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    A midsummer nights wet dream

    A great story as ever @owlman76 You have a knack for coming up with stories that are original and different and adventurous. I love that metaphor! Enjoy! But make sure you come back and tell us all about it.......
  2. Alfresco

    The new job

    @owlman76 Another superbly hot story. I don't believe I have read this one before but it was great in so many ways.
  3. Alfresco


    That was something completely different @owlman76 It instilled all sorts of emotions and was (as ever) very well written. An excellent story.
  4. Alfresco

    The greatest sacrifice

    I believe the answer to the puzzle is that they have already been published and the other parts are there for the reading - I certainly remember reading this before..... It is available with follow up parts on a site about shoes and published in 2015...... I'll leave you to do some more detective work. I believe it was also on another Pee Site.
  5. Alfresco

    Puddle On The Path

    Fantastic pee, annointing the path from above. Like others have mentioned, I would love to have been standing below enjoying the show and the shower.
  6. Alfresco


    Well I've certainly peed in full view of girls many times. Their reactions are interesting (proportions are very rough and by observation rather than scientific research): 70% walk on by and don't comment, but might take a sneaky look. 20% take a good look without hiding the fact and may even slow down, pause, or in rare cases, go past then come back for another look. 5% take a good look and make some appreciative or encouraging comment. 3% make a negative comment but have a look whilst making it. 2% make a negative comment and turn away making a quick exit. Reactions tend to be more vocal at night time when the girls are a bit innebriated.
  7. Alfresco

    De Praestigiis Angelorum final

    There is only so much that can be portrayed in an account such as this. The reality will always be much deeper.
  8. Alfresco


    @Thearo Hafbjorn Do you mean peeing in public but needing to be very discrete because people are around or do you just mean for peeing when you are out and about and want to pee but don't need to worry about other people (e.g. in the woods or a quiet area)? Some ideas that I have used depending on circumstances: In warm summer weather the use of shorts is a great help. I wear shorts with a loose leg - e.g. sports shorts or leisure shorts that are like short jogging pants. I don't bother with the underwear. These shorts easily allow me to pee by pulling the leg to the side and peeing out of the leg hole. I have done this in close proximity to others (male and female) and remained completely undetected. E.g. Kneel on some grass and pretend to be rummaging in a bag whilst peeing out of the leg of your shorts onto the grass. Or sit on a grassy bank facing downhill, legs straight out in front and slightly apart. Again, pee out of the leg of the shorts and you only need your penis to be just clear of the shorts, so nobody notices a thing unless they are immediately in front of you. If you are worried, put something across your knees to hide everything. This method works well on a beach as well and can be done with swimming shorts. I've even peed out of the leg of my shorts whilst riding a bike. Just get to a point where I can freewheel for a bit, raise one leg up a bit and angle the knee out away from the bike, pull the shorts leg up clear of the penis, relax and pee. It leaves a lovely trail along the road as well. Also with shorts, you can sit on astride a wall and pee down the side that is away from the public, so you could sit on a wall right next to people walking by, maybe pretend to read a book and pee down the back side of the wall. Shorts also work well for sitting on a rock or bank next to a river or in fact pretty much anywhere. Because people don't EXPECT you to pee in that position, they won't suspect that you are peeing and therefore won't give you a second glance. Conversely, if you stand still facing a tree, wall, corner, etc then that says to most passers by "Hey, I'm having a pee" and they will instantly make that assumption whether you are or not. In the winter, a long coat is an advantage. You can unzip your trousers and hang your penis out whilst it is all covered by the coat. Then you just need to stand with legs apart and pee from under the coat whenever the coast is clear. If you do it in an open space rather than facing a wall or something then you would be surprised how close people can get without realising what you are doing. It works well in that if someone does come along at the right time then you can simply clamp off the flow and walk away without worrying about having to adjust your clothing. In fact DON'T adjust your clothing immediately as this just draws attention. If it is raining, a long waterproof coat as above is ideal. The ground is wet anyway and you can get away with just about anything as long as people are not too close. I even once got away with peeing in a chip shop like this. It was raining outside. There were already wet puddles on the floor in the shop. I walked up to the counter, placed my order and whilst the server was busy sorting out my order I was adding another small puddle to the floor. But to be honest the vast majority of my public peeing is just wearing whatever I happen to be wearing - usually jeans or trousers with a normal fly. I just unzip and pee as I would in a urinal, just either make sure nobody is going to catch me or I sometimes engineer it so that people do catch me, in which case I pick a place that offers some cover so that it looks like I was trying to be discrete if anyone gets upset. However, I've found that in the vast majority of cases, if someone spots me they either enjoy a quick look or just walk past like nothing is happening.
  9. Alfresco

