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  1. Welcome, Amanda. If you're looking for naughty places, this is one of the best. I hope to see and hear a lot more from you.
  2. I've done the Great Ocean Road to Portland, so I'm vaguely familiar with the area. It's nice to hear you and the girls are enjoying the outdoors this time of year. I'm on the southern New England coast today and, at the start of summer, it's not much warmer here, 15 to 20C with light rain.
  3. This is southwest Victoria, right? Interior or near the coast? And, does this time of year mean you and your girls tend to spend most all your time indoors?
  4. I'm guessing you also hope for cooler weather because, in the heat, you sweat most everything out.
  5. Dr. Glad kindly offers his services. While his training is more in the realm of the physical sciences, he's been know to throw himself into his work. Besides, he has a great bedside manner and I'm sure he will rise to the occasion.
  6. Hope you can be sneaky enough that no one suspects, but still give the grass a good watering and us another of your erotic stories.
  7. story

    I have to (respectfully) disagree. What I want to see is more output.
  8. Since we have members across the globe, in both northern and southern hemispheres, some fairly close to the poles while others are near the equator, I'd imagine we have a wide range of weather going on at any given time. While some of us are sweltering in the summer heat, others are enduring sub-freezing temperatures, maybe even buried under feet of snow. There are those who are complaining of the drought, while others wonders when the rain will ever end. As the saying goes, everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. At least we can tell our friends here what's happening in our area. I'm on the East Coast of the US this week, a couple hours outside of New York City. It's late evening and the temperature is still hovering around 80 and very sticky. I think I'm going to grab another cold drink right now.
  9. Something I always enjoy whenever I get the opportunity. Although this video has too much male pissing for me. They could have stopped after the first 15 seconds.
  10. Yes, this is probably the very reason why I like all these outdoor activities. In one-on-one situations, whether out on the trail or in a small boat, it's not all that uncommon to pee in front of someone nor would they likely be considered weird if they watched. Often, I'll make sure I'm out there with a full bladder, just so I can "test the waters."
  11. While I've never set out to be naughty "both ways", sooner or later s**t happens! So, I have to admit there's been a few times where more than my bladder was caught short when I was enjoying the great outdoors. The most recent time was this past week when I'd driven out to farm country for a day long hike. I made sure I stayed well-hydrated and I'd already peed a couple times along the trail, but as I was heading back toward my car at dusk, I was still uncomfortably full. No problem, I was going to pee again before starting the two hour drive. But, as I was standing there, enjoying some much-needed relief, my stream going on and on and on, I wasn't feeling much emptier. I needed to take this one sitting down.
  12. Links to parts 1 and 3 of the story are found here:
  13. A few days ago, I was on a two-day road trip. I didn't stop any more than I wanted to, so I was pretty near desperate much of the time. I was driving along one stretch of interstate with a long ways between facilities when my bladder started to get away from me. With one hand on the wheel and the other free to hold back the flow, I anxiously awaited the next exit and, almost in time, one did. Tires squealing, I took it and pulled off onto a side road, stopping by a stand of trees that shielded me from the highway. I hurried out of the car, only two or three drops escaping when I stood up, and walked the couple steps off the shoulder before I burst. The relief was amazing, so good in fact I repeated it two more times that day.
  14. Welcome, Rann. As a writer, I encourage you to post and hone your skills. While I write professionally about scientific facts, I enjoy good fiction and appreciate the creative streak, especially where it's a golden one.
  15. I say a hike never really counts unless it includes at least one pee stop. Nice to see you got your season off to a great start.