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    Alright... Not to name names, but there's a few members here that are still asking 'Anyone need to wee' or 'Anyone gotta piss' or 'Anyone wanna hold.' I know some of these people have been warned a few times by mods/admins but maybe we've gotten to the point where we need 2 different chats. One for people that want to talk about nothing but piss and holds all day and for people that don't want to be asked about piss holding or bladder holding or 'needing to piss.' This has been an issue multiple times for awhile now and i'm sorry if i'm being harsh about this but multiple members are extremely frustrated about this (this i know because they tell me) and after multiple warnings...what happens next? I know these few members know why they shouldn't be doing this. But maybe there really does need to be a separate chat for people that wants to constantly talk about it.
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    We are all friends here.Pervy kind of friends yes,maybe you might find us rummaging through your laundry etc,but hey a friend is a friend!xx
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    It’s still a little bit of an alien concept to think I’ve aroused guys but it’s quite a nice feeling too! I can’t often believe it as having gone so long without sex or seeing proof I’ve done it sort of kills confidence! And yes, I take the photos myself. I’m no expert, I just do what I can to catch what I can. I have dithered about setting up my iPad so that I can capture longer shots or more adventurous pees that I can use my hands in
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    The origin. Not a clear cut moment. It was in the back of my mind for a while. I set up the first version of Bound2Burst in March 2005 while working inside a government building. I'm sure they have a record of that somewhere. At first, it was just about publishing stories I'd written, and that grew into publishing stories by contributors. Along the way, a few people suggested turning some of these stories into videos. That seemed a bit of a hurdle, but I did commission a few voice artists to read some short stories. These got a somewhat lukewarm reception, even though the readers did an amazing job. Again, the spectre of making videos reared its head, so I talked to my wife about it since it would affect her life as much as it would mine. She was a bit leery at first, wondering if this was a way to get involved with other women. However, she has known me a long time and we trust each other, so she agreed. We also needed the money since we started buying our first house, then had to move because of a change in job, and somehow managed to get a mortgage for a second house. We were in over our heads really, but back then, banks were desperate to loan out money. The only real option was to risk starting a fetish business, which meant plunging ourselves deeper into debt buying a camera with a credit card, and then scraping up enough to pay for the first two shoots. These were both bondage/pee and could so easily have perished on the vine. Happily, they did not. They generated enough money to pay the next model and leave a bit over to help us pay that second mortgage until the first house could be sold. That took about 6 months. I kept hiring with the proceeds of what had been published, just a little better than breaking even for those early months. We discussed stopping after the other house was sold, but by then, the returns were a little better and it seemed foolish to discard a second income. Growth came slowly until, after three years, I quit my job and went full time. It's better than any job, even if the monthly income can vary all over the place. We've also met some truly nice people along the way. Privacy. Always a concern. Realizing the dangers, I purged all evidence of myself from the web so that it would be hard to find out about my background. That was a lot easier to do back then; these days, it would be a total nightmare. I was concerned about privacy because of the way those living near us might (almost certainly would) react, but there was a deeper concern. I didn't want too much information out there in case it enabled someone to locate and stalk one of the models and do her harm. As it turned out, one of the girls did end up quitting the business because she picked up a stalker. It wasn't because of her work with me, but through another outlet where she was just a little careless. She finally had to get a restraining order. That was years ago, but the guy has never truly gone away.
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    Probably nothing. My own inclination was to combine bondage and desperation because I have a fetish for both, but not everyone agreed with that. Nevertheless, it is what motivated me to get started.
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    I'm thinking there's a small enough population of chatters (chatters?) anyway, without splitting off. Most people do chat about the everyday sort of stuff - there's a great conversation right now - I'm happy to reply gently but firmly to any one-trick pony comments, perhaps if we all do that? Nothing offensive, just expressing that it's not of interest and not helpful?
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    While I disagree with having two chats, I do like the idea of the ignore feature being more known. There are a few chatters who just seem oblivious, never learn and are as subtle as a bulldozer. I won't be using the feature personally because I feel it would be irresponsible as a moderator, I'd hate to potentially miss abuse because I had the user on ignore! I feel this is a nice compromise, you can ignore the people who irritate you while still allowing everyone freedom to chat.
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    You've aroused me, birb. Keep it up -- you're good at it. Your pictures and writings do make many men hard that's a fact. Confidence is the key and you've passed the stage of being confident in your peeing exploits. The rest will follow quickly.
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    @spywareonya will be able to understand the circumstances that led to tonight’s masturbation.... I’m getting hard again thinking about it now.
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    I prefer smaller breasts, an A or B cup at the most. I find large breasts a huge turn off. They're just big bags of fat, dropping to a woman's belly button. No thanks. I also cannot stand large areolas. I like small areolas with .22 caliber bullet nipples. That, a small waist, full round butt, and shapely legs and I'm all set!
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    Well I wish I could tell you it had anything to do with occult/spiritual/or any other reason, but they are just far and away my favorite band. I have followed them since 1976. Sadly their leader died in 1995, but they still carry on. They really had no affiliation with any deep religious beliefs, they were all about mind expansion. Especially through the use of LSD. Many followers were into that as well, me a little weed and I was high enough. Now that being said-especially due to heavy duty altered states, fans, and band members always thought of a Grateful Dead concert a very spiritual or religious experience. I just love love love their music
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    This is one of my favorites because it seems she managed to miss the tub.
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