    De Praestigiis Angelorum final

    I love the way you have developed this - from starting out with a relationship between some girls with no hint of where it might lead through to getting involved with the powerful people and the underworld and into a hostage situation which gets turned on its head! A very powerful storyline in itself with the erotic side and pee interest all added in seamlessly. I certainly look forward to Werwolf.
  10. Alfresco

    De Praestigiis Angelorum 5

    Thank you! Yes I sometimes wonder whether some of the content on this site could be published or the seed for a much larger published work, but I also really appreciate that our family of writers are willing to share with each of us at no cost. Well that is great news and I look forward to how it turns out.
  11. Alfresco

    De Praestigiis Angelorum 5

    @spywareonya I've only just read this series - and not the final part yet, but it is getting hotter and hotter. Although @steve25805 was anticipating a carpet peeing from your comments exchange earlier, I cannot imagine that he expected the carpet release to be as hot as this. The circumstances and the description were perfect and Steve must have been gobsmacked and couldn't believe his luck. I would be overjoyed to see my carpet anointed with this display any time.
  12. Alfresco

    Snapchat Pissing

    I dont use snapchat, but maybe I should consider it.
  13. Alfresco

    Desperate Co-worker

    I see. I guess that makes sense - could be inviting unwanted attentions. But at least they would go happy!! Fair play to them although it would feel better without the clothes and shame about the back. Bit embarrassing for them both I should think.
  14. When I was much younger, an also much younger Anneka Rice used to do programmes like Treasure Hunt, where she flew round all over the place in a helicopter getting clues to solve the treasure hunt based on instruction from the contestants in the studio. She also then did Challenge Anneka where she had to achieve some monumental task in a short space of time. She used to run around in a tight jumpsuit being followed by a camera crew, so her backside was very often in frame on the footage - which led to her winning "Rear of the Year". I used to imagine her being desperate to pee on these challenges and being away from facilities with limited time having to nip behind a wall and peel down her jumpsuit for an emergency pee. I don't know if that happened, outdoors, but she did quote that the camera crew had to wait for her to roll it down to pee (http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/news-features/TMG3364020/Anneka-braves-the-one-piece-challenge.html) and there was an incident where she hadn't peed for five hours whilst setting up a charity concert for Children in Need and ended peeing herself in the suit in the wings of the stage. It wasn't shown on TV, but she later admitted it when talking to Terry Wogan on stage later (after she had changed) - http://www.wetset.net/watersports-bbs/messages/43216.htm.
  15. Alfresco

    Desperate Co-worker

    @owlman76 Yes, I believe you have posted about that factory experience before, but it definitely fits in the desperation at work category. I love the idea of people being desperate at work, but this does seem like the supervisors were taking advantage of the situation and humiliating the ladies on the line by not giving them the necessary breaks. I certainly don't condone that kind of attitude.
  16. Alfresco

    Desperate Co-worker

    That is a fantastic attitude that the nurses all had. Did the management know that they did this? I have to wonder why they didn't leave their panties at home if they knew they were going to pee like this - surely it would be easier to pee without panties and then they wouldn't have wet panties chaffing them for the rest of the day? Maybe they enjoyed the feeling of wetness? Maybe it was that they could wet themselves without a flood appearing - they wet their knickers a bit at a time and just allowed drops to fall down from their skirt as they walked around, whereas no knickers would mean that the whole spurt of pee would either wet the front of their skirt or fall to the floor. Did they have favourite spots to pee like near the chairs in the sitting room or when they were walking between areas or even in the residents' own rooms? I have been to a couple of nursing homes and remember well the general odour or pee in the air. I always assumed it was the residents, but now I'm wondering if the staff contributed as well. I would never have thought about getting a job at a nursing home, but now I'm possibly getting a little tempted.......
  17. Alfresco

