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Found 1 result

  1. ndr1968pz

    Calendar Girl

    1-4-18, Thursday When I look at that calendar picture at work, the one where the only thing in the picture is a woman and her towel (nothing else), I get an erection when I supply mental animation to the painting. I imagine that I'm a young kid, maybe blank or blank, still wondering why my dick "gets stiff" sometimes. My bladder is full, nearly bursting. I barge into the bathroom with my zipper already yanked down. There she stands, with that surprised look on her face. She's holding the towel up that way, barely covering all her good parts. The bathroom is warm and humid from the hot bath she has just drawn for herself. Hell! I can't wait! I step towards the toilet (it's buried under another towel and her over night case). She sees my intent and reaches down and touches the overnight case, blocking access to the toilet. She stares at me for a moment and then slowly raises her arm and points to the steaming bath water. Nothing further need be said. I whip out my dick and let out a glorious yellow stream right into her bath water. I tinkle loudly and rudely into it for some moments. As it occurs to me what I have just done, my face turns red and I can feel my pulse there as well as in my dick that's still in my hand. Already, it's getting stiff, and sticking out and beginning to rise up. I notice that her gaze has shifted from my face to what is happening at the fly of my blue jeans. When she sees this, a little smirk forms on her face and as it continues to stand up hard, it turns into a smile of delight! Then, she looks back up at me with an understanding smile and desiring to relieve my shame and guilt, she reaches for a glass that's sitting there on the lavatory. She drops the towel, and watching me watch her, she spreads her legs, revealing her sex. She brings the glass up to herself and immediately releases a fat, hissing stream of urine into the glass. When it's almost full she stops the flow and reaches over and pours the yellow pee into the bath. She then, reaches down and pees into the glass again, almost filling it before the flow stops naturally. This she pours into the water as well. She then steps into the bath and looks at me and says "Well.....?" I mean, I'm blank years old here! What do you think I did? I nearly tripped over myself getting the hell out of there! I thanked my lucky stars that no one else in the family saw me exiting the bathroom! In my room, I took a few seconds to get my heavy breathing under control, found an old T shirt to wipe my sweaty face on and reached down and zipped my pants back up. Then, I got my BB gun out of the closet and went outside to hunt sparrows.