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    i could have let myself become more desperate. but, why?
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    As mentioned in the stories I have posted I have a lot of sightings from my new favourite hang out that I need to get around to sharing. I will update this thread with sightings when I get the time and it will hopefully be a mixture of my most memorable sightings from over the years and fresh ones that I see each weekend when I go out after work so they are in no particular order. I just keep a note of my favourite sightings so I have plenty of notes to look back on. These are the sightings that I feel are worthy to share for your enjoyment but don't warrant there own individual story topic. Hope you enjoy. #1 I was stood at the top of the steps leading up to the "pee spot" as it provides a good vantage point down the street opposite and the street going up and is a good place to look out for potential people coming to pee. You can usually tell as most people who come on the street where the bars are turn the corner and head up towards the other bars at the top end of town. However if they stop the cross the road there is a strong chance they are coming to the hidden spot to have a sneaky pee. I saw two girls walking along the street and stop at the edge of the pavement. One of them pointed across the road and it became apparent where they were heading. One of the advantages of this spot is its a church courtyard, with benches so its easy to stand/sit there without it looking too weird. Not like trying to follow someone down an alleyway to catch a glimpse. They end up coming to you, you are just sat there perfectly normally. One of the reasons I love it. They came across the road and I stood looking at my phone and slowly walking forwards like I was in a world of my own. As they came up the steps one of the girls exclaimed "whaaaat, there's no bushes anymore". The other girl said they would have to go round the corner. I continued slowly walking forwards as they rushed past me and went round the corner. I kept walking and they had seen me so when I came around the corner they were both standing in the corner. I kept walking heading around the next corner and out of the corner of my eye I could see the girl who made the comment about the bushes squirming on the spot obviously bursting to pee. I continued looking at my phone like I hadn't seen them and walked around the other corner. I waited for a moment and heard movement and then spun around and walked back. As I came round the corner I heard the girl gasp and I looked up at the sound. She had her jeans and her blue knickers down round her ankles and was squatting with one hand on the wall for support. I got a lovely view of her pussy peeing an arch onto the concrete below. Her friend jumped in front of her but by that point I had seen enough. She made a comment about thinking I had gone and I told her I was hanging around waiting for someone. The girl finished off peeing and then pulled her jeans back into place. She came out from behind her friend and looked at me shyly and said "I'm sorry, I honestly thought you had gone, I was bursting, I couldn't wait". I smirked and told her not to worry about it and went back to looking at my phone. The girl who had peed said something to her friend who replied "I do but I can wait" and with that they left and went back across the road.
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    Well @uhtred - newbie or not, you've got the right attitude. Everything on the forum is in a fairly logical place - so with a bit of browsing round it's all fairly clear. You've got a great approach, in taking a bit of time to see what's happening in chat, who's online and so on and contribute to their conversations - I get the feeling some of the newbies think the site is like a premium rate phone chat thing with a row of girls for them to be crude with. I've only been a member for months really, but have got some amazing friendships through listening, sharing and contributing.
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    Cars with large engines are also a major tell. 😁 I always wanted to own a Zeppelin. I guess that gives me away for sure.
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    Same with my wife Bonita. On all fours, doggie style its like a balloon has burst. No distinct jetting. Unless she also decides to release pee which she does frequently then it's a series of squirts followed by a long distinct stream once my cock is out of her.
