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  1. I really don't think "an animal" belongs in there. That aside, there seem to be a lot of places I haven't peed!!
  2. I agree 100%. Drinking from a woman is amazing. But drinking from a jug would do nothing for me. And sure, as long as it was still warm, she could empty that jug over my head. The big head or the little head.
  3. I LOVE a peeing FIREBUSH !!
  4. Very hot, very public naughty pee, I love it. :D I also want to bury my face in that ass. :)
  5. Thanks Scot_Lover, I hadn't noticed that. Unfortunately, MyDirtyHobby is just a 3rd party posting site, like Imgur or Tumblr or even our Gallery section, so I'd have to look through thousands of videos to find more of her. I'm hoping to find either her name, or the name of the company she works for, so I have a practical way of searching for more of her videos.
  6. The girl on the receiving end here, she's adorable. A shame she doesn't like it. I'd love to find more video of her. Does anyone know who she is, what company she works for, or where I can find more? These were two random Tumblr finds... Many Thanks !!
  7. The Pool is not exactly a friendly place to chat, IMO. Do we even have a chat room here?
  8. I dated an Adult Baby once and would lick the pee off of her pussy whenever I did a diaper change. I've tasted my own pee and found it very bitter. But the peak of my drinking peeversion started about a year ago when I asked a stripper that dances for me regularly to pee in my mouth, and to my surprise, she agreed to do it in the friction room. I've drank from her (and swallowed) 4 or 5 times since then. The taste ranges from sweet to slightly bitter, apparently depending on what she's ate and drank. But the eroticism of the act is the real turn on. And she's CLEARLY into it, because she kisses me on the lips when she's done peeing. If I could afford her, I'd marry her. :P I do this with my mouth basically attached to her pussy, if management walked in and knew she was peeing, I'd get kicked out and she'd get fired.
  9. I certainly hope it's okay. I love a woman in a wet pullup.
  10. Spectacular tits and pussy. Is that new "bleep" when a new picture is posted free? Annoying when you leave the site open in the background.
  11. Some naughty cuties here Steve, specially love the bed wetting. Good to have you back. :)
  12. As paysites go, VIPissy isn't bad. A lot of good looking women. And, at least the last time I was a member, unlimited downloads. My only complaint is that the video director swears that the models swallow, and they clearly do not swallow. As someone who pays strippers to piss in his mouth, I really don't see why women won't swallow other women's pee. Men's pee (or, at least, my pee) is more bitter, I can understand being reluctant to swallow that. But, in the end, this is a business, porn actresses are expected to swallow cum, why is refusal to swallow pee so widely tolerated by directors?
  13. Looks like grandma piss day. :P But the rest are nice. :)
  14. I was on Badoo/Blendr for MONTHS and never met anyone. Every time i got close, they all had the same line "I'm sorry, I moved to AFRICA yesterday, but we can still be text buddies." No we can't, bitch. I'm here for real life fuck buddies or relationships, not text on a page.
  15. Whether or not tits should be on display, to me. depends on the tits. I love small tits to medium sized tits, so I love to see them shown. But seriously, are you going to refuse to look at a hot pee pic because you don't like the girl's tits?