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  1. It's really great to see people posting in here and sharing their stories. Thank you! I went for a run this morning in preparation for a half marathon in June. Nothing extreme just a nice jog. I was wearing my usual black running shorts and a black top, listening to my iPod and drinking from a water bottle as I went. Well after a while I started needing a wee and wanting a little break anyway I decided to relieve myself. I was in a small woods at the time so I just went off the trail and found somewhere hidden. I pulled down my shorts just enough to go and crouched, making sure I wasn't about to pee on myself or anything. After a few seconds I bit my lip as I started a small dribble which quickly turned into a strong stream. I was more desperate than I thought! I loved the faint hissing sound as my stream made a small puddle in the dirt below before it soaked into the ground. It felt really nice too. After about 20 seconds it slowed to drips and I tied my shoelace before standing up with my shorts still at my thighs and then pulled them up. I had nothing to wipe with but I wasn't exactly clean after running anyway. I left my spot and rejoined the trail. Just as I was running out of the trees another runner came towards me from the opposite direction, giving me a knowing smile as she went past. It must have been so obvious what I was doing! I just smiled shyly at her and blushed a little. When I got home I stripped off and had the most lovely shower ever.
  2. bonsoir sophie je voulais savoir combien de temp vous pouver vous retenir sans pisseĀ 

  3. I'm laughing at these more than I want to admit.
  4. I don't have the appendage to shake!
  5. Last pee before bed, not particularly interesting but I thought I'd share it with you. Plenty of detail because that seems to be appreciated. I last had a wee about two and a half hours ago and since I'm probably going to bed in a few minutes I went to the loo to empty my bladder, brush my teeth etc. I wasn't nearly as desperate this time and was much more relaxed with my relief. I closed the door behind me, not bothering to lock it because only family are here and it's only a wee. I walked over to the toilet and turned my back to it, lifting up my dress and pulling down my pink thong as I sat. The seat was rather cold! I leaned forward a little and played with my hair, twirling it around my finger while I felt my body relaxing. After a couple of seconds I started a lovely gentle trickle, making a really cute tinkle as it hit the water below. This really wasn't a wee of necessity. I have a scratch on my thigh for some reason and I don't know how I got it. I thought maybe I had caught my leg when pulling down my underwear but it's in a really strange place. Oh well. After about 15 seconds my stream slowed down to a dribble and I got myself some toilet paper to wipe with. Wrapping it around my fingers twice and sliding it off before reaching between my legs, wiping front to back. I reached for the waistband of my thong and pulled it up in a sort of back and forth motion as I stood, letting my dress fall, I don't really know how to describe it but you might have seen it. Just so it doesn't get twisted. I flushed the toilet and went to the sink to wash my hands, and brush my teeth. mmm minty!
  6. I never put down paper. This girl is loud and proud!
  7. It's funny how when one goes, everyone does. My sister and I used to be like that all the time. Often resulting in a race and a little scuffle on the way to the bathroom, arguing about who would get to go first. My sister ended up peeing in the bath a few times because of it. One time there was an argument and we ended up rolling on the floor together sort of wrestling. I won that battle in a couple of ways, not only did I make it to the toilet, I got to watch her soak her jeans! She didn't talk to me for the rest of the day Anyway, my latest pee... I went a few minutes ago and had been holding it for quite a while, too busy enjoying a movie on the tv. My husband offered to pause it several times, and then just enjoyed watching me wriggle after I said I was fine. When it was over I jumped up, gave him a little kiss and headed upstairs. I just pushed the bathroom door behind me, not even closing it. Lifted up my dress and pulled down my knickers before throwing myself onto the toilet. After mere seconds I sighed as a torrent gushed out of me, it felt so good. I love being able to just relax and let go. It seemed to go on forever. I reached between my legs to wipe, pulled up my underwear washed my hands and left to rejoin hubby!
  8. Just had a pee? Want to talk about it? Don't think it's worth a thread? Post about it here! I'll start. I had a lovely wee about 20 minutes ago after holding it through the Formula One race and then my dinner. Nothing particularly exciting but it made a loud splash as it fell perfectly into the water below.
  9. I never used the galleries to be honest, most of the photos posted didn't interest me and I find the current software annoying and clunky to use. The steps just to view an image full size for example. I would like to just click the photo and see it in full resolution. Instead of clicking a button which doesn't really do much, and then having to click again to view full size. But saying that, I hardly view the photo topics on the forum either. I go elsewhere for my photos.
  10. It was probably inactive because it was on the bottom of the page
  11. I'm guilty of that!
  12. I got mostly positive comments :) I'll have to try and find them.
  13. Years ago now, I used to record audio of myself peeing on the toilet and post it online
  14. VIPissy isn't free...
  15. I'd watch your words if I was you fannywatcher, especially on a topic you don't understand.