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  1. Continuing a mostly true story (almost all, really!): Saturday morning couldn’t come soon enough. While I had seen Joanne on Tuesday night at the meeting and talked with her a couple times since, it wasn’t enough. I was really looking forward to spending the weekend with her. We were going up in the mountains again, hiking and camping overnight. We’d had such a wonderful time last week we planned to do much the same thing again, on trails just a couple hills over from where we’d been. She had offered to drive this time and I took her up on the offer. Just before eight she showed up at my door in her blue sports coupe, maybe three years old but still looking like new. “Great seeing you, Joanne,” making sure I always pronounced it Joan-nee as she preferred. Hopping out of the car, she ran up to me to give a long hug and a quick kiss. She was wearing her usual hiking attire, a tee shirt, navy blue this time, khaki shorts and trail runner shoes. I pulled her deeper into me just to feel her taut body up close once again. It was great and I didn’t want to her let go, but I knew time was wasting. We had a good two-hour drive, maybe three if we wanted to take the scenic way. I loaded my gear into her car, then handed her the food I’d shopped for last evening. I’d gotten everything on the list she’d given me earlier in the week, along with bread and peanut butter. She set it all in the trunk. We hadn’t gotten a mile down the road before the conversation started. It began with mostly small talk of how our week had gone. Yet, I could tell from the start, it was going to be another of those wonderful days. ******* “You know, Jayce, I’m a chemist, but I work a lot with doctors and biologists. And, psychologists, too. It’s pretty great. Over lunch or at the end of the day I get to talk with them and ask them lots of questions. I’ve learned so many interesting things and they’ve helped me see beyond just what I am doing, you know, the bigger picture. “Over the last few months we’ve had some great discussions, and they’ve got me thinking. I’ll admit I’m pretty inexperienced when it comes to dating. It seems, despite how sophisticated we think we are, in some way, we’re not much different than so many other species in terms of pairing off. It’s like we’re biologically programmed, there’s this time window for us to pair up with someone, a certain appropriate moment in our lives for it. Too early and we’re physically or, more likely, emotionally immature. But, if we wait too long, we’ve become cynical, scarred and hardened by our experiences.” “Guess what I’m trying to do is square what I’m now feeling within myself against the values I was raised with. I got through college not allowing myself to do the things that typify coming of age, no drugs, no sex and really no drinking. It’s only been in the last few months that I’ve relaxed some of that self-control. I’m twenty-three and still a virgin. I’m not ashamed of that fact, but don’t think I want to die one. And, while I may not be ready to go all the way just yet, I sense that time is getting closer. “In the meantime, I’d just like to us take what we have and deeply enjoy all these experiences. I’m really starting to like this idea of having a boyfriend”, pausing a moment to catch a breath, “and particularly having him be you. These hikes are such a great way for us to learn about one another, to discover we like so many of the same things and how we can talk about most anything and without embarrassment. I like that we can take this time and explore each other, so nice we are comfortable with our bodies. “Bodily functions too. Before two weeks ago I never realized how peeing could turn me on so, how good it felt letting it out in front of you and how excited I was when you peed along side me. I didn’t notice the feeling at first, but by the end of that day I was pretty well aroused. I had to take one long shower when I got home that night. “Oh, just so we’ll have lots of opportunities today, I brought along plenty extra to drink. Just reach behind, grab a couple bottles and pass me one over to me.” I sank back into the seat, took a couple deep swallows and thought just what a most fortunate guy I was. ******* I had almost lost myself in my dreams when I was brought back to the moment when Joanne spoke up. “Jayce, we can talk about anything, can’t we? It’s just I need to ask you some personal questions. I’m presuming you’re not a virgin, are you? How old were you when you first made love?” I answered truthfully. “No, it was almost two years ago. I’d just turned twenty-two. Like you, I guess I grew up believing we were supposed to save ourselves for marriage. I think I bought into that all through high school. When I got to college, the urges got even stronger, but I told myself I’d hold off until I met the right woman and fell in love. That never happened. Like you, I didn’t date a lot in college and there was nobody among my high school friends I was still seeing. Odf course, the