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  1. I totally agree. I think my moment of conversion came when I was hiking with a friend. A couple hours down the trail we both had to pee. She said to me, "we can either make this awkward or make it fun."
  2. Years ago, we had a neighbor down the street who had an in-ground pool installed. Very proud of his acquisition, he had a party for the whole neighborhood to show it off. And, yes we were all invited for a swim. If you know how my mind works, you can imagine I was calculating how much pee would be in the pool by the end of the evening, especially since there were coolers of beverages everywhere. I guess the owner thought much the same way. Sure enough, as I walked up to the fence surrounding it, I noticed a small sign that read, "Please don't pee in our pool. We don't swim in your toilet."
  3. I've found most people, both men and women, are at least a bit "peecurious", although, by natural inclination, I'm likely avoiding the ones with the most rigid views. Even as a child, I always had a great curiosity, which is probably why I became a scientist. Most all the people I hang around with see things much the same way. A lot of them have joined me on outdoor activities, hiking, biking, boating and such, that take us away from toilet facilities most of the day. It seems most all are fascinated by a bit of scientific trivia, especially when nature calls, like "do you know your pee stream breaks up into droplets about a foot in front of you?" Or, "A study has shown most all mammals urinate for 21 seconds, give or take a few." Ahhh, I love science! I find the ones who don't are the hardest to "convert".
  4. The morning drinks were quickly catching up with me, so I thought I'd do some work around my yard. Stepped back inside a few minutes ago from, literally, watering a tree.
  5. Nice to meet you, wee wee girl. We always welcome input from new members. Or, output for that matter, especially if it's a long, messy one!
  6. Filling your whole house? That's going to require a lot of bladder activity! And, that's coming from someone who often outputs five liters in a day. I would, though, recommend you spare the furniture and anything else than can't be easily cleaned. Plastics sheets were made for a purpose, you know.
  7. That's one sure-fire way to wake the guy up!
  8. Well, that would certainly float my boat!
  9. I'm pretty sure that earful of sounds destroyed his concentration. I know it would for me. Now, where was I?
  10. Funny you mention it. I never made the association until a woman mentioned her pee smelled like the buttered popcorn at the movies. Now, I always have a thrill run through me every time I walk through a theater lobby.
  11. A nice spring morning here, so thought I'd take advantage of the day and catch up on the outside chores. Wasn't out there more than an hour before my bladder urgently signaled for relief from the morning coffee. Walked over to a stand of trees where I stopped, unzipped and aimed at the stones in front of me. Being I was good and full, I achieved a healthy trajectory.
  12. On the trails I've seen a few women crouch like that. I, too, have often found it to be the perfect squat... for those who like getting their shoes wet.
  13. Since salt is dehydrating, it tends to cause one to drink more to compensate. It roughly translates into the equation: more salt = more water = more pee.
  14. I'd have thought by now your hubby knew to never challenge you for volume. Perhaps he was the one in a fuzzy state.