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  1. story

    9 times out of 10 that doesn't happen, but when it does I just get it with my normal wipe, going a bit further back when wiping before dropping it into the toilet. My wee usually just goes straight down, splashing noisily as it hits the water.
  2. It looks like I'll be peeing in the grass! I'll do it when I get chance. Thanks for voting everyone! <3
  3. story

    Oh, sorry! I really wish I had included more details now :( To answer your questions, I'm a folder not a scruncher. I wrap it around the palm of my hand twice while it's still on the roll and then tear it off. Then I slide it off my fingers so it's like I have a length of toilet paper 4 layers thick (two on either side of the hand) then I reach between my legs with my fingers against the paper wiping front to rear, letting go once I reach the rear so it drops into the toilet. Sometimes you will hear a giggle if someone farts loudly, it depends on who is in the bathroom really, especially the age. If there are young women and teenagers you are more likely to hear laughing. And less likely with older women, but of course it depends on everyone's maturity. I don't laugh myself usually. Sometimes you will hear the woman who farted laughing! If there's anything else I can answer please ask!
  4. Are you just posting on every Snapchat topic you can find? You don't need to make multiple posts for the same thing.
  5. i love teasing my husband like that. Especially when I know we won't be home for a few hours! The anticipation of what will happen when we get home teases me and gets me worked up too.
  6. The site is running very slowly for me but on and off. Pages take ages to load and then the site will suddenly "wake up" frequently reports as down. Just wanted to bring this to your attention @Admin
  7. It was suggested I made a poll for my other thread so you can vote on what I do next. I'll do whichever option has the most votes when I'm in the mood. Weather permitting etc. The thread can be found HERE I was unable to add this to my thread so unfortunately I've had to make a new one. I'm not sure how well this will work, but I'll give it a go! This will be updated after each story so you can vote for the next one if you desire!
  8. Thank you! I have to pretty much every time I have a naughty pee like that.
  9. I was asking to post about using the ladies.
  10. @fannywatcher asked me in a private message to describe using the ladies because he wanted to know what it was like, and what goes on behind that mysterious closed door. I was more than happy to so I went out and did it. I hope you enjoy it too. It was a nice day today and I wanted to go out for a walk and run an errand or two so it was the perfect opportunity to answer his question. I was wearing a light blue t-shirt and really tight navy skinny jeans. Underneath that I was wearing a black push up bra and black thong, complete with black socks. I had been doing bits and bobs around the house and when I felt a strong need to sit on the toilet I put on my shoes and headed outside. Nothing particularly interesting happened on my walk, I posted a letter, bought a couple of small things and then went to find some toilets to empty my rather full bladder. Luckily it didn't take me long to find some toilets open to the public and as I pushed open the door I saw three women in their early 20's stood at the mirror/sinks chatting to each other while one was tidying herself up in the mirror. The toilets did look rather clean, which is surprising for public loos. The middle of the three stalls was taken by a woman peeing with a faint tinkle so I took the one next to her furthest from the door, but closest to the women. I locked the door behind me, put my handbag on the little hook on the door and unbuttoned my jeans. My neighbours stream slowed to a halt as I wriggled out of them and pulled them down to my knees with my thong before taking a seat. It was a little warm so recently used, by I assume, one of the women at the sink. The woman next to me quickly wiped and flushed before leaving her stall, which was immediately occupied by one of the three women. I saw the shadow moving across the floor and into the stall next to me. She slammed the door shut and there was a rustling of clothes before I heard her sit down. Looking next to me I saw her heels lifted off the ground, like she was on her tip toes. Something I've seen before but not often. We had been sitting in silence for about five seconds when I felt myself relaxing and a loud tinkle filled the room as I started weeing. I loved knowing everyone else could hear me and knew what I was doing, and it felt really nice to empty my bladder. The woman next to me must have been a little pee shy because only moments after I started she joined in with a loud hissing stream. I could hear the other two women talking to each other at the sinks as their friend relieved herself, and she let out a little sigh. She must have been desperate. We both went for about 30 seconds and got some toilet paper to wipe with. I reached between my legs, wiping front to back and dropped it into the toilet before grabbing the waistband of my thong, pulling it up as I stood. She was wearing leggings so got redressed much quicker than me, flushing and leaving her stall as I was pulling up my jeans. I squeezed my butt into them and fastened them before flushing, then put on my handbag, unlocked the door and left the stall to wash my hands. I joined my pee buddy at the sinks, smiling at each other in the mirror. She was really cute! About 5'5 with brunette hair down to her shoulders, small top but big hips. Kinda looked like Meg Turney (I'll post a picture at the bottom). We both washed our hands and I quickly adjusted my hair before making sure I didn't have any clothing sticking out in funny places or showing things I shouldn't. I smiled at her again and left the bathroom to walk home.
