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  2. What is your star sign? And do you think it has any significance? I am Cancer. And it seems to have some relevance to me because temperament and character wise I am typically Cancerian - emotional, compassionate, loyal, shy, a champion of causes who wishes to set the world to rights, perhaps a little too emotionally vulnerable sometimes, yet also very self-contained and in that sense strong. I have an emotional shell and limit who gets in but care deeply about those who do.
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  4. I have Type 2 diabetes and lately have been thirsty a lot and drinking a lot and my sleep is very interrupted by the need to pee every couple of hours or so. But one of the meds I am prescribed is a diuretic which dehydrates by causing frequent peeing, because this helps flush out blood sugars and keep levels down. This of course also induces thirst. So I cannot be sure whether what I am experiencing is due to high blood sugars or simply to my meds. Last time I was concerned about such symptoms blood tests revealed that my blood sugar levels were pretty good so it was the meds. But since then it appears to have gotten a little worse, so having a blood test next week to check.
  5. Go back for a blood test. I was getting similar symptoms and saw a doc where I was given the all clear. But the symptoms grew worse and others appeared so I went back 18 months later and was diagnosed with diabetes. As well as thirst and frequent need to pee, other symptoms can include cramps, especially in the feet, frequent and sudden bouts of intense tiredness, and blurred vision.
  6. A good question and one for which I have given some consideration at various times. For me, there are several factors in participating in naughty pee myself and other factors for my appreciation of women peeing in naughty places. For myself, I think it is partly the knowledge that my peeing will leave traces that will remain there for some time - often a long time after the actual puddle dries up. Another factor is the potential for being caught - I don't want to be caught necessarily as sometimes it could be quite a negative consequence, but there is an adrenaline rush if I think there is a possibility of being caught. I have several times been peeing in a stairwell and heard a door on the floor above or below me open and had to make a quick exit. One time I got caught full stream by a woman - she came out of the door on the landing above me, started down the stairs, saw what I was doing and said something like "Really!" and then went back the way she had come - obviously preferring to find an alternative staircase. Another factor is the primitive marking of territory and the freedom to release where I want to, without being restricted by toilets. There is also the thought of being able to do something naughty without anyone realising. One time I went to pee in a stairwell and saw that there was a workman working on the door at the base, so I went in the actual car park, peed by a car and then went back down the stairs and out the firedoor past the guy. He said he was fitting a self closing door that couldn't be opened from outside because they were having a problem with people coming in from the street and peeing in the stairwell. Little did he know, but he was talking to someone who had just peed in the car park and would have been peeing in the stairwell if he hadn't have been there! In my appreciation of women, I think a lot of it is the appreciation of women being so desperate that they will pee somewhere naughty, or that they just don't care and actually enjoy peeing somewhere naughty. It is a very complex equation as I like both situations. I appreciate the fact that they leave their puddles, I like to see them exposed or if they talk about it then I like to imagine them. Very difficult to come up with a straight answer.
  7. What song was at number 1 in your nation's music charts when you turned 18? For me in the UK it was the Police with Every Breath You Take
  8. I have diabetes type 2 since about 20 years ago and I dont drink a lot and dont pee a lot. Cant remember when I last had to get out of bed to pee.
  9. It is kind of very sweet - which is why I loved it as a kid but now not so much.
  10. Quite a few of the members here have an interest on so called naughty pissing or naughty peeing, essentially peeing in naughty places. I am certainly one who seriously gets off on the notion of girls peeing in naughty locations - all over the floor, on the table, on the furniture, on the bed, against the wall, in or over all kinds of things. It really floats my boat. I love pics or vids showing this, and true tales and fictional stories featuring this. @Sophie's true account of pissing on her kitchen floor, or @lesley's awesome fictional tales especially of carpet pissings are just two examples of the kinds of thing I like. Yet why do I like this? Why do any of us like this sort of thing? Obviously it turns us on but why? What is the psychology behind it? I would welcome the input of others into this. For me a big aspect is the very wrongness of it, the breaking of a taboo, especially if a girl is having a lot of fun doing it. This breaking of a taboo, the actual naughtiness and "wrongness" of the act, is a major part of the turn on for me. Though the very act of a lady peeing also on some level accentuates her femininity and therefore her eroticism, because females are built differently to us guys, and the source is of course an intimately erotic part of the body associated with sexuality. But - just for example - the notion of Sophie doing something so naughty - so "wrong" according to all the rules we are raised by - as taking a piss all over her kitchen floor instead of using the toilet - quite deliberately and just for fun and getting a buzz out of it - really does it for me. The naughtiness, the wrongness, the taboo deliberately flouted for pleasure is on a psychological level obviously a big part of why it works for me. And it works in a sexual way because of the intimate connection of peeing with the genitalia and the exposure of sexual regions of the female body. The fact that it is something normally done in private is also I think an aspect of it for me, again because actually seeing a girl do it openly is also kind of breaking a taboo. That's my attempt to get to the nub of it anyway.