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    #2 As mentioned above one of the best things about the spot where I get most of my sightings is that people do sometimes go and sit there or walk through the area so being there isn't out of the ordinary and people can't really complain if they come to pee there and you are already there, they have come to where you were. I was leaning against the wall looking through the railings along the street waiting to see who, if anyone, would be my next sighting. As a lover of both public peeing and desperation its a good place as you can see people coming towards the spot or see people along the street who show signs of needing to pee so I either stay there or wander along to overhear them. I was checking out a group of girls who had just come down the road and were walking along the street when a girl came out of the closest bar and started quickly walking past the group of girls as fast as she could in her heels. She was making a beeline straight across the road and it was obvious given her quick pace that she was coming to pee and was clearly desperate. I found it weird given she had left the bar but perhaps she had gone to use the bathroom and found a queue and decided she couldn't wait. She dashed across the road and up the stairs. The sound of her heels clicking were so good, frantic clicking as she came up the steps. She dashed past where I was stood and straight down to the corner where the two walls met. It was obvious that she hadn't seen me when she went by, another advantage of sitting on this particular wall. When she got to the corner she quickly placed her bag on the floor, ran her hands up her short striped skirt and pulled down her black thong. She squatted down and immediately started gushing on the concrete and by the look on her face she was feeling great relief. From where I was stood I unfortunately couldn't see her pussy but I could see and hear her stream splashing on the floor. When she finished she pulled up her thong and straightened her skirt. She grabbed her bag and walked back around the wall and went down the stairs and back across to the bar. A little later on, after a couple more sightings, I saw the same girl and her friend come out of the bar and cross the street to the ATM. As she was stood at the machine she kept crossing her legs and dancing on the spot and it was obvious that once again she was desperate to pee. I hoped that she would come and use the spot again and again wondered why she hadn't used the bathroom at the bar before leaving. When they had finished they dashed across the road and once again the sound of her heels clicking on the concrete was like heaven. The two girls appeared at the top of the steps and moved towards the corner. The girls friend moved forward first and said "keep an eye out, make sure no one comes" and ran into the corner, dropping her black jeans and pink knickers and letting her stream loose. The first girl stood squirming and moaning and I didn't know which one to watch. The blonde girl currently peeing in the corner or the black haired girl pee dancing, obviously desperate to do the same. My attention turned the desperate girl when she looked to her friend and said "are you done yet? Hurry up I'm gonna wet myself". I turned and found her with her legs tightly crossed and bent over slightly. She really did look like she was about to wet herself. The blonde girl finished and stood up giving a lovely view of her pussy before she pulled up her knickers and jeans. As she did the black haired girl dashed into the corner, squatted down and pulled her black thong to the side and immediately starting peeing full force. It was only then that the blonde girl saw me sitting there. I wasn't making it obvious that I was watching and made out like I only just noticed them by looking up and pulling out my earphones. She looked shocked and then told her friend I was there. The peeing girl moved to the side and made a comment about how it was rude to watch a girl peeing. I replied saying that she shouldn't come and do it right in front of where I was sitting then. She smirked and said "yeah okay, fair point". She finished up and sorted herself out before moving out of the corner and heading off with her friend without another word.
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    I wish you told me that before I made this. I would've augmented the...*ahem*..."field of view." 🙂
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    [This is a work of fiction based on a conversation about favourite sexy newscasters. Features female desperation, leaking and toilet peeing] “So that’s everything covered studio wise - floor, you’re happy - lights, happy, video - ok, sound?, green room - all good, post prod? Any problems anyone… No? Fab Right then - OB. That’s you Saz. Are you with us…?” Suddenly all eyes were on Sarah Riley and she jumped back from her daydreaming. She’d been thinking as she often did, how it had got to this. How fickle and self righteous this media business could be. One minute a top draw news anchor, then one leak of student polaroids later and suddenly she finds herself here? Fighting for work on a third rate channel, struggling for ratings. Worse than that she was the fall girl, the reporter that gets sent out to interview the guy who’s had a tattoo on his dick, or can fart Rule Britannia. Then there’s the ‘banter’ they called it, usually with her on the receiving end. Still it was a job at least. Nigel the Exec Producer cleared his throat - “So Saz, tonight it’s the grand opening of The Grinding Hog so you’re going to be on the