplet of piss land in the toilet. And when we're done and all worked up, we'll be so turned on that we fuck on the soaked mattress, letting the remainder of our piss out, finishing with a creampie right into the mattress, before we flip it over like nothing ever happened 😈 Besides that, included in my fantasies are more tender and passionate naughty pisses together: in fitting rooms, public toilet floors, movie theatres, buses, trains, etc. Embracing each other while we relieve our full, pounding bladders in unison in such taboo public places is the ultimate intimate primal bonding experience. My heart rate is racing just thinking about it. The excitement might drive me to shoot a load right then and there, heart pounding and aflutter as we, say, innocently exit a public toilet or fitting room that we've defiled with our golden juices, punctuated by my final topper of thick cum sliding down the mirror and pitter pattering haphazardly into the piss puddle below. Wow, I don't know what came over myself 🤣 Hope my fantasies are relatable for some people!
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    I do love the moist evidence of her arousal.
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    I used to live with my not very nice sister and I was in the attic room. The bathroom was on the next floor downstairs. So whenever I was in my room I would pee in the bin (I had a seperate plastic bin for pee). I would just fill it up. Then I'd go and empty it out. The sound of it all splashing into her loo was so hot!
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    Poor Alisha has been suffering so many humiliating accidents lately. In this video she pees in her jeans while walking along a busy city street. We join Alisha in this scene as she is walking along a busy city street. As she explains after wetting her pants, “I was just walking and I had to pee.” It seems like Alisha hasn’t ever heard of the concept of holding it, as she lets loose and pees her pants in public, with people and cars all around. After wetting her pants in public she talks about how many people she thinks may have seen her. She even laughs at her own embarrassment over soaking her jeans in public.
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    Oh that's just the perfect slit!!
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    I sure did!! I used to pee over the bath too. Or in the sink....
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    Allways sexy with naughty pissing
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    How about these?
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    I woke up desperate for a pee. I was already naked so I hopped out of bed and walked over to the corner of my room and got in a low squat and began pissing. It came out so hard and fast and hissed onto the carpet. I made a rather large puddle with my piss. It felt so fucking good to pee like that in my room.
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