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  1. Favourite Pee Model?

    No, it's not a free site.
  2. Penis avatars!

    and I don't think dick avatars is going to do that.
  3. Favourite Pee Model?

    I'm quite a fan of Morgan (I think that's who she is? Brunette girl)
  4. Sophie

    Lol no. Try that technique at a bar, let me know how you get on.
  5. New urinals for women?

    I have no problems with this, as mentioned there are normal toilets for you to use if you prefer and always other businesses. I wouldn't use these personally only because it's likely I'll make a mess!
  6. Library piss

    As I asked before, what is " a fair price" ? I'm not going to say I'll buy something, if I don't know how much it costs.
  7. Upskirts.

    Nope. Veronica Weston has done porn/webcams and that's it. She hasn't been on tv or in a band.
  8. The Volleyball Girls - Part Four

    Thank you guys! The next part will be finished and posted in the very near future! I just hope it is as good as you're expecting!
  9. The Adventures Of Sophie Episode 2

    Another fantastic installment, thank you! It's nice knowing what the 'others ' look like and I'm excited to see what happens next time. I enjoyed how everyone had different opinions on peeing and bladder control. The mock trial idea was brilliant! Thank you !
  10. Nurses Pee

    I can confirm that, especially in the lead up to exams.
  11. You're now a rich dictator...

    The Crying Body - Jan Fabre
  12. Sophie

    Kari Byron was a big part of why I watched it too, and she's even made it into my avatar! As I've written in my profile, Adam Savage is my hero and I'm always paying attention to what he's doing. I watch a lot of his content on the Tested YouTube channel. Don't worry about posting a non pee question here, it is in the introductions category after all , and the place is designed to get to know your fellow members :) You can always private message me if you like and we can talk about whatever you want. :D
  13. Is it contagious?

    Documented case or urban legend?
  14. *** Not my finest piece of work, but the first installment in since 2014. My writing style has changed but I hope you enjoy! Part One can be found >>here<< Part Two can be found >>here<< Part Three can be found >>here<< *** My walk home was pretty uneventful, I passed a few people along the way and couldn’t help but smile, wondering if they had ever wet themselves in dark clothing and walked home just like I was. My black shorts hid everything but I could still feel the familiar wetness, it was giving me a thrill. My house was only fifteen minutes away but by the time I got there I wasn’t enjoying things as much. The lovely warmth of a naughty pee was replaced by cold wet fabric sticking to my legs. It wasn’t nice at all. I let myself in and threw my keys on the table before heading upstairs to my ensuite to have a long soak. A bath hot enough to cook lobsters. As the bath was filling I stood in the mirror and slowly undressed, starting with my top. I slowly pulled it over my head, smiling as my neon pink bra came into view. I’ve never been much of a pink girl but for some reason I really enjoy bright pink underwear and I love how even my sports underwear can be pink. I looked at my shorts in the reflection, a wide smile forming on my lips as my mind wandered back to the bus ride home, that amazing feeling of them getting wet. I wondered if I could pee a little more and tried to relax as I took off my bra, a little heap of clothing forming next to me. A few seconds later my eyes lit up as I felt warmth spreading between my legs, then saw my shorts glistening in the mirror. My knickers definitely were getting a thorough soaking! Little trickles of wee were just starting to run down my legs when my stream slowed to a halt. It wasn’t much, but it was definitely fun. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my wet shorts and slowly eased them down my legs, kicking them off into my pile. I gasped as I looked up into the mirror again and saw the state of my thong. It was almost completely soaked, a solid shade of dark pink. Right between my legs was darker than the rest, my second wee re-wetting it and the only light pink parts were the straps. I ran my hands over the fabric, giggling as I felt the wetness and then turned around, looking over my shoulder in the mirror. Even the back was soaked! I bent over at the waist as I pulled down the small strip of material, letting it drop to my ankles and kicked it off into the pile. I had one last peek at myself in the mirror and then went to the bathroom. Just in time too, the bath was close to overflowing. I carefully climbed into the bath and sighed as I slowly sank into the hot bubbles. It was just what I needed. I immediately felt myself relaxing and closed my eyes, letting my mind wander as I unwound. Naturally, I started thinking about the events of the day, seeing my friends relieving themselves on the toilet with the mirrors above, seeing Chloe peeing in the sink and of course me one upping her by peeing on the sofa. Then I started thinking about the bus journey home, all of us peeing on the roadside and some of us deliberately peeing on the bus. It really showed who was the naughty ones. But the highlight of my day was completely soaking my shorts on the seat. I wished I could have seen the drivers face when he saw the wet stain. Would he have known it was me? Would I get in trouble the next time we have a game? Maybe you would still see a faint outline the next time we were on the bus. As my mind was wandering, my hands did too and I soon found myself squeezing my breasts and pulling my nipples, my other hand between my legs slowly rubbing my clit. My breathing was getting heavier as I pleasured myself, replaying the naughty wees over and over in my head. I felt myself smiling every time I got to the part where I let go, feeling that initial wetness spreading across my rear. I just let my body go into autopilot, letting it do whatever it fancied and I soon began to get very vocal, moaning with every exhale. The walls of my house were rather thin so it was likely my neighbours could hear me but I didn’t care, in fact it excited me, it encouraged me. Over the next few minutes I chased my orgasm, feeling it getting stronger and closer by the second as I got louder. My release was only moments away. I squeezed my legs together tight and sat up a little, crying out in pleasure as every muscle in my body contracted and relaxed rapidly. I could hear water splashing out of the bath but I was enjoying my orgasm too much to care. Nothing else mattered. I pulled my nipples hard and arched my back as the pleasure just kept increasing, moaning loudly. After a few seconds I fell back as I relaxed again, my breathing unsteady, gasping as I felt little orgasmic aftershocks. I had never felt calmer in my life. I stretched out like a cat, sinking even further into the water with a huge smile on my face as I enjoyed the afterglow. Everything went dark as I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep… I woke up in a bath of cold water and looked across at the clock on the wall to see how long I had slept for as I started peeing again, smiling as I felt warmth envelop my lap. 6:45. “Shit!!” I had to be there at7:30 “Shit! shit! shit!” My stream halted immediately and I dived out of the bath, not even bothering to drain the water, and quickly wrapped myself in a towel. I frantically looked in my wardrobe for a dress, quickly picking one that looked nice for nightwear. A red bodycon dress that I hadn’t worn in years because I didn’t have a good occasion. This was good enough! I quickly dried my hair with a towel and finished the rest with my hairdryer, simply brushing it afterwards. I didn’t have time to do anything else with it. I squeezed myself into my dress with a struggle, it was much tighter than I remembered and then looked at the clock again. 7:05. It was no good, I’d have to do my makeup in the car. As if by magic my phone beeped. Looking at the screen I saw 4 missed calls and 9 texts from Chloe “Sophie, where r u?! The taxi is leaving in 2 mins with or without u” I grabbed my makeup bag, quickly put on my shoes, ignoring my aching bladder and climbed into the taxi. “Sorry to keep you waiting, Barrington Hall please” I would have to find somewhere to pee at the party…