spot. You’ll have read up on the brief right? Women’s only bar, oiled up guys dancing on the bar, that sort of thing. Should be right up your back alley. Why don’t you see if they’ll give you a VIP package?” Sarah ignored the obvious and tedious innuendo, that was nothing new either. Indifferently sipping on her coffee she tried to feign interest. “It’s a live OB, Chris and Pete are your crew, you’ll have to jump in the van now. No time for wardrobe so I suppose that outfit will have to do and you can put some slap on in the van.” Fifteen minutes later Sarah, along with Chris the audio tech and Pete the cameraman were on their way. Sarah finished her second coffee of the night, the caffeine starting to give her a little tingle and energise her enthusiasm. She could feel the liquid just starting to pool in her bladder in an almost comfortable way. Forty five minutes later though and they were only half a mile further on. Traffic had ground to a halt. Chris put his mobile down. “Pile up just ahead, we’re just about there though. So Saz, the gallery have said we’ll be pretty much on air as soon as we get there. Game head on?” Then Pete chipped in “Anyway, you’ll be wanting to get this one done pretty quickly. How’s your coffee by the way?” With that both of the guys looked at each other like over excited schoolboys and tried to suppress giggles. “What are you two Muppets up to this time? Another set Saz up, she’s good for a laugh I suppose?” With that the two calmed down, but Sarah knew there was something wrong. Something was afoot and it didn’t help her calmness either that her coffee seemed to be filling her bladder quicker than she expected. The comfortable feeling wasn’t by any means painful yet but she felt definitely full. They reached the venue, parking the broadcast van on an alleyway to the side. The guys immediately started unloading and setting up tripod, broadcast camera, lighting panel, sound boom and getting the uplink activated. Sarah didn’t get involved - apart from anything else it wasn’t her job, but preparing her piece to camera was. She stepped out of the van, feeling the cold night air in her nostrils and a shiver through her body. The shiver was the last thing she needed as it brought with it that feeling that her bladder was shrinking in the cold, perilously close to squeezing out its hot liquid. She paused, clenching her muscles for a moment until the feeling passed. Looking around, the club was certainly nothing special, just a large pub really with a red carpet laid out and a ribbon across the doorway. Behind a row of barriers to one side was a queue of excited revellers, all women of course and mostly of a ‘certain’ type. Sarah didn’t like to stereotype but this was definitely not the classiest joint in town. A few minutes of pacing later - because standing still really wasn’t working well for her at this point - there was a crackle in her earpiece and Sarah heard Chris’ voice: “Ok Saz, just got word from the studio, its our three minute count-in, normal intro and piece, then just hold static for questions from the studio” “All Righty” replied Sarah, a slight tension in her voice. “Have I got time to go for a wee, I really need the loo” “Erm, negative - there isn’t time. You’ll just have to hold it. Anyway, you look sexy when you’re desperate.” “Are we on air yet?” Asked Sarah. “It’s just that if we’re not…. Fuck off” “Ooh, no need to get your knickers in a twist, unless you’re trying to wring them out of course.” Suddenly something clicked in Sarah’s mind, link a jigsaw suddenly showing a clear picture. To be fair it wasn’t completely out of the question, her bladder felt like it was trying to pop the buttons off her smart pinstripe trousers. “Did you cockwombles put diuretics or something in my coffee?” Asked Sarah. There was a silence in her earpiece, but in the silhouette of the night lighting she could see Chris trying to stifle giggles. Children, absolute children she thought to herself. Before they could answer though, Chris’ voice in her earpiece gave her the countdown. “And live in five, four, three…. “ Then Sarah heard her earpiece audio switch to the studio, applause dying away and Tony the show’s host introducing her live report from The Grinding Hog. Time for the million dollar smile to camera, glamour and hoping the world couldn’t see her fighting to avoid wetting herself. That was no exaggeration either, her bladder was pressing painfully on the waistband of her trousers, it felt like her hot urine was pressuring the whole length of her urethra like one of those long thin balloons being blown up. She felt like the very tip of her peehole was the only thing holding back the floodgates, that and her legs firmly clenched together. At least if she’d been anywhere else in private she’d have been able to do something - like that time when the plane’s landing and you’re bursting, you put a jumper or coat on your lap and squeeze a hand against your pussy. She wasn’t the only studio newscaster to have done that out of sight under the desk either or worse. Then again, normally she wouldn’t have been this desperate anyway - and a girl can take care of needs just as well as a man anyway. She knew that from her morning jog where there were seldom any other people about and plenty of cover so it wasn’t a problem to have a quick gush-in-a-bush. Anyway big girls can hold it, right? Ever the professional, Sarah delivered her intro, she knew Pete would be framed on her upper torso and the building and crowds behind, so nobody would see how tightly she had her thighs clenched together. She had to hold still though - no head and shoulder movement, so no squirming, fidgeting, jumping on the spot or pacing in circles. That may not have helped much but standing in the cold night air was certainly not helping. Finally Sarah got through her intro and main piece, fortunately the ribbon cutting went like clockwork, then Chris’ voice in her ear asking her to go down the line and interview a few clients. As Sod’s Law would have it, the first lady she spoke to, Sarah asked if she was excited to be one of the first guests. “So excited, I’m almost pissin’ m’self, but I have bin stood ‘ere for two hours…” And with that Chris swiftly called her back to camera to close. “So Tony, back to you in the studio. I’m Sarah Riley coming at you live from The Grinding Hog. