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    For the first time in two months I have looked in on Peesearch. The site is dying, and for weeks now has been overrun with spam it seems. Both Admins and mods appear to be entirely absent. One member posted saying he was sick to death of it and was leaving. So I broke my vow that I have upheld for nearly two years now never to post there again due to Admin sanctioned hostility there towards me. I posted two separate posts linking to this site and inviting members here. In one of them I stressed active but light touch mods, friendly members, absence of spam, absence of negative arses, active and involved Admin. I also PMed the guy who said he was leaving inviting him to join us. When and if anyone in authority finally returns I might be banned I suppose. I made sure The Watcher - formally known here as Egwalrus - was on my ignore list in case he tries to slag me off or be both insulting, disingenuous, and provocative. I fully expect him to but have no intention of getting into a ding dong with him. He can be a negative arse there if he wants. As a prominent member here I don't want to be seen stooping to his level. Remaining silent in the face of his guff - however low - better advertises our friendliness than me going head to head with him. I do hope my invites attract a few members to us because dissatisfaction there is palpable. If anyone else wants to let people there know of this site, feel free. It will be much more useful info to the members than the spam they're beng flooded with now with apparent impunity
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    I went on to look at the threads. I tried to sign in but apparently need to verify my email (as I never really used my account), but the email is not coming through and there's no option to change your email address without first verifying it... so I gave up. I still managed to see the thread you posted Steve. I agree it's better to let egwalrus just rant to himself, no need to start all that up again. We all know what to think of him already. It did make me laugh that he was suggesting buying advertising space instead though. I have tried contacting peesearch about that before multiple times, but I think it's fair to say they are not actively moderating their messages right now... I was also surprised that someone else criticised the post for sharing links to another pee site - is that really against the rules (I couldn't see it in their rules)? I understand the two sites serve similar purposes, but I see no reason not to give people options since we're all united by wanting to chat with other pee enthusiasts. We certainly don't have any rules forbidding talking about other pee sites here (in fact we have an entire section dedicated to it), and so I imagine that was just one member oddly taking offence, as most responses seemed to agree with Steve and welcome additional options.
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    I also believe there is meaning to life. Everyone's meaning is different. I try and live my life according to my meaning. Iam not rich but I am wealthy knowing I have friends, family, roof over my head and food on the table
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    I think there is no great meaning.We are born and live and die.Its what happens between the first and last that matters.Some go on to be great leaders,millions of others lead lives of poverty,misery and loneliness.Millions strive to just about not starve to death.If there is a "meaning" i think it has been lost.
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    I pissed on my shop floor
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    view of Pen y Fan in South Wales
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    I think exactly what speedy and steve here said
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    So lovely,yet so subtle variations.Who ever these women are,i wonder if any of them are having a wee right now?Especially the one in the denim....
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    There's a super loud hissing sound in the room now
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    I just leaked a lot
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    I look forward to it. If I grow too tired in the meantime I will definitely read it as soon as I wake
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    @steve25805 Writing the post about your Legion
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    Cheeky your stuff is AMAZING
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    Thank you all so much for your kind comments and likes It gives me great pleasure to produce my artworks and i really like to show them to people so they can enjoy them too. Thank you all very much
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    A heart-touching question from you, my new and much appreciated friend I think everybody got personal GOALS, but "meaning" is more than goals Meaning is something scientifically and spiritually INHERENT And thus, on a logical-deductive stance, it mandatorily transcends individual differencies and peculiarities It must be the same for everybody sharing a same universe built by the same scientifical and spiritual rules
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    Your family and friends is worth more then money without friends and family but with a lot of money who you gona spend it with anyway? Money is important tho but without friends it's useless anyway
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    You are right. I will heed your wise words. Thank you.
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    Yes That is true Absolutely They are… vibrating Alive
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    Thank you for all of this You gave me more mature insight
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    Well the only easy way to change the parliamentary arithmetic is to have a general election. This is badly needed right now. Problem is, only the Tory government can make that happen. But they are scared shitless because they think they'll lose and Labour will get in to derail their gravy train,lol. I can never remember a time when our politics was so broken.
