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  1. My only critique is the formatting of the post, it makes it difficult to read when a new paragraph begins mid sentence.
  2. You might have done. It's entirely possible! Depends on when you saw it really, I'm rarely out at night. Thank you! I always worry that my stories are too long, or that I include too much detail which makes them boring to read, so I really appreciate a comment saying you love the detail.
  3. It was in a corner, sort of like where the back/side of two buildings meet if that makes sense? The doorways were on the other side. I love coming across puddles too, and a tissue or something makes it even better. I try to wipe whenever I can but if I don't have much privacy I tend to skip that step out of fear of being caught.
  4. It's very easy to pee in the pool without getting caught, just don't do it off the diving board!
  5. Aww thank you so much! x
  6. Sorry if this isn’t well written or particuarly interesting. I just wanted to share the incredible pee I had. It started as a mostly normal day. I woke up at about 10am, a little later than usual after going to bed late welcoming in the new year. I knew what I was going to do that day but nothing really changed. I started by having a shower, letting the hot water wash over me before letting go my morning pee, smiling to myself as I began to feel the relief. It seemed to go on forever, I went to bed with a full bladder but I never expected to pee so much. After my shower I got dressed, wearing really tight skinny jeans and a tight top that showed off my boobs. Then I went downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast I spent a few hours lounging around with my daughter, watching a bit of TV and drinking plenty of fluids. I was drinking water constantly, enjoying the feeling of my bladder quickly filling. It seems to take a while for my body to realise how full I am so if I drink a lot quickly I don’t feel desperate for a while, but then it hits me hard. My husband was loving the sight of me getting fuller, and my body language changing. What started out as a little foot tapping, maybe biting my lip soon turned into me being unable to sit still and looking visibly uncomfortable. I decided I was getting close to it being too uncomfortable so I put on my shoes and went for a walk, something I often do on New Years day. I filled up my water bottle, kissed my husband and left the house with the intention of not returning without an empty bottle. I found the walking helped take my mind off my bladder and found myself sipping from the bottle out of habit. It was only a small bottle but it was still difficult to drink when so desperate. Walking past the toilets certainly didn’t help things, my body was screaming for me to go inside. There was a lovely toilet waiting for me, and it would feel amazing to just sit down and let go. I had been walking for about 30 minutes and eventually emptied the bottle of its contents, now it was time to find somewhere to empty my bladder. Unfortunately I was right in the middle of the city so while there was plenty of toilets I could use, there wasn’t really anywhere private I could hide away at for a minute. I continued walking, trying my hardest not to leak into my knickers and soon began to get worried, worried I wouldn’t find somewhere in time. I took a slight detour and found myself in some narrow streets, still very busy though. I wonder if it was obvious how desperate I was becoming. After another 15 minutes I finally found somewhere I could go, it wasn’t ideal but i was running out of options, and time. It almost had a glow around it, a huge sign above it saying “Sophie, pee here!” I just knew this would be my best chance. I had a quick peek to make sure nobody was coming and stood in the corner, frantically unbuttoning my skinny jeans, feeling more desperate than ever. Why does that happen? Why do I always need to go the most when my relief is only moments away. I managed to wriggle out of my jeans just enough to go and pulled down my thong as I crouched, feeling my body relaxing already. Immediately I started a strong stream that landed between my feet with a loud hiss, it bouncing off the floor and spraying my shoes but I didn’t care at this point. It took only seconds for a puddle to form, it snaking away from me. The relief was incredible, and I remembered why I enjoy doing this so much. I couldn’t help but smile as I saw steam rising from where I was going, something I don’t really get to see. I went for a good thirty seconds, sighing multiple times throughout and once the drips mostly stopped I stood up, pulled up my thong and started squeezing my butt back into the jeans, the empty bottle held between my teeth. I was struggling to button them up when I heard footsteps, the sound of heels and then talking, I was about to be caught! Figuring the button could wait I made a quick dash out of there and around the corner, trying to act normal and like i had come from a different direction. Seconds later I heard a loud “Eww! Gross” as they found my very large puddle. I looked over my shoulder after a few seconds and saw two women coming out of the narrow street, they looked to be in their early twenties and were both wearing heels, it was definitely them. I walked back to the main part of town and used the toilets there to tidy myself up and fasten my jeans button, listening to a very strong stream from one of the stalls behind me. Once i looked presentable again I walked home, proudly showing my husband the empty bottle as I walked through the door before telling him all about it.
  7. I'm just finishing the write up for week 1. Yesterday I had a wee in my garden leaving quite a nice puddle so I've stuck to my resolution so far. Time to think of something for week 3!
  8. Nah I don't think it's weird at all, you can be pretty exposed at times! Sometimes I struggle peeing even when locked in a stall hidden away from everyone.
  9. That's me whenever I'm absolutely bursting. The feeling when it starts gushing is incredible.
  10. I have a pee related New Years Resolution. Although I have a pee fetish and enjoy several aspects of it, I don't really have that much fun with it and at least 90% of my pees are sat on the toilet. I do sometimes mix it up a little and "forget" to undress. I want to pee somewhere other than the toilet at least once a week, whether that is in the shower, on the floor, outside somewhere, it doesn't matter. I've done last weeks and I'm trying to find an opportunity to do something this week.
  11. I'm not sure if my bladder shrinks but I definitely need to pee more when out in the cold.
  12. I finished work on Friday and I'm not back until the 2nd of Jan. :D
  13. Definitely from the front although from the side is a close second. It's great seeing the stream straight from the source, and from the side it can sometimes be obstructed by a leg and things.
  14. It's running off her leg.