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  1. Webcam sites with peeing?

    That's a tube site, not a cam site. Why would you even post it in this thread?
  2. I mentioned this elsewhere on the site the night it happened, but not in this thread. I got to indulge in part of of this fantasy, peeing in a theater during a movie. It was near the end of a movie in a mostly unoccupied theater, and a very uptight friend of mine who never would have understood my taking my cock out and peeing got up and left to use the bathroom. I decided this was my chance. So I pulled out Mr. Happy, who was bursting from a large soda, aimed under the seat in front of me, so there would be no puddle at my feet, and let go. It was the most amazing feeling to pee in such a naughty way, and to do it so openly, since in the darkness I had no fear of getting caught. I took a very, very long pee, and when I was finished, put my cock back in my shorts, leaving just a few drops on the floor in front of me, from when I started and finished. It was relaxing, erotic, and simply amazing As we walked out, I stopped and took a glance at my puddle, it was huge, taking up the floor of the seat in front of me, and I'm sure the area under the seat as well. I'd like to say I've "fulfilled" this fantasy, but I can't use that word, since I plan on doing it whenever I can get the chance. The peeing in my pants movie fantasy is still on my To-Do list, hopefully I'll try it.
  3. Snapchat pee

    Snap is somewhat annoying. I've found kik to be more user friendly.
  4. I will not debate the morals of what you did. In fact, it gave me a boner when I read that you went the entire weekend without using the toilet. I'd consider doing the same thing with a girlfriend. But, you're deluding yourself if you think the room will "be fine for the next guests". Yes, your pee was diluted, but it was still pee, and the room will still smell of pee. As I said, I'm not going to judge you, particularly with a hard on, but at least be honest and admit that you left that room smelling of pee.
  5. I've done some mildly naughty peeing, so stupidly naughty that it's not even worth mentioning. But I very much want to take it to the next level. At the end of a movie, when my bladder is bursting from an extra large caffeinated soda, I have so often wanted to take my cock out and pee on the back of the eat in front of me, using it as a urinal. But, I've never been with someone I can do this with. Even better, at the end of a movie, I want to wet myself. I mean completely flood myself, right in my theater seat. Now that's naughty. And I think it would feel amazing. I need to be able to wear a light jacket, so I can take it off and wrap it around my waist (or waste :P) so I don't embarrass myself on the way out. But when the weather cools off, I just may do it. I'm not here to debate the morals. But that aside, comments are invited.
  6. Eroshare is shutting down!

    Firefox + Video Downloader Professional (free) is also useful.
  7. So, I'm curious...(poll)

    I really don't think "an animal" belongs in there. That aside, there seem to be a lot of places I haven't peed!!
  8. Can You ID This Cute Pissee?

    Thanks Scot_Lover, I hadn't noticed that. Unfortunately, MyDirtyHobby is just a 3rd party posting site, like Imgur or Tumblr or even our Gallery section, so I'd have to look through thousands of videos to find more of her. I'm hoping to find either her name, or the name of the company she works for, so I have a practical way of searching for more of her videos.
  9. The girl on the receiving end here, she's adorable. A shame she doesn't like it. I'd love to find more video of her. Does anyone know who she is, what company she works for, or where I can find more? These were two random Tumblr finds... https://vtt.tumblr.com/tumblr_oattp0vR3t1s8fha5.mp4#_=_ https://vtt.tumblr.com/tumblr_o9wvcrHCsT1s8fha5.mp4#_=_ Many Thanks !!
  10. The Pool is not exactly a friendly place to chat, IMO. Do we even have a chat room here?
  11. Pee drinking.

    I dated an Adult Baby once and would lick the pee off of her pussy whenever I did a diaper change. I've tasted my own pee and found it very bitter. But the peak of my drinking peeversion started about a year ago when I asked a stripper that dances for me regularly to pee in my mouth, and to my surprise, she agreed to do it in the friction room. I've drank from her (and swallowed) 4 or 5 times since then. The taste ranges from sweet to slightly bitter, apparently depending on what she's ate and drank. But the eroticism of the act is the real turn on. And she's CLEARLY into it, because she kisses me on the lips when she's done peeing. If I could afford her, I'd marry her. :P I do this with my mouth basically attached to her pussy, if management walked in and knew she was peeing, I'd get kicked out and she'd get fired.
  12. I certainly hope it's okay. I love a woman in a wet pullup.
  13. Helical pee

    If Oppenheimer had been a pee perv, there may be no nuclear weapons today. :P
  14. Introduction - New Admin and Owner

    My main concern is that we are who we are. Please don't try to change us in the name of political correctness. For example, if naughty peeing gets frowned upon, I'm out of here. I also don't want this turned into a site where I say "I discovered my pee fetish when I was 13" (true) and the comment gets banned. Unless someone posts underage nudity, lets not freak out. Some things that I think would be good: A way to pay your dues for the video section by contributing pee videos. A diaper / pullup category in the picture section. A way for us to meet each other. Like ABDLMatch or PeeingCupid, without the obscene price. Just enough income to pay the server charges. Maybe a rotating monthly membership discount with various QUALITY pay pee sites like VIPissy or HD Diapers etc. There's a handful of good ones. In a nutshell, add stuff, but if it aint broke, don't fix it. And don't over moderate us. The current mods do well and everyone behaves. "I yam who I yam" - Popeye the Sailor Man
  15. Webcam sites with peeing?

    But it's not a cam site.