    Backyard peeing

    Yes, I pee in the garden some mornings. I like to go outside in just a dressing gown, sit on ours swinging chair, allow the dressing gown to fall away so that my penis is open to the cool morning air and then pee either off the front of the seat or even through the slats of the seat, just relaxing, not holding my dick, but just relax and let the pee go wherever it wants. I love the feeling of freedom. Sometimes I just stand in the middle of the garden and let my dick hang and pee wherever. Invariably, that seems to be such that it lands on my left foot! Ah well, never mind - it will dry. Sometimes - particularly if it is raining, I will open the back door and pee out of the door onto the patio rather than going to the toilet.
  18. Alfresco

    Angle of the female urethra

    and excellent it is too! thank you..
  19. Alfresco

    Where would you see me pee?

    fantastic pictures you have been sharing. you have a beautiful body. Thank you for sharing. As per conversation in another thread, would love to see you standing and peeing on a car door. I would also love to see you peeing in trains and elevators as has been mentioned in this thread.
  20. Alfresco

    Ever drank urine?

    definitely tastes nicest when she has been drinking rose wine and lemonade spritzer.
  21. Alfresco

    Ever drank urine?

    I have drunk my own and my wife’s. I prefer my wife’s. It is better when she has drunk plenty so she is hydrated and therefore not excessively strong. I also prefer it when she has drunk lemonade as it sweetens it.
  22. yes definitely. sometimes small amounts dribbled in a variety of places around the room, but I have also made some quite large puddles in hotels.
  23. I've had some great results in Newcastle. Girls there seem very relaxed about peeing in public. On a Friday/Saturday night, they go out with next to no clothes on regardless of the weather and they get very drunk. I have seen girls pee in quite public places without worrying about hiding. One girl just came out of a fast food outlet and peed on the pavement right next to the door with people both inside the food place and people on the street. Brighton, I've seen a few girls peeing - mainly on the beach at night time. They queue for the night clubs or drink outside and head down the beach for a pee. The best one was when a mixed group of male and females were drinking sat in one of the boats that sits on the lower promenade as part of a museum. One girl got out and squatted right next to the boat with plenty of people around. She didn't make any attempt at all to hide herself. She could have gone the other side of one of the small buildings on the beach so that she was away from the walkway, but she didn't. She was in a well lit place and fully exposed herself as she flooded the floor. I had a totally clear view of her pussy issuing forth her pee flood. I get to go to Brighton a few times a year - have you got any recommended places to look @wetterisbetter?
  24. Alfresco

    Angle of the female urethra

    Would love to see how you utilise a car door as your own personal facility.
  25. Alfresco

    Where would you see me pee?

    Well it is good to see you "a bit" back. For me, peeing in naughty places is the main key ingredient. From reading your posts, it sounds like being caught in your country could be particularly bad, so any public peeing is risky for you. I would love to see you peeing in a telephone box or bus shelter or in a car park stairwell for example. In nature, I would love to see you peeing into a river or stream - say off the side of a bridge or river bank, adding your golden stream to bless the moving waters below. For clothing, I love the fact that you don't wear underwear and favour short skirts/dresses. That is my favourite attire, so any of your normal outfits would be great. I would also like it if you were dressed up as an innocent character and taking a pee in a naughty place. An example would be something like a princess from a Disney film or a superhero. Pic below shows Tinkerbell, Alice (from Alice in Wonderland), Snow White, Wonderwoman and Superwoman, but I'm not saying they are the only ones. You may think these are too frivolous, so I would be equally happy with something like a Disney Villain such as Cruella Da Ville or Medussa. Whatever you do, enjoy doing it and I will always look forward to the pics.