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go and check out the facilities for myself” Sarah heard the audience applause through her earpiece, but knew she wasn’t off air yet, so it was beaming smiles and clenched bladder for a little longer. Sarah could feel her bladder muscles burning - this was the biggest workout they’d had in months and she knew she couldn’t hold for more than a few seconds. Burning gave way to twitching and then Sarah felt a dribble of wee escape her slit, soaking into the soft cotton of her panties. Clenching harder Sarah held her breath, feeling every muscle tensing. Finally Pete gave the thumbs up and the red light on top of the camera went off. At exactly that moment a longer spurt of wee escaped Sarah’s weary bladder, feeling hot in her panties and then spreading onto the tops of her trouser thighs. Thank God they were black thought Sarah. Camera off, Sarah took a millisecond or so to compose herself and then made a beeline for the club doorway. There were a bunch of the club management at the door, the public still waiting impatiently. “Where are the ladies?” She barked, “I can’t wait a moment longer” Sarah wasn’t joking. Just the moment of stopping to ask the question had let another spurt escape which was now making its way down her inner thigh to her knee. Sarah ran across the lobby, unbuttoning her trousers as she went and not caring who watched her, the only thing on her mind being to make it out again with mostly dry trousers. Sarah banged through the door and shot into the nearest cubicle, not bothering to shut the door. With her waistband undone it was easy to yank the pinstripe trousers down, but her black cotton and lace panties were not so lucky. Even as she was still hovering over the toilet the floodgates opened and a deluge of clear hot liquid flooded through, splattering noisily onto the seat and water below. As the flood continued Sarah could feel the warmth spreading upwards through the fabric, a delicious warming for her bum which had been in the cold air and feeling the wetness spreading to her soft blond curls and cleft of Venus. Hot trickles of pee ran down her legs and Sarah quickly sat down before they wet her trousers which were now round her knees. Without making any attempt to move her pants out of the way, Sarah’s flow gradually slowed to a trickle and then drips. Sarah pressed a hand against her pussy, squeezing a bit more liquid out of the fabric and noting weirdly how nice it felt. Then she pulled her knickers away enough to wring out as much as she could. The bastards she thought, I’ll get them back. That was a mission for another day though. For now though, Sarah's priority was to survey the damage. She’d have to go commando of course but at least her trousers weren’t too badly soaked. Not visibly anyway. After removing her panties she screwed them up and put them into the bin in the corner of the bathroom. She carefully wiped the seat and few drips off the floor - after all everyone knew she was the only person to use them and she had a classy media persona to upkeep after all. A quick check in the mirror, 'compose yourself Girl' she thought and with a smile back on her face she walked back into the lobby and back into the cold night air. At the van Pete and Chris were pretty much finished packing away. The journey back to the media centre was tense, nobody really spoke and Sarah got the idea the guys knew they’d overstepped the mark this time. At least perhaps they did have a conscience after all. That was a comfort at least. ————— Later, back at her apartment and fresh from a hot shower, sitting in bed in just a baggy T shirt with a large gin & tonic in hand Sarah picked up her mobile, flicking open Twitter. She knew it was narcissistic, but she couldn’t resist checking and yes, both the show and her tag were trending. As she scrolled through she had a moment of horror when she saw the tweets that ‘Sexy Saz nearly wets herself on live TV’, but as she read the comments, actually they were all really positive…. There were some sympathetic, some saying it was the best thing they’d seen, some about how attractive she was, and some that just made her blush. So, thought Sarah, it seems maybe there is something attractive about a desperate girl after all. The desperation hadn’t felt that bad, until it got painful anyway and there had been a bit of an adrenaline buzz too. She hadn’t really wet herself had she, not in public anyway. She got away with it. And the hot liquid filling her panties and warming her cold skin had felt really, actually really good. Then there was the commando afterwards too. As she thought about the trickles of wee tickling her legs she found herself subconsciously running fingertips up their path from her inner thighs to the source of tonight's interest. The more she thought about it, the more Sarah realised the Grinding Hog day hadn’t been too bad a day after all.