  11. Here you go!
  12. The weather has been good here recently so I decided to finally fulfil the request posted at the very start of my thread. To pee standing up under my skirt somewhere outdoors. I had been looking forward to doing it for a while but just didn’t have the opportunity... until now. This happened after work on Friday so I was wearing my usual work clothes. A black pencil skirt, white blouse and black heels, no tights. Underneath I had a white bra and a white thong. The skirt was long enough I could have spent the day without any underwear but I didn’t like the risk, at least not when working at a school. I usually go to the toilet during my lunch break, about 1:30 in the afternoon and that’s enough to keep me going until home time, but I did things a little different. I skipped my early afternoon wee so I would be desperate by the time I was heading home, having only been about 9am when I got to work. Just before I left work I headed to the ladies and took off my knickers, folding them up neatly and putting them in my handbag. I clocked out with a full bladder and jumped into my car, really wishing I hadn’t drank so much coffee over the afternoon. It was a quiet day so I had plenty of opportunity to drink instead of letting it go cold and wasting it. I had already planned where I was going, so with a feeling of excitement, I put on my seatbelt and headed to the supermarket. I always do my weekly food shop on a Friday so I was killing two birds with one stone really, but it’s not very often I do it while desperate for a wee. It was so much fun! I walked past the toilets there with a smile and continued my shop as normal which usually takes 45-60 minutes. I was getting more and more desperate with every aisle I went down, jiggling as I stopped with my trolley to look at the shelves. I knew I wasn’t allowed to leak because it would run straight down my legs instead of being absorbed by my knickers. I eventually made it through the aisles and to the checkout, having to cross my legs while waiting in the queue and unloading my trolley. There was no hiding how badly I needed to pee! I couldn’t stand still at all. I hoped I would get through this quickly because I was really concerned about leaving a puddle on the floor. I managed to pack everything into bags at the other end of the checkout without too much issue and all I had left to do was pay. As I was getting my purse from my handbag I let out a spurt of pee and immediately doubled over with my hand jammed between my legs. I could feel a drip running down my left leg but I was okay, I was still holding on. However, the cashier, Laura, definitely noticed my problem. She leaned over and quietly whispered “Um, I don’t mean to be rude but there are some customer toilets near the entrance. You look like you really need to go.” She wasn’t wrong! I told her thank you and handed her the money for my shopping, taking the receipt myself instead of waiting for her, every second counts! I thanked her again and left the supermarket, heading to my car as quickly as I could in heels. I managed to walk to my car without any further leaking and opened the boot ready to place the bags inside, three in total. I had chosen a fairly secluded spot far away from the supermarket, with the car parked in front of me as cover because this is where I was planning to pee, and boy was I looking forward to it. I was still jiggling about and crossing my legs as I lifted the first bag which was very light into my car, no drama there. The second bag was much heavier, containing four 2L bottles of water amongst other things, and as I lifted it out of the trolley I let out another spurt, it running down my legs. I didn't fight it, instead just letting things happen as they wanted to. As expected the dam burst only seconds later as I completely let go. I froze as a torrent of wee flowed down both of my legs, unable to hold back a sigh of pure relief. I bit my lip and looked down, smiling at the puddle rapidly growing around my feet and running under the car, knowing full well it would be visible very soon. I didn't care, it felt so naughty! I stood up straight and parted my legs a little, smiling even more as my stream started falling neatly between them, splashing as it hit the tarmac below. It felt really free, just letting go in the car park of a supermarket, and nobody suspected a thing! I watched my stream the whole time, enjoying the thrill of going outdoors in public, combined with the sheer relief. I went for at least a minute and as my stream started to slow I squeezed my legs together again, enjoying the sensation of my wee running over my thighs, and down over my calves. When my wee finally concluded I quickly placed the last bag into my car, shut the boot and took my trolley to the little collection areas they have for them. Looking back I could see a little river running from underneath my car, it looked like I had a leak! I got such a naughty thrill from it. The picture would tell a very different story once I pulled away and people could see the full puddle. As I sat down in my car the first thing I noticed was the back of my skirt was wet. I'm guessing it was from when I first let go, bent over slightly as my pee forcefully jetted out of my pussy. It must have gone backwards a little before running down my legs. I started the car and drove home as quickly as I legally could, smiling as I saw my puddle in the rear view mirror.
  13. I might be able to help but it entirely depends on what you want doing.
  14. Already covered it :)
  15. Finishing the write up now! The next story will be posted tonight. I just hope you all enjoy it. Did another today so that might be posted tonight as well.