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    This is something that totally turns me on, the idea of someone peeing in front of you/peeing with someone. So I really want to hear your experiences! My first time was when I was super young. Myself and another girl would wee in front of each other all the time and I loved it. I vividly remember the first time she weed in front of me that wasn’t in a potty or a toilet, she simply announced she needed to go, said she wouldn’t get to the toilet in time, pulled her jeans down and weed all over my carpet. I was in love and we did it loads from then on.
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    Brrr!!!!! But it's all so fascinating!!!
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    These 2 girls have beautiful arses I would love to be underneath their bums looking up while they rained their hot piss all over me
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    Whilst it's certainly fine to discuss non-pee topics here (in fact highly encouraged), politics is always a tough discussion to have, because the vast majority of people on both sides are too entrenched in their view to even see the other perspective, so it's never really a debate. People take an attack on their politics as a personal attack, which is why already this thread has turned a little hostile. By all means feel free to share your views, but there is never a need to attack another member for disagreeing with you. Aside from being against the rules, if someone makes a rational point and your response is to attack them, you immediately lose all credibility in my opinion.
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    I love the feeling of a full bladder when I’m in the mood for it! Everything feels more sensitive and orgasms feel much more exciting and pleasurable. I would love to hold with someone in person
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    You give me too much credit. I am not - and do not see myself as - the top moderator but merely one of four equals. And in my own honest opinion, in some ways some of the others are perhaps better at it than me. But I like to try and do my bit.
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    The city of Yakutsk is the coldest city on earth, with winter temps commonly hitting -60C or colder. Yet, 250,000 people live there and seem to cope quite well. Here are some pics of Yakutsk. I'd like to go there, but only for a day. They wear caribou boots and I have none of those. And fur coats, so I'm not sure my clothing would cut it. LOL!
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    Eheheheh I would lend Alex to you anytime He was the Master that trained me in Witchcraft: imagine how powerful he is as a MAN ihihihihih
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    Yes I have heard and seen many girls peeing and yes I regularly share them with everyone here. If you search for my posts then you will find lots of accounts of my own peeing experiences and also where I have have seen or heard girls peeing. Here are a few to get you started:
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    This is soooo hot what an amazing evening xxx
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    Ahahahah Bum fun… my male friends could think otherwise, as I am also a happy-farting girl, and BOY if I let loose ahahahahah For anal sex, I admit that I love the viscerality of it… indeed, I also ask Alex to finger my ass while we have vaginal sex, and more than anything while I cum… also, I love to have my arse licked, it's an absolute sensation. I shake and moan (and when I am with a lesbian lover, I also fart in her mouth if it happens)
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    It appears that these images are part of a series, but I can't seem to find a page where all of the images are present. Does anyone have a link to the page with the complete set of images? Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Exhibit C (link to the video would be nice, says "sneakypee.com" at the bottom): Exhibit D:
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    @Admin I would never use a toilet, unisex or not ahahahahahahahaha
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