workload didn’t help my social life, either, but I learned to develop friendships with a great many women. It was all platonic, though a couple times I felt something could have happened. But, it was always bad timing for at least one of us. What was a great help, though, was becoming more comfortable and confident around women, which I think is a most useful skill.” Joanne pushed me on, “Well, go on, tell me about your first experience.” “Getting out of college freed up a lot of my time. Within weeks of graduation, I’d met this woman on a rafting trip and we quickly hit it off. She was from in town, too, so we met a few times, first for just a drink and then dinners. After our second dinner date, she invited me over the following Friday for a home-cooked meal. Over a couple glasses of wine, we talked the evening away. It was getting late and she asked me to spend the night. The rest you can probably guess. It’s not a very unique story, I suppose. “It wasn’t her first time, but she hadn’t been around the block much. We got together one more time, and then she started coming up with these crazy reasons why we couldn’t meet. I think she just didn’t want to get close to someone and got spooked. “After that, it was another six months before I went on another date. I guess I was guilty of overanalyzing, but kept wondering what I did wrong. It might have been easier, frankly, if I’d found someone right after her, to get it all out of the system, I suppose. “I threw myself into my work and it wasn’t until early last year I started going out again. Nice, friendly dates with some interesting women, but nothing got serious. I think I wanted to keep things that way. Then, late last spring I was sailing on the lake, crewing for a college buddy. I took an instant liking to this other crew member, a woman he’d known from home. I’m pretty sure we were set up by my friend, but neither of us minded. So, we would meet up at the lake most Saturdays, spend the day sailing, then go get a quick dinner afterwards. Since she was from a couple hours the other way, we’d separately head home. Nothing developed until one weekend towards the end of summer when the friend had to back out at the last minute. We couldn’t find another person to fill in as crew, so we weren’t able to race and instead spent the day cruising the lake. Of course, the wind dropped in the late afternoon, and we didn’t get ashore until after dark. By that time, we pretty much knew everything about one another and what we hadn’t, we filled in spending the night together on the boat. “I kept seeing her a few more weekends when we were sailing, but at the end of the summer the racing season stopped. I finally went to visit her the middle of October, but the three-hour drive each way convinced us this wasn’t going to work. A month later I joined our club.” ******* We’d been on back roads most all the way today, so the drive to the mountains was taking longer than usual. I’d finished with my first water bottle and was becoming aware of a little fullness in my bladder. I noticed Joanne shifting around in her seat as well. She spoke up. “The conversation this morning has got me feeling, I never thought I would say it… well, horny. And now, I’m almost bursting. One minute I have to pee so bad, then this strange sensation within me, like waves, that I’ve never felt before. “ Her voice had gotten that little-girl tone that told me she couldn’t last more than another few minutes. And, now that she had mentioned it, I couldn’t hold on much longer, either. “Anyway, I’ve really got to pee, and I’m going to pull over in the next minute or two. I know we do it together all the time now, but this time I want you up close and hold me. Remember how we were last weekend when we climbed out of the tent and I leaned back against your legs. I was doing it then for warmth, only this time I want our bodies up against one another as we feel each other and let ourselves go at the same time. I’m not sure I’m ready for you to be inside me yet, so this is probably the closest we can get for now. I know it may sound crazy to you, but…” Staring directly into her deep green eyes, I interrupted. Smiling, I said, “That’s fine, Joanne. Actually, it’s something I want to do with you, too, and I’m also needing to stop.” She pulled off onto a dirt road, drove a couple hundred yards, then turned the car around and stopped. We got out and walked into the trees. She had one hand on her shorts now, her legs shaking a little, was biting her lip and I could see that look of sheer desperation on her face. After a few more steps into the woods, we halted, pine needles beneath our feet. Pulling our clothes down so we were naked from our waist to our ankles, I stood behind her. “Hurry, I can’t wait any longer.” I slid my fingers to her lips, and lightly stroked, then separated them. She shook a bit, released a few drops, then pushed out a steady stream. I was half –erect, but I must have needed to piss so badly that I followed seconds later. I wasn’t trying for