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    Isn't that the truth. He is a true artist. Hell I certainly would buy his drawings of the were for sale
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    Being a cop isn't a easy job thats for sure. I wouldn't want to be one
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    I am sincerily convinced thes drawings increase the Worth of the forum They are NOT something you can find elsewhere
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    Heart-touching Thank you for posting I actually feel cum… In the other hole is different It's more likely I miss it… maybe is because skin is tighter...
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    Ok, not even with a man I don't hate cops but cannot understand how they can live with themselves, protecting laws which are so unjust and fining people for doing things like those we love on this forum I did both ahahahahah It's rejuvenating, but you have to be careful of #1 where you leave your bikini #2 levels of water pollution: some sea traits are not clean enough to have naked pussy in the water as sand can get into People claiming for it to be unimportant, ahahaha are liars Ahahahha not I even Wet very rarely… and Always out of laziness like drunk on a sofa But I don't know if it counts as wetting since I was in shirt, miniskirt, sandals, jewels, and nothing else on my entire body… so maybe I just "pissed on the sofa"
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    I have! in both, many times xD never have I ever wet myself unintentionally
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    When you hate moron-believers, you end up hating all they believe in without even trying to understand if there is something cool among those ranks I see it also in black metal subculture to which I belong, some headlong individuals hate the Church so much that they put Jesus in the same category as God and the Vatican itself, failing to explore enough to understand that Jesus was a Witchcraft Initiate and was murdered for the political unrest he was creating, not because he was the son of an unexistent moralistic God
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    Your welcome. Iam here to help
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    I love advices from my pals here Thank you both so much!!!
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    I note that neither of you deny being with a male one Never have I ever swam naked either in a pool or the sea!
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    Maybe THIS is a meaning, uh? Yes, life is not equal to everybody, but this doesn't mean there is no Greater meaning It only means that the world is not there to comfort us, just to give us a chance One of Las Vegas first founders was a lame taxi driver half black half jew in apartheid age america Even without that you would be rich... The meaning of life is to improve and overcome Become more grateful of what we have and more brave in conquering what we still not have Achieve psychological stability in front of everything and be ready for all This is the meaning of ALL life, not only human one Bacteria, aliens, Gods, everything living lives for this reason The less we are clogged in fear and grudge, the more we become able to perceive there is a [sinister but glorious] perfect beauty in existence, and partecipating in it gives us a sensation of MEANINGFULLNESS that exclude the need for more-precisely-defined "meanings"
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    I personally think there is a meaning And I live according to it with all my strenght
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    More Sunday laziness
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    A while ago I made a few polls on MisterPoll about this and got some great results. Here they are. Girls Naughty Peeing: https://www.misterpoll.com/polls/604895 Here is the CSV from it (has a lot more information in it) http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=16668799571426616769 Girls Naughty Peeing at a Party: https://www.misterpoll.com/polls/607067 The CSV http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=57012490652075396159 Girls peeing inside at house parties https://www.misterpoll.com/polls/602881 the CSV http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=57440426015097931649
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    @steve25805 I had to laugh because in between your post and Watcher's angry reply is a HUGE spam post! LMAO! That was comedy at its finest! Good job, my friend!
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    Also Beachmom. She talks mostly about her sons and how she came to accept their activities as normal.
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    I love to shop for clothes. What girl doesn't? So, one day I took off, with my friend, to the mall and the first store we went to was Victoria's Secret. I must have been about eighteen at the time, I think. I'm 36 now. I didn't notice how much I had to pee until my friend came up behind me and gently tickled me. This sent a few squirts of pee into my panties. I told her to stop and told her why, so she backed off. At that point, she giggled and suggested that I piss in a pair of their panties. The idea really turned me on! On the spot, I wanted to do that. Mmm...I was wet, and not just from the little pee I'd let go into my panties. So making sure there was nobody looking, I grabbed a pair and proceeded to the changing room. My heart was pounding with horny excitement. It was such a new feeling for me. Was I a pervert? Was I so weird that I needed professional help? I didn't really care much at that point. All I knew was that I felt compelled to be naughty and pee in those satin panties! Luckily, there was no attendant at the changing rooms, so I was able to enter easily. Once in the booth, I took off my jeans and cotton panties and slipped into the red satin panties from the store. They were so sexy, very skimpy with lace. I looked in the mirror and began to rub my soaking wet vulva. God, I was so hot! After a few minutes, I stopped rubbing and tried to relax enough to let my pee flow. This was so new to me and I was, naturally, quite nervous. But, it came. Slow at first, like a trickle. Then, within twenty seconds or so, it gushed out in a torrent! I heard the splattering sound hit the tile floor of the dressing room. Still looking in the mirror as I peed, I had never been so aroused. Finally, my pee stopped and I realized what I had done. OMG! Now, I had to get out of there. I removed the panties and stuffed them in the corner under the seat. I dressed as fast as I could. Then, I was lucky to make a clean getaway! I was hooked on wetting from that day on to the present. I've never peed in a store since, but maybe I will again someday.