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    Home alone at my aunts and figured I would just use the house as a bathroom including one the beds https://www.pornhub.com/video/manage/ph5e3f2cecb64d4?tab=stats#edit283038192
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    These answers are awesome! They simultaneously confirm my suspicions about how squirting feels yet challenge the notion that it's just pee. I have one more question tho: do you ever remember squirting and then peeing afterward? Don't worry, this answer is perfect! I must ask though: when you wet yourself during intercourse, do you remember if it came out explosively or was it more of a weak stream? Also, was it pleasurable relief or did it feel embarrassing/uncomfortable? I love your content by the way. You gained yourself a follower. 🙂
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    Where I was seated was not in sight of the toilet.Also as I mentioned in the original post,the area I was in was open plan so if I'd tried to get closer to listen I could have been caught and that would have not been good.
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    I think the guy had a problem seeing his over his very large stomach lol
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    well I amm am a newbie around these parts as it were and am learning the ropes. Thing is chat will be as good as we make I am by nature a positive chap so I can only hope if wel all try to keep trting the good people will come through in the end
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    Well at that number you have made many of us jealous lol My wife can squirt, not in the sence of a jet of cum flying at my face lol. She just floods all over the place. Doggy style is the best position for her to do this
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    I totally agree with you hahahaha
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    I bet its colder up here lol
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    love seeing girls enjoying been pissed on
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    Greetings from the prairies of Saskatchewan. As speedy said, there's a few Canadians here. Welcome and have fun.
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    Some wonderful sexy pictures here. Thank you to all! Love, Heather xxxx
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    Should I write a sequel to my terrible story? How's this for an idea to start? --------------------- "Billy!" Megan walked around the table while she watched Robert, who stood and faced the corner like he was using a urinal. "Aren't you a little late?" She grabbed a package of tissues from her purse.. "The lights just flashed. The library will close in minutes." She headed between two bookcases and placed the tissues on a low empty shelf. She turned back around and smirked. "Checkin' her out again?" "Shh! She can hear us." I said in a loud whisper. "So?" Megan unfastened her belt, and unzipped her jeans. "I've seen her checkin' you out too." "Shh! Ok.. maybe I will talk to her." "Billy.." Robert turned around and zipped up. "I'll give you twenty bucks if you kiss her." Megan pulled her jeans down and fully exposed her hairy pussy. "I'll give you a hundred bucks -- if you fuck her!". She sat down on the edge of the shelf and peed powerfully onto the carpet between the tall black suede boots that extended over her jeans. "Oh yeah?" I said reasonably loudly. "Watch this. I'll kiss her!" I didn't have to fake nervousness. Coleen grinned at me, and rubbed herself -- a little too obviously... Oh my gawd, she was getting ready to really go for it. My heart pounded and I felt myself growing hard. She really was a little hottie.. Her tall boots, short brown skirt, and tight silky red lace blouse seemed to scream 'fuck me'! 'What bad thing are you going to do to me you sexy stranger! Coleen whimpered -- and grinned like an idiot. "I uh.." I leaned forward, cupped my hand and whispered into her ear. "Coleen, you really want to do it, in front of them?" "No you can't kiss me!" Coleen giggled loudly and backed into the wall. "Somebody help me!" She grinned ear-to-ear. "Billy has me cornered!" She sat down on the floor leaned back and kicked her feet wildly in the air. "No! No! No!" "I'm sorry.." I willed myself to pull my jeans and underwear down, freeing my swollen member. "..but I have to kiss you." I got down on my knees, carefully removed Coleen's black lacy panties, and tossed them in Megan's direction. "No Billy, the other lips!!" Coleen giggled hysterically. "Oops! Sorry Coleen." I scooted close so she could rub my cock on her pussy. It felt surreal but we were doing it. "Woah!" Coleen gasped as I slid inside. "Ok Coleen.. now for the kiss." I leaned forward and kissed her as we began making love. The lights suddenly went out. "What are you two terrible actors doing?" Megan peeked around the table. "Yeah, they're doing it.." "A hundred dollars." I gasped. "A hundred and twenty." Coleen corrected. "Those fucking idiots set us up!" Robert laughed. "Yeah, but it's a fucking turn on!" Megan rubbed herself as she watched. Maybe the craziness of the