distance this time, and couldn’t really, being hands-free. Instead, I just let go, enjoying the welcome feeling of relief. Joanne looked down and, seeing the two streams merging into one frothy splash in front of us, giggled and pushed a little harder. I did the same. We stood there in silence emptying ourselves until we were both, well, drained. Finally, beaming with excitement, she looked over at me. “I so wanted to do that. How about you?” With my shorts still on the ground, I couldn’t conceal how I felt. ******* Getting a late start, it was almost noon before set out on the trail. We climbed for more than an hour and started a new conversation. Once again, Joanne began it. “I don’t know what it is when I’m around you. I feel I’m acting up, like I want to be a little bold, maybe outrageous. It’s not really in character for me, but around you I feel I can be free to explore the edges of who I am. I like this growing intimacy between us and that you and I can talk, especially before we act upon something. “I think it started a couple weeks back when I first peed in front of you. I didn’t think much of it at the time. After all, I was used to doing this as a child, maybe because I’d needed to so many times. I’ve never felt I had to be particularly modest out in the woods, either, since it’s something we all have to do. “But, it wasn’t until that day I discovered how much I liked this feeling, keeping it in until I was certain I was going to burst, then letting it go. But, since I can’t hold for very long, I’m sure I don’t get the full effect, but it’s really pleasurable. Kind of like…” Her voice dropped off, and she changed direction. “Where I grew up we all did it as kids, so I’ve seen plenty of boys pee before, just never a grown man. So, it was definitely a turn on at the end of the day watching you standing not five feet in front of me. It got me wet and it wasn’t from pee. “Just talking about it now makes me a little excited. And, I kind of have to go again, but it can wait a few minutes. Why don’t we have lunch first? We stopped just off the edge of the trail. I pulled the sandwiches and energy bars out of my pack and handed her one of each. We sat and ate, and of course drank more from our bottles. Fifteen minutes later when we finished, my bladder, too, was aching and Joanne by now was squirming She hurriedly got up and, looking back at me, pleaded, “Time for me to go. Care to help?” “You know I’m always willing to lend a hand.” “And, this time I get to do the same, ” she countered. I followed behind her a few more steps away from the path, in case someone might have been come by and seen us. We both pulled off our shorts and tossed them one the ground. Joanne was in a real hurry, so I quickly slipped my hands between her legs and gently pulled her lips apart. A few drops came out, followed a trickle, then a thin, strong stream that she kept up until she was empty. I continued playing with her as her breathing became heavy, then she pushed me away. “Much as I love this, it’s your turn now.” I stood ready to pee as she reached over and grabbed me. “Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” She let out a giggle as she shook her head. I tried to take my mind of the fact that a most attractive woman had her hand on my cock. It took a good minute, recalling formulas from college, lines from English plays, obscure bits of history, until I finally relaxed enough so I could get a flow started. “I can feel it coming out.” Another few giggles from her, as I enjoyed the best pee I’d probably ever taken, especially the shakes at the end. We lay back down on the grass. Almost immediately our hands found one another and we continued what we’d been doing. She was gentle, yet amazingly good for one so inexperienced. I wasn’t going spoil the moment to ask how she knew just what to do. The heavy, irregular breathing returned, now from both of us. I slid my free hand up her tee shirt, then under her bra and massaged her nipples. “Oooh! Nice! Aaa-ah!” She came a moment later. I followed not too many seconds after her. “THAT was third base.” I had to admit it was pretty good myself. When we caught our breath back, Joanne spoke again. “Yes, that WAS excellent. We’re going to have to do that again, like real soon. You are so dangerous, Jayce. Remind me to watch myself around you.” “Oh, and I’ve brought a couple surprises I'll show you at dinner this evening.” I don’t remember much about the rest of the hike that afternoon, other than we stopped three more times. We’d both made it a point to stay well-hydrated that day. ******* A couple hours before sunset, we walked down to the car to pick up the tent, our sleeping bags and stove. Joanne grabbed the soft-sided cooler that held our food and drinks for the evening. A little more than ten minutes later we were back at our campsite. Working together, we quickly set the tent up. When we finished, Joanne put our bags and packs inside, while I fired up the stove, then dug into the cooler. Inside were the containers of food I’d