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  1. tompee

    Pee Shooters

    Think we need to add some more....
  2. tompee


    So innocent looking....nice site
  3. tompee

    Erectile Function

    Best if put a cock ring on...get very hard and try to pee....an amazing feeling especially if you are rubbing and want to cum at same time...
  4. tompee

    Fitting Rooms?

    Even better when watching yourself in mirror...
  5. Yep great pics for everybody.. Might join you in posting a few
  6. Naughty and pee always good combination....
  7. tompee

    Inappropriate masturbation?

    Just seen the pic and whipped mine out for a good play!!!!
  8. Great pics. nothing wrong with going all the way ....sometimes best way. Fine looking piss and cum and cock. Think lots of people will on like
  9. tompee

    Where's the beef?

    So are you still looking for some good cock pics...
  10. tompee

    Very unique way of using my piss fetish

    Hi I love having those showers too. Letting it go all over me.. Gets me in the mood for a bit of self playtime!!. Would be good to see a pic Flapnjack next time you have a shower..Anybody else enjoy similar activity??
  11. tompee

    Cunnilingus art

    One of the best positions..
  12. tompee

    A Field In England

    I love the pic..yep been very hot in UK and very easy to go for pee as less clothes to unravel.. Other film title is the classic... Field of dream's... Very apt...
  13. tompee

    Naughty masterbation

    Good pic. So what shots can we or other's do next...
  14. tompee

    Fitting Rooms?

    Self play in a dressing room always turn on looking st yourself in mirror with that curtain slightly open...very risky and turn on
  15. tompee

    Panties pulled to one side.

    Good thread this..should be carried on
  16. Wish I was there too. Double trouble and drenching!!!
  17. tompee

    Fitting Rooms?

    The thought of being seen would make it even more interesting. And one seen hard to stop that flow....
  18. tompee

    Sink pee

    Nothing better than taking your cock out and pissing in the sink... Might try it now...
  19. tompee

    Watching the Water Turn Yellow

    Lovely pics greedyneedy. I'm enjoying looking at them. Beautiful pussy ,lips and gush of peeeeeee..niceeee
  20. tompee

    Naughty masterbation

    Suppose it was my turn. So here goes... so whose next??? A treat for the girls and guys out there
  21. Absolutely brilliant.
  22. Great piss shot and your cock
  23. tompee

    Where should I piss next?

    Pissing in and on girls parties real turn on. My favourite is girls peeing on me and me on them