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  1. Beach pee

    Nude or not, isn't this what beaches are for?
  2. where are you

    Oh, I didn't know they pissed any differently there.
  3. Upcoming Eclipse Pee Sightings ?

    Considering how many people will be in the area and the shortage of toilet facilities, a practical solution might be for everybody to take advantage of the darkness and pee during totality. If I were you, I'd be on the lookout not only for great sightings but flash floods.
  4. Humidity

    If it's humid, you likely won't be perspiring as much as if the air were dry. And, if it cooled down during the night, your body is going to shed more water. If you can't sweat it out, all that excess liquid you drank has to go somewhere. In your case, I'm guessing a few steps outside your tent door.
  5. Glad1

    No, it's been more than a year since I last heard from her. I hope she's doing well. She wrote some great posts and I really miss what she added to this site.
  6. Glad1

    She was one of those free and open women who wasn't embarrassed when she had to pee. In fact, until I mentioned it, she never thought it to be sexual.
  7. Thank you for your kind words. Complicated situation, unfortunately. Better things happened with other partners, to be described next.

  8. Dr. Glad is back

    Surely, ladies, you must have more questions for Dr. Glad. So, please bring them on, along with a fresh urine sample.
  9. Who Knows? Who do you tell?

    I thought it time to bump this post again. The anonymity of online communication lets us be pretty bold on here. But, how many of us discuss our interests in real life? And with whom - partners, close friends, family members? In turn, how many of them have expressed they have a pee fetish to us? Over the years, I've had a total of three women tell me outright they were fascinated with pee. Two were lovers and one a very good friend, who probably revealed more of her interests than anyone. But, there were a dozen or more others who, by their actions, indicated they were more than willing to indulge but uncomfortable in saying so.
  10. Sephora, it's nice to see you have such loyal subjects. Or, rather, at least one particular one.
  11. Impromptu masturbation.

    Yeah, fanny, I'm sure you're the only wanker here.
  12. Display Your Gender

    That's what I like about this site. It's always okay to display our gender here. In most places, that could get us in serious trouble.
  13. Glad1

    I think most all of us are "pee-curious", at least at some stage in our lives. While some seem to outgrow it by themselves, most go through life struggling with that shame. Into my early twenties, I was always a bit pee shy, in the outdoors stepping out of sight of others. Once in my late teens, when on a small boat with a date, I made a point of having a big wave splash me just to get relief. Shortly out of college, I met a young woman who had a very relaxed attitude about peeing and, in turn, helped me get over my shyness. On our first hike, she peed in front of me three or four times during the day. Seeing how she had no inhibitions about what she described as a natural act quickly relaxed mine.
  14. Plot

    I suppose what I like in videos is much the same as in real life. It's that something unexpected, like the time I was sitting with a date on a big rock by the sea half-lost in conversation when she suddenly pees in front of me.
  15. Dr. Glad is back

    Dr. Glad asks if this happens regularly and is there any burning or pain. I'd first want to rule out infection before I jump into making a diagnosis. If there's none, the problem may lie with the nervous system being hypersensitive and there's actually less in the bladder than how it feels. But, if you can void a full tank's worth, even though there's barely a flow, it's likely because you held too long and there's a temporary physical blockage or your nerves aren't firing the right signals to release completely. Try changing your posture on the seat, leaning alternately fore and aft, to see if that helps. Also give the affected areas a gentle tickle as that sometimes does the trick. Above all, the most important thing is not to panic, but relax. Eventually, it should all work itself out.