brought, and at least a dozen cans of beer. I glanced over at Joanne. She looked back and, with a big grin on her face, remarked, “Your first surprise. You do drink beer, don’t you?” I nodded. “And you did good, one of my favorites. But Joanne, I didn’t take you to be a drinking girl.” “I don’t very often, but I figured we might work up a good thirst on the trail today and, besides, this is a special occasion.” “Oh, what’s that,” I asked? “It’s our third weekend together, and I’m beginning to think of them as dates.” I was starting to as well. We reached into the cooler and grabbed each of us a can. Opening them, we took our first sips as we set out dinner. Conversing over stir fry and rice along with a spicy asian salad, we washed down the meal with the brews. Joanne was right, they were just what we needed after a long day’s hike. We ate and drank and talked. The sun was almost getting to the horizon as we finished dinner. “Great meal, Joanne.” “Thanks, but you did the hard part, shopping for it.” She took two more cans out of the cooler, handed me one and opened the other for herself. Throwing back a couple deep swallows, she spoke. “Of course, I’ve got to warn you, I can’t guarantee anything after the second beer. You know, I might be all out of control, especially with my small bladder and all.” Just the thought of it was pretty funny. I drifted off for a moment and recalled the first time I’d seen a woman stand to pee, in fact, the only time before Joanne. It was a few years back at an outdoor party when a college girl who’d obviously had too much to drink attempted it. She was making a mess of things, mostly her jeans, and I wound up holding her so she wouldn’t fall over. She thanked me by getting my hands and feet wet. I pulled out of the daydream when Joanne spoke up. “Speaking of which, for the second surprise.…” She reached into her backpack and pulled out two clear plastic hospital-style urinals. They were identical except a blue bow was attached to one. The second had a small plastic funnel, the kind you could find at any hardware store, tied to it by a pink ribbon. Holding them up, she looked over at me with a grin and exclaimed, “His and hers. It’s so we don’t have to step outside the tent into the cold like we did last week. I got them from supplies a few doors down from my office. Guess it is one of the benefits working for a large medical lab. Trying not to crack a smile, she added, “Of course, I think we need to break them in right. Why don’t we play a game, first one to fill theirs to the top? The loser has to buy all the food and drinks next week. Let’s see, they hold a liter, that’s almost three beers, which should be several pees for me. Oh, and to even the playing field, we’ve got to start with empty bladders. Are you ready?” I was, and we both relieved ourselves on the grass not five steps from our tent. Immediately, we set to work filling our selves up again. Joanne was drinking water along with her beer, seamlessly switching from one to the other. Looking at her, one would have thought she’d played this game before. I had barely finished my can when Joanne reached for her urinal. Pushing the funnel up to her, she let go, the noisy splash echoing off the plastic walls. I looked over at her. “Do you have to be so loud?” She giggled as she let go the last drops. As pees go, it wasn’t much, less than a cup. “Anybody ever call you half-pint?” “Only on a good day,” she shot back. Not losing any time, Joanne finished what was still in her can, then took a couple long drinks from the water bottle. We grabbed two more from the cooler. I poured this one down in a hurry. She wasn’t that far behind me, getting maybe halfway through her can before a water break. After a minute’s rest, then a couple more swallows, she set the beer down. Grabbing the urinal again, she got out a second pee, no bigger than the first. It still wasn’t close to half-full. Grabbing another can, I was only a few swallows into it when the urge hit me. I picked up my container and filled it halfways. I finished the rest of the can, then started another. In the meantime, it seemed like Joanne was matching me beer for beer. She peed a couple more times, little ones, of course, but they were starting to add up. Her container was now three-quarters full. No problem I thought, as I needed to pee once again. I exhaled as I squeezed out every drop I must have had within me. It was almost to the top, but not quite. Looking over, I saw that Joanne still had a few inches to go. Thinking I could end this game quickly, I started in on one more beer. But before I could make another effort, her beer kicking in, she pushed out a little more into hers until it was about to spill over the top. I’d lost. “OK, Joanne, you win. But, how could you pull that off when you hold so little?” She paused, then, with a knowing look, answered. “As the guys in IT would say, the problem is not with output, but storage.” We shared the laugh. Over the evening we went through the remaining beers, and they through