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    I also once peed in the bath while HE was on the toilet lol! He was taking too long to finish and I really needed a pee so I came in, pulled my things down, hovered my bum over the bathtub and let it rip! He was quite shocked at how much came out of me xP
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    A nice view!
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    This is something that totally turns me on, the idea of someone peeing in front of you/peeing with someone. So I really want to hear your experiences! My first time was when I was super young. Myself and another girl would wee in front of each other all the time and I loved it. I vividly remember the first time she weed in front of me that wasn’t in a potty or a toilet, she simply announced she needed to go, said she wouldn’t get to the toilet in time, pulled her jeans down and weed all over my carpet. I was in love and we did it loads from then on.
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    I have been turned on by pee games since I was a teenager but regardless of wishing for a playmate I have had only two ladies who willingly (actually eagerly) played my fantasy games with me. This is a recount of the first one. Waaay back... when I was wild and free I met Carol Anne on a beach while visiting a friend. She looked pretty hot and seemed like fun so I struck up a conversation. She had just broken up with a boyfriend and was not too upset about it. We left the beach for my friend's house down the street. Carol Anne had nowhere to be and neither did I so we hung out for the evening, downing some beers and talking about oh I guess the things people talk about when they are interested in finding out about one another. We found out that although we lived an hour away, we were one town away from each other. We exchanged numbers and started dating. It was a couple dates later that we started having sex. We were in my apartment the first time and after some petting I felt that she soaked through not only her panties but her white denim pants. Just from petting! This was a huge turn on. She lived with her parents and 2 sisters so we always wound up at my apartment. We saw each other a few times a week. Our sex life at first seemed very milktoast. As we grew to know each other we turned to more and more variety and different levels of kinky. Carol Anne had a penchant for alcohol... a strong penchant. It made her whacko a lot of times but it sure did wonders to remove her inhibitions. But before she drank to the threshold her act was somewhat prudish. I would come to know, one by one, her different kinks and fantasies but she treaded very carefully into letting me in on them. I almost got the feeling she was lying to herself about what she would... and would not do. Carol Anne had a few personal philosophies. One was "If one is good, two is better." An example (other than her drinking) was her confession to me that once, on a long car ride with her parents, she discreetly slid her panties off, pulled a pillow over her lap, and teased her clit and pussy to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm - for a 2 hour trip! She said at one point her mom looked back suspiciously at her but Carol Anne didn't know if she actually knew that her finger was buried inside her. I think she told me that her mom found her panties in the car days later but honeslty can't remember the outcome. Carol Anne loved sex... and more sex, then more and more. She liked to be tied up and used. Her fantasy was to be taken by pirates so my job was to make her feel as if she had. She liked to be watched as she touched herself (I actually think that's a common fantasy with women). And as every little confesion left her lips, that fantasy became fair game as a real life game we could play out. For quite some time there was no such thing as pee fantasies or games. Pee was just pee. Yeah she would leave the bathroom door open but it was simply because of the comfort level betwen us. Then... the first inkling. It happened so innocently that I didn't even know that a line had been crossed. Carol Anne was kind of sneaky and like I said before would play the shy and prudish. I came to understand that game somewhat later. She was good and buzzed one evening when she told me about something that happened with a girlfriend. They had gone to a huge state park with their dogs. Carol Anne says at one point they separated and she couldn't find her friend for a long time. Some days later her friend confessed that she was in the woods "playing" with her German Shepard. She told Carol Anne that she learned that if she knelt and peed on the ground, her pet would come over and lick her. Carol Anne told this story in a way that she acted like she was shocked. I never believed the story but thought much later that this may have been a fantasy of hers. Or maybe she had a fantasy of a man watching her pee and licking her. The first time I watched Carol Anne pee other than in a toilet was on a hike to an abandoned quarry. It was a five minute walk from where we had to park. We had hiked in and were sitting on a bench that some lunatic had dragged from who knows where and place beside the quarry pond. Carol Anne told me she had to pee but had no toilet paper. I offered to walk back to the car to get tissues. As of then, pee games were not in our itinerary. I had never even let Carol know of my pee fantasies. I guess I was afraid if I did and it turned her away, those fantasies would be shot to hell. At least without mentioning it, they were still a possibility. Yes I knew there would be no great pee game but my dick had other ideas. It got hard as a rock as I walked back to the car, knowing that I would get to see Carol Anne pee out there in those woods. I stopped