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    The first real photo of a black hole from the Event Horizon Telescope!
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    If Germany and the U.S had developed atomic weapons at the same time it would of been just like the cold war, mutually assured destruction. No one would of used them. If Hitler had LISTENED to his generals and admirals I do belive th war would of ended much differently. Donetz wanted more uboats, Hitler rushed to start the war. With more uboats they would if blockaded Britain into submission. He chose to run thr war like a corporal he was in the first world war instead of listening to his generals. A thankful mistake for us As F.W said, Japan was way more fanatical. Unit 731 practically invented biological and chemical warfare. They did horrendous things to the Chinese people and pow's. Had Japan developed the a bomb they wouldn't hesitate to use it. Jusy think how many American and allied lives were saved by bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It's terrible but the Japanese fought to the last man, last bullet, last blade. The germans by late 44 wanted to surrender and end the war. The SS was fanatical but also had an escape plan in place. The generals that is
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    Some clouds in the sky today
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    Today I had another public washroom pee incident Number 4: As I posted in the live action thread this morning, I drank a lot of water before getting into my car this morning. And when I stepped into my car I could feel how full my stomach was. Nevertheless I started driving. I was wearing black leggings and a lighter white sweater for my top. Soon I started to feel an urge in my bladder but didn't think too much about it forgetting how much I drank and how quickly it would fill. Before long I felt my bladder rapidly filling in the car and decided to let a little pee out to lighten the pressure. I relaxed and felt a tiny amount of pee leak out into my panties. More desperately wanted to come out but I clamped down to floodgates with my legs and I was left feeling more desperate than before with warm, wet panties against my slit. Time started to move slower now as I had one hand on the wheel and began to hold myself with the other. I felt another leak escape and my panties were very warm and damp all over again. I clenched down as hard as I could to stop it but I needed to get off. I saw a sign for a gas station and took it. I felt like my bladder was about to explode. I parked in the gas station and felt another peak torture my bladder and the crotch of my leggings became wet. I tried to stay relatively composed walking in and I saw the restroom in mind of an alley behind a wall and walked towards it feeling myself dribble at the lack of holding I had. When I got into the alleyway I crossed my legs and bent down lowering my butt slightly with my hands jammed into my crotch. I started shaking and felt a long leak stream out and heard the slight patter of pee droplets hitting the cement. Still grabbing myself I opened the door and stumbled into the bathroom with my bladder completely overloaded with pee. I felt my pee on the top of my urethra and clenched as hard as I could feeling a leak escape. I was finally in front of the toilet and had to use both of my hands to get my leggings and panties down but they were kind of stuck because of the wetness. I was kind of shaky at this point and was trying to pull down but felt pee on the tip of my urethra and a long spurt shot out of me dampening the fabric between my legs and across the front of my thighs. I clenched as hard as I could but as soon as I had to relax a little an even longer spurt shot out wuickly wetting my crotch and upper thighs. I jammed my hand into my crotch again and pulled down my leggings as hard as I could either ym other hand slowly weeving them off leaking at the same time but with the increased wetness and only one hand it was a slow process. I felt another long leak shoot out and dampen my hand before I was able to stop it. Two seconds later another long leak escaped, and then another increasing my wet spot more and more until another leak started and I couldn't stop it. A hissing sound filled the room as I watched my leggings dampen with pee from my slit. I saw a stream off pee on the floor pour into the drain as I drenched myself. I was filled with relief as my bladder finally emptied just steps away from the toilet. Soon my stream slowed down and then eventually stopped and I was left very wet but overall feeling much better. I used the warm air hand dryer to slowly but surely dry my leggings enough that they didn't shine in the light and then continued on with my day.
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    I did a wee in a sink today! Although I couldnt photograph myself going, I did manage a shot of what I produced!
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