situation made me last a little longer than normal but we both orgasmed more or less simultaneously, and Coleen orgasmed so intensely she peed.. "I don't believe you guys just fucking did that!" Robert stood rubbing Megan's crotch in the dimly lit library. "If we take you out for pizza and beer, will you call it even?"" "Sounds good but I gotta piss!" Coleen got up quickly and ran between the bookcases towards the stairs. I chased after her and Megan and Robert followed. Coleen ran to the railing, sat back in a spider position and sent a stream of piss a good fifteen feet onto the couches, chairs, and tables four floors below. "Wow, that's fucking crazy!" Robert laughed. "Meg, I think she's got you beat!" "Shhh!" Megan stepped back from the railing. "I think I just saw a flashlight downstairs. Maybe from outside. Everyone get down!" I thought I heard a door open. I heard footsteps and a flashlights beam danced around the ceiling and bookcases. Then the sound of footsteps faded, and I thought I heard a door open again. Megan jumped up. "Let's get the fuck outta here! I'll go get my car." Megan met us, in the parking lot behind the library, in a beat up silver Pinto. "What? Were you expecting Robert's Jag? Get in!" She laughed. Megan cranked up the music and took off down the road. "Where are you taking us?" I asked as Megan accelerated onto the freeway. "To a special pizza place downtown." Robert said casually. "Don't worry, it's strictly adult. On the weekends they open the underground club in the back. That's when it gets really wild!"
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    Dreaming big is a good thing only those who dream big go far in life. And when You do have big dreams try to capatalize on them while you still can.
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    This was originally a non-piss drawing but I added a stream because I know y'all like that. :3
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    Here's my girl's stinky pussy.
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    Aaarggh - we're replicating 😮 Soon the whole planet will be submerged in pee! On Pornhub I don't show, just watch... men pissing all over stuff preferably 😜 I'm not sure why it gets me off, but it does. Actually I don't really do social media; mainly here and Fetlife... I'm basically just a pervert.
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    Erm, not everyone on the forum is a drooling bloke or a lesbian.... I believe there are quite a number of ladies who take an interest in guys peeing...
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    I think I'm an odd one out because I don't think this has ever happened to me. I sometimes get a wet butt when squatting but if sat on the toilet with my legs together I only need to wipe my vulva.
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    I've had numerous messy wees when it's urgent and I'm pretty much peeing before I've sat down 🙂 sometimes if I'm having a wee sitting down on the ground, a stray stream will wet my bum haha
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    My friends used to have parties where we would regularly piss in the yard. There was only one bathroom and there were always people waiting. One time I was squatted down pissing drunk, when my male friend came and whipped out his huge cock and pissed right next to me while chatting.
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    Had a really amazing conversation with an online friend today! She is a cam girl who is a 20 year old beautiful Columbian and she is truthful with me as we’ve been talking for a while. Somehow I never asked her about peeing but today I did and here’s our conversation 🙂 absolutely unbelievable later on she was telling me how she’s just always done this and it’s common within her friend group, family, and country so she never really thought twice about it! Also sorry if this is the wrong place to post this I just figured you all would enjoy this!
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    Over the weekend I was doing a hiking trip with some friends and we were put in the middle if nowhere all day and over one night too. This means one thing... women weeing in bushes and watering the wilderness. There were 4 of us in total, and all girls. This is a photo of me during the afternoon weeing into the stream. It's a bit shaky because I didn't want my friends looking over and realising I was photographing myself pissing. This way it just looked like I was scrolling through Facebook while relieving myself... I was wearing a loose short summer dress as we were just relaxing by the tents. There were toilets at a camping site about 5 minutes walk away but me and one of the other girls just squatted nearby each time. I'll tell you the story in a couple of days of how one of the two shy girls got caught pissing by me. She said she wanted to go and take photos whilst we took a short break from hiking but I suspected otherwise. She was about 50 metres away and I found her, leggings around her knees, weeing over the forest floor. Yes I was going commando 😉 but only when we weren't hiking, then I changed into my yoga pants and put knickers on!
