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  1. Hi everyone, this will be something of a multi-chapter story, I think. Basically just an idea that's been floating around in my head for some time. I'll probably publish here and there when I have the free time, and I won't be taking it mega seriously in terms of editing to make it really "literary" or super fleshed out. Just want to have some fun with this! Please let me know in comments or replies what you think or what you might like to see! Chapter One Breakdown Madison and I have been friends forever. Well, maybe not, but it really feels that way. In reality, it’s been a little over three years, but we’ve crammed enough into three years to fill three decades. From holidays abroad, double dates, awful parties, four and a half boyfriends between us (it’s a long story), we’ve been through literally everything two maladjusted twenty-somethings could experience. That is, until the summer of ’18 when Madison broke both of her legs. I remember the middle of the night phonecall like it was yesterday. I had been up finishing an essay till 1am and when what I thought was an alarm went blaring at 4:18, I almost turned my phone off and went back to sleep. But when I saw Madison’s mother – (Mrs K saved in my phone) as the caller ID, I remember my heart plummeting to my stomach. The story was she had gotten on the back of a motorcycle. She knew the guy – well enough to accept a ride – but probably not well enough to trust him, she later admitted to me sheepishly. Of course he lost control of the bike, crashed into the arse of a Ford Fiesta at a red traffic light. The guy was fine, few stitches and right as rain, but poor Madison took the brunt of it. She spent five days in hospital. Most of which I stayed with her. Summer was coming and I had no responsibilities, bar a weekend job working nights. We sat and gossiped and giggled over the baby faced student doctors. Madison’s mother offered to take Madison back to the family home to fully recuperate. She’d be bed bound for at least a week, according to the doctor, and it would be too much hassle, apparently. Of course I disagreed. We had a ground floor flat, a well-stocked fridge and bedrooms right next to each other. The only time she’d have to spend alone would be a handful of hours on Saturday and Sunday. Luckily Madison agreed and we successfully wore down her mother. Madison came home on Tuesday morning, carefully assisted by myself and her dad. Once her parents finally left, leaving a laundry list of things to do for her while she was bedbound, I climbed into bed with her and we put Netflix on. We watched her favourite – The Great British Bake off – for a few hours when I noticed she was wriggling around a lot more than usual. “You alright, Mads?” I murmured, mesmerised by rising dough on the tv screen. “Mm.” “You sure? You’re fidgeting. Like, a lot. Uncomfy? Need more pillows?” “No…” “Itchy? Need me to get an itch?” “Noo…” she was still fidgeting, as much as her broken legs would allow. She also wouldn’t look me in the eye. “Maddie, what’s wrong?” I rounded on her, suddenly concerned. Her voice came out in a whisper. I paused Bake Off, asked again. “I need a wee…” “You need a…” I was dumbfounded for a second. “Oh, you need a wee! Silly Mads! You should have just said. C’mon, I’ll help ya.” “I… I can’t…” Maddie’s arm went limp in my hand. “I have to stay in bed.” I blinked in confusion. “Even if you need a wee?” “Uh-huh…” “But… you were in the hospital, right? How did you wee there?” “Bedpan.” Maddie’s face was beetroot. “Ohhh…Well, did they give you one for at home?” “I think it’s in that bag Dad left on the floor. Could you…have a look?” “Of course,” I rifled through the back. Maddie’s favourite shampoo, her cherry patterned short pyjamas, pain medication, instructions for keeping her cast clean. But nothing that looked like a bedpan. “Mads, call me stupid if you want, but…what’s a bedpan look like?” “It’s this rounded thing… looks kinda like a potty for kids.” I had another rummage in the bag. “Maddie, I hate to tell you this… but I can’t see it in here.” “You’re joking?” Maddie sat up a little straighter. “No, please tell me you’re joking…” “I swear on my life,” I said, upturning her bag and emptying it out. I watched her eyes widen with horror and her hands slowly drift under the cover towards her lap. “Why isn’t it there? Oh God…” “Maybe your parents have it?” “I’m not ringing them up to ask!” she squealed, her face blushing even redder than before. “They didn’t even know I needed one! You know my parents, we don’t talk about that sort of stuff.” “Then what can I do to help?” I asked, getting to my feet. “Can I help you out of bed?” “I can hardly walk!” Maddie protested. “I’m exhausted! And if I go down, I’m done for! I can’t risk it until the bone sets properly – or whatever the hell the doctor said.” I perched on the end of Maddie’s bed. “Well, what am I supposed to do?” I asked, feeling a strange hot rush of embarrassment go through me. Of all the things Maddie and I had shared, I couldn’t honestly remember seeing her pee before. She was oddly shy about bodily functions and while they didn’t bother me as such, I was in no way an exhibitionist. “How bad do you have to go?” “Really bad. Like an 8.” “Oh my God, Mads, why didn’t you say earlier?” “I didn’t exactly want to broadcast the fact I’m supposed to be using a bedpan!” “Well, you’re not using anything at this moment.” I mused. “Not unless we can improvise in some way. Where do we get bedpans?” “Medical supply places. Or online.” Maddie had both hands in her lap and was wiggling furiously. “But that doesn’t help me now!” “I know, I know…” I said, glancing around the room. “Gosh, Mads, I don’t know what to suggest here!” “Well please find something!” she gasped. “I can’t hold on long! And I really don’t want to wee the bed! I haven’t weed the bed since I was tiny!” “Oh my god…” I murmured. Maddie weeing the bed was looking like a dire possibility. But what could I do? Watching her squirming was an awful sight, her face screwed up in pain. To my horror, I saw tears dripping down her cheeks. “Stupid legs!” she cried. “Everything would be fine if it wasn’t for these stupid legs! I really have to gooooooo! Maddie, please, I’m gonna wee myself!” I couldn’t leave her like this. I glanced around the room and my eyes finally settled on something. “Hang on, Mads.” I reassured her. “I’ve got an idea.”
  2. diapeetje


    lovely girls just let it flow into their bikini I just call them 'PEEKINI'
  3. Girlspee4me

    Pissing on Snapchat

    Hey all! I'm just wondering if there are any pee enthusiasts on Snapchat willing to share clips. This is all FREE and I prefer girls but no rejection to males. My Snapchat is: girlspee4me