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    I'm Sophie (cookie if you guessed that!) in my 20's and consider myself a bit of a nerd. I like video games, technology, science, Adam Savage is my hero. Jeri Ellsworth is my idol (let me know if you know who she is!)

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  1. Sophie

    Questions only

    "Can I watch?"
  2. Sophie

    Questions only

    "Do you really want to hear them?"
  3. Sophie

    can't access two threads

    They both still have 0 views after being up for 17 hours so it appears nobody can access them.
  4. Great scientist, easy question Would you rather have sex with your parents watching, or watch your parents have sex?
  5. Ancient Egyptians, they liked cats. Would you rather be funny but dumb, or smart but boring?
  6. Simple forum game. You can only speak in questions, and you must keep the story going. Here is an example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkxRzV3gtDc The story is - You are waiting in line for the bathroom. "Do you think this will take long?"
  7. Sophie

    Why don't the Like and Page controls work for me?

    Just booted up Firefox, having absolutely no issues here. Firefox Quantum 59.0.2 (64-bit)
  8. I'd rather take my chances on board the Titanic. Women and children first. Would you rather eat one meal over and over for the rest of your life, or lots of different meals but only once. So for example, you would only be able to eat your favourite food once.
  9. I voted for the first one ( @Scot_Lover your name isn't appearing in the list) because I feel like a community is the most important thing for this site. We're not like your average porn site where people stream a video, blow a load and then move onto something else. So I feel like more members chatting would benefit the site the most. It makes the whole site more active and interesting, and will help us grow more. The rest are great of course, but I feel like that's the best choice for the long term.
  10. I'd rather be able to understand any language. Would you rather... Fight 1 horse sized duck OR Fight 100 duck sized horses
  11. Sophie

    Favourite Quote, Poem or Saying

    Suckers (2001)
  12. At first I thought it was the emoji used in the first post because it wasn't appearing for me at first. I'm guessing it was just my computer because i can see it now. Disregard :)
  13. My only complaint is I can't see the emoji on desktop. I just see a square. I do see ones added by the sites emoticon menu but if someone adds an emoji using their phone, it doesn't work.
  14. Sophie

    Ladies please answer

    I can reach my toes!