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  1. fannywatcher

    Ever held back?

    Even though this is a great site to chat,or tell others about your thoughts on sex,or peeing,have you ever thought of a subject,then decided it may be a bit too "rude" even for this site? I must confess i have a few times written then deleted.I raise the question,are there ANY topics on here we shouldnt just write upon?Obviously anything of a "paedo" nature is wrong,but maybe even some topics might raise eyebrows.
  2. fannywatcher

    What would you do if........

    No,we are international...Europe,UK,USA,Australia,and im sure everywhere in between. But i would love to meet other members.Maybe it would develop into watching someone pee,but certainly it would be great to meet other people.
  3. Have you ever masturbated over something you maybe shouldnt have?Obviously the nature of the question is likely to not get answers,but i have done so..yesterday i wanked over a pop video by a girl group from about 1999.I THINK the girls were over 18 at the time or thereabouts..nothing overtly sexual about them really,just,mmmmmm..also a few other pop videos by bands like Spice Girls,and Girls Aloud.(long hot summer is a favourite)Obviously i dont want to hear about anything illegal!PM me if you want to confess.
  4. fannywatcher

    A Field In England

    Yes he did direct High-rise.
  5. fannywatcher

    A Field In England

    Ah,English Civil War,i just googled it....directed by Ben Wheatley(?).I must look out for it,it says its like Apocalypse now set in the UK...i didnt know they had helicopters in 1642.
  6. fannywatcher

    A Field In England

    Is there a film called "a field in England" or something?Whats it about?
  7. fannywatcher

    peeing on tv

    No,i dont really watch that kind of stuff..
  8. fannywatcher

    A Field In England

    What film is this?
  9. fannywatcher

    Knickers Fetish

    im sure it was.how tight at the front though?Was it a"cameltoe" situation?
  10. As this is a pee fetish site,i hope my topic isnt too far off the subject.I like to sniff knickers,i get them from girls on special websites,also they often do pissing videos made custom.I like the stale urine aroma,and the thought of the actual vaginal area that leaves a distinctive stain. Girls wear knickers,they go to toilet wearing the knickers,pee gets on the knickers.So,maybe not so far off subject.
  11. fannywatcher

    Questions only

    I think i would love to shoot my load over her stockinged feet.One thing ive never tried....among others.
  12. fannywatcher

    Sex games

  13. fannywatcher

    Erectile Function

    I remember a few times after sex i had erections for 5 mins or so yet always needed a pee straight away,to flush it out as it were,many a time still around at least 80% turgid.
  14. fannywatcher

    Erectile Function

    Yes when younger.As you age your penis tends to make a decision-pee or not to pee?
  15. fannywatcher


    This is a nice topic,im sure we all like to see the panties/knickers of saucy girls.Im thinking post anything;a "rule"no actual pussy visible,(see SLITS) section,and not any obviously posed shots.More the kind of spontaneous party shot,girls having fun,or taken without the lovely lady being aware,or just quickly flashing.Hope you like my selection.
  16. There are far too many to name.I wouldnt mind a golden shower from a few female marathon runners after 26 miles no peeing,they must be bursting...but i find most females in the media,newsreaders,weathergirls,actresses very piss worthy.
  17. Liz Hurley.Surely you cant disagree....
  18. fannywatcher

    Urinals in Girls Bathroom

    Im sure most people in normal life would prefer a little privacy...
  19. fannywatcher

    Urinals in Girls Bathroom

    As a guy I dont like urinals,unless they have dividers.It bugs me other guys can see my cock and my pee etc.Im not ashamed of it just awkward..
  20. fannywatcher


    The girl on the right of the 2 girls lifting their skirts has a really nice slit.Imagine at some point that day she was pissing through it,mmmmm!The girl with the tennis raquet looks like Gwyneth Paltrow...
  21. Girls,do you like to see our penises?Do you like watching us guys pee too?Even secretly,you wouldnt maybe admit to it to a friend?Or do you really more enjoy seeing other women pee?Which i totally understand... I know that the kind of visual stimuli that works for men,such as seeing naked women,isnt quite the same for women,but does the sight of a thick long willy,stir something down below,or if it has pee,or "other fluid" coming out of it?
  22. Girls how do you feel about the way us guys on here objectify women,basically via their urethra,or genitalia?Do you maybe feel we are all disgusting perverts,enjoying watching girls urinate etc,or do you accept it as normal sexual interest on our part? I know many of our lovely ladies also enjoy this,but i guess to a girl,its not as perverse as us guys enjoying it.Or maybe it IS more perverse for a girl to enjoy watching other girls pee?You dirty female perverts!After all,you girls do the same thing together,whereas we guys obviously are really kind of banned from the female urination experience arent we,something we arent supposed to see.Ever.We can only watch in sexual admiration as we see some sexy girl entering a ladies room,whereas you girls can follow her in there and listen to your hearts content,as she lowers her panties splashes away and wipes and flushes...We can only envy you.So PLEASE dont think too harshly of us.
  23. fannywatcher

    Drinking your own bath water

    Im not sure i would actually drink anyones bath water,but i would certainly interact with various peoples if available...
  24. fannywatcher


    Yes,i must say,its more curiosity than actual arousal..but its kind of sexy too of course..its how you use pads,tampons etc.if it hurts even,im hoping not but i understand a bit uncomfortable perhaps?All part of the "vive la difference" thing..thanks girls.