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Found 2 results

  1. RedHatter76

    Martian Mores

    For anyone who may have missed me, I've decided to host all my erotic fiction on Literotica, largely because my interests have diversified a bit. The peeing fetish is still important, but it's nowhere near the monopoly it once was. I've written a whole series of breastfeeding stories, and I've also written a couple stories about a family of women who have no qualms about masturbating or having sex in front of each other. In fact, that seems to be the common thread running through all of my fetishes, namely the manifestation of non-sexual relationships in unusually intimate ways that can easily take on unintentionally erotic overtones from an outsider's perspective. It often involves the habitual suspension of normal standards of privacy, often stemming from a kind of pragmatism towards sex or other bodily functions. For example, in one of my stories, a trio of sisters discover a taste for anal sex, but much of what makes it hot, at least for me, lies simply in how they'll do it in incidental eyeshot of each other without anyone caring at all. Anyway, my most recent story is relevant to this site, so I thought I'd share it here. It brings together all my main fetishes (so there's plenty of peeing and pooping) and introduces my first unambiguously lesbian characters. It's about a Martian colony that develops very open standards of privacy due to the nature of the colonization process.
  2. RedHatter76

    Nanobotic Toilets

    For anyone who's into pooping as well as peeing (or at least for whom the former won't ruin the latter), here's a story I wrote on Literotica that's basically my usual style, except of course that #2 is involved in addition to #1. Nanobotic Toilets