before reaching the car, yanked it out and stroked to a very strong orgasm. It took less than 30 seconds. All the way I prayed that she would not change her mind and pee before I returned, destroying the hope that I had. I got back to her and handed her the tissues. I did not sit but stood in front of her. Carol Anne stood just enough to slide her panties off. I reached out to hold them for her. She obliged. I could feel pressure building again as I saw her scoot to the front edge of the bench and simply pee onto the ground as if she did it every day. She had to have seen the bulge in my pants and noticed that I could barely breathe. As the stream trickled slower I gulped and took a huge risk. Before I could think twice I blurted out "Can I dry you off?" She coyly handed me the pack of tissues and said "You can." She parted her legs wide, giving me a great view of her pussy, damp with her pee and the little droplets that somehow got on the sides of her lips and the very tops of her thighs. I pulled out a single tissue and went to work like a surgeon... a very gentle, slow, deliberate surgeon. I was going to make this last as long as I thought I could get away with. When I pulled away she sat upright, reached to me for her panties and said, in a voice somewhere east of sincere and west of mocking, "Thank you. That was nice." At that moment I did not know whether she meant it was a nice gesture or if she liked the feeling of her partner wiping her after peeing in front of him. Just two week later we went to a park on a large reservoir to go fishing off the bank. Carol Anne swore short terry cloth gym shorts and a tank top, I think. We were there about a half hour when she told me she had to pee from the large coffee she drank in the car. I asked if she wanted me to follow her up the hill to the woods and stand cover for her as she peed. I was shocked what happened next. Apparently her peeing outside in front of me had opened that door completely. She answered "No that's OK. I'll just go here." "Here" was on a very open bank of the water with people about 200 hundred yards away on the opposite bank. Like no big deal, she peeled off her short (she wore no panties) and squatted down in the sand, in full view of myself and 2 or 3 strangers at a distance. It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen her do. When she finished and stood up, she did not put her shorts on but took me by the hand behind a large tree and handed me her terry shorts, asking "Would you dry me off hunny bunny? You did such a good job at the quarry." I took the shorts but did not use them. I took another risk, seeing that she was turning this into a sexy game, with an exciting exhibitionist component thrown in. I used my index finger to wipe her, a little at a time and each stroke, put my finger up to my tongue and licked it. The first time took Carol Anne off guard (or at least she pretended to be taken back) but she parted her legs just enough to allow me to do my work and while I was cleaning her, she asked "Does it taste OK?" I answered "I love your taste sweety." This changed the game once more for the better. This was not the end of the story of my time with Carol Anne but the beginning. This is just all I am writing down now because I have to sort our escapades into some kind of sensible order. There was a lot of alcohol and a lot of games... all kinds. I will write more later.
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    I’m not sure where I might happen across a white surface though rest assured, if I come across one I’ll try it!
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    Never ever have I parachuted out of an aircraft. And never ever do I intend to. If I was meant to leap out of a flying device thousands of feet up, I'd be a member of a species that had evolved wings.
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    Fascinating I'm with you on that! Ihihihi they kicked my loved Bayern out, can't support them ahahahahah Mmmh, this sounds interesting Ouch, those THIEVES ahahahahahah
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    I think of it even if I'm a girl ahahahahahaha
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    Now I keep thinking of this when I go pee in a toilet
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    Yes yes, when I said "I'm after" I meant the same as you, I mean I'm waiting to see what they do as they are the most likely to win For the preferencies, I'm confused about it I love UK teams because they play a very "manly" kind of football, they don't throw themselves to the ground claiming penalties, and they prefer to win rather than to "not-lose" so they give all they got But I have not a favourite one, I let my heart guide me in these kind of situation and that's where my feminine side comes out, likely I'll ask my dearest friends which team they support and I'll go with the (golden) flow ihihihihihi maybe Manchester City, but I would like to ask @steve25805 as I know he is a real fan!!! Surely I don't feel any exceeding drive toward Ajax, and my playful grudges against big teams doesn't eliminate my respect for Barca, yet I wouldn't support it. I just wanna see Juventus eliminated because as I previously said, greed can ruin anything and I did not forgot the scandal that hit Italy some years ago, it's Amazing they still let that team play, plus they are winning everything so they fall in the same category of Barca, and as you said, underdog teams have a unique charisma Porto… I dig WantonLee statements about Portugal being a cocky nation, but I have too little drive toward Porto (the team… if you ask me about the liquor, then it's a different story) I also think I should playfully hate Liverpool for eliminating Bayern, my favourite, so... I'll wait for the draft For now I think City...
