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Found 19 results

  1. Probably one of the longest pees I've ever taken http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Longest-Pee-Ever
  2. Thearo Hafbjorn


    Right so I feel like I would like to do a lot more public pissing, but I find that my clothing always makes it difficult. Such as zippers, belts and whatnot constantly getting in the way. Does anyone have and recommendations of what to wear. (Im a guy)
  3. Didn't make it to the potty so just soaked the floor http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Didn-t-make-it
  4. Got a great friend who knows all about my Piss fetish and he has one too. One day during a visit at my house he told me that he had to pee. I suggested it would be cool to watch him pee on my bathroom floor (Why Not? I do it all the time) He said he didn't care. I snapped this picture just before he let go. I love the toilet in the background and it's quite obvious he's not going to use the Potty. Made a few more pictures but then I had to stop and grab some towels LOL
  5. Love the long arching stream as my friend relieves himself
  6. Probably the only time I remember my friend peeing in the potty while visiting me at home
  7. Another great shot of my friend taking a leak with the potty in the background
  8. Guy taking a leak in the woods at a festival. Look at the girl watching as she walked past....
  9. Had to pee but also needed to do laundry so I threw my shirt on the floor and peed on it
  10. Barely Made it home so I just peed in my Jeans
  11. Just love being naughty sometimes
  12. He loves reading your comments !!
  13. *****Warning..The following fictional story contains Male/Male Pee fun. If this is a turn off then read something else LOL****** My friend Jim and I had gone to grab a bite to eat at a place about 20 miles from where I live. I have known Jim for several years and we are great friends. I have always known Jim was Bi-sexual and could care less. I don't judge people based off their sexual preferences. We talk about everything including our fetishes and I was surprised when Jim told me he was into golden showers and Pee Play. I told him I was too and it has been nice to have someone who enjoys something I enjoy too. We often watch Pee videos on my computer and talk about our past experiences involving watersports. After dinner we stopped to pick up a few things I needed at the store and headed back to my house. About 5 miles down the road Jim mentioned that he had to pee and maybe should have gone back at the store. We only had about another 15 minutes before I got home and he said he was sure he could hold it. Jim drank several glasses of water with his dinner and by the time we got home he was pretty desperate. I went to the door to let him inside but the deadbolt lock was wanting to be a pain and was hard to get unlocked. Jim thought I was delaying his entry on purpose and he told me if I didn't get the door open quickly he would just pee on me. I told him I was trying...it was dark out and my back door is pretty much hidden from view so I told him if he couldn't hold it just pee outside. I went back to trying to get the deadbolt unlocked. I heard Jim unzip his pants so I figured he was going to water my lawn. As I struggled with the lock I suddenly felt something warm on the back of my leg. I turned around to find Jim Standing there peeing on my leg. "I warned you" he said. By now I was wet enough so that moving out of his way wouldn't matter so I just stood there and watched as he continued to relieve himself on my pants. It actually felt nice...warm and wet. Unlike a lady it was cool watching him aim and play his stream all over my pants. He really had to pee and it took him almost two minutes to finish. Then he shook off and zip himself up. "I've wanted to do that for a long time and just couldn't resist the chance" He told me. I finally got the door open and went inside. After stripping out of my wet clothes I took a shower and put on some clean clothes. Before Jim left he asked if I was mad at him. I told him No. Even though I've always considered myself "Straight" I've always enjoyed see guys pee too. Just never thought I'd actually enjoy being peed on by another guy. Guess you never Know.
  14. I probably pee more in my Bed than in the toilet LOL
  15. Niko91

    Greets from Bavaria

    Hello everyone, I am Niko 26 years old from Bavaria - Germany. I am into naughty pee stuff since I am 14 years old. When I was 14 I started experimenting with pee. For example I kept shut my foreskin while I peed. Used my pee to wet my glans for masturbating. I also started to get into seeing females peeing. I started peeing in naughty places. Holding it as long as I can and so on. I don't like drinking pee, I don't like the taste. I didn't found a female to share my kink yet. I once found the courage for a outing at one girlfriend but she didn't accept it. Now I am afraid I will never find a female who share my kink. Looking forward to get to know each other, especially girls ;) Greetings Niko
  16. WatchYouWee

    Used to browse the Videos XD

    Glad to see the site up and running again. I've lurked here for well over a year after stumbling my way in on my other account. I pretty much only ever browsed the video links and now non-existent videos page. can't rely complain though because I'm actually posting something for once XD I'm going to try and be more active and chat here fairly often. I organize a tumblr page over the last few months re-blogging mostly videos I've enjoyed and I occasionally post my own footage. I'm interested in getting to know everyone here and maybe eventually find someone in my area.
  17. Been lurking on here as a member for while on and off. Love hearing everyone's stories and experiences and thought I should share as well :)
  18. PeeSniffer

    Hi, I'm a Scotish PeeFan

    Hi, I'm a PeeFan from Scotland (near Glasgow). I'm a guy and like girls. I've loved pee since my dick could get hard (had an experience as kid and it's never left me!). I don't like "porn" "porn stars" "fake women" or videos that are clearly staged. I love to watch REAL women peeing, curvy/skinny, Busty/Flatchested warts and all, just don't give me rubber tits and saline lips and plastic faces, it's such a turn off. The best place I've found for this is xtube, please tell me I'm missing something better. Never really talked about pee with anyone before except GF but she's not that into it. She's peed on me a couple of times but don't think she enjoys it. Would love to get peed on by a girl that really wants to do it! I love the smell of pee, especially wet knickers when they've been lying around for a while. I love sniffing a pussy after a girl has pissed but couldn't/didn't wipe... I'll stop there because I'm getting hard, haha. Going to go read what you all have been up to.