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  3. Thanks! Well I'm pretty sure it all started with my aunt when I was still a child. She noticed everytime we made a little walk in the forest together that I had this curiosity towards how women pee and so at some point (taking advantage of my innocence) she let me watch her pee everytime she needed to on these walks, sometimes also at her house on the toilet while she was babysitting me. After that a certain fascination for the act grew in me. I used to play little pee games with a female friend of mine when whe were still kids and we just enjoyed the sight of eachother while taking a pee outside in the most unusual places ... We even got caught once by a grown up couple one summer evening while we were peeing behind the wall of our future middle school, nothing happened luckily they just turned away and hopefully forgot everything by now haha. And as soon as puberty hit me I discovered that all of this turned me on and from there it became a fetish (and also a secret hobby).
  4. Much as I did last night after an evening drinking wine with friends. I didn't realize how full I was until I walked out to my car. Hope there was enough rain overnight that the host didn't notice I left a huge puddle in the driveway.
  5. https://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/ME-peeing-in-the-toilet-11
  6. Gia Rossi : Naked Office Worker Pours Shots You think you saw everything? Stay tuned with new updates from Bondage Bisexual and Fetishes Studio. I promise, you will like it! Clips4sale.com - Pee category
  7. My First Orgasmic Pee Here is another great Pee video update from our friends at Luna Hellborn Studio. Check it out! Clips4sale.com - Pee category
  8. Turned into a Piss Slut Hello! This is the last clip update from Adora Bell Studio. You certainly can not skip it. Clips4sale.com - Pee category
  9. Hi FW !! thank you, I have been less present, too much going in my life, also preparing for my best friends wedding.
  10. 1. Connery - he was the first 2. Moore - I like his style 3. Others - others, maybe Brosnan a little better And I like films with Moore more for humor and self-irony
  11. Btw I neither asked to see porn, nor was asked if I wanted to see it
  12. A kid can still 1) use fake ID 2) Borrow his parent's credit card 3) Find his parent's porn stash 4) use a VPN, or other such technologies 5) get porn off his classmate who was smart enough to do the above. I was first exposed to porn by a schoolmate who had it on his phone.
  13. Amazing. Where'd u find this?
  14. A loud-voiced minority can often drive politicians to make laws against the interests and preference of the majority. A sad fact of the political process.
  15. You are so right! Daniel Craig is only 5'10". (I suspect he's even shorter.) Connery is 6'2". What a joke. I find the latest Bond actor almost ugly. Then again, I'm not a woman.
  16. In order of Bond Connery-Dalton-Moore-Lazenby-Brosnan. I dont even consider that new guy,a "Bond".I wish he had packed it in last time,but a nice £50,000,000 tempted him to not "slash his wrists" after all. Goldfinger-Licence to Kill,are my top 2.
  17. I get to go first. LOL! To me, there's only one. And, that is Sean Connery! My fave 007 films are From Russia With Love and Never Say Never Again.
  18. @speedy3471 That's beautiful country where you live! You're a lucky man, for sure.
  19. I find this funny. I know some of you may as well
  20. Oh, you are correct on your point. But that 2257 thing did not stop the proliferation of porno on the web. I'd even go so far as to say that the USA has more porno sites than any other nation. If not, we're up there. As far as the gun issue is concerned, I'm with you completely. My reference to guns was not intended to say that I'm pro-gun. Not at all. I'm in favor of much stricter gun laws and background checks. Of course! I just don't understand how a nation that has allowed boobs to be shown on antenna TV for many years can now put such a law into effect. Am I right? Haven't you guys had tits on the telly for many years? We still don't, except on cable, which is not free and over the air. So, the UK seems to be a paradox. Also, you guys could buy beer in a movie theater long before we could. See what I mean? Liberal in so many ways, yet still restrictive. Oh well. I think webmasters will find a way to deal with this law. Is it a "done deal?" Or, still in the negotiating stage?
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