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    Why can't I be surprised of all of that??? Oh bitch, I really would like to see one of your waterfalls… or to receive it either...
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    I was on a late night snack run, lol! There’s a wee forest-y bit next to the big Tesco in my town so I snuck in there!
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    Been way too long since I could! A combination of laziness and fear of being caught sort of compounds it! I peed in a forest part a few years ago when I had the chance as it was pitch black and late and had no chance of being caught. I keep telling myself to try again but I always chicken out!
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    I recently peed into the coin return, output tray and buttons of a condom vending machine - part out naughtiness, and part because I was a bit... pissed because I currently have no real use for condoms at that time, and was a bit envious of those who had. This vending machine is deccommisioned now - but only because in the place where the building it was attached to stood... there is now a construction-site.
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    I am here! Not really lol! He needed a wee and didn’t want to wait so that was really the only option!
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    Mmmh… you aren't wrong. But in my Path I learnt that there is no such a thing in existence which is not tainted: but some of them offer more good than bad, thus I classify them as good Football is good Plus, I can't prevent myself from admitting I actually love the game itself True, true Portugal is cool, as Always I am careful about european nations because more or less everybody know I live in Europe, thus I am careful because I don't want to reveal too much, but yes, living in Portugal is cool, and I do choose teams to support in similar ways as you, from the heart, rather than from complicated reasoning Well, max of respect for your heartfelt choices, I just hope you'll feel at home here anyway in case you remain!!!
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    Never have I ever been to a concert.
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    Lol, did you miss me? School sucks, work sucks, and I haven't had a good cum in forever. So Im gonna try to make it on here more often.
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    Brrr!!!!! But it's all so fascinating!!!
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    These 2 girls have beautiful arses I would love to be underneath their bums looking up while they rained their hot piss all over me
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    Whilst it's certainly fine to discuss non-pee topics here (in fact highly encouraged), politics is always a tough discussion to have, because the vast majority of people on both sides are too entrenched in their view to even see the other perspective, so it's never really a debate. People take an attack on their politics as a personal attack, which is why already this thread has turned a little hostile. By all means feel free to share your views, but there is never a need to attack another member for disagreeing with you. Aside from being against the rules, if someone makes a rational point and your response is to attack them, you immediately lose all credibility in my opinion.
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    I love the feeling of a full bladder when I’m in the mood for it! Everything feels more sensitive and orgasms feel much more exciting and pleasurable. I would love to hold with someone in person
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    Unusually great representation for England - I'm looking forward to the draw. With Real Madrid out it really does feel wide open - I'd say Man City and Barca are clear favourites but you wouldn't rule anybody out.