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    One of my absolute favourite topics. These are some of my favourites
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    And more I know this one is not not nude but really want to see her pussy too. I do not like the name evil angel though. This redhead has a really nice and thick hairy pussy.
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    Here are some of My favorite pussies.
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    It was lovely weather today and since I finish work early on a Friday I decided to make the most of it by going for a walk in the countryside with my husband, but I didn’t want this to be just any ordinary walk. I deliberately avoided going to the toilet after work and when I got home I changed into a knee length flowing summer dress with no underwear underneath. I was already needing to pee so I knew this was going to be a good one. I live in a city so we jumped into my car and drove out to the countryside. There is a lovely wooded area not too far from where I live and it’s usually quiet so it was the perfect location. The drive there was pretty uneventful, we was listening to my music and I was singing along badly and by the time we stopped I was starting to get a little desperate. Not to the point where I was going to wet myself, but if I was out and about in the city I’d definitely be looking for some toilets. We got out of the car and we held hands as we took a leisurely stroll through the trees. It was so lovely, I really enjoyed spending time with just the two of us, enjoying nature and the quiet. I was drinking from the water bottle I had brought with me and I was determined not to empty my bladder before I had finished the water. Luckily I have a habit of drinking constantly when carrying water with me so it wasn’t long before the level was getting low. To keep everything balanced, my bladder was feeling much fuller and I was feeling rather uncomfortable, my mind was quickly becoming more focussed on my need to pee. We had been walking for around an hour, nice and slowly, talking to each other and enjoying our time alone when I decided I had reached my limit, I needed to empty my bladder. My husband had no idea that I had been planning to do this all along so I stopped walking and wrapped my arms around him, holding him tight as I kissed him and said “I need a wee babe”. I had a quick look around to make sure nobody was there, we hadn’t seen anyone at all while walking but you never know! Satisfied we were alone I gathered my dress up and around my waist, exposing my bare pussy and ass to the world before squatting down on the trail, my legs parted wide. I wanted him to see everything. After only a few seconds I started peeing, a nice gentle trickle that slowly flowed out of me and into the ground below. It felt so nice to finally have a wee and I loved looking up and seeing a beaming smile on my husbands face. He was really enjoying what he was seeing. I went for so long, probably close to a minute and fully enjoyed the relief I was experiencing. I felt really beautiful and sexy too. When I was finally empty I waited for the drips to stop and then stood up, letting my dress fall into place. I didn’t have any tissues with me so I’d have to go without until we got back to the car. I kissed my husband again and told him I loved him. He said he loved me too and we held hands, continuing our walk. It was another 45 minutes to an hour before we reached where we had started and I needed a wee again. It wasn’t as bad as before but I definitely wanted to go before driving home. My husband needed to go too so before we emerged from the trees my husband unzipped and pulled out his cock while I lifted my dress and squatted next to him. He started peeing first and seeing his golden stream was just what I needed to get started and I joined in with a stream of my own, it lazily trickling out of me and landing between my feet. I loved peeing like this, having my husband next to me doing the same thing. It wasn’t a really sexy thing or anything, but instead it was more loving. Sharing a special moment together as a couple, showing how close we were, I felt loved. I peed for about 20 seconds and stood up, cuddling him from behind with my head on his shoulder while he went for a little longer. I kissed his cheek while he shook and zipped up and we returned to the car with empty bladders and huge smiles on our faces. I took a tissue from the pack of Kleenex I keep in my door compartment and reached underneath my dress to wipe before getting in and driving home. The drive home was much like the drive there except my husband had his hand on my leg the whole time, gently running his fingers across my skin. I loved it, moments like that remind me why I am such a lucky woman, why I’m so happy we met and married. By the time we had returned to the city I needed to pick up my daughter from school so we did that and headed home. We haven’t been able to make love yet but we both know it’s going to happen. Our body language speaks volumes. The lingering kisses, the soft touches, the way we talk. Overall, I’d say this has been the best day of 2019 so far!
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