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  1. Although not the most graphic by any means, these are the most conceptually erotic piss clips I have ever seen. It is now 6:36 AM in Spain, so it should not be long before the plethora of streams begin to flow.
  2. The annual water festival where dozens, if not hundreds of girls squat to expose their streams should begin in a few hours by a river among the trees in Salamanca Spain. This is celebration of " Lunes de Aguas" which takes place every Monday after Easter. Oh how I wish I was there with prime viewing overlooking the venue. I wish someone would take video and post it here, to add to the two hours already available, but I know it is not likely to happen.
  3. luv2watch

    Best pee porn?

    The Japanese do the best job. I think "Gachinco" gives us the best views of clear open splits with peeholes fully exposed and strong thick streams. From the Western hemisphere , I like the graphic scenes from" inthecrack". WETANDPISSY also gives clear views, but there is too much waiting for the peeing because the clips are too long
  4. luv2watch

    Various Tumblrs

    I love the tumblr option. but i have the same problem with each page being bottomless. Is there an end to their pages? I would also like to know if there is a way to prevent the same video clips from repeating over and over. I can't get them to stop without exiting out of the page. I need to shut off the volume because I have had as many as five videos running at the same time with overlapping audio. If anyone knows the secret to ending the continuous repeating of all the video clips please do tell.
  5. luv2watch

    Favourite Pee Model?

    I agree with this fully. The only thing I would add is viewing the fully distended pee hole during the powerful long gush.
  6. luv2watch

    Favourite Pee Model?

    I don't know her name, but I really liked the mature brunette who walks down the stairs in one of my favorite videos, and tells us something like," I heard that you want to know where a girl pees from" She sensually teases us and then squats down to expose her pee hole and demonstrates the answer to the question.
  7. luv2watch

    Which is your favourite view of female peeing?

    I love the frontal view where the face is shown and she is smiling in a squat position. The camera then pans down to a long gushing pee with the pee hole fully exposed.
  8. Most porn videos either bore me or gross me out. I only watch pee porn, but more specifically, I usually only watch natural peeing not paired with sex play. I wish I could avoid pissing penises, but they are hard to avoid with any video combining pee play and sex. I no longer click on thumbnails with a pretty face looking at the camera, because I know she is about to be drenched by a penis.
  9. I only like the staged videos. There is an added erotic element of intimacy when the girls are letting you watch them pee, which adds to the arousal. I do not like the true voyeur clips. I always thought that nearly all theJapanese voyeur videos are staged, but that the Russian and Eastern European videos were true voyeur clips. Many of the Eastern European and Russian clips feature older and overweight women. I doubt that these are staged. True voyeurism in the states would be a costly crime if one is caught. You would be thrown in jail , and bail would be in the hundreds of thousands. You would have to register as a sex offender and your career would be over. Your life would basically be ruined, so doing anything voyeuristic would be very foolish. Therefore, I often wonder how these voyeurs with the peepholes in women's toilets actually get away with it. My guess is that while this is a major crime in the states, it might only be a misdemeaner in Eastern Europe and Russia. Or maybe it is not considered a crime at all, but merely a form of mischief. ,
  10. I think you were far too polite. I would have gone on cleaning unless they asked me to leave. You could have just acted like it was no big deal. Some would likely not have cared and let you clean while they peed.
  11. Thanks for getting back to me. I originally thought that this account did require payment, but the bottom of the sign in box reads "Don't have an account.Create one free.". I would suggest eliminating this phrase form the account box to avoid confusion.
  12. When I tried to log in to the video galleries, my forum username and password would not allow sign in. However, when i tried to create an account, I am unable to do so because it tells me my e-mail and username are already in use. I have no other e-mail. How can I create a video gallery account while still using the same e-.mail?
  13. luv2watch

    Unisex restrooms and the future of pee porn

    This is my point. The erections would soon subside as peeing next to women would be commonplace. The novelty of pee porn would diminish Many women might be surprised to learn how modest many men are about peeing next to other men. I would estimate that at least 50% of all men here in the states will enter a stall to pee instead of use the urinals. An analogy would be public nudity. If there was no law stating that people had to wear clothes in public, nude women would be so commonplace that that there would be no demand for nude bars.
  14. luv2watch

    First glimpse of Yesterdays Erotic

    I still have them, but they are buried away in boxes where guests will never see them. I have a VCR, but I don't know if it is still functional.
  15. luv2watch

    Unisex restrooms and the future of pee porn

    The Japanese seem to be the world leaders in graphically staged EFRO, so I guess open unisex restrooms have not calmed their appetite for this form of porn.