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    I'd say: Football is not good, it's just football. Or quote Terry Pratchett from the book "Unseen Academicals" : "Football is like war, but without the kindness." It's just another way of deviding and ruling, which explains why politicians back up this sport os much. To give you an example, from germany: The city of Brunswick and the city of Hannover are constantly at war about football. The football-club in Hannover is called "Hannover 96". So, at one point the fans of Bruinswick found out that a certain hill close to their city was exactly 96 meters tall. Soooo, they organized an excavator and shaved of one meter from that hill. Plus if you visit Bruinswick with your car and a numberplate from Hannnover AND have a sticker or anything on your car that shows you are a fan of Hannover 96, preper to drive home on four flat tires. I am not kidding. It might happen vice versa as well, but not as often, from what I have read. So this is my take on football, and any other competetive sport. They are there to divide people in tiny, controllable groups. And since they are busy fighting each other, they are less of a threat to the people in charge. Oh, btw: the damage and trash caused by the football-hooligans as well as the costs for the police who has to oversee each major football-match here in germany is not covered by the football-clubs, but rather by the tax-payers. I consider this to be unfair, since the football-clubs make millions, at the expense of the tax-payers. They should pay for the costs caused by their fans. To get back to where I started my reply: Terry Pratchett also wrote in the book "Unseen Academicals": “The thing about football - the important thing about football - is that it is not just about football.” And I think it is not ment as an insult. Actually, the book is a declaration of love towards football (and fashion, and a number of other things), and I like it very much. So much that I recommend it (but that is true for most of the Discworld-Novels, so this probably doesn't count...). Still don't like football, though. I'm sorry if I derailed this thread, but since I have said anything I wanted to say, just continue having fun!
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    I may just throw my support behind Manchester United haha
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    You give me too much credit. I am not - and do not see myself as - the top moderator but merely one of four equals. And in my own honest opinion, in some ways some of the others are perhaps better at it than me. But I like to try and do my bit.
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    The city of Yakutsk is the coldest city on earth, with winter temps commonly hitting -60C or colder. Yet, 250,000 people live there and seem to cope quite well. Here are some pics of Yakutsk. I'd like to go there, but only for a day. They wear caribou boots and I have none of those. And fur coats, so I'm not sure my clothing would cut it. LOL!
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    Eheheheh I would lend Alex to you anytime He was the Master that trained me in Witchcraft: imagine how powerful he is as a MAN ihihihihih
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    Yes I have heard and seen many girls peeing and yes I regularly share them with everyone here. If you search for my posts then you will find lots of accounts of my own peeing experiences and also where I have have seen or heard girls peeing. Here are a few to get you started:
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    I'm going to be moving soon and since this is originally a 4 bedroom apartment (3 currently), you can imagine I never really had enough time to indulge in any pee activities outside of the sinks and the occasional shower wetting. Luckily I'm moving out with one of the roommates to a 2 bedroom which should give me more chances to pee where I please when he's absent. I'm hoping to get a place with in house laundry too so I can wet again. In the mean time I've got the apartment to myself for a few hours and decided to send off the apartment by having a naughty pee in every room. I've already peed plenty in my own room, in glasses and containers. I've also got a standard chamber pot which I've used in the past as well as a potty training urinal that I can stick to mirrors/glass doors. This one is kind of fun and I hope I'm able to set it up "permanently" in the next apartment. The thought of walking into my closet and having my own personal urinal installed (albeit hidden) is exciting. I'm also contemplating leaving a book case shelf that's conveniently waist height clear so I can place the chamber pot on it when I'm alone. Heck maybe I'll luck out and we'll get a unit with a basement or utility closet with a drain. Or even more of a fantasy, a bedroom with a sink, but I doubt those exist in my city. To cut back to the present, I've been drinking loads of water, sipping some beer to help and I've already peed in one of my roommate's room. He has glass doors that open up into the living room and I set up the urinal on his side so I could see out to the TV which I've got playing Pee Devil, so I can pee while watching Candice Paris wet herself. I've stripped to just a T-shirt and I'm enjoying the feeling of walking around the apartment with my cock out. As soon as I got desperate I stopped doing chores and entered my roommate's room, walking up to the urinal. I like to have it just high enough to dip my penis in and as soon as I got in position my bladder let go and I peed for what felt like a full minute. As I type this I'm ready for round 2. As I was peeing in the urinal in my roommate's room I noticed there was a delivery order bag standing on the living room floor, a large paper bag encased in a plastic one. I instantly know what's going to be my toilet next.
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    It appears that these images are part of a series, but I can't seem to find a page where all of the images are present. Does anyone have a link to the page with the complete set of images? Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Exhibit C (link to the video would be nice, says "sneakypee.com" at the bottom): Exhibit D:
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    @Admin I would never use a toilet, unisex or not ahahahahahahahaha
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