us. I’d never seen Joanne so silly before. Since she hadn’t kept the beer in her long enough for it to have any effect, she couldn’t possibly have been drunk, but nevertheless the sight was amusing. Maybe anticipating the worst, she had taken off her shorts and panties by now. Clad in only a tee shirt, she would stand in front of me with a can of beer in one hand, a water bottle in the other and first take a few swallows of beer. She would follow it with a couple more of water. Then, a minute or so of conversation would ensue. A few more swallows of beer, then water and more words. When her tiny bladder demanded attention, she walked a step or two away, then stop, as she’d let go. Looking over at me, she spoke what could have been a naughty children’s rhyme, “I love to urinate, I love to pee, if you love to urinate, please pee for me.“ Whenever the situation called for it, she continued her soliloquy throughout the evening, the words changing a little each time. The last light had faded from the sky, replaced by the chill of the mountain air. Our kidneys had been working overtime and a couple times I joined her in making a puddle. We finished our last cans as the conversation winded down. Joanne had to pee once more, only this time she didn’t move as far away. Slowly drawing out each syllable for added emphasis, “I… love… to… you… ri…nate, do… you… ,” she let go. The beer had done its magic and, underestimating her fullness, a little of it went onto my leg. “That’s enough, Joanne. I’m hauling you off to bed.” I lifted one arm, laid it across my shoulder, led her back to the tent and tucked her into her sleeping bag. Kissing her on the cheek, I whispered, “night-night, Joanne.” Stepping back out of the tent, I emptied the contents of my bladder one more time. A couple minutes later I was snug in my bag, well on the way to falling asleep. ******* Somewhere in the middle of the night, I awoke to the metallic sound of an opening zipper. While I couldn’t see anything in the darkness, I could feel Joanne move around in her bag, sit up and I heard her reaching around for something. She must have found it, for the noise stopped, then, a moment later, she let out a sigh. “Aaah,” she exhaled as she emptied her self into the plastic. I couldn’t fall back to sleep right away, the image of Joanne peeing not three feet from me kept me entertained and awake the next half-hour. Eventually, still exhausted from the previous day’s exercise, I nodded off. It was barely light when I woke again. Now, I was the one that needed to pee. Trying not to make a sound, I slipped a hand outside the bag. Slowly, I worked the zipper down, then felt around for the urinal. Finding it, I sat up, turned on my side and tried to quietly relieve myself. Task done, I set back get more sleep. A few minutes later I heard Joanne stir. Then, same as before, the zipping sound, the reaching, the sigh and finally, her pee, pretty loud for such a little squirt. Naughty thoughts dancing through my head, I wasn’t sure I got much more rest, but we slept in until the sun had been up close to an hour. ******* After breakfast, cleanup and teardown, we grabbed our packs, headfirst to the car, then back up the trail. Five minutes into the hike we came to the fork where we had taken a left yesterday. Today we went right. We each pulled out water bottles as we began the slow climb. As I swallowed the first sips, Joanne spoke up. “I’m sorry about last night. I must have been a mess. I don’t remember much of it except that I really had to pee a lot. See, I told you I was pretty uncontrollable after more than two beers. I know I wasn’t much fun and you probably were expecting more from me, I was too, but I’ll make it up to you today, I promise.” She was quiet for maybe half a minute. “No panties for me today, in case you were wondering. And look, no bra, either.” With that, she lifted up her tank top just enough to show off the base of her breasts. As I reached over to touch, she pulled it back down. “You tease!” She had gotten me just where she wanted to. We continued hiking for almost another two hours. It was a steady grade and, from the way she was breathing, I could tell Joanne wanted a break. Besides, breakfast had been more than three hours ago. It was nearly time for lunch. So, I looked around for a place just off the trail. Ten minutes later I found a clearing just uphill and a couple dozen steps away from the path. We stopped, took off our packs, set ourselves down and pulled out lunch. Relaxing for half an hour, we leisurely ate and talked and, pulling out or second water bottles, drank more water. Rested, we stood up. All the water had rushed right through her, and right away Joanne had to pee. “Oooh,” she groaned to no one in particular. Then, turning to me, “well, aren’t you going to give me a hand?” Parts 1 and 2 can be found here: http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/6037-the-girl-who-loved-to-pee/ http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/6221-the-girl-who-loved-to-pee-part-2/