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  1. The erotic concept here would be greatly enhanced if she peed in front of you and knew you were within her sight? Did she pee willingly in front of you, not caring that you were watching, or did she think you were out of view?
  2. I think you were far too polite. I would have gone on cleaning unless they asked me to leave. You could have just acted like it was no big deal. Some would likely not have cared and let you clean while they peed.
  3. Thanks for getting back to me. I originally thought that this account did require payment, but the bottom of the sign in box reads "Don't have an account.Create one free.". I would suggest eliminating this phrase form the account box to avoid confusion.
  4. When I tried to log in to the video galleries, my forum username and password would not allow sign in. However, when i tried to create an account, I am unable to do so because it tells me my e-mail and username are already in use. I have no other e-mail. How can I create a video gallery account while still using the same e-.mail?
  5. This is my point. The erections would soon subside as peeing next to women would be commonplace. The novelty of pee porn would diminish Many women might be surprised to learn how modest many men are about peeing next to other men. I would estimate that at least 50% of all men here in the states will enter a stall to pee instead of use the urinals. An analogy would be public nudity. If there was no law stating that people had to wear clothes in public, nude women would be so commonplace that that there would be no demand for nude bars.
  6. I still have them, but they are buried away in boxes where guests will never see them. I have a VCR, but I don't know if it is still functional.
  7. The Japanese seem to be the world leaders in graphically staged EFRO, so I guess open unisex restrooms have not calmed their appetite for this form of porn.
  8. Fortunately, I have all six of their pee videos, which include " Pee in Public volumes 1-5, and "Freaky Street Girls" filmed in Vancouver.
  9. Go to and click on the "girls pissing outdoors " icon. You will find all three videos on the first page.
  10. My pee fetish began when I was a four year old in Kindergarten. Whenever a girl asked the teacher to use the restroom, I would ask immediately afterwards, place my cheek on the floor in front of the girl's room door, and watch the girls' ankles and feet hanging from the toilet. It wasn't much, but it was the best I could do. Oddly, my fetish disappeared until I was 20 years old, and returned in a huge way, even driving me into therapy. I think it was triggered from deep in my subconscious when a young woman with whom I desperately wanted a relationship, gave me a big hug as we were leaving a party. She then said, she REALLY needed to use the restroom, and ran back upstairs. That was nearly 40 years ago, and my fetish has not subsided much. We became friends for twenty years, but never had sex. I also could never get her to pee for me.
  11. One of the reasons I have had such a strong pee fetish is the naughtiness element of defying societal induced privacy laws by viewing something that Western culture prevents us from seeing, or even hearing. Therefore, when intentionally provided, peeing has a strong intimacy element. I believe that both the naughtiness and the intimacy elements would have been be greatly compromised if we had grown up with multi stall unisex restrooms. As our Western culture becomes more liberal, I believe that in the near future, nearly all public restrooms will be unisex regardless of sexual orientation. In the intermediate future, I would not be surprised if women will be peeing next to men in partitioned urinals. I have mixed feelings about this. I confess that initially, I will probably become a pervert and make it a point to spend as much time as possible in public restroom stalls to enjoy the close proximity to peeing women. Needless to say i would regularly change the venue to avoid suspicion. I suspect, however, that the novelty would wear off in a couple months, and I might no longer be aroused by sitting next to peeing women. I wonder what would happen to the demand for pee porn. Would reducing the intimacy and naughtiness factors lessen the demand for pee porn? Or, could hearing all these pee streams without seeing them, peek the curiosity and appetite of others, hence giving pee porn a boost? How do others here feel that mainstream unisex restrooms will affect the general interest in pee porn, and pee arousal in general?
  12. Many of the voices behind the scenes of some pee videos are quite annoying, but one fellow who I found quite amusing and entertaining was named Michael. He was the main cameraman of the long defunct AMX video based in Colorado. His comments added to the humor of his videos. Pee videos were not their specialty, but they did produce five " Pee in Public Places" VHS videos from 1999 through 2005. These videos gave me my introduction to pee porn. I was emphatically and enthusiastically shocked to find a " Pee in Public Volume 1 trailer on another AMX video I had rented back in 1998 I immediately ordered this volume, which featured women caught peeing outdoors at Mardi Grau. For 20 years (1978-1998), I thought I was a freak, the only man in the world who was perverted enough to actually have any desire to watch women pee, which is why, I thought. no one else could care less that it became illegal in 1978. I was thrilled and shocked beyond words to find this trailer, thus becoming aware that pee porn was legal again. Does anyone know what became of Michael?
  13. I have mixed feelings about sound when not accompanied by sight. Although it is a turn on, it is nature's a tease, especially when the sound is loud and long. This tease can be frustrating. It is analogous to smelling the aroma of a barbeque when you are hungry, without being invited over to eat. You enjoy the smell, but are frustrated you cannot actually eat the food. It is aggravating to hear a long, loud, and hard erotic piss without being able to see it gush out.
  14. Yesterday, I heard on the radio that a 23 year old man from California was reported to the police for having a spy camera in a women's locker/bathroom by a pool. He was arrested, and will have to post $170,000 bail to get out of jail. Even if he posts bail, he would still need to go to trial in about four weeks My thoughts turned to the thousands of voyeur videos in restrooms in Eastern Europe where the camera is spying through a peephole. This is also prevalent in Japan, but those in Japan seem to all be staged. The ones in Eastern Europe seem to be true voyeurism. I am guessing that the penalties in Eastern Europe must be far less substantial, otherwise, it is quite brazen and risky to post these videos all over the net. Maybe in Eastern Europe this is considered as mischievous, but not criminal. Obviously, it is foolish to be a voyeur in the US, but what are the penalties, if any, in the Eastern European countries?
  15. I have spent many hours over the last year trying to find video clip compilations of pissing matures, but have had minimal sporadic success. If anyone knows of a site with many mature pissers, please let us know.