  11. How does this taste? Is it sweet, sour, or both?
  12. HAHA You can always lose weight and get in good health. Go to the doctors also regularly for checks.
  13. Another question of the week - my second this week because I am on holiday and trying to trigger some discussion. Will try something a little more overtly political. But let me say in advance that let's debate nicely regardless of how much we may disagree with any view. All views are equally valid. Should the UK leave the EU? Well we had a vote on it 3 years ago in which the people voted narrowly for it having been issued a load of false promises about the ease with which we'd obtain a best of both worlds deal. And yet every reputable economist says leaving would be economically damaging, the harder the exit the worse it will be, with a no deal departure being held up as potentially catastrophic. Nevertheless, after the vote the government - without consulting with anyone else to ensure an agreement - negotiated with the EU something it wanted, and presented it to the rest of us on a take it or leave it basis. We and parliament rejected it - repeatedly. In the meantime we have seen inward investment into this country collapse, and certain industries - notably car manufacturing - starting to implode. All the signs and forecasts suggest this is going to get a lot worse if and when we leave, especially if on no deal terms. We also now know that we were promised bullshit and that the only viable options actually on offer are the departure deal negotiated by the government, leaving with no deal at all, or not leaving at all. Faced with such stark realities, all the polling suggests that a significant majority now favour calling the whole thing off. In consequence of this, committed Leavers are running scared of the very notion of a second referendum, lest now, knowing the facts, the people vote to remain. They will do anything in their power to prevent a second vote. Yet the arguments in favour are overwhelming. Nothing that was promised has proven to be deliverable. We now know what we didn't know then - what the actual options before us are. Parliament seems incapable of reaching a decision on anything so putting it back to the people seems the logical thing to do. And after 3 years, several million of the 35 million who voted in 2016 have since died, whilst several million young adults whose future this is and who never had a say before have since come of age. I think the right thing to do is to hold a second up to date referendum putting the actual options available to the people. I would champion Remaining in such a vote since leaving is likely to be economically disastrous and many of those in favour either have negative motivations of a racist kind, or dubious ulterior motives re selling off our NHS or undermining workers' rights, or some such shit.
  14. Thanks for the idea, however I'm not into panty peeing
  15. Wow! I sure would like to hear how you arranged that happening.
  16. I am both overweight and diabetic though which lengthens the odds a lot in my case
  17. Nowadays life expectancy is increasing a lot so You might be right about this speedy.
  18. We might be living in in a Multiverse our Universe is probably just one out of countless others.
  19. I like the small boobs better. They make a nice cone shape, and of course they have the nipples right there to be sucked.
  20. Myself I enjoy go to porta potty, if it’s not stinky. Because you can hear so much of women peeing in portaloo. The craziest was the one men who was hiding in the tank and filmed.
  21. Johnson in his younger university days was also a member of the infamous Bullingdon club, basically a bunch of rich kids going around getting drunk and wilfully trashing and vandalising pubs, clubs and restaurants for fun in the knowledge that their rich parents will pay whatever it takes to fix things. One of their charming initiation rituals involves burning a £50 note in front of a homeless person. Is this the kind of absolute cunt we want running the country? Never in my name.
  22. But all the polling evidence points to the fact that now we know the stark reality a majority of the public want to Remain. Which is part of the reason why Leavers are running scared of the democratic will of the people, opposing a second vote on the actual reality before us with every breath. Is he also right to call black people piccaninnies with watermelon smiles? Or gay men bum boys? Because there is a line which when crossed indicates bigotry which is an ugly thing in a leader. He and Trump will be two of a kind in that respect. It will cost us a whole lot more than that to crash out with no deal. And much of that money in any case comes back in the form of EU grants and regional aid. And a large chunk is used to fund our EU parliamentarians, civil servants, and their pensions, the latter of which we will still be legally obligated to pay even when we leave. Which is good news for Farage cos he has a very lucrative EU pension. And it has been three years because that is how long it took for the government to negotiate a deal no one wants without consulting anybody to find out what they did want. Not even their coalition partners, the DUP. The fact that we know much more now about what the actual options are and that no best of both worlds deal is on offer, and that three years have passed allowing many more adults whose future this is to come of age, makes putting this back to the people a no brainer and the only democratic thing to do. By a narrow margin yes, and on the strength of utterly dishonest promises. Now we know the reality polling suggests a majority favour Remain. The strength of the Brexit vote relied on two main groups, one of them being the racists and xenophobes out there. Because whilst it is true that not every Brexit supporter is a racist or xenophobe, every racist and xenophobe is a Brexit supporter. But there were never enough of them alone to win it, though it could never have been won without them. The narrow win also relied upon the millions of the disgruntled working classes whose most pressing economic concerns had been ignored by out of touch politicians from all main parties for decades. They lashed out at the Establishment over this issue, and to a large extent many of them still are. The EU are a collection of mostly wholly democratic nation states, notwithstanding a worrying right wing populist surge in some of them. To call them fascists is a grotesque distortion of reality of almost parallel universe proportions. I must finally add for clarification that though I have openly disagreed with you here, I do so purely as an ordinary member and not a mod. And it is just politics and nothing personal. I value you as a great member and contributor to our forum.
