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  1. Also funny how the filename where I found it is exactly the same as the one used by your profile. I'll just leave it as that.
  2. Are you sure about that? Because I've just found your photo on several websites.
  3. Works fine for me, and I don't have video gallery access.
  4. Do you have a link you could share please?
  5. Can confirm, I've done that plenty of times, as have my friends. Reminds me of this photo
  6. Well it has been a month now, how is everyone doing with their resolutions? I've kept to mine so far!
  7. Can you clarify or give us more information please?
  8. Hey! It's really nice to see you on here again. I hope you're doing well!
  9. I'm sort of in the middle really. I'm not a huge fan of selfies (or amateur video for that matter) because they're usually at bad angles, poor lighting and you miss a lot of things. Using the photos above as an example, in the first photo you can't really see much but I appreciate the "look how naughty I'm being" feel it gives. And in the last photo I wouldn't have even knows about her peeing if I hadn't seen the others. But on the other end, I feel the photos don't feel authentic but I really like the quality of them, the angles etc. Nothing is missed. I think the problem with them is Sosha is posing for the photos so it feels produced and loses the personal touch. The middle ground would be amateur photos taken by someone else , perhaps even another model. This way you don't get the bad angles, arms in the way etc of a selfie (taking them is really hard!) but at the same time it doesn't feel quite as produced, especially if the photographer has even basic skills and is able to hold the camera straight. It gives me the feeling of two friends having fun together, lots of smiles and laughing. It has the authenticity of a selfie and feels like the model is really having fun and enjoying herself.
  10. I stopped watching HD wetting street videos because there wasn't enough variety of realism to keep my interest. They seemed to follow the same basic thing, girl walls along street, girl stops and wets herself, girl walks to car just off camera. I can understand filming these in a quiet area and I don't particularly enjoy the really public videos (like on a bus) either, but what I dislike the most is how staged they feel. I'd prefer it if the girls had more of a genuine accident instead of pretty much knowing when she's about to pee when watching the video. Maybe a bit more variety on the wetting too, instead of being stood on a street soaking jeans, why not some other locations and outfits? One of my favourite videos is where sammi soaks her knickers in the woods after being teased in the car.
  11. Yes I pee in front of my daughter but not as much as I used to because now she's getting to the age where I feel comfortable with her going on her own. As misspiss has said, sometimes you just don't get any privacy. I usually don't lock the bathroom door at home when peeing but I will close it and I've lost count the amount of times my daughter has come in while I was peeing. We've been together outdoors a couple of times too, and it's just not a road trip if somebody doesn't have to go on the roadside!
  12. This thread has reminded me of something that happened a few years ago. I was the only person in the toilets, peeing in a stall when a young woman came in talking and took the stall next to me. She wasn't exactly quiet when she closed and locked the door so maybe she assumed the person on the other end couldn't hear, or she just didn't care. There was a rustling of clothes as she pulled down her jeans and then she started the cutest tinkle ever! It was like there was no pressure behind it at all, just a lazy trickle. By now my own stream had ended and I was just listening to her. After a few seconds I heard her say "yeah I am" with a laugh and moments later "sorry. I was bursting" She went for ages, her stream staying as that gentle trickle, talking the whole time. When she was finally done she reeled off some toilet paper , wiped and stood before leaving her stall, not bothering to flush. She did wash her hands though and then left, still talking!
  13. Thanks guys! It means so much to me reading that. Xx
  14. My only critique is the formatting of the post, it makes it difficult to read when a new paragraph begins mid sentence.
  15. You might have done. It's entirely possible! Depends on when you saw it really, I'm rarely out at night. Thank you! I always worry that my stories are too long, or that I include too much detail which makes them boring to read, so I really appreciate a comment saying you love the detail.