  23. We are going to hell in a handcart. A narrow majority voted for Brexit upon the strength of a load of false promises. Now we know the truth a majority oppose it but they wont let us vote on it. The governing party has become a joke and made of us an international laughing stock. They negotiated a Brexit deal without consulting anyone back home to see if we liked it and thus it was voted down in Parliament. Everyone hated it. Yet the EU negotiated it in good faith and refuses to waste time trying to negotiate anything else. The choice on offer is thus the negotiated deal, call the whole thing off and Remain which a majority now want anyway, or leave without a deal which every reputable economist and his uncle tell us will be economically disastrous. And now the Tory party looks set to choose as our Prime Minister a character they know to be a charlatan, who was a hopeless foreign secretary, thinks only of his own personal advancement, shows every sign of being a narcissistic sociopath, is serially dishonest, and lazy to boot. Furthermore he has the character of a total scumbag, evidence of which is a matter of public record. He has conspired with a friend to have a journalist beaten up, been sacked as a journalist for inventing quotes that no one said, serially cheats on his partners, has called black people "piccaninnies with watermelon smiles", muslim women "letterboxes", gay men "bum boys" and has argued that the police investigating past cases of child abuse is a waste of money. His own ill-thought words as foreign secretary are largely responsible for a British woman continuing to be locked up in Iran on false charges of spying. Just look at this video in full to see the kind of scumbag likely to be our next Prime Minister.... What the fuck is happening to my country?
  24. Im English.The trouble with England is that we are allowing our country to be dominated by minorities.A minority that voted to remain in the EU,for example,are dominating politics.I myself want Boris Johnson.But i also see the USA is becoming afraid of its own shadow,too much emphasis upon LGBT,Islamophobia etc.(Islamophobia was caused by Islam in the first place,9/11 etc).Boris Johnson is unpopular in some quarters because he called women wearing burkas,looking like letter boxes,or bank robbers.Of course hes right,but in todays crazy world,youre not allowed to speak your mind,or say what you think,in case you "offend" someone.Despite the fact,that millions of people will actually agree,but,oh no,you cant "offend" a minority can you? The UK,and USA,together,could be a great alliance as we always were,yet nowadays,people seem afraid of their national pride,as if its wrong to be proud and strong in the world. 3 years ago,we voted to leave the EU,yet we are still in it.It costs us as a country about £40 billion a year,or about £80 per person.Our politicians mainly just have no courage to act in the name of the people.The fact is,the sort of people who will find James Corden(?)interesting are likely to not be right wing voters,so will boo people like Trump,Johnson,Farage. Brexit is a divisive issue,but those people that voted to remain LOST the vote.So democracy,as i understand it,means the wishes of the majority count.The margin doesnt matter,it was 4% in favour of leave,but 1 vote counts in a democracy.So,politicians are worried for some reason about alienating the losers. Once we do leave the fascists of the EU behind(for some reason,throughout European history,countries on the continent have always wanted to dominate the others,we will be well out of it.),then Britain will become a proud independent country again,more allied to our true American friends,than those annoying Europeans,who cant seem to be at peace with each other for more than 50 years.
  25. I'm watching the Late Late Show with James Corden from London right now. The show is based in Los Angeles, but Corden is a Brit. Every year they do a week of shows from London. Tonight, he has this girl group called Little Mix on. I thought I was watching an act from the USA! England produced all of the best rock and pop bands in history! They set the trends. Now it seems that they're following us. I don't get it. To me, the best USA bands are the Doors and the Beach Boys. That's about it. England has beat us in music for ages. Ha ha! It's true. During the show, Corden said that Boris Johnson is likely to be the next Prime Minister. When he said that, the entire theatre booed loudly! Is this true? Is Boris going to be the next PM? Just my opinion, but he seems like a nutter. An English version of Trump. They both have hideous hair. And, he was born in the same city...New York. Is this an omen? LOL! What I'm getting at is...what the hell is going on in England? My grandparents were from there and it makes me sad to see this. It really does. Can anyone offer comments? Thanks so much.
  26. I don't know of any clips of just those scenes, but the full movie is available on xhamster. The scene with the women in the market place is too dark to see the streams clearly - it just looks they're just squatting and getting ready to pee.
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